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  1. The Donald Trump Thread

    what happens when Comcast buys Verizon?
  2. Jan's Mom Falls in Indonesia

    she was shook huh?
  3. The Sex Pest Club

    https://www.avclub.com/3-women-come-forward-with-even-worse-allegations-agains-1821309428 I actually got to watch Permanent last month and at the screening the director talked about what a dick DH was to her friend.
  4. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I saw that a few weeks ago and I honestly do not get the hype. I thought it was awful.
  5. The Sex Pest Club

    So you're standing by your indiscretions? Along with Trump and his ilk?
  6. did you clap when you saw a star destroyer?
  7. I think the fact Rey is being trained in a remote location by a former Jedi and the resistance is in a tough spot basically makes my point true. Hell, even when I saw Spike Lee last month he said Adam Driver was basically Darth Vader. He is. It's not exactly the same, but it's basically the same. I think I'll save my money and just pop in Empire and watch that.
  8. The Sex Pest Club

    Al Franken : Apologized Donald Trump: Never Did Oliver: Never Did I think that speaks for itself.
  9. The Sex Pest Club

    also don't destroy your house in a fit of rage. it doesn't help anybody.
  10. The Sex Pest Club

    http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/al-franken-accuser-accepts-his-apology/article/2640931 now my question is when will Oliver apologize for what he did?
  11. The Sex Pest Club

    Before she accepted his apology the week it happened I'd imagine. Him doing it public doesn't do anything but make him feel better and maybe the public.
  12. The Sex Pest Club

    You're not apart of the equation. He apologized to the woman he hurt specifically to her. That's what you do. He doing in public is just for show and nothing more.
  13. The Sex Pest Club

    You don't get it.
  14. The Sex Pest Club

    He doesn't need to apologize to me or the public. In fact, that would be the opposite of what he's supposed to do.
  15. The Sex Pest Club

    He said he apologized to the woman. What do you mean?