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  1. What American bands do you like?
  2. In an overall sense, I enjoy British bands wayyy more than I enjoy American bands.
  3. I haven’t listened to “Bohemian Rhapsody” in years, but whenever I hear people say they hate it, I always think they’re trying to be edgy. That song is great.
  4. Nothing wrong with having lots of good singles—I agree they’re one of the better greatest hits bands. Buuuut in comparison to their peers, they still fall short!
  5. Nasa

    Top 10 Post-Reunion Blink Songs

    I can’t even think of 10, haha. In no particular order: Ghost on the Dance Floor Heart’s All Gone Kaleidoscope When I Was Young Cynical Bored to Death Neighborhoods is definitely overrated on here.
  6. Nasa

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    blink aren’t relevant enough to work with Kanye, lmaooo
  7. Nasa

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    If they let Jon get a throne of any kind, then anything GRRM said about GoT subverting fairy tale tropes is invalid, hah. I think Sansa will live, and I hope to God that Arya lives, although I have a sinking feeling that she won’t. Dany will die for sure, as will Jaime and Cersei. I think Tyrion will live. And Bran won’t be Bran anymore and will just live in retreat from everyone else.
  8. Nasa

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Sansa is my favorite character with Arya a close second. I’m so ready to watch them kick ass.
  9. Nasa

    What TV show are you watching?

    I’m still watching Seinfeld and I started it almost a year ago, haha. I’m like early on in season three. It’s kind of weird because I can only watch one episode at a time and I only laugh periodically, but I still like to watch it. The psychology of it interests me more than anything else. It’s like a weird case study type thing. My mom said that it hits its prime in the 4th-6th seasons, so I’m kind of looking forward to that.
  10. Alan Rickman just mentioned Game of Thrones in another thread, and I just remembered that a new teaser came out. So I figured that I’d start the thread for this season soon rather than later. April 14th can’t come soon enough!! I’m FUCKING pumped. Any thoughts on the teaser?
  11. Nasa

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I watch it until the end so that later I can better explain to people why I thought it was bad. Fortunately this one was only 1hr 30mins.
  12. Nasa

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Sixteen Candles. Jesus. 2/10 or D-
  13. Nasa

    Black Mirror Series 5

    He’s rushing it! Sigh...