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  1. I like the tag for this topic
  2. There's no flow though. This board is as unmoderated as it gets. I would say the general mod style outweighs Speedo's.
  3. I think people were confused for a split second and then saw the post count and realized it wasn't you. It wasn't ongoing confusion that lasted longer than a moment.
  4. An account that is a fake version of you and an account that is pretending to be you are the same thing. Pretending -> fake. So how can you say that it's fine to post from a fake account as a form of freedom of speech but it's wrong to pretend to be you? Plus, "claiming things" is the purpose of parody. Deliberately exaggerating and imitating your characteristics in a twisted way is how parody works.
  5. I think the freedom to make multiple sock accounts to have fun with the idea of multiple Clarke parodies could be construed as freedom of speech. I know I found it funny when I found out there was more than one fake Clarke account. I agree the reaction is more than I would expect. Although anything involving Clarke gets a little over the top when you pick on him and your ability to pick on him is limited in some way. I stopped majorly picking on him in general a while ago, but that was my own choice. I imagine I might have reacted in an over-the-top way if someone with mod power stopped me from continuing to pick on him that way when there were many other ways to pick on him. Basically it just boils down to people being upset about you being a killjoy for everyone's favorite pastime lol
  6. Where is Kay? We need her grounded and reasonable opinion.
  7. Ah yes, understood!
  8. Yeah, that makes sense. Who is anyone to say what should and shouldn't be allowed about parodies and picking on users that isn't outwardly offensive or abusive? It's like the board's own free speech issue tbh. edit: spelling
  9. I guess I don't view it as an abuse as power as much I might in other situations because it's removing a way to pick on Clarke when there are and will be a million other ways. Shutting down multiple ways would be more cause for concern, I feel like. Or even just removing all parody accounts in the first place. I mean, he left one.
  10. Maybe. It's just hard for me to decide because it's Clarke, you know? He has been nicer to him lately.
  11. Given that mods have never stopped fake / parody accounts in the past (at least since I started reading the boards) and given that this practice applies to all sections of the forum, it feels to me like Speedo is doing this to be nice to Clarke. And this type of parodying wouldn't happen to anyone besides Clarke, so it's hard to tell if Speedo would do the same for anyone else and thus if this is an abuse of power or whatever. But the only knowledge I have of mods abusing their power is stuff I've read from old threads so I don't know much. But whether it's an abuse of power or not it doesn't really matter at all because you can still pick on Clarke in a million other ways, so it also feels like people are overly upset that Speedo is curbing a way to pick on Clarke.
  12. 4 days and we have 26 pages of this garbage lol
  13. Windmill windmill for the land Turn forever hand in hand
  14. ^^^ I watch all of his videos! He's great!