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  1. tiny moving parts is great and they have some nice guitar parts as well
  2. he was just there because it was at a Donut shop parking lot haha but I'm so excited for this. I'm still sad that letlive. is gone
  3. And now even a shitton of money haha
  4. yeah he recently tweetet about the new "cloud nothings" album so I'm pretty sure he still listens to some indie stuff.
  5. I think it's more about the process how the animals are bred and harvested than about the meat itself.
  6. Do you know them and what do you think of their new album? I have just listened to it once but I'm really liking it. Standout right now tracks are: June, Escape plan, Oh time and Make it up
  7. sorry I'm not a native english speaker but is the line "it don't mean anything" gramatically correct? Shouldn't it be "doesn't"?
  8. My initial reaction was wtf. It's kinda a newer Bring me the Horizon song with a Panic at the Disco pre chorus and a +44 bridge. But I'm really liking it right now after a few more listens.
  9. fair enough
  10. You want a more mature, genuine alternative sound from Blink... and the hate on The Wonder Years in the next sentence. wtf Especially their last album deals with themes like death so much better than neighborhoods.
  11. demons was a nice song. I just listened to thunder and it's awful.
  12. I'm interested
  13. I actually like the song haha
  14. I know it's a joke but anthony green just replied to the tweet where tom ask who should be on the new boxcar racer album. They both seem to be down for it even though they're just taking the piss probably. But the thought of having Tom and Anthony on the same album makes me excited.
  15. any particular reason the dude was just filming their legs during wendy clear? I mean Matt's pants are certainly flashy but it would have been nice to see more of him.