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  1. Hadn't listened to this for a few weeks but picked it up again this week. Los Angeles, Cynical and No Furture are still probably my faves. Still not a fan of Sober.
  2. 24 million isn't really that small. It's no India or China though.
  3. Mate of mine won a silver medal so that's kinda cool.
  4. First impression, I really enjoy it, I see me loving it. Prefer it over Neighbourhoods.
  5. I'm not reading almost 60 pages of everyone's shit, but I like this song. I prefer Bored to Death and I don't like Matt's "oh's", otherwise it's fun and I enjoy it.
  6. Fuck yeah, my Chiefs beat Wales! So proud of the boys. They're five All Blacks down so they did really well.
  7. This better be available to download when I wake up
  8. I've had enough already. Ban him again.
  9. All this tour stuff should be moved into the tour subsection.
  10. Owl city are shit. Tom's voice is shit now anyway. Mark is still awesome. Matt sounds great. Replace Tom's vocals with Travis.
  11. Tom seems to treat Blink like an on again - off again relationship. It's not healthy for both parties and a decision has to be made. He stays out of blink and everyone moves on. Or he comes back into blink where the relationship is already ruined, the others in the relationship would alwayswonder if he's going to fuck up again, and the family members (the fans) don't trust him and don't want to see him hurt our family. Obviously travis and mark have chosen to move on but tom really hasn't.
  12. I was going to actually read this thread, tehn i saw a lot of retarded comments so i turned back. ... maybe don't sign up a blink fan message board if you don't like them, or think it's not blink without tom. We're always going to be biased here.
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