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  1. Mark needs to rest his voice
  2. That sucks, every blink show should have at least one Chesire song
  3. You can tell they are happier though..
  4. Yeah, @daveyjones We know that feel bro!
  5. I dont believe this, Carousel is a CLASSIC !! It will be back later i guess
  6. Glad Sober and ApII sounded great, i want to hear M+M´S !!!
  7. I Wont be home definitely, by the way that song is from 1998?
  8. I prefer BTD even though i dont like it very much
  9. Im going to check out, "No Halo" actually reedimed my aprecciation for new punk music, im somewhat stock into the 90´s overall but especially on punk music
  10. @Ghost So is the album good? I really liked No Halo
  11. Im a huge Matt Skiba fan, and i think his talent is getting wasted. But i think it makes no sense for him to do the exact same thing he does in alk3 right now in blink, the perfect escenario would be to mix the pop-punk side with his post punk influences but in a more poppy side (sadly blink doesnt seem to be able to steer away from pop music) like blink successfully did on the Untitled record. But for that the other members has to aim for it, and it seems the goal is to go for a classic 99-00 pop-punk sound, wich it wouldnt be bad just if the lyrics were honest or interesting and they are neither.
  12. I think parking lot represents California (the full album) very well, it has the same strong points and the same flaws, on one side the vocals are good, drums, guitar shows improvement, but the nanana´s, terrible-lazy lyrics, gang vocals, dont let it be considered a great song. Its getting an unffair hate though i think this is waaaaay better than California (the song) or Hey Im sorry, and its on the same vein as No Future or Rabbit Hole but i find it better than those two as well. Its like a NoFx influenced song ruined by All time Low elements. This shit happens when a filler song get released as a single, its getting barely the same reaction as Rabbit Hole.
  13. How many hours are left for the release?
  14. We can also say Asthenia is AvA sounding and it rocks!! Left Alone its great, it feels the most Skiba type song, he kills it there.
  15. For a few days i thought it was "Dream on, dream on and start again...we are the kings of the weekend" I like my misheard line more than the actual one