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  1. What that this mean?
  2. Is this the first time a woman voice is prominent on a blink song? Are there any other female that have record voices for blink? Cool song
  3. I dont know, some parts are good but others are not, i feel the same about Parking Lot.
  4. This is how ALK3 and blink blend together, this song is really good I even find some Metallica vibes in the intro lol
  5. Great, only letdown is the ta-da-da riff that has been all over the place
  6. Strange song, but i think its good. They are trying new stuff with this and i approve
  7. This is been a highlight for me so far, really good song, this is how a pop-punk band age gracefully
  8. Wait, different version of American Idiot songs? Where are those??
  9. I guess it depends on what is the lyricist forte, i struggle with lyrics because i dont know how to sing, but i can create melodies on bass and guitar, i think if i can get better at singing will probably create songs with more ease
  10. What a shame, one of the best voices of rock n roll history for sure, i liked Audioslave a lot, some of the songs on their first record really helped me trough my teen years
  11. So stoked with the reviews, can somebody please send me a link? I will download it at work lol
  12. StringĀ“s verses are really good, i can understand people voting it for the chorus, but i like that song. Sometimes is one of the best "punk" blink songs, come on, is really good! I cant understand how many people are voting for it. I went for Fentoozler, never got into it. All Chesire Cat songs are good, including the joke ones
  13. I dont think Degenerate should count as a joke song, its funny and crude but not quite a joke song Now Depends should count
  14. This song is good, i wouldnt want a record full of song in this style but its nice to hear them trying somewhat new stuff. The guitars should be punchier, i dont understand how this and Misery were out of the actual record.
  15. I think both songs are good, but Left Alone its better, i hope to hear more song in that direction