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  1. Mitch.

    The Wrestling Topic

    That's so fucked about Becky!! Charlotte better not win. Becky should be the one to beat RR first! Headline 'Mania. Easily the hottest feud in WWE right now.
  2. Mitch.


    Definitely don't see them winning that many now!
  3. Mitch.


    Bucks are great! Don't get me wrong... But I don't even see them getting out of the east man. It's Toronto, Celts, and even Sixers now with JB. And even so.... No one is beating GSW in a series....
  4. Mitch.


    Wow! Butler to Philly for Saric, Covington, Bayliss and a second rounder. I think MIN got the better end of the deal really. Saric and Covington are going to be big losses. They should have included Fultz instead of those two...
  5. Mitch.


    They won't. Kerr will rest a heap of games I think.
  6. Mitch.


    I think the season so far has been quite surprising actually! Definitely didn't think teams like Denver would be playing as amazing as they are! Spurs have been great despite everyone writing them off early. Derozan playing like an MVP. Rockets slow start is always amazing. Jazz are super fun to watch. Obviously loving how the Dubs are playing. Think Curry is on a different level so far. Playing as good as, if not better than the starts of his MVP seasons. The East is actually amazing this year with how close it's been there. All in all, I've been really enjoying it.
  7. Mitch.

    The Wrestling Topic

    As much as I thoroughly dislike RR's character, move-set and how he is constantly shoved down our throats, this was fucking terrible news! Don't ever like seeing someone unwell! Really hope he beats this and gets well soon!
  8. Mitch.


    And a dude like Kuzma putting up 35+ games. Shit, Griffin put up 50 yesterday... And really, how does one team get 2 guys scoring 30+? It's been really annoying watching games so far due to so many stoppages and FTA's being had. Doesn't seem like there is much flow anymore at all....
  9. Mitch.


    Ahhhhh.... what the fuck?
  10. Mitch.


    Boys... What's everyone's thoughts on the season so far? Some up and down results so far imo, but been some great games too. That brawl in the LAL/HOU game was full on! Thought suspensions would have been longer though...
  11. Mitch.

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch (Meltdown ACTIVE!)

    Mark enjoys the dollars. So I would say, yes.
  12. Mitch.

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    Fuck! Seems like you've been here so much longer darl! Hahahha This is the video actually.... Still, to this day, gives me goosebumps.... https://www.facebook.com/mitch.oxborough/videos/vb.1147623797/1349926185364/?type=3
  13. Mitch.

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    Pretty sure I posted the video here a few years ago... Defiantly thought you would have remembered that Kay! Haha
  14. Mitch.

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    Haha. Yeah man. I went to the Atticus/Macbeth offices in SD. It was actually Dave Kennedy who told me about them as he spent the day with me there. I thought a few of the older members like you would have remembered.
  15. Mitch.

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    Was severally ill when I was 16. Had a brain infection. Spent a month in a coma while the docs figured out what was wrong. Spent 8 months in hospital all up. When I was brought out of the coma (it was induced), my dad put my iPod on and played I Miss You, to which I started singing along to it, so the docs knew I didn't have brain damage. Doctors had told my parents to say goodbye to me about because they didn't know what was wrong at first. That's why Not Now means a lot to me too. Related it to my olds. That's how I was able to meet Mark and Tom. I had tickets to 6 of thier shows in '04 and missed them all. My old man got in contact with the guy who started Atticus and Macbeth with them to see if they could see me while they were still in Aus. They weren't able to, so they sent me a DVD telling me to get better, and I was able to hang with them since...