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  1. _Kyle_

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Yup. Michelle Williams and that wig. oh man..... I think Tom Hardy earned every cent he made from this film too. Dude is fun to watch be Brock.
  2. _Kyle_

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    yeah yeah, oh I know, I has around 3-4 friends who were quoting it line by line. They loved/worship it. Rose McGowan is absolutely ravishing in this though. So why did Matthew Lillard kill the hottest girl ever, that was actually sleeping with him? Makes no sense.
  3. _Kyle_

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    A Star Is Born (2018) About 30 minutes too long, a bit corny, drawn out, repetitive, and rather sloppy in parts. Politically, the film is a mess in where fame is validation, tokenism/cliché is high, and logic is nowhere to be seen. If you've ever seen The Rose, you've essentially seen this movie. Problems nothing in this movie is a complete failure. But like the music, well it's okay in the most okayest sense. You've heard all of these songs before. You've seen this movie before. B-
  4. You're right. Blink, by the band's own admission, has always been a "democracy" and when that falls, the band does too. I think it's interesting that Mark interpreted a "unacknowledged competition" between them during TOYPAJ. Tom had gotten older, and probably knew he was as good as Mark (if not better), and was willing to do BCR as an experiment. In fact, I think Tom was shot down for his ideas and eventually made BCR because of it. Those ideas are post TOYPAJ, but it would make sense given how much of Tom's writing is really ... well, Reckless Abandon says it all. I think Mark is more mature, Tom less so. But Tom is more ambitious. Thus, they splintered. Tom eventually took his ball and went home. He didn't do it the right way, but that's what happened.
  5. For anybody curious about this debt, this was posted on the b182 reddit.
  6. Travis is/was mad he pulled out of his festival. Tom also didn't like the business being dictated to him, and Mark does. Those are the biggest strife that the band has had. Tom eventually became his own man. I think that's what really happened back in the 2002. Mark works on auto-pilot, and Tom doesn't. It's been that way for a long time.
  7. Also, Tom claims to be pro-active, even to go as far to hire Tony Robbins to help them deal with issues. I guess Mark doesn't do that? Why not?
  8. No, he dropped the ball on that front. But I think he thought he could. Why else would he do that? It would be stupid. I also think he knows Mark is not one to take "no" for an answer. He's talked about how he would show up to practice and Mark and Travis would start arguing about things, things they've already discussed and gotten over, again and again. I think in a three person dynamic, it's easy to gang up on one, so to speak. So maybe the manager thing is actually better. That way it's just clear. Tom is out.
  9. Don't hurt yourself there.
  10. In that three people can't get along? Yes. I do. I think people just interpret things as simplistically as possible. Mostly "Tom = Horrible" and "Blink 182 = Good". I think there's more nuance that isn't being discussed here. Clearly Tom wasn't focused on one thing, but it wasn't like he was just going out of his way to be horrible like so many here believe. Business is business.
  11. Wanna talk about what you do in your free time?
  12. wait no offense to Ry here, but he literally has Mark's symbol tattooed on him. that's objectivity around here???
  13. You mean when he actually met with Hillary Clinton's campaign manager? That seems pretty normal to me. I mean, for dudes like TD that is.
  14. That's a bad reason to hate somebody or want to tear them down.