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  1. nice try, but I don't think or do any of those things. i just don't see why it's so hard for people to be honest about their conjecture. it comes across as super lame. i've criticized tom many times and said not that far up that he's likely a bad friend and band member, so David found other things to do with his life. i realize none of that fits the kansas narrative, though
  2. He also said that he was over using music as a creative outlet and wanted to find something else to do for a career, but I can see you've already made up your mind lol
  3. That's a nice pivot from "Lol, poor David. All he wants to say is that AVA has been trash from the start, but he can't burn the bridge because he likes the touring money. Don't blame him" it's seemed for some time that David really isn't that into being a musician, as he pretty much said himself in this podcast. I imagine if you're just being a sounding board for a somewhat small band that's not making you much, it's gonna feel pretty pointless after a while. And while we don't know anyone personally, Tom doesn't seem like the best friend; he's already all over the place creativ
  4. it's fun to watch you do the same #fanfiction bit you hate so much from blink criticizers
  5. the dance that some of you do with pretending "I always expect Tom to disappoint" and then being upset when he inevitably doesn't do what you want is pretty fun to watch
  6. Tom posted about re-recording vocals at one point, but he didn't specify any songs so maybe that's it
  7. And includes Rebel Girl and Kiss & Tell. Interesting choice I gotta say
  8. people on instagram are claiming that's the album name, but I'm not sure how they'd know that yet.
  9. sorry, someone here thinks AVA is bad so you have to too. I don't make the rules
  10. That's my biggest takeaway so far...it grew on me over the album listen, but I was just kinda bored by his style. I love this song so much
  11. too late, I'm 8/12 songs in. So far very few songs stand out, but I like L.G. FUAD quite a bit
  12. i'm about to listen to CTTM for the first time. everyone here talks about it and I've just never listened
  13. you can get close to objective discussions about music, but you have to define the parameters first; people like @Kay and @Ghent (two ends of the spectrum lol) disagree on what makes "good blink music", so it's unlikely they'll have a productive discussion the merits of their new music vs the old. that's why I think discussions on production are better; it's still largely subjective, but you can talk about something more tangible
  14. (for MCR) because everyone knows the Black Parade for the most part, I'd recommend Bulletproof Heart, Planetary (GO!), Summertime, and The Kids from Yesterday all off of their album, Danger Days
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