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  1. Absolutely gutting understandable though he’s struggled with it for awhile.
  2. Tom if anything seems the most excited of the three this time around. During NH era all the updates we got were from Mark, and it was him on his own for the most part - We've got Tom posting updates, going live before shows, making more of a fuss than the other two put together. His attitude is a total 180(2).
  3. Was he gaunt, wearing a suit and insufferable? high chance it's Oli
  4. Reddit is full of a lot of younger fans, they have so many posts that are clearly from people newer to the band who are unfamiliar with a lot of their history, older material etc and I think there’s a lot of naivety and nonsense that goes into that, if it starts on reddit I would just always be skeptical.
  5. What if there isn’t one? I get a final vibe with this tour, being world wide and all.
  6. If you can get a guys shirt in the biggest size possible she will probably love to sleep in it, womens sizes wont have the length with the larger size than a mens would.
  7. I was hoping Tom’s disastrous approach to releases wouldn’t be a model a machine like blink would follow but there we are.
  8. Edging came out like what 7 months ago and the album date hasnt been announced so I am assuming at this point that edging isn’t going to be on the album, surely?
  9. Yeah I'd heard the Tom's wedding tidbit many moons ago but thought it was just Episode IV.
  10. Glad it exists, want more of it. or more Alk3. just more non-diluted Skiba in general please and thank you.
  11. Oh my days what a gorgeous pupper! thanks for the update Dean, sounds like a plan and thanks for all you do. first few weeks of puppyness can be an absolute training nightmare so good luck.
  12. So lately ive had some issues on mobile and idk if anyone else is having them too. sometimes I hit the quick reply box, and nothing happens. When I hit quote it just scrolls me to the top of the page, and I can’t always hold to react and it’ll just force me to like and refresh itself. I thought it might just be my phone but ive had no issues elsewhere. anyone else having issues? @Dean could any of this be related to the new dark theme?
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