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The TTS Academy Scam Thread

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All aboard, baby!!!

Is this a SNL skit?

Tom has given me more entertainment this month than blink 182 has in over a year.

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 I think it’s losing money because Tom spends however many millions on a book project and then it sells like three copies . I think a lot of the stuff he spends money on never even comes to fruition  and doesn’t sell at all.

 It’s speculation but I have a feeling Tom’s been losing money for a very long time. 

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6 minutes ago, NealMcBealTheNavySeal said:

the sad part is the huge jerking of, from people doing the math and calculating, and celebrating the amount of money tom lost, and how poorly his ava records did saleswise...... bitter much?

Bitter that Tom used to be cool as fuck playing in my favorite band, but now spends his time scamming fans so that he can hire people to write lame books for him? Yup. Bitter is a good word for it.

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