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  1. btd sounds like blink to me, but it doesn't sound much like old blink. people just associate it that way because they hear a recycled riff, mark's voice, and it was the first song to come from new blink.
  2. tom thrives on the simple stuff. it's when he starts trying to be co-writer and kick off massive "franchises" in the effort to be the next star wars that he overestimates his own ability. baby steps, my guy
  3. i think it's worth mentioning some of us just love Tom's music and don't really care what else he does. if you think it's dumb, don't waste your money on it and move on with your life. it's annoying that it gets in the way of his music, but he really doesn't care what we think so why should anyone else haha
  4. in fairness, i'd be willing to believe the album is done and they're preparing to market a new single and the album over the next few months. i realize that's optimistic, but they were tracking awhile ago now and we're still on track for their new (possibly label chosen) timeline of Oct/Nov single and album in spring
  5. this is how I used to be with all sorts of bands and then I grew up and realized we can all like what we want and that's cool
  6. it's nice to see other people talk about this, because I've never super closely related blink to modern pop punk. i can hear the influence, but "modern pop punk" sounds a lot more like an evolution of NFG and they just associate it with blink instead
  7. I can hear the sound of @Russel Coight's keyboard gearing up for a blistering defense of skiba
  8. It's the same thing as when anyone covers a blink song and labels it "tom voice" or something. all the commenters act like saying "toime" makes you a genius who sounds exactly like Tom haha. The bar is very low for most listeners apparently
  9. It's one of my all time favorite songs. It's just so simple and I feel like it has all the parts of a great blink song. Tom rarely writes such coherent lyrics, the riffs are catchy, and even the instrumental bridge isn't just a repeat of the rest of the song like usual. I know people here don't tend to love it, but man I do haha
  10. If this is accurate, the Madden version doesn't contain the "Get Ready for Action!" I had never heard this version before, so my take is unaffected by the mandela effect!
  11. this is my favorite one so far from this album. I see the common consensus that Going Grey wasn't as popular, but I loved that one just as much as anything else they've put out...either way, I do how this one seems to be a slight return to form.
  12. thought i saw her at the bodega
  13. he's mentioned that he does a weird thing with his jaw to pop his ear during shows, but otherwise he's probably just a guy with nervous tics
  14. two great songs that were extremely popular in both the AVA fanbase and around here, but keep doing your thing
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