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  1. What TV show are you watching?

    @Scott. I've watched the first couple of episodes from the new season of AHS. Like usual, they've got my interest early on, but I fully expect it to go off the rails by episode 6 or so.
  2. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I agree that Obama had a shitty record on immigration.
  3. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    Why bother considering other patterns when only one fits your political agenda?
  4. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I addressed you first! @Olidamus
  5. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    An actual strawman argument is present for once, but Oliver can't see it because he made it.
  6. Forum update - Design changes

    I assume it's not supposed to look like that, but it works!
  7. Forum update - Design changes

    @Kay click here to add more options.
  8. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    That's what ignoring is, Clarkie. And @Olidamus have you heard about all the refugees who have been coming to Canada (crossing the border illegally!) from the US since the election?
  9. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I realize you didn't say anything about skin colour, but it's true regardless and to ignore it is ridiculous.
  10. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    If you don't think the vast majority of the people who illegally enter the US via the Mexican border are darker than white and Hispanic, then I don't know what to tell you. That's not to say they're a homogeneous group, but those two characteristics are enough for lots of people to lump them together and discriminate against them.
  11. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    Even the US Census Bureau uses a social definition of race. That means it doesn't have one solid, unquestionable definition and it's all about people's perceptions. You can insist that it's one particular thing with an agreed-upon meaning, but that doesn't change the reality. And look, I'm not saying you're an asshole. I'm saying the things you choose to focus on make you look like an asshole. I'm sorry if you thought you were coming across differently, but the way you're perceived on here is completely due to your own post history, not me painting you a certain way.
  12. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    But race is socially defined and not real in a physical sense. If one group of people lumps other people into a group and decides to treat them differently, I'm okay with the term racism being used there. Your posts speak volumes about your beliefs and priorities. If you come across a certain way, that's on you.
  13. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I've been arguing that there's a difference between saying someone is racist towards Mexicans and saying that Mexican is a race. The former is an imprecise (but common) way of referring to a type of discrimination. The reason I don't have a problem with people calling it racism is because we all understand that people just mean unwarranted bias or discrimination towards a particular group. Speedo put it much more succinctly than I did... You (Clarke) come across like an asshole because you don't seem to care about the hateful attitudes so much as labelling them as racist or not racist.
  14. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but it looks like Clarke was right!
  15. The "Donald Trump" Thread

    No one has literally said that Mexican is a race. If it's a social definition, it's not rooted in anything concrete. It's about people's perceptions, which has been my point all along.