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  1. Hmmm. Try: Bank, Cash, Milk (Saturation I) Gummy, ethan, Sweet (Saturation II) Boogie, Bleach, Hottie (Saturation III) edit: I didn't know ethan gets censored too, lmao. It's the second track off of the album Saturation II.
  2. Maybe because they aren’t really trap rap like XX and Lil Uzi Vert are.
  3. I like it. The chorus is so OutKast, and OutKast is my favorite hip hop group. But it just sounds too OutKast, you know? Too OutKast to truly be BROCKHAMPTON's own. I also think Joba's verse is awkward. He's rapping way too quickly for it to sound good. I enjoy Matt Champion and Dom's verses, and Bearface's section is the best part of the song for me.
  4. I love hip hop. I'm not a fan of emo rap though.
  5. Up All Night a look back

    I played this song to death when it came out and I loved it. I like the chorus and the verses still, but the song construction is awkward. I don’t mind the music video.
  6. Books

    I’ve been supposed to start the second book in the dark tower series for years now, lol
  7. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    Seeing them in October!! I’m excited.
  8. I enjoyed this album. The lead vocalist also reminds me of Imagine Dragons. I hate Imagine Dragons, but Arkells' instrumentation and songwriting seem stronger, which must be why I liked the album. It has a bright, fresh sound to it that's cohesive and puts it in the easy listening category of guitar-based music for me. Contextually, I would listen to it in the early afternoon on a sunny day. It's pleasant! I agree with Kyle and Kay in that Arkells sound competent enough--for me, in terms of performance and songwriting--but I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to them. It works as background music that I could play at a party or something. Favorite Track: either "Book Club" or "Whistleblower" Least Favorite Track: hmmm..."Kiss Cam," maybe? None of the songs stand out as especially bad. Which is a good sign. Overall Rating: probably a Strong 6/Light 7
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    What’s cooler than being cool??? ICE COLD
  10. Blink Vegas Residency

    I like reading reddit. I use it to see what other people are saying about my favorite shows and bands and to generally keep up with the news about these specific things / the fanbase’s perspective on them. Some reddit fandoms are better than others, that’s for sure. Like I don’t read r/blink-182. But I don’t like posting on reddit. Some rando can click on my username and see all of the other comments I’ve made and see what other subreddits I’m interested in and see what I upvote and downvote and make character judgments based on all that stuff? No thanks. I know you can click on my username on here and do the exact same thing, but I don’t really worry about it because this community is much smaller and I “know” people, as opposed to the random dick on reddit who responds to one of my comments with a targeted insult they only could’ve known by going 50 pages back in my posting history. There are just too many people on reddit for me to feel comfortable posting. And people on there can be a lot more hostile. Here, most everyone is still strangers to me, but the much smaller community reinforces a sense of familiarity that is more inviting.
  11. Yeah, cheesiness in an innocence way. Not cheesiness as in wow, this is so cringe.
  12. I almost always prefer simple lyrics over metaphorical ones. Just get to the point.
  13. Gorillaz - The Now Now

    I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. I really welcome The Now Now after the musical, lyrical, and conceptual TRAINWRECK that Humanz was, lol. In contrast, The Now Now is short, cohesive, and musically consistent. It still doesn't sound completely like Gorillaz--except for the two tracks "One Percent" and "Souk Eye--" but it's a definite improvement from Humanz. Thank fuck that Damon Albarn learned how to rein it in. I agree that it's a mood album, but it lacks a standout direction or overarching idea. Which you'd get from a concept album, but therein lies my problem with every Gorillaz album after Plastic Beach. The Now Now is supposed to just play in the background, kind of like Humanz but much better due to the almost complete lack of features and the trimmed-down musical range. The atmospheric style says to me that Albarn was too lazy to evolve the Gorillaz sound and lore in a way that would still be compelling and engaging. It kind of sounds like he threw this album together without thinking much about its place in the Gorillaz universe. Where's the story? Where's the signature Gorillaz feel? It's a step up from Humanz because it's less immersed in the real world and there's way more 2D, yet it's not quite there. I do enjoy the music, but I just wish it had more vivacity to it. It sounds kind of lifeless and dreary at times. I'm happy The Now Now exists. I just wish that Albarn would reinvigorate Gorillaz with some real and genuine time and effort put into it. He tried too hard on Humanz and tried too little on The Now Now. We need some balance. I hope he takes some serious time off to consider his conception of the band and where they're going. My favorite track is Humility and my least favorite track is Kansas. I'd give the overall album a Light 7.