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  1. NBA

    Holy fuck! How was that comeback from Philly! Down 24 in the 3rd! Win by 2. Without Embiid too. Simmons triple-double. And Belinelli was massive in his debut for them. How Simmons didn't male all-star is beyond me....
  2. NBA

    Considering the injuries (especially Kawaii obviously), they are doing incredibly! Players like, Anderson and Murray have com along in leaps!
  3. NBA

    Jazz are downright BALLIN' right now! Donovan Mitchell is a gun, Favors playing out of his skin and Ingles is playing the best I have ever seen from him.
  4. NBA

    For this season he is, yes. If he doesn't go Lakers, it wouldn't surprise me to see him go south again with Wade. That way he is still in the East....
  5. NBA

    To the game yesterday, major props to OKC. Truly. They played so much better. Deserved that blowout. Absolutely dominated inside. I don't know why Kerr took so long to put Javale in. Should have tried something different earlier, because Zaza was getting smoked! I think a series between these two would be fucking great! Onto another topic.... HOW THE FUCK, does James Harden take 12 FT attempts against Miami, and Miami as a TEAM takes 12? LBJ was always my most hated player, but Harden has taken over him easily. The flopping is a disgrace. Drummond has a MONSTER game today! Griffin is looking good there too. Seems a new man. I think they could make some noise in the East if those two keep ballin'.
  6. NBA

    Young? Surely you're having a laugh....
  7. The tennis thread

    Just looked. He's not on the QS this year though...
  8. The tennis thread

    Shit, I had no idea hey. Should be interesting to see if he does qualify. Only 32 spots on the tour. And it all depends on how he does in a 35 minute heat too.
  9. The tennis thread

    Shawn White too! 100% I know he's a rad skater too! Didn't know about him surfing though? I follow surfing big time, and never heard a thing. He probably shreds, but he's defiantly not semi pro!
  10. The tennis thread

    Agree with all these. I know a lot people don't recognise surfing as a sport, but what Kelly Slater has done in surfing is unbelievable. 11 world titles, which is competed over a year. Could also throw Micheal Schumacher in the conversation also.
  11. The Wrestling Topic

    I just find her boring as fuck.
  12. The Wrestling Topic

    Fuck I would have LOVED to seen Banks go the whole way then. Can't stand that Auska or however the fuck you spell it. Haha.
  13. The Wrestling Topic

    Thank fuck neither Cena or Reigns won! But I would have much preferred Balor won. Though, that match at WM is going to be fucking intense!!
  14. NBA

    Hahahaha!! Fuck. I can't believe Lebron posted an instagram post, talking in the third person, congratulating HIMSELF on making 30,000 points, BEFORE he actually has! What a douche. This is why he will never be the GOAT. Jordan would have never done that. Same with Kobe. It's like Brady putting something up congratulating himself on winning the upcoming Super Bowl before the game. Who does that shit? Really?! smh.
  15. The Wrestling Topic

    Fuck, I can't believe they actually showed CM Punk in that video pack just then....