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  1. The Infamous Mark Hoppus b182 Interview 2006

    Reading that interview and the recent interviews its interesting seeing how different in tone they were towards Tom. They were definitely more bitter then and now they seem much more mature and at least on Travis' part seems to respect and talk highly of Tom. also was Rick DeVoe still their manager during the self-titled era?
  2. Can we just talk about the new album? It's fucking incredible it sounds like the album in between Let It Enfold You and Still Searching. Some of Buddy's best lyrics
  3. Sum 41 does this look infected tour

    anyone else seeing the irony of having Steve-O as their backdrop in a Zombie form and he's not even in the band anymore
  4. Blink's Biggest Cringe Moment?

  5. Favorite Albums of 2017

    my 3 favorites of the year were The Menzingers, The Bombpops and Brand New
  6. Brand New's Brand New Record

    I'm afraid that someone in blink is gonna be accused for something
  7. WHAT IF: Enema was released today

    I just started thinking about this, with all the PC stuff going in this world today, if blink released Enema today do you think they would've gotten just as big and famous, or do you think they would've been written off real quick cause of their dick jokes, I often wonder if that shit would been considered too offensive for todays society. I probably worded this really badly but curious to see people's thoughts
  8. The Bombpops

    Any fans of this band? They're on Fat Wreck, two really ridiculously hot two girl frontwomen, with 2 other dudes all in the band. They also dropped one my favorite albums of 2017: Fear of Missing Out. They bring such an up beat brand of pop punk that makes you wanna dance and forget about everything. EDIT: I'd also wanna say these two girls remind of the female version of Mark and Tom. Their stage banter is sort of similar and these girls seem like best friends in real life outside of the band stuff.
  9. Brand New's Brand New Record

    meeeee to. (even tho i thought ICY was one of the worst YPAAs)
  10. Brand New's Brand New Record

    its so hard to accept it, I don't agree with any of it. However, for me, their music has helped me through countless times and still does. And I will NEVER forget the listening to the chills that Lit Me Up gave me at ICY when we had our listening party lol. That intro spoke words for me
  11. Brand New's Brand New Record

    annnnnnnnnnnnd its true still gonna listen to them tho
  12. Brand New's Brand New Record

    I've come to the conclusion that their new album is my favorite album of 2017, each time I listen I find something new with it.

    Latterman is another great one, Phil Douglas writes some of the best riffs. RVIVR is another Latterman releated band to

    Anyone else like these guys? This is one of my favorite bands of all time and one of my favorite Autumn/Fall bands. They have a new album coming out next Friday the 13th "You Can't Stay Here"
  15. The Scutches

    I found about these guys through Teenage Bottlerocket, they do a very good cover of their song "Don't Go"