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  1. NBA

    Considering Simmons is technically eligble this year, I'm going to take him. Seems like more potential than the others. Just my opinion. (and hope, obviously!)
  2. NBA

    He's gotta fucking grow up, get over it and move on. Like fuck, you're on a new team. Shut up and get ready to 'ball!
  3. NBA

    33 days fuckers!! Can not come quick enough!
  4. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Hitman's Bodyguard. Decent. Nothing overly amazing. But a good watch.
  5. NBA

    He's a gun! So damn good. On a side note, I'm so fucking bored! Haha. Thank fuck for NRL finals starting here! (Rugby league).
  6. The Wrestling Topic

    That Cena promo was fucking unreal! Said everything, everyone has been thinking. "Congrats, it's only taken you 5 years, but you finally cut a promo." Best line! Fuck I hate Reigns so much. Hahaha
  7. The Wrestling Topic

    I'm fucking done with the women's title now. The whole hot potato shit is becoming a fucking joke.
  8. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Completely different training set, that's why. Floyd wouldn't make half a round if it were MMA. Can't compare the two.
  9. NBA

    Apparently the Cavs are considering voiding the IT/Kyrie trade after evaluating Thomas' hip injury....
  10. NBA

    Just my opinion bro. Kyrie is younger, and I believe, so much better than IT. Look at the playoffs last season. The Celts played so much better when IT was out. Kyrie and Hayward will be amazing together I think...
  11. NBA

    Now Lebron is trying to recruit his buddy Wade to the Cavs too?
  12. What TV show are you watching?

    Ballers. Love it! And also finally watching Shameless. My sister got me into it, and I'm fucking hooked!
  13. NBA

    IT to the Cavs for Kyrie. Celts easily got the better deal imo. I'm just not sure how IT is going to fit in with the Cavs system. Should be vey interesting!
  14. The Wrestling Topic

    Jinder blows. Brock verse Brawn would be all time! Potential match of the year in my eyes. Both big and super athletic. Brawn needs to win that though.