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  1. Thats cool, I absolutely love planning to have notning to do
  2. The first time Huge fan of NINE, but that song has never been a top-tier for me
  3. NINE is killer. Been in love with it since it came out. I dont think Happy Days is bad. Typically I will skip it, but I like the sentiment and I think its good in its own right. It more a queston of being in the right mood for it I guess
  4. So how many actually called this? All of us?
  5. I wondered if I should have made it clear that I meant it excluding the money. Thats important. But lets not forget that Skiba has been doing all kinds of different stuff. Heavens, theHELL and also AK3 has a pretty diversive catalog aswell. On top of that he and Hoppus always wanted to work together, and even though Grant in AK3 is killer, Barker is just on another level. From Skibas perspective they're interesting people to work with. I'd still say it must be a tough choice for him, even when not considering the tons of cash he gets.
  6. AK3 has alway had a huge integrity. Figured out how to make a proper punkrock song early on and then developed on that for 20 years. They were never distined to break through into the mainstream and I dont see them doing it at this point. I enjoy it equally as much as blink, but AK3 has a much more defined fanbase where blink is pretty much for everyone. Its not everyone who seeks out the fame, for some people its just about playing music that you like and then maybe live off of it if you're fortunate enough. What Im saying is fuck AK3 is a great band. Skiba must be in a tough situation to decide where he wants to put his energy
  7. But why assume Hoppus or Barker would ever call it quits? When I hear them talk about blink they always mentions how it spans across agegroups and lifesituations.. from that I get that the longer they can go on, the better. Why not assume that when blink stops, its because they're not in a physical state to tour and write music anymore? maybe im just a hopeless romantic, but blink calling it a day is something I see a lot of people around here talking about, but I never understood why.
  8. I hear it as pop punk as well.. I dont like it though
  9. Obviously there will always be more talented people than others in a band... but that doesnt justify being disrespectful to them. Every time I hear bands where every member tries to do over-the-top things I just end up being annoyed. You have to be a delicate musician as well.
  10. thats the Delonge I know and love. Actually very uplifting
  11. Theres not really any reason for Hoppus to do interviews anymore.. how he is interacting with the fans so frequently is so cool. But anyone else think its a little weird that he is ranking his band songs like that?
  12. Thats really cool. I mean it could just be a nonsense tease but I dont think Barker would do that.
  13. Im just being honest. He should do what he wants, but I think he has a responsibility to treat his old fans with respect
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