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  1. Haha I could never look at him the same after that. Hilarious
  2. I think skiba just doesn't get a voice in anything. Alk3 is far to good to assume that skiba is putting his best into blink (or allowed to) Hopefully in time that will change.
  3. Also I listened to the eots demos the other day when they were reposted. You give them a listen and then listen to the record version and it's just a guess but I bet most of the changes were Finn's doing. For the better of course
  4. I agree, Finn was fucking great for blink. Feldman is good at what he does but his style is throw away. Listen to all of finns other work, you can hear it just as well as you can in blink. The dude had it down, and blink was the perfect mix with him. Sucks he's gone and it won't ever get recreated. You would think mark (and Tom) would have picked it up from him and in marks case not let Feldman butcher the blink signature sound
  5. I don't think new blink is bad, it's not great but I'd rather have it than with the way Tom is now. Besides Boxing Day I thought Ded was awful, most of neighborhoods (well toms influence anyway) wasn't very good. He doesn't care about it. His taste in music is nothing I like now. obviously if it was the original line up before Ava happened then yes absolutely but that's not the same. I just wish they would ditch Feldman.
  6. I agree with all of this. also is it just me or the song's structure seems all over the place? Reminds me of tom mentioning writing dammit and figuring it out, it's simple but works. These new songs seem like a mess
  7. Good song, I prefer more guitar driven stuff but this wasnt bad even not my style
  8. I bet we would have gold if Finn was behind them instead. not saying feldman is bad at what he does, because hes great at what he does. but IN MY OPINION, blink182 doesn't need anything from him.
  9. So we know the rest of the deluxe is going to sound the same as California. Song wasn't bad but the nana was dumb lol. No hope to hear something new and different I don't think with this we'll have to wait for the next record
  10. I voted speedo because he did it all in one shot. Thought that was cool
  11. It's the same fuckin thing, he can't hit the right notes half the time anyway probly just whatever he felt like doing at the time
  12. I agree on the millennial thing. Get up go to work it's not hard. I bet you I could get stripped of everything, be completely homeless and make it back on my feet. With nothing at all. Sometimes it's hard but that's life. You'll only be as rich as you want to be and when you have stuff that makes it harder (kids etc) that's your own decisions you have to deal with those and work harder. It's simple
  13. Once upon a time they actually pounded the pavement... lol crazy that their entire "old blink" era (pre untitled) has so much variety, it evolved so much, they released so much, toured and they did it all in about the same time since the reunion.
  14. I need to quit thinking like that myself.. lol
  15. I agree with all of this