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Alkaline Trio: Past Live


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16 hours ago, dildo69er said:

ah thats awesome. Hopefully not as shitty as their last "live" dvd that was clearly re recorded in a studio haha

I guess you mean the Halloween at the Metro. That was a DVD live series done by Kung Fu Records and they were awful. All of them were dubbed in studio. They are live, but there are parts dubbed, yeah.

The real 'last' live official DVD was the bonus DVD that came with This Addiction. It was a show in Las Vegas. Weird EQ but solid show.

Back to the topic, I can't fucking wait to hear all this shit.

EDIT: well, not that excited. From the snippets on thi teaser I can hear it captures the 'lazy/tyred vocally' version of Skiba. The way he ends the last notes on the verses, fading them out, not wanting or not being able to sustain them properly as he usually does... just annoys me like hell.

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I'm curious about the Good Mourning and From Here To Infirmary ones, maybe My Shame Is True. curious about how of some of Goddammit sounds now. not overly excited but not like 'meh'

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