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  1. There is a lot more to it. The only thing I am going to say is: Tom is a cheater. This shouldn't be an outlandish statement. 50% of people cheat. Take a look around at your fellow board members. Half of them are cheaters.
  2. This just in a Tombot was having dinner prior to the AVA show and he saw Tom in there eating dinner with some hot woman. Ou la la
  3. Last few pages have been hilarious. I am actually not comfortable dating a woman who doesn't have two pennies to rub together or a pot to piss in. I did that. Never again. Married. Kids. Who supports it? Me. No thanks. I'll pass on that one. This is not to insult people here in that situation.......if that works for you, that works for you. But I don't do the whole traditional role bullshit. Today's economy ain't setup for it, unless you want to have money problems. I refuse to struggle to raise children. I refuse to be the sole source of income. This is why my last relationship failed. Woman, especially women who believe in equality. Get out there and earn your share. Finances are BOTH partners responsibility IMO.
  4. So you think you are entitled to money that isn't yours just because you married someone? Freeloader. Golddigger. Get lost.
  5. I got to say, Jen looks hotter now than she did 20 years ago.
  6. Yeah, its crazy how rare it is. Not like that with most bands. Also if I was going to do all albums signed by the band it would pretty much have to be within the correct timeframe. Cheshire signed by Mark, Travis, and Matt is not legit IMO. I do have TOYPAJ signed by the band from 2001. I am very happy with that.
  7. Imagine if your doctor shocked up for your surgery with an instruction manual on how to perform it......
  8. That's why if you have money; you get a pre nup and a good divorce attorney on speed dial standby. Worst case; you pull an Oliver and just ignore any and all bills sent to your house. Eventually they go away.
  9. UNlike you; I am actually pretty fair. I will trash Skiba and I will trash Tom. Its bullshit for any musician to use a teleprompter. Learn your job. Geez
  10. If you hadn't noticed; there is a long list of things that general population believes that I just think are 100% bullshit. Having a right to someone's money just because you were married is one of those things. Its not your money. We are divorced. Get lost.
  11. I am not saying that she is untalented in her field and couldn't be self made in her own right. But making enough to afford a mansion and boats and all of that on a designer salary? Why do I doubt that......
  12. Child support is another piece of crap. Totally get that if the wife has the kids, the costs should be split to raise the children. It should be a reasonable amount and all monies go to the children. Period. Not to the wife to buy dresses and shit. Yet if you make a lot of money; a court will order you pay the wife like $1,000,000 a month to support the kids. Bullshit. They'd get that money from me when they sucked it out of my buttocks!
  13. Honestly, I don't tell it because no one will believe it. But like she posts pics of her boat shopping. Who's money is that? Boats cost $50,000-$150,000. That's more than some people make in a year. Again, who's money is that? If its Tom's money, she is a gold digger. They aren't together. Therefore its not her money to spend. I don't know how it is in the the UK, but here in the USA, divource fucks the person who has the money. They get to pay all this money to a person who doesn't deserve the money nor is it their money. Its bullshit the system we have here.
  14. Truth is, no one really knows the story. Not a bit of it. But if her Instagram is any indicator, she is definitely someone who loves material wealth. Every damn picture is perfectly setup to showcase "I am rich". Her "boat shopping" posts. Her relaxing in some ritzy far off vacation spot or in her mansion. Wearing her designer clothes. Etc. Question is; who's money is that? If you want to say she is self made I want to say you are full of shit. "Designers" are a dime a dozen. My GF is a "designer" and she is broke. So when you don't love someone anymore; and you use their money to buy yourself all kinds of expensive shit; that makes you a gold digger. Me personally, if I didn't love someone anymore, I wouldn't want a single cent of their money. But then again, I am not a gold digger so.......
  15. I think when it comes to Blink signed stuff, its not really about the personal connection and more about collecting. Trying to get every single one of their albums signed (not an easy task) or trying to get something signed by Mark, Tom, and Scott (somewhat easier). Sometimes, we acquire signed things because it will be as close as we ever get to being in contact with that person. I can't exactly meet George Washington. No one alive can say they can. But something signed by him is the closest I'd ever get and that opportunity is available, starting at around $7000.
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