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What's your rig? - Master Thread

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from here on out, no more "post your rig", "what's your rig", "what are you running" threads. i know i've started my fair share, but this is going to be it. anyways, post your rig in here and as y

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I know you love Teles, but your Gibsons look like badass. Did you get a custom pickguard for the SG?

Well I traded the Orange for a new amp...    Mesa Boogie Mk1 Road King. Fuck yeah this is a complicated amp.  

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Are the tiny/dark terror ones outside your range? They're good. I like Vox but its mostly not as good as Orange/Mesa for punk

I was looking for something more in the $300 to $400 range, but I could save up a little longer for one of those. Which would you suggest for mostly punk stuff?

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I'd try save some more to be honest...get a good tube amp and you'll never really need to upgrade again. Lately I'm liking the rectifiers, Egnater Rebel and the Tiny/Dual Terror. The dark one is more metal/grungy. I'm after heads though since I have a few cabs, you could probably save some money getting a combo instead but I haven't really looked into them...


Be careful but buying second hand is a really good idea. You can get some awesome amps for less than half new price sometimes

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I have that amp. The clean tone is surprisingly nice for a tiny amp but the distortion...man not good, I'll probably trade it in soon haha. I bought it back when I didn't really care about trying before buying and learned my lesson

Heard good things about their high end stuff though

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We used a high-end combo. You should try that one next time you go to the music store. Its got a setting that has a Marshall-esque sound and then another that's a more modern clean cut distortion. It was real nice.

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absolutely! its a 2013, and i couldnt believe the quality/condition it was in. it feels like it was just made right in front of me haha. i highly suggest you guys check out the site www.reverb.com. its craigslist/ebay for just gear. i got it off of there. be careful though, i scroll through the app on my phone all the time and want to buy everything lol.


Bennett, I am so jealous of your rig....

i love it!!

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