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  1. NBA

    Korver was cold all game then got streaky in the 4th. Lucky for the Cavs. Still don't know how that call when against Pacers at the end. Defiantly looked like it was Green who elbowed Stephenson?... Crazy Lebron is playing full second halves though.
  2. NBA

    Can't believe that call at the end of the Pacers/Cavs game.... Terrible.
  3. NBA

    Fuck, another massive win by the Pels! Blazers could get one in NO, but I'm not sure about two...
  4. NBA

    He's still definitely Aussie. Few words here and there you can hear an American accent, but still 100% an Aussie.
  5. NBA

    I'm loving watching Philly play. For me, it's so good seeing an Aussie playing so well. The major thing for Philly, in my opinion, has been the acquisitions of Bellinelli and Ilyasova (however you spell it), they have been incredible!
  6. NBA

    It's so damn stupid.
  7. NBA

    I did that. But without the periods. Where the other one came from, I'll have no clue!
  8. NBA

    Hahahaha. Fuck, I swear I edited that! It was MEANT to be Mrs. Meat. No fucking clue how auto spell gets that?! 😂
  9. NBA

    Mrs. Meat was so bad in that game. Only 8 points... And lose by 3. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. NBA

    I think Rockets in 6. I believe MIN match up decently with HOU. I don't think it's going to be a cakewalk. After this morning's game, the GS series could be a sweep too. 5 max. Watching the Philly game at the moment. Fuck Simmons has such amazing vision.
  11. NBA

    What a fucking crazy final day of the reg. season! Who would have thought so many games had so many implications!
  12. The Wrestling Topic

    I'm just so stoked RR didn't win. When is Vince going to realise he's not over? Though I do think Lesnar does need to drop the strap if he's not going to be around. Rousey was surprisingly good. Thought Balor needed the win more than Seth though. I was devo there was no demon as well! Was stoked Auska lost. Don't like her at all. Wishing the Styles match went longer too... All in all. A decent show.
  13. The Wrestling Topic

    Well fuck me.... That whole card was full of surprises. Glad Reigns didn't win though....
  14. The Wrestling Topic

    My only dissapointment about 'Mania, is how fucking obvious it all is....
  15. The Wrestling Topic

    Soooooooooooooooooooo fucking good having him back in the ring!!!!