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  1. Here is a video from the first (+44) Tour...Mark falls during this near the end.
  2. This song is amazing...def more enjoyable than "Rabbit Hole"...can't stop hearing Applesauce in the chorus though ... and the first part of the bridge with Matt singing is straight up AK3...which is pretty sweet
  3. Dude from Reddit ripped the audio from the show...tagged it and all that jazz: https://mega.nz/#!ekNjlJyD!Kj1F3-grrWn_ac3uWtbNbEk7ifeHNHUX1xQT32TpT0g
  4. well that's interesting...usually it just uploads and processes in HD...once it is done you can watch it. Wonder if it is because it is over a hour long? Either way...sweet.
  5. Is that how Youtube works? It will just allow the video to be watched in 360p until it processes??
  6. Not HD as the title says...but it is the full set
  7. No it was Ralph from the Simpsons
  8. Possible/Definite Setlist for tonight's show:
  9. Something positve about Tom...without Tom they will not be improv play any deep cuts...like they have done with The Party Song. This is not the same as improv playing songs they have rehearsed, but acoustically.
  10. Hey guys incase anyone wanted to see the actual real setlist from a few days ago here it is: Also, one thing about Tom not being in the band anymore...it only happened a total of 3 times...but say goodbye to them improv playing The Party Song or any old song they havent practiced.
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