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  1. Out of all the songs they could've brought back, Anthem Pt.2 is the one I wanted least. But it still sounds awesome, as does Sober.
  2. Sounds like blink is playing lollapalooza. Wonder where they will be booked for in the lineup.
  3. This is blinks worst opening track.
  4. Pretty mediocre song. Definitely hear some alkaline trio on the first half of the song with Matt. Mark's parts are pretty fuckin bad. The melodies are fine, but the lyrics are noticeably cringe. A lot of the song sounds pretty generic. Travis's drumming was the strongest part. I'd put this song with the bottom half of California.
  5. Even if we don't get it tomorrow, I'm not too concerned. The wheels on this thing seem to have started moving.
  6. Are you basing that off midnight NZDT?
  7. Exactly what I said.
  8. 1. Reddit gets first dibs on cover. 2. Band posts cover and announcement on all social media accounts tomorrow. 3. ??????????? 4. Parking Lot is released on friday.
  9. Why don't we get any exclusive releases? C'mon now.
  10. You've been warned. Also seems like the link got taken down.
  11. yeah, the top two videos are now blocked and they have been up for months.
  12. Only one source says it is.
  13. I was just trying to listen to Hey, I'm Sorry on youtube, and it seems a lot of the videos are being taken down for copyright. Anything to draw from that? Would the Deluxe release be causing that? I don't know much about copyrights.