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  1. NBA

    How was that elbow from DMC to WB! Big win from the Sixers too! God they are such a fun team to watch.
  2. NBA

    What a game from Embiid! Dude is a fucking beast!! Lonzo still sucks. 0-6 from 3?! 1-10 from the floor. Walton needs to bench him. He's not a starter.
  3. NBA

    Typical Knicks. Lol.
  4. NBA

    Hahaha... Thomas getting T'd up from the bench. Was good to see the rookie stand up to LBJ and not be intimidated though. Both teams have been so sloppy!
  5. NBA

    Jason Tatum is so good. Really stepped up since Hayward going down.
  6. NBA

    Yeah that was a fucking SOFT ejection. 100%. Another reason I believe the one-and-done is over-rated. Only works on a rare occasion to me. Kuzma just looks more experienced. Lonzo looks like he's still playing high school hoops.
  7. NBA

    Walton is a great coach. I'm just not sold on Lonzo though. He's not aggressive enough. There's only so far good passing and vision can get you.
  8. NBA

    The pressure has come purely from his idiotic father. He may have great vision, and great passing, yes. But for a number 2 pick! It's not good enough. I have been watching his games, not just box-scores and imo, he needs to attack more. Still seems very passive.
  9. NBA

    Lol. Lonzo Ball at the half. 0 points, 0 rebounds, 3 assists.
  10. What TV show are you watching?

    Best. Show. Ever!
  11. NBA

    In my opinion, I really think Kuzma is going to end up a better player overall, than Ball. That kid can really play!
  12. NBA

    I know the point you were making, it's just that it's not entirely GS who are doing it. I hate that stigma people have about them sometimes. They are porobably just best at it. But that also helps when you have generation shooters in Steph, Klay and KD. Not having a dig, but Grizz have been taking a fair few shots from deep this season too.
  13. NBA

    I find out funny how everyone still thinks all GSW do is shoot the 3. Against the Clips, they had 29 attempts. HOU today, took 47 shots. Fuck, even CLE shoot more now! They had 33 tries in their loss yesterday. I know I'm a huge GS fan, er all know that, but it gets annoying when all I hear is that they can only shoot from deep.
  14. NBA

    There was fucking NOBODY at this game! Rockets blow. Lol.
  15. NBA

    Fuck I was stoked to see the Sixers not choke against them like last time! I'm loving watching this team. Though they can be superrrrr frustrating too! Simmons killing it.