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  1. First little taste of the deluxe album.
  2. haha hell yeah dude
  3. The avs fuckin blow and they are gonna give the pens Duchen. Kill me
  4. Alright, time to move up that deluxe release date.
  5. Boy it would've been even worse if Stryker wasn't there, the other two had no interest.
  6. Thats a bummer, but Im still stoked for the band and its future. Glad they finally got some recognition. Edit: Wow all those Panic at the Disco fans.....
  7. Is this confirmed? I saw this was predicted.
  8. I need Tom randomly photoshopped into the background of all these photos.
  9. Travis looks like an idiot.
  10. Hmmmm surely they wouldn't put a loser in the front row??
  11. Still 110% would.
  12. Kellyanne Conway is a fox
  13. Seems like AVA is up to some big things.
  14. The leaderboards tab to the left of the chat tab. But that still only really shows likes, unless you are looking for Top Posters all time.
  15. Both Anthems. Those songs suck.