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  1. Glassjaw - Material Control

    Oh yeah dude it sure is. To me this album is on a totally different level than those. Man Freedom sucked. What a disappointment, especially after they teased everyone with Elektra lol.
  2. Glassjaw - Material Control

    Well it has a 3.9/5 on Sputnik and I'd probably give it a 3.5/5. I think it's a really enjoyable album with some interesting ideas. The production has its problems though and I kept waitjng for Daryl to really explode like on the previous releases but he never does. A good album, but not as monumentally good as their previous albums. About what I expected after NWE dropped. But Shira was better IMO so I was feeling the hyoe for a bit. Closer, Shira, and Citizen are the two best tracks for me.
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    All of the songs besides the three singles are messes, but even those have a few interesting ideas that could've been worked into something cool. They're demos. Of the three singles, Circle-Jerk Pit and Invisible Parade also have a feeling of incompleteness, but they are still more interesting and melodically/rhythmically sound than nearly all of California. New World is just a great song, I mean I don't really see what's not to like about it if you're a Blink fan aside from some personal thing against Tom. First of all it's more raw/organic sounding than anything Blink has done since 2003. Like it's more punk than Neighborhoods. It's fast, it's jumpy, the drums are fucking sick (love the snare changes during the last chorus to make the guitars/vocals really slam), but most of all the whole song just sits in that range of melody that people associate with Tom DeLonge's best moments. Like the build to the chorus is just a great punk melody. I don't know what else people would want/expect from Tom. Sure the lyrics aren't great, but like, that doesn't really ruin it for me at all.
  4. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Is it OK to say yet that New World shits all over everything on California? Song kinda rips tbh.
  5. Feldmann

    Yeah Goldfinger sucked. Few good tracks but mostly, well, shit. And about Fat Mike's money, I mean for me it's just about how you earn it. His band put out a bunch of good records and he runs a good label. I feel like he deserves it. And he's not a billionaire or anything.
  6. Feldmann

    Fat Mike is pretty much a punk rock legend, but man I'd be really bummed/disappointed in him if he starts working with Feldmann. Feldmann is on a mission to kill punk it seems. And damn My Orphan Year is a great song.
  7. Really enjoyed the movie. Has some issues but a satisfying SW film for me, makes me excited for the future of Star Wars and does a lot of things that frankly needed to be done in order for the series to have longevity. TFA: 4.5/10 TLJ: 8.5/10 If only Johnson was directing the third movie. I hope that he managed to change so much that JJ just gives up on choosing to be as lame as possible and does something more in the spirit of this movie, now that Johnson has gone and made all of his new characters enjoyable.
  8. Glassjaw - Material Control

    Album of the decade incoming December 1st. First song released and it's incredible. Beautiful structure and huge sound.
  9. Such Gold (melodic hardcore/pop-punk)

    New EP is absolutely incredible. "Deep in a Hole", check it out on streaming services, as the best track on there IMO Stained Glass Brain isn't on YT. This song is a good one to start with. I just think this band is doing stuff way above most others. Drummer (Matt Covey) is incredible and he really shows it on this EP. But hey everyone is pretty incredible. Also they're starting to do a bit more of a dual vocal thing. This EP really paves the way for a great full-length in the near future.
  10. Neck Deep

    <3 you guys:)))
  11. Neck Deep

    Mediocre song at best, awful video, cringe at "KILL ME PLZ" on the bass, I don't know if that was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek or what. How would Neck Deep be saved...Hmmm, replace all the guitarists, ask the drummer to push himself a little bit more (good fills, weak beats from him are what I usually see), and have one of these new guitarists write the lyrics. Was reading the conversation up above with @...Dan... and it's kinda funny lol, good times. And hey what do you know the new Such Gold is sick as fuck and Neck Deep still sounds like shit!
  12. Brand New's Brand New Record

    This album...it's very good, I'm just not sure how good. Need more time with it. The only album I really like from BN is The Devil and God (which is basically a perfect album), but Deja Entendu certainly has its moments. Not sure this will map up to TDAG is it seems to be less cohesive to me right now, but there's a lot to uncover here.
  13. Feldmann

    lol, this band is totally fucked and Tom is stil acting like a lunatic. RIP blink-182.
  14. Feldmann

    I can't believe this guy kicked everyone out of his long-running punk band because he thinks some sort of great artist now that he makes a lot of money producing garbage bands it's actually hilarious, sorry to the fans of GF, what a tool.
  15. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    That actually sucks, I'm sure that's a lot of effort lost.