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  1. Blink on Kimmel

    The last time I saw blink live was the California tour, and they were pretty good. They sound pretty subpar in this video, though. This band needs to be revitalized.
  2. It just irritates me that Bateman was like "I sound like, I sound like..." because it implies that he wasn't excusing Tambor, being insensitive to Jessica, etc, it just sounded like he was. But he was, and that's the problem. That may not have been his intention to behave that way, but he did. So I guess it's nice that he apologized, but it also wasn't very satisfying.
  3. I think that this setlist is perfect. I agree that we need much more California-era songs in there. Even though I don't like many of those songs, I get the feeling that it's not very exciting to sing and play songs that 1) you didn't write and 2) were written by a guy who you've replaced who has a bad relationship with the rest of the band. How can Skiba view himself as a true member of blink if he's not given the chance to perform his own songs (on top of not being given enough room to truly inject his influence in the first place)? blink needs to move on from Tom as much as possible, and that includes removing his songs from the setlist. Then maybe Skiba will move closer to feeling like a truer member of the band, which I see as a good thing to getting more authentic blink music.
  4. https://www.npr.org/sections/monkeysee/2018/05/24/614009165/under-the-skin-why-that-arrested-development-interview-is-so-bad?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20180524 @Patient #48273
  5. Feldmann

    It's okay, we talked about Arrested Development and Michael Cera for 2 days in the Trump thread!
  6. I just finished reading that. It totally feels like the men didn't even give space to legitimize what Jessica Walter was saying. It made me sad.
  7. What TV show are you watching?

    Thinking of starting The Simpsons. When should I stop watching?
  8. Feldmann

    Is Feldmann the Michael Bay of pop punk?
  9. Kanye West

    He’s just doing it for show. He has an album coming out next month, so he’s trying to get all of the attention on him.
  10. Top Netflix Original Shows

    I like the show because of the philosophical ideas and because of the jokes. I'm not too fond of any of the characters, honestly. They entertain me, but I'm not emotionally attached to them.
  11. Top Netflix Original Shows

    Rick and Morty isn’t thaaaat good.
  12. Top Netflix Original Shows

    Hmmm. BoJack is well-known for being both a hilarious and heartwrenching show and for its realistic take on stuff like depression, trauma, addiction, and self-destructive behavior. So it’s not just a comedy. More like a dramedy, I think. The first time I finished it (which was before the fourth season came out), I was not in a good headspace afterward. Did you watch the first three or four episodes of Black Mirror or of BoJack?
  13. Top Netflix Original Shows

    I’ve seen Rick and Morty. I think that the first two seasons were good and the third season was mediocre. But I do like it. I think it’s funny. I just like BoJack more because I really like shows about realism. You should definitely finish it—it only gets better!! I’ve been told that I need to watch Big Mouth. Maybe I will this summer.
  14. Top Netflix Original Shows

    But if you're looking to avoid watching things that trigger your depression, then definitely don't watch it lol