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What's your rig? - Master Thread

david phantomatic!

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Guitar into EHX Big Muff into Dunlop 535Q Wah into DOD FX25B into MXR Blue Box (modded) into Digitech JHE into MXR Carbon Copy into ProCo TurboRat into Tech 21 Boost RVB into ART tube preamp into Right channel of Boss RC-50 Looper into Guitar amp (various)

Behringer V-Amp Pro (Bass), Macbook Pro (MIDI), Alesis Performance Pad, Korg KAOSS Pad...all into Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer into Left channel of Boss RC-50 Looper into Samson 2000w amp into Bass cabs

I think that's right

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this is my current live rig(left side of the stage)


it's a '62 avri jazzmaster -> way huge pork loin -> fulltone fulldrive 2 with mosfet -> '63 reverb unit ri -> '65 fender super reverb ri

i have a tu2, that stays on top of the amp cause the tone suckage, but i'm gonna replace it with the tc electronics polytune once those ship out.

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just an update to my rig as it's been revised since that post.



so again, it's a fender avri '62 jazzmaster -> zvex box of rock(for boosts and solos) -> fulltone fulldrive 2 w/ mosfet(for the gnarly feedback) -> way huge aqua puss mkII(for the self modulation and noise) -> tc electronics polytune -> fender '63 reverb unit ri -> fender '65 super reverb ri

right now i'm jumping back and forth between a couple of different pedals for my boosts and solos.

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i love it, it's my favorite guitar.

sometimes i wish i had gone with a jag instead, but then i play the jazzmaster and i fall in love all over again.

my only complaint is how used i've gotten to the jazzmaster, it throws me off when i play my gretsch cause the scale length, but that's not really too too bad.

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This is whats in my rig is currently:


the avatar cab has 4 Vintage 30s in it

im looking into getting an Egnater renegade, and an SG. and updating my BBE Sonic Maximizer

and id like to get road cases and a 2x12 avatar to match mine with some more speakers that boost low end.

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well someones's loaded.

care to share the names of all those things that make up your rack?

not loaded, took all my savings bonds from my house, got screwed on taxes.

worth every penny haha.

Furman power conditioner, korg tuner, dbx 2 channel equalizer, and a bbe sonic maximizer

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