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  1. Vegas shooting

    I think he just gets off on disagreeing with people, just a shite troll.
  2. Vegas shooting

    This place is really going downhill, absolute shitshow.
  3. I voted Red Skies as it's the worst song on that list, simple as.
  4. The Donald Trump Thread

    I'd like to issue an official apology. I said hating on Jan was the new cool thing to do on here and you all just ganged up and bullied her for the sake of it but now I realise that you were in fact right all along and she is in fact a massive bellend. I didn't post enough in the political threads to realise before, soz guys.
  5. The Donald Trump Thread

    Envying how much meaning you attach to a fucking flag? Okkkkkkk. America is a great country, doesn't mean it doesn't have some serious flaws also though. We have problems of our own as well don't get me wrong but you're blind defending of all things Stateside is fucking bizarre. It's the equivalent of a kid being told their wrong by their parents and them putting their fingers in their ears and shouting "la la la I can't head you"
  6. The Donald Trump Thread

    Oliver is proper losing his shit. Oh noooooo, not bashing the Queen!!! Either way, it's quite common knowledge that the Royal Family make the country far more money than they cost us like Kay says, tourists (Americans especially) fucking love it, they're absolutely everywhere when you go around the Buckingham Palace area.
  7. The Donald Trump Thread

    These two pretty much sum it all up to be honest. Oh noooooooo Oliver might disrespect a piece of fabric that is tied to my country, boo fucking hoo. I reckon you'd be part of Britain First if you lived here Oliver, sounds like you into bullshit patriotism so they'd be right up your street.
  8. Vegas shooting

    Sometimes you need an outsiders opinion to see the light. I bet you've barely left the country or experienced non US culture, you should try it sometime - it might give you a little bit of perspective.
  9. Vegas shooting

    Yeah, I wish they'd just shoot them instead - especially the black ones.
  10. Vegas shooting

    I don't believe, I reckon you'd start cying and leg it to Kansas and beg Ghent to put you up until it all blows over.
  11. Vegas shooting

    Easily accessible guns legally leads to more easily accessible illegal/modified guns. Both combined leads to more guns in circulation and the higher likliehood of them falling into the wrong hands. You can't take people out the situation and vet everyone so the other option is to make guns less accessible and try to clean up as much as possible. Surely that's a better option than just playing ignorance to the situation and hoping it won't happen again.
  12. Vegas shooting

    I've actually had someone quite close to me hit by a drunk drive, didn't die but it was pretty bad. Still not the same as opening up a machine gun on thousands of people. Does Daddy own some big guns that he lets you play with?
  13. Vegas shooting

    Guns are illegal in England and were legal not that long ago, we have had one mass shooting in 20 years. Even if it stops 10-20% of the people who currently die from gun crime it's surely worth it? it'll take time like I say but it's worth a shot. It'll never change though sadly, too many of you fucking love them for some bizarre reason.
  14. Video Games Thread

    I'm playing the new FIFA , it's fun. The end.
  15. Vegas shooting

    Jesus Christ, what an idiot. Have you ever seen a bloke open fire on a crowd of thousands of people with a can of Budweiser?