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  1. The Official Football Topic

    Come on City today is the day
  2. I like some ZH tracks, like "Hello Tomorrow" who was the singer during the "Playmate of the year" era? During that time they had catchy songs but nothing more to me.
  3. The Official Football Topic

    Id say Man United beats Sevilla, Chelsea barely has a chance Spurs did better than i expected, same Liverpool Madrid could suffer but will most probably pass, too much hierarchy
  4. The Official Football Topic

    Yeah i feel bad for old school City fans.. Well not that bad, this is time to shine!
  5. The Official Football Topic

    Great 3x0 win against WBA, Laporte is a great sign but too much expensive. Aubameyang what a sign from Arsenal, hes a killer striker. Real Madrid didnt sign anything! I expected theyd get Icardi
  6. Blink's Biggest Cringe Moment?

    Yeah, and they (specially Tre Cool) did interviews trash talking blink after the tour, thats an hypocrite move that showed he was jelous.
  7. Early Blink Sound a Like bands

  8. Blink's Biggest Cringe Moment?

    This was kind of embarassing considering blink had the worst critics, although that was to expect since blink never care about their live shows just wanted to play fast and look cool, and still blink was funnier than GD in some ways. The biggest cringe moment would have to be blink playing live at the blizzcon 2013 But a lot of the 2009-2010 gigs showed Tom in a shamefull shape as well.
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Say whaaa...when did this happen??
  10. The Official Football Topic

    City winning the league is fair, they are playing great football, Silva, de BRAIN, Sterling, Sané, what a team...
  11. Feldmann

    Sorry i thought we were talking about Pierre Bouvier thats why said poppier and childish. Justin Pierre could be interesting, but from all the singers i would have prefer Billie Joe Armstrong (imposible, but how rad would it be!?) and Skiba always was my second choice cuz i love ALK3
  12. Feldmann

    I dont agree, i think he would be too poppy/childish for blink
  13. The Official Football Topic

    Great win Go citizens! This is our time
  14. The Official Football Topic

    A world cup without Italy!!
  15. WHAT IF: Enema was released today

    I think Enema would have been succesfull these days, people love comedy and the songs are still very catchy. It probably wouldnt be groundbreaking but very succesfull though. As for blink getting respect, i think they achieved it at 2003-2004 even Roberth Smith was talking wonders about them, they probably needed one or two more great records to get to the size of the likes of Green Day of Foo Fighters. Blink had aother chance with Neighborhoods but it didnt when mainstream enough, and we all know the weakness of that record. On other topic, blink getting to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame its a debate these days, i bet they will but soo many years later.