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  1. I dont think Parking Lot is that bad, there are definitely worst songs on the album, and I really like Misery
  2. Bad refereeing is fucking up the games, first PSG now this? And im a Real Madrid supporter btw
  3. I remember someone posting here pictures of a dude who looks like Mark, i think he even play bass and stuff
  4. Like both but i think Teenage Satellites is better song overall
  5. Kaleidoscope by far, i enjoy KOTW but the first its definitely a better and more interesting song in almost every aspect
  6. But the vast majority of people who listen to say Britney Spears do not listen to blink, its pop but in a different way, id say blink its just the poppiest side of "punk" music
  7. Fuck im failing to remember the name of a band i heard a few years ago, they sounded like blink on Enema´s era. The song was on youtube, it says something like "Highschool never had a chance" and "Never had a chance" repeated
  8. HAG by far, feel like an honest tune all the way, lirics, instrumental, maybe a better production and punchier guitar and its perfect. I cant get into no future, the na´s are useless here, and the chorus its waay too poppy So far i have 3 Cali 2 Neighb. 1 Nule
  9. Its a joke song so it competes with the likes, i think its better than Build this pool but worst than Brohemian Rhapsody Still miles away from Happy Hollidays you Bastard
  10. Dan is genius
  11. I prefer Los Angeles, i love the bridge. Never got into AM So far i have Cali 2 NH. 1
  12. Didnt vote for the same reason
  13. I wish there were elemens from Adam's Song, there´s no Feeling This in there Cynical is this era´s Carousel, Nuff said.
  14. Natives is a better song for me, never got into BTD
  15. Natives is a better song for me, never got into BTD