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  1. I get that it is mostly a meme, but that song, yikes.
  2. Shit is gay as fuck in this thread. This place never fails to surprise me.
  3. @1:33 LOL that sounds like shit, Mark even knows it. You can see the disgust in his face.
  4. The opening lyrics for both verses can fuck right off, but I like the song besides that.
  5. The synth in the bridge gets me every time, beautiful.
  6. Also showing their true colors when it comes to possession, SV% and SH%. Their luck is running out.
  7. More writing at John's kitchen table please.
  8. WOW Just saw Tom picking up the album in San Diego!
  9. Maybe the best song since 2003. Absolutely top 5.
  10. Ill take this one @Scott.
  11. Lyrically I think it is all right, but its a bit boring musically and melodically.
  12. Matt makes this song his bitch. He was born to make this song.
  13. Miles better than california. Matt shines throughout it, especially in Last Train Home. Shows they can still be creative and genuine under the Feldmann regime.
  14. This is really really solid so far. Im very pleased,
  15. Last Train Home is awesome. Fuckin rad. Deep and Dark I think this is the Skiba people wanted. What we all expected.