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    It's August now. I can't believe they haven't recorded anything. It was all a lie .
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    blink formed 23 years ago, happy birthday blink! nobody likes you.
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    Just thought I'd say JLaw gets my vote.
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    you'll see, she'll get annoying double, guaranty. people dont change. the real question, why the fuck she came back. all friendly and shit.
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    Coherence. Loved it, kept you focused the whole time without relying on violence or any other cheap gimmick. Also liked the physics, which were at least consistent, unlike Interstellar. What I didn't like was that the female lead turned out to be another emotionally fragile, relationship-centered psycho.
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    Waiting for like 2 years for an album ...like seriously who cares this much Lol they will record in august or they will record end of the year...me personally don't care as long as they do record ...if I hear that they haven't done shit by Jan 1st then you can all bitch and moan Lol cus that's a piss take. Skiba has just finished a tour what did you lot really expect? And all this shit about kicking out tom for the same thing... How is it exactly? Tom said in December he couldn't wait to record...then sent an email saying he won't ... Skiba wants to and mark and Travis do but like always its about timing unfortunatly but either way I'm pretty confident were getting a new album lol
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    They ask if I'm glad she seems real happy I say she could fucking die and it wouldn't mean a damn thing don't mistake that with I don't miss her I'm just fucking selfish and nothing matters I love chick flicks like When Harry Met Sally in my dreams, when I was five, I was fucking married always obsessed with love and marriage until she left now I fucking hate it I'll get a fuck friend whose pretty cute I use, degrade and rip in two On your knees, beg me to let you do things no man should ever have you do Pretend to swim on the carpet because I told you to Too drunk to drive? Fuck it, still come through you want me happy, don't you? You're not worth the time it takes to open my window let you crawl in, suck me off then go back home What's really meant to be in this shitty world? If God exists he hates boys and loves girls they always get away with everything always breaking hearts and ending up happy it's as bad as murder fuck her Why should I care if she's fucking happy I'd commit suicide if i wasn't too pussy I get anxiety and you get sick of me? I supported you for years for fucking nothing She said you're a drag, you've become such a bore You used to be so alive, now you're not anymore you can't go to parties with people you don't know it's fucking pathetic, I gotta let you go I'm sorrrrrry... Maybe I'll call you in two years and tell you I'm lonely Take my piece, it belongs to you now, not me Your piece? I buried that shit in the backyard last week What's really meant to be in this shitty world? If God exists he hates boys and loves girls they always get away with everything always breaking hearts and ending up happy it's as bad as murder fuck her No, what you want to hear is as long as she's happy I'm okay but what you're gonna hear is no fucking way as long as you're happy, I'm okay as long as you're happy, I'm okay I said that for four fucking years straight and you still walked away You left because I got too sad? I'm sorry my anxiety sucked so bad I'm sorry I take medication for my depression I'm sorry I thought that you were staying no matter what happens I focused on myself cause I needed help and you left Well...
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    Bad Grandpa - I loved it. Had me giggling like a schoolgirl throughout and I lost my shit at the beauty pageant scene 8/10
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    Yeah that interview is clearly as far back as May, or maybe even earlier. People really should calm the crap down though.
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    so, they interviewed him while he was on one tour and preparing to do another across the world. that's definitely what he meant by "i have a lot to do before blink"
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    I'm changing again my looks and perception on this little planet and whatever it is I want out of it and I want out of this my wants and desires and sense of direction flipped upside down and the blood has gone to my head I wanted to live now I can't wait to be dead and it's not the prettiest sight and it's not the best me I've tried but what you can't help is the worst circumstance, it's an uncontrolled state of mind
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    I've been a part of a bunch of british groups for bands, promoters, venues, labels, etc where people swap and share advice and the like. I figured if there's a lot of bands that come through here at varying levels of ability, then maybe we could swap tales, help each other out, hell you could even work out sharing gigs / touring stuff and the like. just a thought, figured we could give it a go. Just to start off with something easy - is radio play worth it?
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    Today, I think it's just as not worth it as a label is. Labels feel extinct to me to a certain extent. DIY in the music scene is way too at the front of things, which is weird to see, but social networking propelled that in the same way Ubers are knocking Taxi services into the dirt.
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    ^ Pretty much this. Travis can't really groove. His groove is generic hip hop beats.
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    He is a excellent drummer no doubt about it. I think some just may think sometimes his drumming is "over the top" for some songs, or parts of songs for that matter. It kind of takes away from other aspects or instruments in the song. Sometimes too much creativity in your drumming can steal the show almost if that makes sense, drowning out tom or marks contributions to the song. Sometimes simple is better.
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    haha davey is so awesome he's become a celebrity on of his own, and now we're asking him questions about himself
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    mark hoppus could fart in a microphone and call it the new blink single and it still won't make this in any way compelling.
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    really? 8 seconds gives you that impression?
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    I've fucked this off. It's awful.
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    *EDIT* here is the updated version different guitar tones, guitars turned down in the verse, and I've moved the first verse slightly around ( I think that's where the timing was wrong when I moved it around) https://soundcloud.com/brett-fields/eyes-open-taylor-swift-cover
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