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  1. The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve actually has a rating of 4.63 on GoodReads. That is not bad or mediocre in any way. I haven't read it but it does sound charming
  2. Does this mean that we so far can conclude that Barker always would get the girl in music videos out of pity???
  3. In some way thats the curse of the new style of Delonge (recent 10 years) in my mind.. He didn't loose his skill to write great songs, but now he just drowns his playing in horrible effects that take away the quality and makes it super artifical
  4. I remember being so stoked for Wishing Well after Delonge played it on his acoustic (was it a stream on ModLife?). A maaajor letdown when I finally heard it. I have never had the urge to listen to it actually.
  5. I think the weakest part of Neighborhoods is the bridges. To me its clear that they know that strong and interesting bridges is a part of their signaturesound, so they really wanted to continue doing that. But it just sounds so uninspring
  6. Sooo that was horrible example I guess.. but whatevs still a perfect 10
  7. Its just not the way Skiba rolls. On that DeMakes podcast he was on, he said he simply does a very raw recording in the memos-app on his phone of his ideas with him and his guitar and then brings it to the band, (AK3) because he doesnt want to interfere with the others take on the song and already determine how the drums fx should sound like. Pretty humble mindset in my opinion.
  8. I believe Remember to Forget Me is pretty long as well? And that song is a perfect 10 all the way through. But really I dont care to much.. Generational Devide is super rad but outside of jokesongs iit must be the shortest they've ever done
  9. That seems fair. In respect of the sufferers I think you have to be extremely aware of self-diagnosing.. But on the other hand you have to respect if someone claims to suffer from mental illness, because noone can say for sure that they're just making it up (self-diagnosing).
  10. They should've put Fighting the Gravity first. Show how much the band changed during the hiatus and also, start the record with the very best song on it. 🤟
  11. I cant wait for christmas so I can finally blast it again
  12. I dont like it. Maybe it will grow on me but right now I think its the song I have enjoyed the least since Cali. The melody seems so forced to me, doenst sound natural in the delivery
  13. The crazy thing is that I remember him saying in an track- by-track interview for Cali that joining blink was a beginning of a new chapter after he was going through some tough shit. (Believe he was referering to his divorce and My Shame Is True by AK3), but from the looks of it he seems to be even worse now. I mean you should never conclude to much judgning by peoples look, but even though his style has always been a little "out-there" I think the scenes now are surpassing it. He's been playing in a smaller band for the majority of his career - if something is wrong I think its the extreme f
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