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  1. this guy should've of replaced tom
  2. I think Hey, I'm Sorry is the probably the closest thing we're gonna hear from that time.
  3. the released songs sound better as a whole with the rest of the album. I prefer this over Cali i think so far... Long Lost Feeling, Don't Mean Anything and Last Train Home are my favorites
  4. Last Train Home tho... Gonna have to give it a few more listens to really give my final thoughts.
  5. Yo Im at Bayside show, can someone send me a link in the next few hours?
  6. Well the guy from Kingdom Leaks apparently has it now
  7. What a dick.
  8. Well sort of, I live right outside the city in Westchester
  9. Band, Playstation theater.
  10. Hopefully this will leak by the time i get back from Bayside tonight.
  11. I also someone ModOblivion saying hes getting it also?
  12. I just took the best leak a few second ago in the bathroom, stood there for about 3 minutes.
  13. I farted while listening to blink in the shower today and it reminded me of the time I petted my dog at age 7.
  14. hahahahahahahaha
  15. Man, I just took a shower and everything and there still no leak.