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  1. Tunnel. Another South Korean movie. A man gets trapped in a tunnel while driving his car through it and only has 2 waterbottles and a birthday cake to survive. Sounds basic, but it was really good.
  2. Can't be tamed
  3. Train to Busan (2016) South Korean movie, watched with subtitles. Is about zombies. I was absolutely blown away. Great acting, great cinematography, so much suspense and emotion!! I almost cried lol. Usually not a huge fan of action-ish /zombie movies, but this one was amazing. HIGHLY recommend.
  4. Never mind revealing intensely personal details about being a sex addict and having herpes, you don't want people to know your school's mascot!! Privacy is at stake!! Creeps are abound!!
  5. What did it say?
  6. I don't think he has anything to lose either. The more he says, the deeper of a hole he digs for himself, but at the same time, his supporters get more and more ardent. If he hasn't been taken down now I'm starting to think he never will be. I think one time Trump or someone else said he could shoot someone in the street and people would still be praising him or at least supporting him. I think that's true.
  7. It applies to both.
  8. That doesn't answer the question. At all. You are, as you like to say, dodging! Even if reducing blame of neo-Nazis and white supremacists wasn't his intention, I'd argue that's the effect that his speech had. Actions differ from intentions. In the end, we can agree to disagree though. He is catering to them because initially he refused to condemn them, and then he did, but then he went back to saying that many sides were responsible for the violence. By reducing the blame assigned to them, he makes it seem like they're less at fault. Why would anyone want to do that for neo-Nazis and white supremacists? I understand that by pointing out that parts of the left apply the same political tactics, you're not saying that what Trump did is okay. I agree that it's important to call both sides out when they do wrong. Thanks! A thing I noticed about some people who like Obama is that they like him a lot without having really investigated what he did as President besides easier things to understand, like gay marriage being legalized nationally under his tenure (even though that's not a thing he directly did but I hope that example makes sense). So I don't really have a strong opinion about Obama because I didn't really pay attention to him specifically, but I see where you are coming from on a lot of points, like Obama and radical Islamic terrorism, when I look them up.
  9. 80 injured and 12 dead in Barcelona. This makes me sad.
  10. I suggest that you sit down for five minutes, Ryan, and engage in some self-reflection about this matter. Maybe then you will know where you went wrong. Best wishes.
  11. Why would you even try comparing a talented player from a sport that's purely for entertainment with a military general who helped lead the effort to get an entire section of a country to separate partly so they could continue enslaving other humans? Lol
  12. I really hope that doesn't happen! Maybe because the Starks are on an upward trend of good fortune now, that won't happen. Ned Stark's daughters kill the man who is responsible for Ned Stark's death. That would be a great revenge arc!
  13. How is she the reason the Starks fell? Ned told Littlefinger about his plan to put Stannis on the throne after discovering that Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella were bastards. Littlefinger then betrayed Ned. Sansa didn't have anything to do with that. She does ask Joffrey to show mercy, and he was supposed to send Ned to the wall, but he has his head chopped off instead. I think that has less to do with Sansa and more to do with Joffrey's craziness. I think he would've done it regardless. She also writes the letter to Robb asking him to bend the knee to Joffrey, but Cersei forced her to do that. And Robb ignores it anyway. In the books, she does tell Cersei about Ned's plans to take her and Arya back to Winterfell. But this is after Ned confronted Cersei about her kids, telling her to flee King's Landing for her safety. So I think she is more at fault here for her family's downfall, but her telling Cersei about Ned's plans was skipped over in the show. She's a lot less naive than she was in the beginning. Now she's less naive than Jon, I think. I'm happy she's repeatedly denied Littlefinger's desire to marry her, which would fully put his power over the Starks in his hands. I think she is moving closer to getting rid of him. With Arya's help!