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  1. What was the highest serious offer? To me, the guitar painting and the challenge video you posted are evidence that you don't have very high standards for yourself. And that's fine... I'm probably too much of a perfectionist, but it doesn't make you look very good when you brag about how good you are at something and then can't back it up.
  2. Oliver, is there a picture of that guitar looking "good enough"?
  3. Just like you were sure you could paint a guitar to look just like Tom's?
  4. My God, Kyle. Can't you say something nice about Trump every now and then? You're hurting Nshesaid's feelings.
  5. Overconfidence fascinates me, especially when it persists in the face of striking evidence to the contrary.
  6. Wait, can you not hear that it sounds out of tune in the video?
  7. I think it's fair to say that if someone can't/won't tune his guitar properly, his guitar playing is automatically not very good. That doesn't mean Oliver can't be good, but two of the songs sounded like total shit because of the tuning.
  8. Nah, you've gotta pick a side... or abstain.
  9. Oliver tried to hide his video in the other thread, but we need a new thread with a new poll. Oliver: Ghent:
  10. Like most of us who've been here for any amount of time, it was obvious to me that Oliver would end up having a meltdown as a result of this contest. However, what I thought would happen is Oliver would post a reasonably competent video that demonstrated genuinely better guitar playing than Ghent's, but most people would vote for Ghent anyway in order to troll Oliver, who had been bragging obnoxiously and taking the whole thing much too seriously. What actually happened is much funnier though.
  11. Didn't you say you were in a band in the past? Holy shit. YES, being in tune is important.
  12. Oliver, if you're really confident that your video showed better guitar playing, just reupload it and let people judge. At least 3 or 4 people said they'd judge based solely on playing, so let them see it. The fact that you took it down in a rage and won't post it again is a bad look for you.
  13. I said your playing was slightly better, but you lose points for not even bothering to tune your damn guitar. That's literally step number one to sounding decent and if you didn't get that right, that makes your video suck. That's not unreasonable or an excuse to vote for Ghent, it's objectively sloppy and lazy. And yes, a lot of people were biased from the beginning of this contest. You went into this with the deck stacked against you. But guess what? You stacked that deck yourself with all the ridiculous bragging. You gave everyone high expectations of your abilities. That's on you, not Ghent or us.
  14. Yeah, it was like the high and low strings were in a slightly different key (unintentionally, of course). It didn't sound so bad when he was playing just high or just low strings, but Blackbird and WMAA were cringe-worthy.
  15. Wait, so @daveyjones is also a Ghentbot? I never picked up on that before. I said in the other thread that your playing was slightly better, but you made mistakes on most, if not all, of the songs. The way you were talking about your skills, you should have been able to play them all flawlessly. I expected your guitar playing to be better than Ghent's and, overall, it wasn't. And don't try to pretend having your guitar in tune isn't important. I only ever play for myself, but I can't stand when notes are clashing, so I don't know how you either didn't pick up on that or didn't think it was important enough to correct for a video that was supposed to "own" Ghent's guitar skills.