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  1. Josh Homme from QOTSA kicked a woman in the head

    Josh Homme sucks and so does QOTSA.
  2. The Official Football Topic

    Super Davey Moyes! I didn't want him but we look like we're making progress under him so going to get right behind him. One thing I realised from your game yesterday is I cannot stand Ander Herrera, moaning little diving midget, seems to have forgotten how to play football as well this season.
  3. The Official Football Topic

    Yeah Masuaku has been class recently, everyone wrote him off last season after a horror show against West Brom but there is a very good player there now he's showing it since he's got a real run in the team. Got Hernandez to come back into the team now and only in the relegation zone on goal difference so hopefully things are looking up. I agree with the Adrian thing but also feel a little bit sorry for Hart as seems like the whole team have massively upped their game since he's come into the team.
  4. 20 years from now

    @Chad Gilbert - was it you or Steve who write the lyrics? And did Clarke ever apologies to you?
  5. The Official Football Topic

    Can we talk about West Ham please? we're shit and beat the champions, give us some love people. Helping Man United hang onto second place so you should all be thanking us really.
  6. The Official Football Topic

    Great win for us this weekend, was absolutely buzzing. League is done now for sure - I don't think it's a case of football being fucked, I think Pep has left Jose behind a bit. He's still trying to replicate his 04/05 Chelsea team and it just doesn't work like it used too. Don't get me wrong, you're still the second best team in the league but City are streets ahead at the minute it would seem.
  7. The Donald Trump Thread

    Have you ever been outside the United States? there's a whole another world out there mate - check it out.
  8. The Donald Trump Thread

    I'd ignore Jan, he's stuck in his American bubble and knows shit all about anywhere else.
  9. The Donald Trump Thread

    I have no proof, it's just a hunch like I said. I just look at his narcissistic personality and track record of being an all round dodgy bastard and think that there is definitely cause for concern that he might do some pretty unethical shit during his time as President of the most powerful country in the world. Would you say that's an unreasonable assumption to make? yes I know they're are no facts but I'm fairly certain at some point there will be, time will tell I guess.
  10. The Donald Trump Thread

    Do you honestly think that Trump wouldn't do the exact same if put in his shoes? I don't think there is much that Big Donny wouldn't do to save his own arse if I'm honest.
  11. The Donald Trump Thread

    So many fantastic Trump gifs floating about:
  12. The Donald Trump Thread

    You need to do a feature where you record your talk to txt videos and post them alongside your actual posts, that would be fucking great. I want to see, hear and feel your liberal hatred.