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  1. the singer of neck deep doing a cover in his bedroom before they blew up. crazy how things can change in just 5 years
  2. didn't know where to post this but is anthony green (from saosin/circa survive) working with tom? or are they just hanging out that would be cool, even though I would be more excited for anthony than tom haha
  3. But to be honest, it didn't even feel right when tom was still in the band. Just the way he sang and acting like he didn't even care that he was performing in front of thousands of people.
  4. you guys are forgetting Alone from flyswatter. that shit was "heavy" haha
  5. I actually liked it with Mark singing. At least the soft calm singing in "all of this" sounds better than him struggling to hit those high notes in bored to death all the time.
  6. ghost on the dancefloor, this is home, disaster, love is dangerous... ewww
  7. love the new song
  8. thanks guys, I'll try them out at the store.
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying a new guitar. I kinda want a guitar that is more suited for playing punk rock, hardcore, pop punk. I was thinking about buying a fender jazzmaster or a jaguar with humbuckers. But I am not really experienced when it comes to guitar tones, so i don't really know if it is the right decision. Do you guys have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it.
  10. this is definitely my favourite cover. I know a lot of you will hate this, but personally I like melodic hardcore just as much as pop punk. I like it when bands put a different twist on a song than just playing the same thing as the original. And somehow this cover makes me feel even more nostalgic than the original. Probably because it reflects how I grew out of pop punk and now I listen to more genres. Well I guess this is growing up...
  11. hey, anyone going to Novarock in Austria next year?
  12. fat mike is savage hahahah *look at the tags
  13. Stage Four by Touche Amore probably. Be Nothing by Boston Manor was great as well. I would probably rank it as high as Stage Four. Some albums I enjoyed as well but are way too generic to be considered best albums of the year: Amity affliction - This could be heartbreak A day to remember - bad vibrations Architects - All Our Gods have Abandoned Us Blink 182 - California Beartooth - Aggressive
  14. More songs like San Diego. More some slow melancholic songs like fighting the gravity, little death, weatherman or even alkaline trio style like sadie or kiss you to death. More "screaming" like Mark promised us for California. Or in general more rawness on the vocals. A fast ripping punk rock song, in the vein of goddamnit but I don't think Matt is not capable of writing something like this anymore. And Mark never wrote anything like this. I think if they actually start writing while they're on tour, the result would be much better. I think they would get much more inspiration and feel more genuine than being trapped for 6 months in studios.
  15. The latest album "stage four" from "touche amore" is great if you're looking for something thoughtful and touching. The main theme is about the singer's mother dying from cancer. Well it is a post-hardcore/melodic hardcore band, i don't know if you're into that stuff.