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    Well the consensus is that they should take their time on this one, so I would consider it a good thing. Seems pretty clear they are taking a different approach to this release
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    I just don't think AVA could play shows in anything beyond a club. His only chance is hyping up a few 'exclusive one chance only' shows in southern california. Any US tour he would have to settle for 1,000-2,000 seat clubs or be an opening act for someone on a bigger tour. Aint happening.
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    Lilian sounds like one of Mark's best songs ever written if not #1.
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    I like 6/8 but found it stupid how they made a big deal out of writing a song in 6/8 because of Lilian, which is a way better song IMO. 6/8 sounds like Sum 41 from Screaming Bloody Murder. Lilian sounds like blink in progression.
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    Just rewatched the caravan club episode. So funny. Can’t believe it’s fucking 10 years old 😢 where the fuck does time go eh?
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    celebnetworth is garbage. The only clue anyone has about their finances can be seen in Tom's SEC filing which shows an elaborate spider web of weirdly named trust funds that owe each other money.
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    I think seeing Tom in a small ass empty venue would be refreshing from all the stadium tours I've seen blink. The best performance I ever saw Mark and Travis give was that first +44 tour at some small Detroit venue the night before Thanksgiving in 2006. Rad times.
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    Definitely should have scrapped AVA after Atom left. If he came up with a new band name with new members it would get him some interest again.....but he would actually have to work then. play shows, record music, pay band mates, etc. So that won't happen
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    Yeah it's different than being humble and self-deprecating like "wow I can't believe what we accomplished with simple melodies and lyrics." Instead it's like he's ashamed and trying to be pretentious to hide it. "Oh Blink? Ha, only dumb little kids liked that band, that's why I had to move on to Important Music, it's embarrassing to play Blink songs because they're all the same and we were just babies singing nursery rhymes with poop in our diapers, what a laugh that little project was"
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    If I were Tom I'd just scrap AVA and start a new project all together. Fuck it.
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    Really the more I think about it, if they toured they would have to settle for more like 800 capacity venues. At their height with The Adventure on the radio and releasing a second album I saw them in a 2,000 and a 3,000 capacity venue. No way they could get that kind of interest anymore without a popular song out.
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    That'd be fine if he seemed genuine, and not like he's trying to down play blink as this cute little side project of his, again.
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    Venom was awesomely bad. Most fun I've had in awhile watching a movie. It could have come out in 2006 lol.
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    I sightly disagree with this though. Blink was definitely innovative for Pop Punk, nothing else sounded like them before or since once they linked up with Finn. Tom isn't Elon Musk like he thinks, but his song writing is pretty damn unique, at least imo
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    I could see him playing a few "exclusive" shows where you have to buy a bundle of merch or purchase a meet and greet with the ticket or something lame. No way he goes on tour or does anything genuine imo. Will be whatever is the least amount of work and highest cash potential.
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    My shitty pop punk band wrote a song in 6/8 when we were 16, it's not something that needs to be made a massive point of. It's fucking easy.
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    I just rewatched some of that Pursuit of Tone doc, how cringey is the 'nursery rhymes' revisionist shit he keeps spewing. Like yeah that's exactly what you guys were going for... I call bullshit
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    I don't know if anything can be as dark and experimental as doing a song in 6/8, and CALLING IT 6/8!!!
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    I'm okay with them taking all of 2019 as well if it means they sit down and write and album together from scratch. They have their nostalgia album so now its time to represent the band in its current state with these members. I'm interested to see what they can do.
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    Not yet, my friend, no. I'll give it a spin today after my meeting.
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    yeah I basically feel the same way, nothing about Max's lyrics has ever suggested to me that he's some sort of predator or pervert or anything of the sort.
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    The album should definitely be out within the next year but I can't see the tour happening haha.
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    Anyone else suddenly get a massive whiff of bullshit?
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    Goddamn, I forgot how similar they are. Makes current blink seem so cheap and lazy.
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    the decision was likely financial. gotta be "blink" to tour as blink to make those blink benjamins...