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  1. It leaked...
  2. I'm guessing this was posted already but if not this is cool.
  3. got 19/20. Every Time I Look For You wouldn't have never guessed
  4. This is isn't Goldfinger, this is different band using the name Goldfinger to sell more records, pretty much how the new blink is.
  5. I can't wait for the new album, I really like the song they just dropped Classic Pervert.
  6. glad i saw Goldfinger before this.
  7. I just came by to see what's going on and I see everyone is arguing about lyric videos, goodbye.
  8. this guy should've of replaced tom
  9. I think Hey, I'm Sorry is the probably the closest thing we're gonna hear from that time.
  10. the released songs sound better as a whole with the rest of the album. I prefer this over Cali i think so far... Long Lost Feeling, Don't Mean Anything and Last Train Home are my favorites
  11. Last Train Home tho... Gonna have to give it a few more listens to really give my final thoughts.
  12. Yo Im at Bayside show, can someone send me a link in the next few hours?
  13. Well the guy from Kingdom Leaks apparently has it now
  14. What a dick.
  15. Well sort of, I live right outside the city in Westchester