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  1. I don't really like florence and the machine but her voice weirdly fits adam's song.
  2. don't know how I should feel about keyboards in blink songs. I didn't like the fallen interlude either
  3. blink182

    Well, Matt wore some of the shirts fans bought him. I think one was a Wigan Athletic kit if i remember correctly
  4. I think that was the original. If it's real it would have been horrible that way haha. But I actually like the way Up all Night turned out. Just the intro and outro are out of place kinda.
  5. This song sounds more like neck deep than All time low to me. The verses are pretty similar to "Gold Steps". but I actually like neck deep so thats fine to me
  6. I don't know I feel like ATL is the wrong comparison. their old stuff sounded more like taking back sunday and their new stuff sounds like the standard pop rock stuff which is still different from california.
  7. has anyone of you even heard the new all time low song? It sounds nothing like parking lot.
  8. nah that title still goes to ghost on the dancefloor. I don't even consider that steaming pile of shit a song. It's more an abomination
  9. I already love this song!!! Its like brohemian was made into a whole song, and thats what I've wanted from the start. Even though I am against the over use of nanananas, I think they fit this song and are not out of place. Can't wait to hear all of the 11 songs
  10. new song -battle symphony- already leaked, sounds like fucking one direction
  11. the singer of neck deep doing a cover in his bedroom before they blew up. crazy how things can change in just 5 years
  12. didn't know where to post this but is anthony green (from saosin/circa survive) working with tom? or are they just hanging out that would be cool, even though I would be more excited for anthony than tom haha
  13. But to be honest, it didn't even feel right when tom was still in the band. Just the way he sang and acting like he didn't even care that he was performing in front of thousands of people.
  14. you guys are forgetting Alone from flyswatter. that shit was "heavy" haha
  15. I actually liked it with Mark singing. At least the soft calm singing in "all of this" sounds better than him struggling to hit those high notes in bored to death all the time.