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  1. I agree on the millennial thing. Get up go to work it's not hard. I bet you I could get stripped of everything, be completely homeless and make it back on my feet. With nothing at all. Sometimes it's hard but that's life. You'll only be as rich as you want to be and when you have stuff that makes it harder (kids etc) that's your own decisions you have to deal with those and work harder. It's simple
  2. Once upon a time they actually pounded the pavement... lol crazy that their entire "old blink" era (pre untitled) has so much variety, it evolved so much, they released so much, toured and they did it all in about the same time since the reunion.
  3. I need to quit thinking like that myself.. lol
  4. I agree with all of this
  5. All of this and ghosts on the dance floor
  6. Exactly.. and this whole bring work back to America won't happen (if ever) till this whole wall issue runs its course. (From Mexico anyways). Like said before it doesn't all happen instantly so trump will probably be long gone by the time that would ever come into play. So in the meantime we'll pay more and pay for the wall, illegals will still come here and eat up our work, and Trump will continue to embarrass us as a country. Solid plan
  7. Personally I dont think it will be the answer, Im not against it or really for it I guess, but I do think hes going about it wrong.
  8. So, how about Trump and that wall...........
  9. Yeah but how many people adopt crack babies who are all messed up because their mother was a drug addict and had no right re producing? It's sad and wrong but nobody wants those kids. There are tons out there too.
  10. I have nothing against protesting, but I wonder how many of those people that are out there bad mouthing these subjects actually do things to make differences in their own lives. How many times do you hear people preach about abortion, but if they were in the position, it would be a totally different prospective? I don't see them adopting crack babies and doing anything to help out. (I'm not stating my view on that, its just an example, of how some people will talk the talk and not walk the walk) This goes for the presidential protestors too.. So you hate trump (again not my view, I don't like Trump one bit, nor did I like Hillary one bit either) and disagree with everything he says including out sourcing American work with products from overseas, but you won't pay an extra few dollars for the product made in America and buy the Chinese junk instead. Yes small and wont make much of a difference, but your a hypocrite. I don't agree with protesting just because you have an opinion on something but don't back it. Again not saying all the protestors are like that but I'm willing to bet most of them are.
  11. Yeah I dont get it either. I dont want another California I have to skip over the first 14 or whatever songs to get to the new ones. Thats retarded. They should just release it as another record.
  12. Never heard this either what is it
  13. Was watching Alice In Chains live footage from the early 90s, what a performance they could put on. I mean almost studio quality. They were in their early 20s, broke and not that big yet and killed it. Layne Stanley was insanely messed up on drugs and could still sing great towards the end. And then I thought of blink in comparison. I get that blink was a punk rock band that didn't care, but that doesn't really work anymore. Watching the new she's out of my league performance is fucking awful in comparison lol. Don't get me wrong but i love blink and their shitty live show but it never really stood out to me till now lol. Even if your not a huge fan of them I get it but you can't take it away from them they could pull it off live.
  14. Hoping for something different. Can't those guys read twitter comments? Someone should let mark know that there were enough woahs on California and they don't need anymore lol. i hope they call it something and make it its own record California deluxe is lame.
  15. buddha, 21 days/carousel chesire, m&ms/wasting time uranus, zulu/wrecked him dude ranch, lemmings/waggy eots, whats my age again/mutt toypaj, please take me home/anthem pt2 untitled, asthenia/heres your letter neighborhoods, wishing well/hearts all gone ded, boxing day/pretty little girl california, sandiego/cynical toypaj and neighborhoods were hard to pick. I like almost every song on toypaj but none really stick out to me besides please take me home (which I never really cared for till alittle while ago). neighborhoods i dont really like much at all. I do enjoy those two songs though.