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  1. I like Sober, i take it for what it is, a catchy pop song, like All the small things. I dont care about the lyrics but the melodies, i repeat, as a pop song, are good
  2. I remember an interview where Tom said Mark grabbed the guitar and create the WMAA? riff, he said it was magical or something, ill try to look for it but its been many years, it was a few months after the first break up
  3. I dont think Tom is more talented than Mark, they´re even. Mark has always been a better live singer (even nowadays) and its a solid bass player (live) Tom since 2004 or so became really inconsistent live. As for songwriting they became the oppositte Mark has been insecure puting few material and Tom releases everything good or bad. If we compile Mark´s best songs vs Tom best songs i think they´re even. Plus, Mark created iconic pop-punk basslines Carousel or Man Overbord and even he came up with Damiit, and WMAA guitar riifs, classic pop punk stuff, while Tom, although has created so much great guitar classic riffs never created a single outstanding bassline.
  4. Did Weezer went to this? Havent saw any picture of them
  5. I love "heavy" blink, Stockholm Syndrome is definitely their heaviest
  6. 1. cynical 2. natives 3. ghost on the dance floor 4. Left Alone 5. heart's all gone 6. pretty little girl 7. kaleidoscope 8. wishing well 9. The only thing that matters 10. Snake Charmer 11. San Diego
  7. Cynical is definitely the most liked song from blink since 2009
  8. You can tell he has a lot more to give just listening to his work with ALK3, i would love blink releasing songs in the vein of "She Wolf" a song from Skiba solo record, catchy as hell and good stuff.
  9. Skiba had input for sure, but not enough for what he is capable to do
  10. The lyrics are just great, all about that song is a wonderfull piece of blink´s history
  11. Im really into The Cure, i have read and watch some interviews of him talking about blink from like 2004, its been many years but i remember he said that at first he was insecure because he thought they were just a pop band with catchy music but he couldnt get into their lyrics. He also said he asked opinion from his band and they were divided, some said "Yeah! thats cool!" and others "Noo dont do that". Then he said blink send them demos and thought they were really good, he also said Untitled was one of the best records he heard that year.
  12. We should built a pool (not full of naked dudes..) voting for "the worst blink song", not including joke songs, would be interesting
  13. First date got old for me, i dont really listen to most TOYPAJ these days, although id only say i dislike First Date and Everytime i look for you (never got into it). I just plain dont like: After Midnight, Up all night, Fighting the gravity, Bored to death, California (the song), No future and Hey im sorry (cant stand the whos and the chorus)
  14. I liked "No Halo" a lot!
  15. I dont think you cant forget how to write great music, Mark may be on a slump but talent is never lost, and they sure are talented guys. Maybe they just need another focus, not that pop-sided, but if that is what they want....