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  1. How drunk were you? You hating Tom is such a front, deep down you still want him. It's like when you pretend like you hate your ex then get drunk and text them your undying love.
  2. @Olidamus - you do realise there is a middle ground between thinking Tom is an evil mentally unstable washed up psychopath and being a Tombot? It's very black and white with some of you.
  3. Haha, literally posted that at exactly the same time.
  4. Mark hates Tom, maybe Travis doesn't? maybe he even still quite likes him. Maybe he saw the full blink picture and despite common belief the way it all fell apart again wasn't completely Tom's fault? who knows. Does everyone have to constantly tread on eggshells at the risk of upsetting the insecure control freak Mark Hoppus? he's got some shitty issues that he needs to deal with himself. Hopefully they do it and it does upset him, might help him write some better music.
  5. It's a bit different though isn't it, I mean this is a forum with people I talk too/debate shit with. I'm not hopefully sniping on social media on the page on the small chance I'll get a response or blocked.
  6. I don't dispute what you're saying overly I just don't care or have the inclination to go on a pointless one man venture against Tom Delonge and his lies to blink-182 fans, I'd rather do something that isn't pointless. If I were 16 then it might be something I'd take interest in though.
  7. I think Tom is a dickhead and have no care for any ventures outside blink (bar the odd alright AVA song) - I'm happy to say he is a deluded idiot who talks absolute shite most of the time. I do find it hilarious how people think he has serious mental health issues though, yeah he's an idiot and full of shit but it takes a bit more than that to need to be sectioned. I sometimes see his posts on social media too, I just think "oh well, that's classic Tom Delonge talking crap again" 2 seconds later I've scrolled on and moved on with my life.
  8. The Tombot has evolved it would seem. It would appear the people most obsessed with Tom on here are the people who claim to hate him, they go round following his every move on social media getting wound up every single time when he shows the same behavioral patterns that he has done for the last decade or so. Very strange. This then followed by shouting "TOMBOT! TOMBOT!" as a defence mechanism whenever asked why they do it. On a side note as well, claiming glory against potshots and deleted comments on his social media might be the lamest thing I've ever heard too. I think I'd rather be an AVA fanatic that dresses up as Poet Anderson on a daily basis than do/boast about that shit.
  9. I missed that, care to share?
  10. You had that pent up for a while? I think you and I treat this place a little differently and it serves different purposes in our respective lives, no "scared shitless" about it mate. Now I've said my bit, I'll let you go back to carefully crafting comments that will cut Tom deep to the core, if they're as good as the above post from you to me then he's not gonna know what hit him.
  11. Internet toughguys in the building, step the fuck back!
  12. Sounds pretty smart to me!
  13. Brighton is awesome, lived there for three years and loved every second of it - really small and feels like more of a town than a city but it's absolutely packed with cool things to do. London is great too but like you say very expensive and you may as well check out other places too if you've been there a few times. Cornwall is awesome too, Newquay is the party town and always good for a laugh with nice beaches and there are plenty of other quieter places like Truro/St Ives that are very picturesque but also a bit quieter. Only thing is that it's a bit out of the way. Another place that is really cool that isn't too far from London is Canterbury, only about an hour on the train and would be a great day trip, would recommend going on a little boat tour round the canals. I have never been Liverpool but always hear great things about it, same goes for Newcastle. Hope that helps a bit!
  14. Was out of Snake Charmer and This is Home, went for Snake Charmer as I hate the verses so much. This is Home is a close second though and