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  1. LOL. I did, but that line makes sense. The whole song is about a date. So "Date fell short" meaning, that Date fell short of expectations, works just fine.
  2. I am just glad to learn it is "arsonist". I actually thought it was "awesomeness". That was embarrassingly bad. Still, nothing tops, "We quiver and quake, we shiver and shake". I feel like I am listening to their orgasm moan with that line; its a good song, but I have to mentally block some of the lyrics out.
  3. @ebayscammakilla May 14th: I am new to Blink autos November 10th: I own like every single Blink auto you can think of and its for sale on my 10 separate ebay accounts. I can keep going and going with those posts of you passing yourself off as new to the hobby of Blink auto collecting. You better explain this discrepancy or I will have to ban you. You can see how this looks.
  4. I am so excited. Scored a signed BoxCar Racer CD signed in 2002 last night. Which is ridiculously rare. I used @Ry-Bread 's study to make the purchase. So thanks!!! I never would have had a clue if it was real without that because a lot of these signed BCR CD's just look like a bunch of scribbles. The only thing I'd say is, it does not appear to be signed by Travis. Its not the perfect piece. Two band members signed the outside of the CD, and 3 on the inside, and no Travis. But with BCR, beggers can't be choosers. Maybe one day I can get Travis to sign it.
  5. Such amazing talent. Yeah, he is drunk off his ass. But the energy is so genuine. Compare this to stuff Blink does when they just mail it in and OMG, he can actually sing. Best part of the video: BUTTFUCK
  6. I would say yes. But I am not wanting to jump to conclusions. If this guy is using this thread to perfect forgeries....then yes.
  7. They aren't real. I am hesitant to tell you why, but there is some very obvious issues. Although the person who forged them has definitely done some studying of real examples. But not enough. So it makes me kind of think that person who signed them is well, you. I am not sure it is possible to create the perfect forgery or one where even experts are unsure. But keep trying. I don't think you will get there.
  8. I am really confused about this ebayscamkiller guy all of the sudden. I thought he was here as kind of a newbie of Blink auto collecting and looking for opinions. Now all of the sudden he has like tons of Blink signed stuff that he is looking to unload much of which looks fake as hell so far. Help me here @Ry-Bread isn't that whats been happening? Is this guy some forger sent it to gather and attempt to perfect his forging craft. I am growing suspicious by the moment.
  9. This is really awesome. Although. Its really hard for me to picture this guy singing MCR songs. Its like its not even the same guy.
  10. I remember the time that someone stole the beanie right off Tom's head.
  11. It looks like they added a show near me, but no VIP, doesn't appear to be VIP for any of the new dates.
  12. For people who think its "easy" to meet bands at venues. As you can see, they can literally get on and off the bus without ever being seen. The black would represent a baracade and the red security telling people not to go back there. There is simply no way he met Blink that night outside of an official meet and greet. None.
  13. I am confused. At that show, no one was getting to Blink. Security was ridiculous. They weren't even letting people behind the venue near the buses. Plus I heard Blink weren't even there. They zoomed in by car 2 mins before the show, and zoomed out 2 minutes after it was over. Soundcheck was apparently done via pre recorded stuff. I have no clue how he possibly could have met them that night without it being a legit meet and greet. I'd certainly be curious....Unless he met them at another time and bullshitted that he met them at that show. I guess you can get a poster now? I will think about getting others. Thanks for that offer. What other ones does he have? Could you find out. I don't get why he uses multiple accounts.
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