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  1. The Official Football Topic

    A world cup without Italy!!
  2. WHAT IF: Enema was released today

    I think Enema would have been succesfull these days, people love comedy and the songs are still very catchy. It probably wouldnt be groundbreaking but very succesfull though. As for blink getting respect, i think they achieved it at 2003-2004 even Roberth Smith was talking wonders about them, they probably needed one or two more great records to get to the size of the likes of Green Day of Foo Fighters. Blink had aother chance with Neighborhoods but it didnt when mainstream enough, and we all know the weakness of that record. On other topic, blink getting to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame its a debate these days, i bet they will but soo many years later.
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I just read this quote: "I've never felt any significant pangs of envy or regret over our decision to stay independent - it's probably the main reason we're still standing after all these years. The only thing that hurt was watching the rise of Blink-182. Not because I have any problem with those guys (in fact we consider them bros), but because they were the only mainstream punk band that seemed like they were directly ripping us off. We were always the "joking" band. Rancid, Green Day, and the Offspring all had their own personae. We cornered the market on lowbrow humor. The funny songs. The Mike/Hefe stage banter.. I don't know if it was conscious plagiarism or just our influence on them, but watching Blink-182 copy our style and get hugely popular with it was the only thing I resented. In fairness, their sound is more polished. And they're younger and more attractive than us. If we weren't going to exploit our sound on a major, someone else was bound to - it was just a matter of time. But when they offered us a million dollars to open for them on one of their tours, it felt satisfying to turn it down. Our pride probably has a price... they just haven't hit it yet." Eric Melvin from NoFX on their biography, so they were really bitter about blink success.
  4. Blink 182's Top 20 played songs on Spotify

    Got 17 forgot about Cynical wich is a shame cause i love that song. And also Every Time I Look For You and No Future, im surprise about those two
  5. All of this losing is unbelievable, come on Roberth Smith! One of the coolest or maybe the coolest thing ever about blink Fuck a muslim, fuck a jew...lol
  6. Voted California the song, is really bland and bad.
  7. I voted Feeling this and explained why, you people dont read. I listened to Feeling this too much and got overplayed for me, but i still think its a great song, its just the song i like the least from this record. Cant believe All of this lost, its a perfect song.
  8. I love all of this songs, this album is gold. Voted Feeling This because its the one i like the least, probably overplayed for me. But i still can enjoy it on live recordings
  9. Anthem is great! Party Song its definitely the "worst"
  10. Last Train Home Discussion Thread

    Now this is the direction they should aim for
  11. Don't Mean Anything Discussion Thread

    The lyrics kind of fuck up this song for me, really? mom and dad lyrics at this point of their carrers?....And the melodies are pop-punk but in a bad simple plan kind of way...
  12. Degenerate is awesome! People seems to vote for it because they think its a joke song, but its not, is just a funny catchy song. At the end it doesnt really matter wich one loses because there is no way it would be choose at the end, we all know the worst blink song cant be found on the mighty Dude Ranch.
  13. Paramore

    I like "Hard Times" reminds of Blondie, got to listen to other stuff on the record
  14. Nah CaliĀ“s best like Last train home or Cynical are better than almost anything Tom has recently put out with AvA, plus Tom is just egocentrical working, no teamwork whatsoever
  15. I actually like Strings more than Lemmings (yes, im serious) But all Chesire Cat and Dude Ranch are gold