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  1. He's just using the Jaguars until he realizes that Jazzmaster he has is better.
  2. well, as everyone knows, the color of the jewel is 90% of the amp's tone anyways.
  3. just got this, '66 Bandmaster: still using the same pedalboard, but I'm really stoked on this amp, I've been wanting one for over a year. it's literally my ideal tone. oh and I got a MIM Butterscotch Tele since the last post also. pics of that later.
  4. "you guys can't censor me, i'm a bit of a badass." that's my new life quote.
  5. i'm mad at that trailer. if any of you are friends of mine on fb, you'll know i've had "The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming." as my quote on there for what seems like forever, and that was cut in the trailer. now it could just be the fact that they don't want to spoil it for those that haven't read the books, but still I'm real bummed about that. having said that, it looks like Mike Newell might not have completely fucked up these movies, like he did with HBP.
  6. on a budget, you seriously can't beat acoustic, my bass player is currently using the b200h with the b410 cab and for the price their amps sound pretty damn good. now obviously it's not going to be an ampeg, but to be honest the b series amps don't truly capture what an ampeg is SUPPOSED to sound like. you definitely can't go wrong with the amp you're looking at.
  7. well that all depends on whether he got a custom classic or the new custom series, which are built waay better than the custom classic series. they've pretty much completely redone them, starting with changing the location of the tubes, putting greenbacks in them, sealing up the cab more, and even changing the reverb pans. overall, they make the custom classic series look like a pile of shit now. it's about time too.
  8. such a good movie, I really think it's better than the first movie, there's a lot more action and a deeper plot this time around.
  9. raven amps are awful. the reason their warranty is to swap from store stock is because they're literally the most returned amps ever. even worse than when guitar center carried behringer. are they affordable? yes. but are they something that's going to last for awhile? definitely not.
  10. he said it's a rickenbacker, so it's definitely not that. bigsby's don't have adjustable spring tensions, the only way to change it is to change the spring keeping the arm floating. anyways, more to the point, guitars aren't meant to have tunings changed on a whim. they're made to be set up to one tuning type and stay there, constantly changing from e to eb is going to mess with the neck. when you lower the tension on the strings, you're lowering the tension on the neck. that's why you see people touring with several guitars, because they're all set up for one specific tuning. so definitely don't change the tuning just cause you want to play a different song. set up your nice guitar for e and then have whatever else you have set up to eb.
  11. Haha yep took your advice. It plays so nicely and sounds amazing. But yeah get the fg700s. that's rad, glad you're digging it.
  12. so you followed my advice then? i sell them every single day, for the price you can't beat it.
  13. definitely NOT going to happen as she has already signed on to be on "desperate housewives."
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