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  1. Guys Clarke* PMed me saying he liked it better when black people knew their place. I asked him to clarify that and he deleted them. *in a dream I had last night
  2. I was actually satirizing the history I was brought up in. The southern learning I got was that the South is often portrayed much kinder than what was probably reality.
  3. Actually, most of my history books convey most southerners weren't really racists, but fought against the northern aggression because they wanted to tell us what to do. It was simply a matter of principles. It had NOTHING to do with race. In fact, some black people even fought on the confederacy. Did you know that? See, were not so racist.
  4. Um....
  5. well you gotta give them time to look at the counterarguments in their safe zones to know how to angle themselves
  6. I certainly wouldn't have deserved a statue.
  7. http://wtvr.com/2017/08/16/lynette-potgieter-denied-reentry/ Really helping out the small businesses there Trumpy
  8. oh piss offfff
  9. Well if that soldier had his way, they would still be slaves. Let's not ignore that. I know that angers a few on ^ here ^, but I wanna say they know what that man represented.
  10. I think that was their case. Not the ones with torches yelling about Jews.
  11. I don't think not liking Nazis and KKK members is an "extreme" position.
  12. Nah, I just don't willfully read poison. Again, any official stance on killing cops from BLM? Anything like a speech? I easily can go to a rally and say anything, have some InfoWar guy film it, and have it prove "they want all Asians out of Michigan" or whatever. It's just not legit. It's propaganda at it's worse. I don't support either, but they are far from being similar.
  13. I'm sorry, I just don't think "keep the jews out, keep it white" is not the same as "kill pigs".