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  1. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    Untitled was much better though wasn't it? was time and money well spent.
  2. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    Tom's guitar sound got slated as it sounded weak, which is pretty fair. Bit of a myth that Skiba has a good sound, when distortion is on it sounds like he's playing a Squier through a practise amp and his clean tone is fucking dreadful. Marks bass has always sounded decent to me, but TOYPAJ was his best sound for me, loads of tone and sounded pretty beefy as well.
  3. ...Dan...

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    What has Tom got to do with Mark going bald? desperate deflection tactics once again. You're like a fucking kid "yeah yeah yeah, w-w-well Tom did this, wah wah wah" They are two guys in their 40s and are starting to show their age, Tom wears shit suits and is a bit overweight while Mark is clinging onto his youth and thinks he is still 25 - if anything they're as bad as each other in different ways when it comes to their current styles.
  4. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    You're really shit at this. You clearly can't read as I've provided plenty of reasons why I wouldn't see blink in its current state (that a lot of people have agreed with) and you're also absolutely abysmal at comebacks. Just give up - you've embarrassed yourself enough.
  5. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    Haha, it gets even worse. Bloke is an absolute car crash of a poster, pretty easy to rinse as it is and then he goes and tees you up like that. What a guy.
  6. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    I do honestly wonder what planet he lives on.
  7. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    Give Ghost a break, he spends $200 on drink and drugs every weekend like all us Europeans do. We don't know what we're doing half the time.
  8. ...Dan...

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch (Meltdown ACTIVE!)

    Lot of bullying in here, dislike.
  9. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    Fuck me, this is hard work. The price/distance to the show is irrelevant for me, as stated in my previous post - I saw them with Skiba last year and I didn't particularly enjoy it and I am also not a massive fan of California. The set list and show is barely changed from tour to tour so why would I want to see them again in their current state? money has nothing to do with it. If they release an awesome new album/something changes with the line up then I'd potentially reconsider of course and would happily pay decent money to see them, just like the other 6-7 times I have forked out to watch them play since 2003. I'd need to feel like I was getting something worth my time to do that though, as it stands I'd rather go to see another band or do something else with my time and money.
  10. ...Dan...

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    It's a myth that the fans who dislike the way the band is these days are a vocal minority, there are a hell of a lot of fans who don't like it.
  11. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    I'm okay thanks, I'm a nice guy really.
  12. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    'Bully' and now 'harass' When did you get so soft?
  13. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    You do, didn't you know? $75 for second row, fucking bargain. I assume he was so close to the stage in the hope he might see Travis's kids watching him from the side of the stage.
  14. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    How long you been storing that up for? And keeping tabs on my posts? Pretty weird.
  15. ...Dan...

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    So my wife (I don't even have a wife) has no issue with me spending my life in the pub but she won't let me go see blink-182 live once every 2-3 years? Struggling to find the rationale for that argument to be honest...another swing and a miss! You paid $75 to be second row in the pit, is that meant to impress me or something? Weird brag. I do find it quite weird you seem to be so offended that I wouldn't go see blink again in their current state. I saw them last year and it wasn't very good, why would I pay £50 to go see them basically do the exact same show again?