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  1. NBA

    I didn't know it came from him. It just came up on my phone, that's all. If I knew it came from that douche I wouldn't have believed it at all!
  2. Watched The House last night. Was pretty funny in parts. Was a nice, easy watch. 7/10.
  3. "Mark is as happy as I can ever remember him being. Matt is great. Always seems to have a smile. Travis is Travis basically. Tom, I haven't spoken to in so long, but from what I've heard, he's super happy with not touring and working on his alien stuff/movie." Email I received this morning. So basically, from what I know, that IG post has nothing to do with Blink at all.
  4. Am I the only one who fucking hates Bayley, and thins she's over rated as fuck?! That was the best opportunity for a Sasha heel turn too! Would have loved to seen that!
  5. NBA

    My exact thoughts man! Fuck me, Lebron is such a bitch! "I'd be tempted to beat Kyrie's ass if I saw him" SMH. Such a bitch.
  6. NBA

    So obviously, whatever Lebron wants, Lebron gets.
  7. NBA

    Rose to Cavs. Pretty sure that means Kyrie is going to get his trade request. Plus, I just got a notification on my phone, that apparently LBJ as come out and said he is "eager for Kyrie to be traded", according to
  8. Baby Driver. Okay movie. Easy watch. 6.5/10
  9. I've always loved this show, but fuck me, it's been going on for about 3 seasons too long now!
  10. NBA

    John Wall just signed an extension too.
  11. NBA

    I wasn't saying it wasn't a huge accomplishment. It was. I just don't think he'll win another. Lol.
  12. NBA

    And last.
  13. NBA

    Fuck. Just woke up and had notifications on my phone saying Kyrie has asked to be traded. So shocked! Cavs are a mess. And really, it's all thanks to Lebron. He's fucked that club now.
  14. NBA

  15. I agree man. I just wish WWE would finally fucking realise that the ship with Reigns, has sailed.... The dude is a bust.