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  1. _Kyle_

    Best Artist of our Generation?

    Greatest southern band ever.
  2. _Kyle_

    Best Artist of our Generation?

    They also wrote Nightswimming, the greatest song ever.
  3. _Kyle_

    Video Games Thread

    Could be. Well, I meant to say kudos. That is good. But also I did 1900 which was pretty high in random considering I was only a healer once.
  4. _Kyle_

    Video Games Thread

    I did 1900 the other night with Mercy, and I wasn't even trying that hard. arcade is usually great the first two games, then they stick me with impossibly bad teams for like 4-5 games, then it evens out. so annoying.
  5. _Kyle_

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    lol mark was a wild man. chucking basses and spitting water on people.
  6. _Kyle_

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    I honestly wonder if Mark or Tom ever saw this what they would think? I mean, this is some incredible work.
  7. _Kyle_

    Say Anything Calls it Quits after Oliver

    New song is decent, but Max's vocals are so so so bad. I thought he "finally learned to sing" back in the self-titled era. All he does is sneer and yell. I think he's just finishing out his contract so he can give up music. I think he hasn't been inspired in almost a decade and he's just getting the monies he can from this.
  8. _Kyle_

    Say Anything Calls it Quits after Oliver

    Night Song was the last good Say Anything song...
  9. _Kyle_

    Say Anything Calls it Quits after Oliver

    The same can be said for Senses Fail too, after he came out, I was like "whoa, that does make sense". I wouldn't say it's at all obvious. I mean, I don't take everything somebody says in a song as a confession or an actual approximation of themselves. But that does definitely re-contextualize a lot of his songs. But then again, maybe you have a better ear for this than I do.
  10. _Kyle_

    Video Games Thread

    Switch is so nice. Yeah, I hate the constant updates. Eventually they won't be obtainable, and then what?
  11. _Kyle_

    Say Anything Calls it Quits after Oliver

    I'll write cliff notes cause this thing is long: This is the last record (maybe) We won't tour I am sorta ethan. Say Anything has always been a collective of sorts I decided to marry a woman, who is the best person ever I've known her my entire life in a soul-mate way I am a "pseudo" atheist. I believe in "my god". I have bi-polar and that leads to a lot of confusion of my outlook from others New record will be a story continuing the IARB story. (I guess he didn't die) Marriage is hard The new record will be told from a point of view of a homophobic has been. (great?) Real and fictional Sociopaths and Psychopaths influenced this record hard. Max is on anti-depressants. Snorts them cause coke isn't allowed. This created strife in his life Tried smoking weed again, didn't like it. Really into this band, and had ethan thoughts, and it opened my mind about it and I can empathize with ethan people. the band is called Museum Mouth (is that a SA reference?) This record is very post-modern and he plays Oliver Max probably has only fallen in love with men, or had crushes with them. Denies telling us the juicy stuff. hubba hubba Max details the album arcs and what they mean. snorting drugs lead him down a dark path, possibly even death. don't snort drugs and drink became sober with his third child, he has had crippling PTSD and anxiety. he cries a lot "oliver" or "real boy" is probably his embodiment of his darker side, and he loves himself despite his faults (I think that's what he means) he loves you
  12. _Kyle_

    Best Artist of our Generation?

    maybe in the summer of 2000? I think blink is defiantly a teenager band, but they aren't specifically for girls or are consumed by them.
  13. _Kyle_

    Best Artist of our Generation?

    I actually did listen to those songs by Dave, and they're not bad at all. Just totally not interesting beyond pleasant/decentatbest kind of thing. Really, that's just my taste here talking.
  14. _Kyle_

    Video Games Thread

    Unless you wanna jerk it to slightly better graphics, nah.