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  1. Yeah, microsoft owns Rare now.
  2. I think microsoft owns Battletoads now.
  3. More so talking about virtual console, I'am fine with a SNES classic (even with the artificial demand). I know I'am not being forced to buy anything, but it just highlights the fact that purchases need to tied to an account and carried over from platform to platform. As far as I know Nintendo still doesn't do that.
  4. Prime colors, so hot right now.
  5. Is the Switch gonna have virtual console? Because if so, that + SNES classic is gonna have people buying the same games for about the fifth time in a row. Highway robbery by Nintendo, and you know they are gonna go the artificial demand route again.
  6. Yeah, I know. I actually kinda dig the song too.
  7. Nice to see Hayley Williams finally launching her solo career.
  8. Just a preorder
  9. C'mon now, dont fuck with me. I have lots of work to do and a hockey game starting in 2 hours. POST THE LINK
  10. Well, we did the thing again. Lets see how this goes.
  11. Too lazy to check if already posted, but Mark is supposedly in tomorrows Kerrang issue giving track descriptions.
  12. Might be an actual issue.
  13. Really difficult. I went with Natives, Top 5 song post-reunion.
  14. Pretty fuckin bad. But I like the idea.