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  1. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Alkaline 182 Travis (drums) Mark (bass or second guitar +vocals) Skiba (Guitar+ vocals) Dan (bass or second guitar +vocals) I`m in.
  2. The Official Football Topic

    Do you guys think United will sell Pogba?
  3. The Official Football Topic

    Cringey? Why?
  4. I just read the S.N. case and its really weird, seemed like miscommunication
  5. The Official Football Topic

    I think it was penalty, Juve deserved more but it was a fair foul in the area, if the referee didnt mark it we would talking about Madrid getting robbed, clear foul. This Madrid seemed very weak, of course missed Ramos but Carvajal and Marcelo were shite defending. I think Liverpool has great chances to get to the final, Bayer has great players but i dont think they are playing very well and Roma has balls for sure.
  6. Full Concert from the untilted era good quality

    This era should`ve lasted way more years
  7. The Official Football Topic

    Great first half should have ended 2x0 the game could have been different, but the second half was really bad, great for Liverpool. What a surprise by Roma, what a game to destroy a powerfull team like Barca
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    ALK3 > MCS for me, although i have to listen more to the latter, but TrĂ­o definetly rocks! Early Skiba (Godammit) or even Crimsom era Skiba is the perfect match for blink in my opinion.
  9. The Official Football Topic

    I think we can win, but Liverpool is waay too fast for our defense, powerfull in counterattacks, keeping the 0 will be so much hard. I think its fair if you pass, and i will be rooting for Liverpool if advances (except against Madrid) To win this saturday again our classic rival may somewhat save the season
  10. California or Neighborhood? Which one is better?

    Yeah a more fair comparison would be Neighborhoods vs Demos before Feldmann, if a producer worked on Neighborhoods it would be a very different record.
  11. The Official Football Topic

    That was painfull to watch, i think Pep understimaded Liverpool, and some players just had an awful game, i still think we can beat Liverpool but the score is hard to even
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    But they`re not Green Day level, and they are probably just as good I think this may be the best live version of M+M`s
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Man, the queers are such an underrated pop-punk band, they have a lot of great songs
  14. The Official Football Topic

    6-1 thats crazy, but Argentina have been playing awful for years, they almost didnt make it to world cup cant forget that. I think they should let the new players get a chance, Dybala for Higuain, anyone for Mascherano etc Hey this time England doesnt have a brilliant midfielder am i wrong? Years before had Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, Scholes etc. Is an England midfielder close to that level right now?