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  1. I can still throw this album on to this day, and love pretty much every song! What ever happened to them? I used to love MCS! Awesome band live too!! I've been listening to so much older music lately. Like Johnny Cash, Beatles and Bette Midler (I know, right?!) To me, their songs are timeless.
  2. I turned 30 two months ago, and I haven't been able to get into "new" music for years. I think it has to do with the fact that I despise so much shit that gets released these days. And I'm honestly happier listening to music that I know, and already enjoy. The only "newer" music I enjoy comes from bands like Parkway Drive and other heavier bands. It seems that there just isn't as much effort put into some work by a lot of bands nowadays. It is what it is. I'll just listen to what still makes me happy. I like that.
  3. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Hahaha. Sound a little upset there pal. I don’t really care much for soccer. But it’s English sport. We’re meant to hate on y’all. 🤣
  4. FIFA World Cup 2018

    HAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!! Eat a dick England!!
  5. NBA

    They're too one dimensional imo. Shoot the 3, or lobs to Capella. What are people's thought on Capella and him re-signing?
  6. NBA

    Anyone think the loss of Ariza and M'bmota (however the fuck you spell it?!) are going to be a HUGE loss for Houston? Personally, I think they paid way too much for CP3, and they're fucked from signing Anderson to such a ludicrous contract a couple years ago.
  7. NBA

    I knew you'd have more insight into than most people would know. Haha. Yeah, I was just curious what you thought about it all man. Who do you think they will go after? Do you think they will make more changes this year? K-Love for example? I'm sure he doesn't want to stick around a now, re-bulding, Cavs team!
  8. NBA

    Yo Jar Jar... Legit question man. Now that OKC has become the first team to excess $300 million in salary, and luxury tax, are you happy with the team you have? Not trying to be a dick or anything, but I still don't see them being up there. Yeah keeping PG is huge, but Melo still?! How do you think they will go bro?
  9. NBA

    The way I see it, is that they might have to. If he just sits out again, then signs with LA in FA, Spurs end up getting fuck all.... Its a really sticky situation for the Spurs.
  10. NBA

    Check this out boys.... Fucking hectic! So many blind-side shots, and dog shots. Fucking poor Aussie bloke has about 10 guys laying into him! Thon Maker looking like a fuckwit trying to kick like that too though... Never seen anything like this in ANY sport, let alone just basketball. https://www.foxsports.com.au/video/other-sports/basketball/disgraceful-all-in-brawl!686908
  11. NBA

    It's certainly going to be interesting how it all works out there. I really think they need more pieces other than just Lebron. Defiantly going to be interesting. Curious to see how it all plays out actually.
  12. NBA

    I have read recently actually that it’s looking like PG will stay on there for one more year. Does this mean Lebron isn’t going to LA? And going somewhere else?!
  13. NBA

    PG13 to opt out of final year with OKC. Does anyone think this will mean he AND Lebron will be at the Lakers next year?
  14. What Realistic Blink 182 Lineup Would You Prefer?

    I see what you are saying, and in parts I agree. However, to me personally, I just don't think Matt is a good fit musically. But that's just me.
  15. What Realistic Blink 182 Lineup Would You Prefer?

    Of course I would PREFER new music. But WITH Tom. I just think Matt sucks. And I'm certainly not a "Tombot". I just know Blink is better with him in it. My point is, I would rather them not release shitty music. I've hung out with Mark and Tom before (Mark is way cooler and down to earth), but even with "crazy Tom" Mark seemed to be having more fun. Especially one stage. That could be due to the fact that Matt butchers so many songs when he's performing. Even he would know it's the same. That's why I suggested only do shows every so often. Who knows, by then, they may decided to do an EP or something around that time too.