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  1. A guitarist who is sexually attracted to children?
  2. I cannot stand Left Alone, have no idea why it gets all the love it does. MH all day long on this one, like the chorus but it's a bit average. Still way prefer it to Left Alone though.
  3. Americana is a fucking awesome album, one of my all time faves.
  4. Can def see Man United sneaking top 4 now, get a result at City (even a point wouldn't be the end of the world) and you're right in it. Decent point for us Saturday, shame that everyone else around us won. Swansea would need to win 3 out of their last 4 games and Hull need to win 2 out of their last 4 with us not picking up another point for us to go down. The finishing line is sight, another win would be brilliant, we're 100% safe then.
  5. This. The criticism only really started when we heard the album because Skiba literally bought nothing that he is capable of bringing to the table. I mean I completely get him being slightly more reserved when joining the band but he still should have bought more. Might not even be his fault though, maybe Mark and Feldmann just chucked his ideas out before he got a chance to develop them, can only speculate.
  6. This video makes me wince so bad now.
  7. Think you need to just accept that your taste in music is very different to most fans these days. It is what it is.
  8. Went for Teenage Satellites, both not the best songs. This head to head has just reminded me the amount of songs that Blink have made since the reunion that are simply not that good.
  9. Lostprophets had some good songs back in the day, can't bring myself to listen to them now though due to Ian Watkins being a fucked up nonce.
  10. To be honest you disliking it means that it's probably good.
  11. Probably because it's new, unique and like Kay said...he cna actually sing it. It's also one of the best songs on California.
  12. Really routing for Monaco, they play football the right way. Mbappe is an absolute superstar in the making. Hopefully he has some sense and stays with Monaco for at least another season, he needs games and CL football and staying there will give him both.
  13. The problem is there used to be far less of these wrong decisions in the past. Is the game harder to officiate now? are the officials worse? maybe a bit of both. All I know is we can't continue to have so many big games decided by wrong decisions, it's getting ridiculous now.
  14. The Only Thing That Matters is Don't Leave Me's ugly sister with acne and a fishy vag.
  15. Yeah that's pretty usual. I'm more referring to the fact they're still releasing main singles off California while dropping the deluxe edition tracks online. Usually, I would expect a band to finish the cycle of the album and then drop a lead single off the deluxe version to promote it further and give the main album a second wind and generate further sales for it. No problem with it all, just an observation.