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  1. Whats even more amazing about this performance is that its tight as fuck and that song was literally recorded like maybe 4 months prior. Matt Skiba has had 5 years and still can't figure shit out. Not only that, but this was during a time when Blink was just ATST and WMAA to so many people and there was all this fucking talent beyond those songs.
  2. They could also "throw junk". Like what Matt did at soundcheck by singing it with different lower notes. Its always better to throw junk then it is to try to hit notes and botch them.
  3. They should tune down half a step. A lot of bands do this. Although Mark seems breathless on the low notes, so any lower that might also not work. But that was so bad. Love how the normal blinkbots ignore reality.
  4. GMA performance suddenly makes this sound pretty amazing.
  5. Was it the video of those people getting killed? Sorry.


    1. Wimpy Rutherford

      Wimpy Rutherford

      A suggested video for "most disturbing live leak videos" came and I clicked it and watched it. It was people fucking dead or cut in half, fucked up.

  6. I remember they played it during part of the 2001 tour, and I remember they were so bummed that like not a single person in the 18,000 seat venue had ever heard it. I think it caused them to question something about their success. I remember an interview on this.
  7. the bold is just a little bullshit story he tells himself to justify him going off the reservation. He is still batshit crazy, he still ruined his career, he is still a tin foil hat moron.
  8. If it comes out at all. Once Tom said it was coming out with a film, I knew that was code for, it might or might not be out in 5 years.
  9. I guess the new thing is to call all my stories lies. I guess I should have videoed it.
  10. You guys are amateurs if you don't know the answer to this. Put it on a credit card. Don't pay the card. Overdue notices ignored. Forward to collections. Collector calls, block their number. Its not hard. Another option, though one that is not as good, is a spare key. They make repairs, park it outside, come by at night with the spare key and take the car. Although this move is likely to get you into some trouble. But it is in fact another way.
  11. Yeah, for some reason it reminded him of his Ex GF? He said he was going to vomit all over the place. Then he said it was Davy Crokett shit. I won't forget that.
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