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  1. That's a sore subject around these parts.
  2. All squares are rectangles.
  3. Some people actually seem to believe that, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Yeah, there are absolutely no racist Democrats.
  5. I was mainly being flippant with that comment, but in all seriousness, I think being in the military and especially going to war fucks people up more than it makes them adults. But I guess it depends on what you value.
  6. Killing > getting an advanced education.
  7. The experiences of early millennials and late millennials are so different, they almost shouldn't be considered the same generation. That's probably true to some extent for all generations, but I think technology changed more quickly between the early 80s and late 90s (and beyond) than in the '70s and earlier.
  8. The kids honestly seemed like idiots who were wrapped up in a fantasy world. While some adults do live in fantasy worlds, it's less common and there's a much higher expectation for them to know the difference and behave accordingly. Also, the one who did the actual stabbing has schizophrenia and seems to be pretty detached from reality. Admittedly, that's not the same as being a "normal" preteen, but it's another factor to consider when deciding what she deserves (or needs).
  9. Technically, you're right. Like, I spell the word with a u, but I write the album name without a u. However, this is a message board, not a situation where formal writing is to be expected, so in that respect, it doesn't matter.
  10. I would argue that most adults who commit premeditated murder have the knowledge and maturity to understand the consequences of their actions. Their decision-making skills are probably lacking and they might not be terribly mature or knowledgeable in other respects (or they might be, I guess it depends), but that doesn't discount the fact that they can fully appreciate what they're doing in a way that a 12-year-old can't be expected to.
  11. I don't think children are treated differently because they're more likely to commit certain crimes. It's because they lack the knowledge, maturity and decision-making skills of adults. They tend to struggle especially with appreciating potential consequences of their actions. These factors are true whether you're talking about homicide, petty theft, speeding, drug use, vandalism or whatever. And yes, if an adult committed murder and their IQ was low enough that they couldn't fully understand what they were doing, then I'd think they should be treated differently in the criminal justice system (not necessarily more leniently, just differently).
  12. It's just that that's not what Beth was saying.
  13. It's weird that you're so passionate about a language that you apparently can't even read properly.
  14. Children's brains are different from adults' brains. That's not controversial. There's a reason why children are usually treated differently in the criminal justice system and that shouldn't change based on what they've been accused of. And it has nothing to do with gender, @Scott.. But nice try piggybacking on MSandt's reply rather than making a post of your own.