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  1. Tom definitely has melted down. Mark, maybe not so much. But the whole recontact on Tom after this Lil Wayne shit was definitely meltdown territory.
  2. You need to chill. Its been well documented on here that I've been into meeting celebrities for a bit. Not just Blink, but I also go to comic con and meet celebrities and pay quite a bit of money to do so. My comment to you was about making a blanket statement calling you a nerd and just wondering if you got the VIP like you said you would. But it wasn't meant to be serious. Then you just went off calling me a dickhead. ☹️
  3. I think you are missing out. For me it is all part of the process of self improvement.
  4. I always find it weird that you'd follow a band for like 20 years; idolize them, and then turn around and be like, "I am so cheap I can't fork over a little money". If you see them as "regular people". Why bother? I personally like having people to idolize and look up to. It motivates me. I learn from it and being in their presence is usually a phenomenal experience well worth it.
  5. Got to give Tom props for one thing. Despite shooting himself in the foot for15 years and doing everything is his power to fuck his career and flush his money down the toilet. The guy is still able to survive it all. Not many celebrities can do that.
  6. At my sound check, as they were shuttling people out some weirdo guy went into a freakout and started shouting Mark's name, who was still standing on the stage. Mark ignored him and the guy was taken away. Good times.
  7. Honestly, the regular VIP is worth it if you've never met Blink and been fans of them for like 20+years. Its really not a lot of money. The whole 30 minute hangout sounded like a waste, and I am glad I didn't do it. All the fans in that ultra VIP were morons. They just kept trying to one up each other with Blink trivia and play the "who is the biggest fan" game. I saw them live in 2009! Well I saw them live in 2004 beat that shit!! I don't know how Mark, Travis, and Matt put up with 30 minutes of that.
  8. You're a moron. New topic: Ghent and his tiny micro penis. Discuss.
  9. Crazy that this is probably the first time they've had contact since 2014
  10. I just think people here are very naive about situations. Maybe I am just been in countless situations where everything on the surface looks a certain way, and then when you look under the hood, its like a complete fuckup. Flirting pics=massive banging. I ate a healthy meal for dinner= They ate 3 whoppers at Burger King. I had one drink tonight=They had 12 beers and 3 shots. I smoked a cigarette before I got here=They snorted 2 lines of coke. She is just a friend= We banged about an hour ago. I am 25=They are 42 You get the idea. You guys live in a fantasy land of make believe.
  11. I don't know it for sure. But there is a decent chance. I guess the differences between me and everyone else is....... for me less proof is needed. This isn't just with sex. Its with life in general. A guy could be stumbling around zonked out with a powdery substance all over his nose and you'd think "nah, he's probably not coked up. I am sure it powdered sugar". Get real.
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