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  1. Where are you? And I'm so sorry. 

    I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight .

    I need some Oli and always.

    1. Speedo


      This sick, strange Clarkness comes creeping on, so haunting every time. 

    2. Bucko


      And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you. 

  2. He probably is lying. A good portion of the time the "sick" excuse is just a good excuse. But he could be sick.....or in divorce court. Take your pick.
  3. The bold makes no sense at all. They are a company that buys music and in the hopes that they profit off of it. They bought the rights to Tom's music. Why is this so hard to understand?
  4. I guess that's true. But if I decide to play a Blink set and charge people $20 a ticket and somehow I make loads of money; can't Blink 182 sue me? I know cover bands do this stuff but I thought there needed to be an agreement. Yeah, the company is listed on the British Stock exchange under the symbol SONG. Any Joe Blow can go invest in this company and technically own a piece of the pie. There are thousands if not millions of investors. This is in no way a partnership. Its a company that goes out and buys music and then takes in whatever profit they can.
  5. Sounds like you are talking about something that this is not.. They acquired the rights to his songs. How is that a publishing deal? How is that a partnership? He sold his rights to the songs. What once was his has been liquidated. Gone. Like if I own stock in Mcdonalds, and then I sell it. Its goodbye. This isn't like a record deal where its like " we release your music and you pay us a percentage of the sales".
  6. Bad analogy, the HOF topics aren't assets. We don't make money off them. If I got loads of money and the HOF topics are paying me monthly for the rest of my life, no I am not giving them up for a lump sum payout at this age. They are my babies. I'd only give them up if, like Ghent said, I was in financial stress. This is likely a forced liquidation to cover his debts.
  7. LOL, I am pretty sure this happened to me too.I saw them in 2008 and he was sick clearly sick as hell. I was front row and at one point he was shaking people's hands and he shook mine. Day later, sick as hell.
  8. Tombots like to look at Tom is a vacuum. Any one thing that he does isn't necessarily inductive of an issue. But when those things are combined together..... Maybe selling your entire catalog might not necessarily be an issue, but selling your catalog with financials that show his companies are money losers, while dealing with a divorce, while trying to make a living stalking the white house, while disappearing after his disaster interview with Joe Rogan, while freaking out saying he is still in Blink, ...... Tombots can't ever look at the bigger picture, because it would prove that the guy is a fruit loop.
  9. He is liquidating a substantial amount of assets. It's just hard to imagine him doing that unless it was "necessary".
  10. Obviously needed the lump sum pretty bad. He gave up making any future money off Blink songs for the rest of his life. Its really sad. But questions linger. Can Tom still perform the songs? Can the owner use the material without consulting Mark and Travis?
  11. The Beatles at Candlestick Park August 29, 1966. Their very last public show ever. Always love this shot of Lennon handing over his guitar getting offstage. That was it for The Beatles playing live. The end of an era. So hardcore.
  12. Phew, Crisis averted, it was wrapped really well. I love it. Something about signed Vinyl......so nice. Thanks again for your help and info on this Ry Bread
  13. My Dude Ranch sat on my front stoop getting poured on by rain. Had no clue it was delivered and was not expecting it this soon. I am not happy with myself. I brought it inside and drying the box, I am putting off opening because I am worried the entire thing is fried and it will send me into a rage which I am not wanting right now.
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