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I'm sorry to sound like a cunt, and feel free to flame away.

But I just read this on the Australian news site, ninemsn.com.au, and the first thing I thought was, you fucking selfish fuck!!

He was given a second chance when he survived the plane crash, which would have put his family and friends through hell, and then he finally starts to get better, then goes and hits the crack pipe, and fucking himself up.

I'm sorry, but to me that's just selfish.

Does he not realise what he was going to put his family, girlfriend, friends through?

Now I might be feeling this way because I nearly lost my life and know what my family and friends went through when they thought they were going to lose me. I don't even want to begin to imagine how much more hurt there would be in thier lives if I was to fuck up my own after being given a second chance.

I know ALOT of people will hate what I am saying, and like I said, flame away.  I just think what he has done is so, so wrong. To me it seems like taking the easy option out.

Still though, noone deserves to die.  RIP

I 100% agree with you.

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We don't know the details of his life though...on the surface, it does appear selfish, but who are we to judge or pretend to understand his life?

None of us have any idea.

Well if he overdosed then it is his fault, he could have just not taken the drugs.

Well, there is such a thing as an accidental overdose...like someone said, it could have been the pain killers. Those narcotics can be very dangerous if you don't exercise caution. He probably really needed them and just took one too many without realizing...

Whatever the reason or cause though, this is such a tragedy for his family, Travis, and all his fans.


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He had been sober for the longest time though...

TMZ reported that his girlfriend dumped him a few days ago.

Bad break-up + post-tramautic stress from plane crash = drugs, drugs + prescription meds = death?  Seems quite possible.

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I doubt he was still on painkillers for a crash that happened nearly a year ago.

Obviously he was. they found persciption bottles near his body and apparently he died from an overdose. just because the accident was nearly a year ago doesn't mean he wasnt struggling with an addiction to the drugs he was given. and i think future news reports will prove me right when the details unravel.

RIP AM....

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Shit, I felt something was going on. Was about to go to bed just now, but needed to check the blink boards first.

This is a real bummer. The TRV$DJAM mixtapes are amazing, really sad we won't be seeing more new stuff like that.

Anyone else noticed how the NBC article said:

Goldstein' date=' along with  [b']former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, barely escaped death in....

Someone (at NBC), has not been paying attention =/

R.I.P. Adam

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Rest in peace Adam.

I know we should be thinking of DJ AM right now, but does this mean to Travis? He's been through so much, and he's handled it like a fucking badass, but is this too much for him to handle? I would be devastated, I mean this is terrible, but after all that, I really hope people are there for Travis.

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