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  1. I saw them with tbs and weezer. That's wasn't bad although I'm not really a fan of tbs they weren't terrible
  2. I agree. Tom did usually screw them all up but it was nice changing it up live
  3. He doesn't sound super cocky in that interview. I actually kind of enjoyed reading that
  4. Yeah I don't bother going to see them when they come around. Which is weird because when they were on their hiatus I would have killed to see them. Saw them in 09 which was cool but now? Nope
  5. 17. Missed anthem pt2, every time I look for you and no future
  6. Davey, did tom record with his strat on dude ranch?
  7. If Travis does bcr, I'm sure Feldman will tag along and we'll have California part 3. lol
  8. If bcr was brought back, it wouldn't even come close to the original. Imo tom throws out hints like that because he knows that's what people want but he's never going to give it to them because it's not him anymore. An attempt at another bcr record would be worse than the California era of blink. Trying to be something you once were or aren't anymore, it's not real, it's not genuine
  9. There's these things called private messages
  10. Yea tom wanted to move in new directions but if you remember, he wanted blink to be u2. I'm sure if it was a direction more suitable for blink mark would have went with it but obviously Ava's first record is what tom wanted blink to be and clearly mark wasn't having that. Which I don't blame him I can't stand Ava personally lol. However there's a million different ways you could mature the sound of blink and it would still work. Hell bcr was the perfect fit for them but tom got weird.
  11. I always liked toypaj, some of the lyrics are shitty but I love the music.
  12. Probably first date haha
  13. I'd be very surprised if they went without Feldman on the next record. Which sucks imo but oh well.
  14. I don't think the new goldfinger sounds like blink, the new blink doesn't even sound like blink. Lol
  15. Wow so that 100% proves the point that Feldman is the reason for this bland era of blink 182.