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  1. You know, apparently that guy had it coming. I listened to a podcast and Guinevere Turner (co-wrote the screenplay for American Psycho) said she knew that guy and he's notorious for being disruptive. I thought that was kind of funny.
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

  3. I think that's true, but I also think they generally really, really admire the man. Cross said he even talked to the creator of Transparent about Tambor and said he feels comfortable taking his back, and it seems like the rest do as well. Undoubtedly they're covering for his behavior, but I think they know that it would unfair to just criticize him only for it. Tambor isn't the only one on that set that has unloaded on people, apparently.
  4. Blink on Kimmel

    Seeing Bad Religion and NoFX live a few weeks ago really put it in perspective how far blink have fallen off. I was actually surprised how good those ancient punk bands actually were in a big venue. Blink on the other hand were merely decent at best. I will say I gave them credit cause Skiba was just starting out, but these new videos are just embarrassing. Seeing blink in 2009 was the best I'd ever seen them. IMO. I had only seen them in 02 and 04 prior.
  5. Video Games Thread

    I need to play the remaster of WW and Twilight Princess. Having played and beaten all the 90s Zelda games, I really think I prefer Link's Awakening to A Link To The Past. Something about it is more charming to me. The Capcom games are fairly similar and quite good. It's hard to measure them in my head because I will play them 5 years apart.
  6. I only read it and yeah, I felt bad after it. What a mess. Not to defend Bateman and co., but I understand what he was trying to do. I think he admires Tambor a lot and wanted to protect him as somebody who has worked closely with him for years and probably gets defensive about his friend. In the industry, what Tambor probably did (at least on the AD set) is not unheard of. Bateman has been in the industry most of his life and has probably encountered much worse, and at least knows Tambor is temperamental. But by trying to contextualize this behavior, he's tonally adrift to what JW's own plight and her legit qualms with Tambor, which I think she was being honest about and also saying she would continue to work with him. They all seem to be fine now, but it is sad that they have to atone for Tambor's behavior in such a way. From what I've read, Tambor is just not easy to work with. He's pissy and moody but probably not horrible (at least on the AD set). I think the cast mostly thinks this, but with his other allegations, they're willing to defend him from that. So this just made it worse. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/arrested-development-uk-press-appearances-canceled-jeffrey-tambor-backlash-1114730
  7. What TV show are you watching?

    Behind The Laughter is when I would stop watching.
  8. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    ^saw them open for Hellogoodbye back in 2010? Glad they finally came back.
  9. Feldmann

    that was a year later. Catwoman came first.
  10. Feldmann

    Are we forgetting Cat Woman? I thought that was the first super hero movie with a female lead?
  11. What's Your Favorite Lyric?

    But selling acid was a bad idea. And selling it to a cop was a worse one
  12. Feldmann

    I watched the first transformers for free and I still wanted my money back. I luckily had friends who ran a movie theater and we watched it the night it showed up.
  13. Feldmann

    I would think most hardcore nerds would think those films are too fluff for them.
  14. Box Car Racer or alternate blink timeline? Pick one.

    I agree. Had they stayed broken up, or just released Neighborhoods (which I think is still their least likable album pre-Skiba), they would of been on a higher plane of respectability. I still say they have some in tact, for sure, but it's waned in some ways. It's only now that they seem to be stuck in this pandering version of themselves that Tom was so fearful of being. I say that knowing he released his demos being just that. But it seemed like a real concern for a while. FOB came back and tarnished what legacy in terms of music they had left. I mean, nobody doubts they had hits during the past few years, but nobody cares for those albums like they did when they were in their prime. It's basically the cash grab, I still wanna be a rock star era for them. Blink is the same in that regard. I think they just want to coast and still tour at this point. Weezer kind of did this too w Matt Sharp's departure, but they had such a strange amount of content, you could cobble together 3-4 amazing albums out of the 18 years they've been reunited.