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    So, No Fun At All is back with their new album ‘GRIT’ that was released today. Sounds like classic No Fun & the album is produced by Mathias Färm from Millencolin
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    @Thibaut182 Look closely at the black strat that John is playing, it's the same Screeching Weasel sticker that Tom had!
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    Speaking about that sticker, it's on the back of one of Homegrown's Ep (Wusappaning?!) which is really cool ! I was thinking something the other day, I wonder why more Californian punk bands from San Diego didn't blew up like Blink did with Enema : for example Homegrown, Pivit, Unwritten Law never got the credits that they deserved as in my opinion they had that same kind of sound like Blink, the So Cal skate-punk(it would have made sense like in 1994 with The Offspring, Green Day, Nofx that came from the same scene). Also, I just got a copy of Homegrown's That's Business on vinyl and in the liner notes, they thank Blink 182 which is really awesome back in 1995 too, before they even got success !
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    This era should`ve lasted way more years
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    I was actually watching the HOM interview where Mark interviewed AVA and he asks them what conspiracy theories Tom brings up. Clever mark.
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    I just stumbled onto this old interview from 2000 and Mark describes Tom perfectly haha "Tom is totally, 100 percent faithful to his girlfriend. He's pretty straightforward: He hangs out with his girlfriend, and he believes in aliens. Honestly, he believes anything he reads. You could say, 'I read in a magazine that an alien landed in Australia. A doctor found him and did an autopsy – there's footage on the Internet.' And Tom wouldn't even question it. He would take it as gospel and go around telling everybody." https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/how-blink-182-went-to-the-top-of-the-charts-by-keeping-their-minds-in-the-gutter-20000120
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