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  1. I don't think the new goldfinger sounds like blink, the new blink doesn't even sound like blink. Lol
  2. Wow so that 100% proves the point that Feldman is the reason for this bland era of blink 182.
  3. Mark used to write some extremely catchy vocal melodies, now they feel so forced and not very good.
  4. Was this all sent in pm's? Went back a bunch of pages couldn't find anything. If someone could send me a link in a pm that would be awesome.
  5. Every new song sounds the same.
  6. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/tom_delonge_hints_at_blink-182_reunion_i_could_be_back_in_a_matter_of_days_if_i_wanted_to.html not sure if anyone posted this just saw it on ug. typical same bullshit nothing new lol
  7. What's the difference in the waggy's? I listened quick didn't hear anything that stood out much
  8. The bridge in a new hope, the bridge and end of lemmings, anthem part 2 intro. Among many others
  9. I really thought it was going to be only marks vocals for a second there. Then it was typical John Feldman California style blink. Oh well
  10. Um it's not hard pal. Wake the fuck up go to work, actually work hard not just show up, earn your money and use it wisely. It's not rocket science how to make a decent living in this world. I do shit I don't want to do every single day but hey news flash that's called reality.
  11. I got it, it's retarded but it's a joke song. Honestly it feels kind of forced, mark doesn't seem to be the same retarded guy he was like back in the day (big surprise he grew up. Lol) so I can't see him in the studio singing these dumbass songs like I'm sure they used to do. Feldman probly telling him they need to come up with some joke songs to put in it. Its not them naturally being idiots like they used to be, which to me was funny.
  12. He definitely listened to it
  13. You guys really beat skiba down. Id like to see anyone else do much better. im not a fanboy, don't even think blink with skiba is all that good but it's also not an easy task like some of you make it out to be. Apart from the technical side of it(the Oliver debate lol) there's so much more too it, obviously. Blink is not a small time band it's a business.
  14. I wonder if mark would have to relearn emo, having not played it since he recorded it (assuming) lol. I don't get how you could put time into a song and then never play it. Oh well.
  15. Was emo ever played live? Looked around on YouTube alittle didn't find anything.