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  1. The Donald Trump Thread

    Are we talking about the bee movie in here? Ya like jazz?
  2. Harvey Weinstein

    I know right? Star after star after star. I wonder how long this is going to go on.
  3. Vegas shooting

    I don't think the ending is crap. I like it. You should read it yourself to judge its quality. And IT doesn't always take the form of a clown. IT takes many different forms depending on which character IT is interacting with. So IT is not all about clown horror, fortunately. IT is a key King book. I definitely think you should read it.
  4. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    How was Alvvays? I’ve been listening to their newest album a lot recently.
  5. Harvey Weinstein

    I forgive you!
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    I hope you now regret voting for Beth and Cheerios instead of for Kay and me, Ghent!
  7. Vegas shooting

    What can I say? Writing about writers who are better at writing than I am is my forte.
  8. Vegas shooting

    Ooh! Game of Thrones! It took me a year and a half to read the first 2 books and 3 months to read the next 3 books. Take your time—you’ll probably finish before the next book comes out. And IT is one of my favorite books! One nonfiction book I recommend is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, if you haven’t read it already. Easy but fascinating read. Look it up. I would suggest checking it out from a library as opposed to buying it. That way if you get 100 pages in and you’re like “well this sucks” then you didn’t waste your money. It’s a long book because King writes about the characters’ encounters with the clown both in their childhoods and in their adult lives. His descriptions of their individual encounters with the clown are really detailed, and he spends a lot of time describing the setting and the history of Derry itself. He gets very into it. At some points it’s definitely tiresome to read, but at other points you will appreciate the density. I do recommend it because it’s one of my favorite books, but I love sprawling stories so therein lies my bias.
  9. Vegas shooting

    That's awesome. What book did you just finish reading?
  10. Harvey Weinstein

    There's a lot of shady stuff going on in Hollywood. I mean, Hollywoo.
  11. Vegas shooting

    Good morning Speedo! How are you doing?
  12. Vegas shooting

    Mine too!
  13. The Donald Trump Thread

    I mean, it wasn't Bill, and it took her five days, and she doesn't mention anything about donations, which is what matters here. She's still shitty--but in other ways though! But Chuck Schumer and the DNC apparently said they will redirect Weinstein's past donations to charity, so that's good.
  14. The Donald Trump Thread

    Advertisers do it all the time when someone they sponsor does something shitty and they explain why they're cutting financial ties as a result. Since these politicians' relationship to Weinstein is primarily monetary, it wouldn't seem out of place. It's not about saying that sexual assault is bad. Everyone knows that. If someone with no connections to Weinstein said something about Weinstein being shitty, then yeah, it's pretty pointless. But with people who are connected to him, it's about demonstrating your awareness of your association with shitty behavior, no matter how big or small. If you benefit from the support of someone who does shitty things that you would condemn if people on the other side did it, then that's pretty shitty. But if you don't say anything about it, then that's even more shitty.