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  1. Yeah, alright. Chance, Lorde, Gorillaz, Two Door Cinema Club, and MGMT are good. Muse, The XX, Cage the Elephant, Schoolboy Q, and Matoma are okay. The majority of the headliners are pretty good and that's all that really matters imo. edit: Vince Staples is good too.
  2. The lineup is alright. Interesting to see blink alongside relevant artists right now like Chance, Lorde and Gorillaz.
  3. I'll give this a listen or two. Not expecting much because it's NFG but I used to listen to their music so I'll give them a shot!
  4. MH is an average song but I like it, and the chorus on Left Alone annoys me. So MH!
  5. Their vocals are annoying af too.
  6. I'm surprised that Feldmann has the capability to help write a song in the 6/8 time signature.
  7. They really nailed the chorus on it! The guitar riff at the end is fun too.
  8. The precise reason why I can't get into The Offspring is because of the grating vocals.
  9. This is incredibly catchy! Good song!
  10. Just finished BoJack Horseman. I started it on Saturday. Absolutely amazing show, but I feel like I have to check myself in to therapy now. *laughs nervously*
  11. I liked GKMC a lot but I like TPAB more because I REALLY like the jazz / funk instrumentals!
  12. People either like Kendrick because they genuinely like his music, like Kendrick because they feel like they have to like Kendrick, or like Kendrick because it's cool to like Kendrick. DAMN. is good but it's no To Pimp a Butterfly or Good Kid, M.A.A.D City.
  13. This is Home!
  14. Feeling This is my favorite blink song of all time.
  15. Agreed! I have to listen to DAMN. more to form a definitive opinion on it, but DNA. stood out to me.