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  1. I think he's mocking your thin skin... are you gonna take that?
  2. Sad to see them selling whatever little integrity that they had. I payed 12 dollars to meet Mark and Travis, and I thought I payed too much..
  3. I predict Tom relaunches Big Oily Men but renames it Big Oily Men From Space and his backed from an intergalactic space fleet who are also really into 80s U2.
  4. I just can't believe Clarke tried to make a bunch fake accounts to debate and manhandle me. Oh well. I guess I won this since he dipped out. OH WELLLLLLL
  5. 311 kind of makes sense why fans feel that way, funny how they mirror our own problems.
  6. good and he'll make more (+44) stuff and we can all be happy.
  7. I can prove this and stand by her statement.
  8. Look, I told the owner of this place that Mr. Banana Hammock was going too far. He didn't care. I got reprehended when I got rid of his extra threads that were full of spam. I'm just saying that it's confusing.
  9. I'll just say this, I don't think making fun of Clarke by making obviously fake (when he called them out, it was noticeable but still good parody) is that bad. I think it was in good fun. but the stuff that bothered me was when it got personal and when he was told by somebody (I won't say who, I'll just call him banana hammock) when banana hammock told him to kill himself cause nobody will ever love his herpes riddled body and face. I thought that was just too much. But I let it go because that's what the blink boards are, well I thought, were at. So I'm just trying to figure this out.
  10. yeah what happened to "it's the internet, get over it?"
  11. is Clarke's entire board persona a parody? how deep does this go?
  12. Clarke makes a good point about PC culture going in the wrong direction. These parody accounts are "too offensive" to some and they infringe in our history of the boards. If you're in a debate section, you know what you're in for. Frankly I'm tired of these PC police around here telling us what can and cannot parody.
  13. I don't know who did the fake accounts, I don't even want to know, I just thought they were good parodies. I guess we can't have that.
  14. Perhaps, but maybe proving it's political correctness should be your first goal. What facts do you have for that? Because if that's what's happening, they'd censor the entire game, otherwise it seems only logical to think it's done because it would be going out of their way for few specific countries. Like, you're very vague in that "it can be done", well sure, it can be done, but they also said it's just not worth doing and also what it even represents (glorification in their eyes). I would love to see how this "push back" I will call it developed if you can provide it. How did people know about any of this prior to the game coming out? Who decided this was "offensive" for everybody? It's all just vague from you and you're not connecting the dots. I think you misunderstand, the online portion is exactly like ours. Their campaign isn't. If it's even released (it's not certain as far as I can tell) and Germany won't even allow them to release a game that has any of this. Also, say somebody in Germany buys the US digital version (this wasn't a thing in the WaW back in the day as far as I can tell), would that violate said law? Also would that violate terms and conditions? Would that cause the government to ban the game outright? Leaving out 80 Million potential customers seems mighty stupid. I'm not coming out with "many excuses", I'm coming up with many reasons. These a poking pretty big holes in your claims and really none of those claims are cohesive. You're not doing a good job outside of just reiterating your POV (which isn't supported by anything).
  15. okay, I didn't know if Showtime was a thing over there or not...