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  1. just embrace old AVA now too and you'll be a happier person!
  2. this is so true. I still have two pairs that I've held onto, but I never wore them for an extended amount of time because they were such bad quality.
  3. I feel that. The only one that's really given me that feeling is Kiss & Tell. What an intro
  4. Rebel Girl so far. But each song has been great for different reasons and I really enjoying how much variation there is
  5. Hey @twentytwenty I'm enjoying the new AVA songs, how about you
  6. great song and definitely up there on my list of all time greats
  7. except for when it comes to the things you don't like about AVA. then you're wrong and I don't like your opinions!
  8. your posts used to drive me crazy on there. now i find myself agreeing with your blink posts most of the time lolol. live and learn I enjoy this board a lot. i'm not as personal of a poster as many are, but it's been fun to be a part of it for a few years now
  9. it's not really a burn, as contemporary Christian music is written to be easy to sing along with. not really all that different from pop punk
  10. Me and lots of other people, thank you
  11. is it just me or is his voice in the RG demo a lot more like it used to sound? I feel like they add too much reverb and other effects these days that make him sound so unnecessarily different
  12. the best kind of admission of guilt!
  13. I think the best part where someone said using a racial slur was bad, followed by using both a gay slur and a disabled slur. that's some big brain self awareness
  14. same boat. bring it you little content stealing schmuck!
  15. I get irrationally frustrated by that dude. stealing content is so lame
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