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  1. whatever happened to that?
  2. yes, they do kill it live.
  3. Him and Matt Pryor were really funny together. They pretended at one point to be in therapy since Matt brought his daughter along on tour and was treating him like a youngin' too. So Matt was Dan's step dad and "didn't understand" him and didn't like him dating his mom and acting extremely angsty. So they fake argued between their songs and it was cute. Also Dan was frightened by this really enthusiastic, possibly drunk, fan who kept shouting between songs. I think he called him a maniac.
  4. you're better off sleeping on the floor.
  5. Maybe it's gotten better as when I saw him last week it wasn't as pronounced. I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before.
  6. I really like MH actually. Top tune, top tune.
  7. ^the myspace trans were always pretty good. Say Anythings were too. So did Dan have a huge lisp for a long time?
  8. I love that song you piece of fucking shit.
  9. This fucking game...
  10. I've only found a star piece in a chest and seen a few falling, are there more ways to get them?
  11. IN all honesty, singles today might live or flop based on how many radio stations Mark calls in a day and "plays ball" with them. It's sickening.
  12. so basically 90s offspring? I do like their 90s output a lot.
  13. At least The Offspring admitted they were making a fun, cliche, "summer" song to play on the radio.
  14. I'm waiting on bated breath.