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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I thought Warped tour was closing down. Am I mistaken?
  2. Yes it is interesting! I think that often it's hard to blend disparate music styles and sounds, and not everyone succeeds. See the new Justin Timberlake record for example. Or someone who used to do pop punk but is now trying to blend pop rock with EDM and trap, like Fall Out Boy on their most recent album. It's a challenging task and with this album of Zebrahead's it felt seamless. Just not my taste that's all.
  3. On this album, Lewis sounds more like a typical pop punk vocalist than Mark and Tom did. While he seems like a more talented vocalist in terms of strength, range, and inflection in some moments, the sound of his vocals just doesn't resonate with me. It doesn't sound unique, even though I could feel his passion. I think that vocals are the barrier to entry for most pop punk music in general, and these vocals are one such case where I'm not a fan of them. They blend rap and pop punk well, I guess. Nothing sounded jarring. But Linkin Park does that kind of stuff better. Although they aren't pop punk. Maybe pop punk is just harder to blend with other genres. Some of the choruses and riffs were catchy, but I don't remember most of them. blink writes catchier riffs imo. edit: words
  4. Sounds like pretty typical pop punk to me, nothing groundbreaking.
  5. What's the next big movie genre?

    Nostalgic throwbacks to the 80s seem to be popular right now. I'd say that's the new trend. I can't think of any new trend that I would want, though. I dislike superhero movies and I feel like it's not going to go anywhere significant from there. Hollywood is stagnating imo. They're too afraid to take risks and try something new. TV, specifically streaming services, is where all of the innovation is happening and will be happening.
  6. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I think you'd like Three Billboards, Nshesaid.
  7. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    "Did she really say 'beget?'"
  8. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    I love them for a variety of reasons, but I especially love how they can write 500 different hooks that are all just like one note and they still all sound catchy as fuck.
  9. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    SATURATION II is my favorite and I think that it's the best one. BROCKHAMPTON opens their concerts with "BOOGIE," though, and the crowd goes absolutely wild. I wonder if they will ever go to Italy.
  10. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    Favorite SATURATION?
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Bush is Hitler, didn’t you hear?
  12. I know right? The soundtracks to The Grand Budapest Hotel and to The Theory of Everything are some of my favorites.
  13. I can't stop listening to this soundtrack.
  14. That's a mouthful of a name lol