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  1. What TV show are you watching?

    Go on Jack and Danni, bring it home to Essex. They're def real, just not fucking slags who need to put it on each other every few seconds. I also think because they look like being runaway winners they get edited a bit to make it more of a contest. Despise Georgia, horrible little rat faced cunt.
  2. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

  3. Up All Night a look back

    The main riff was floating around in 2002/3 for Untitled and wasn't used then. But we all know standards for the band dropped substantially since they got back together.
  4. have a cell phone?

    Yep, I get this too. Probably forgot to untick a box sometime when on the internet and then your number ends up on a huge database. Not really sure what the solution is other than changing your number but then what's to stop it happening again?
  5. Up All Night a look back

    Normally when a band has a reunion they would have wrote a tonne of songs and would choose the best one to be released. I get the feeling this was the only song that blink were even close to finishing and they had been back together 18 months by this point so it kind of forced their hand into releasing it as a first single. It kind of shows as well as the song feels a bit disjointed with a lot of the parts sounding like they've been forced together.
  6. The Official Football Topic

    I heard he started to rediscover his old form last season, Pellegrini wanted him and the board got him which I am happy about. Good that we are at least showing ambition - I can't see the Bernard deal happening, supposedly he wants a massive signing on fee and £200k a week. If we keep Hernandez then I'm not too fussed about a striker, I personally would keep Arnie and play him up front on his own like we did last season - last six months of the season when he played there was the most consistent he has been his whole career.
  7. The Official Football Topic

    Shaqiri is a great signing for £13m. He will need to pull his socks up and work a hell of a lot harder if he wants to get substantial game time, very talented player but also very lazy.
  8. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Glad France Wonder, I don't care if that makes me a bitter Englishman.
  9. FIFA World Cup 2018

    ...maybe Henderson in for Pogba......
  10. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Find it quite hard to disagree with that to be honest.
  11. The Official Football Topic

    Another exciting signing for us!
  12. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Not surprised about the result, we had spells where we were on top (especially in the second half) but lack the cutting edge and quality in the final third that Belgium have. Still a young team and we are rebuilding so promising for 2020, our country fell back in love with the national team this summer which is the biggest highlight for me.
  13. 13 Reasons Why - series 2

    Season 2 is good as well, season 1 hipsters hating on it for no real reason.