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Top 10 Guitarists in Punk Music

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Here's my long awaited list. I'm counting guitarists from Dude Ranch on only. Also i included bassists as well since it's theoretically also a guitar.

I also don't know enough bands to get to 10 names so I included drummers as well. Guitarists that are not 100% Pop punk are in italic.  Here I go:


1. Travis Barker

2. Jim Adkins

3. Tom Delonge

4. Mark Hoppus

5. Shane Gallagher

6. Mike Dirnt

7. Tre Cool

8. Billie Joe Armstrong

9. Jon Feldmann

10. Eric Clapton


Honorable Mentions:

Scott Raynor, David Kennedy, Tom's friend from The Big Oily Men, Craig Fairbaugh, Matt Wachter


What about you guys?

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1. Dave Matthews

2. Oliver

3. My neighbor Bob

4. Chad Kroeger

5. Leo Dehoe

6. Clarke's guitar simulator

7. John Feldmann

8. Lil Wayne

9. Toki Wartooth

10. Steve Vai

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Noodles from the Offspring and Brownsound from Sum 41 would definitely need to make this list. Would put Jade Puget from AFI as one of the better ones too.

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