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  1. Big fan of some of their music but God I hate them as people. I have feeling this is going to suck too.
  2. Wasn't expecting anything from the game but that was truly woeful. Only Hernandez and Zabaleta came out of that with ant credibility. Matic was awesome.
  3. ...well yeah, the league wasn't as competetive back then as it is now, not that hard to get really. Our TV deal is actually fair and gives everyone a fair portion...unlike Spain. Now even the lesser teams have the resources to compete which means that easy games are few and far between. I'm not saying it's the whole reason but it's a big factor. Not confident about tomorrow, id love a point. Lukaku always bullies the shit out of us though so not holding out hopes to high...actually fuck it, first game of the season, WERE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE.
  4. It's more the fact that the top Spanish/German/Italian/French teams have 4-5 tough league games a year which means that they can save themselves for CL games. English teams don't get such privileges because the league is so strong.
  5. The CL is pretty zzzzzzzzzzzzzz for us Brits, all other European teams/fans put their all into it because their leagues are dogshit.
  6. I only have one question...why the fuck is it called a "sock" account?
  7. The Hangover.
  8. Fuck, shots fired from Dysentary Gary. praying Tom doesn't see his post. Absolutely no coming back from that.
  9. It ALL comes back to Marks desperation for him and Blink to remain relevant. He will keep churning out albums and tours until he is rich enough to retire, the quality of music isn't even that important now as there will always be a big/die hard fanbase for blink.
  10. Would of been the classic place to drop the Hodor gag for the 10000000th time, missed opportunity tbh.
  11. Only just watched episode 2, was decent enough - just lost the magic for me.
  12. I love Tom on social media, so entertaining. Mark is 45 and does Snapchat filters FFS.
  13. Exhib................fine I'll stop now. Mug.
  14. You can apply the reserve logic though can't you? just because you like something doesn't mean it's good? tastes are tastes. I like GOT and actually think it's a good show (not as good as it once was though) but don't subscribe to the wankathon that many people do with it. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit.
  15. Exhibit C: