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Prepare to be amazed..

Pete The Paintpot

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Dude .. can't he just leave his old songs alone ..

He indeed is butchering this shit. His voice was awfull, just slurring and probably alot of spitt and slime over that mic. With that crappy intro to the adventure ... He fucked up that one  :-D

Plus he's all ranting about the positive message of AVA why is he singing that depressing wallowing, 'help me i'm dying, i need you' song i miss you ?  :-).. And I've seen them once and his voice was near to good actually then why is he messing up again ?

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Guest GrandpaReefer

I decided to check back up on AVA after about 4 months of not listening.


They still blow.

I bet your still fat too

Whats that have to do with anything?  Just because you Tom lovers wont let go of the fact that he was a total flop without hoppus next to him doesn't mean you have to personally bash someone who doesn't like them.

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