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New AVA album by end of 2012


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I am actually kinda excited about this.  I hope they are moving away from the sound they used on LOVE parts 1&2.  Hopefully something unique and fresh.

Yeah, if they either reinvent their sound or go back to the ideals they had with WDNTW this could be a good album. Though, as someone said a few months ago, maybe Tom's past it with song writing, maybe he'll never write as good as he used to.

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I have never been more excited for an  ava album then whatever they release next.

As I have said, something about Love part 2 really connected with me...

It was just so experimental and awesome Imo.

Toms Vocals on Love part 2 sounded far more consistent and less wavy to me also.

I think Ilan is a great fit for the band and I believe with a combo of his drumming

and Toms improved vocals it could be amazing.

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do you guys think there will be a big difference with critter not being around anymore. maybe there would be less electronic stuff.

who knows guess only time will tell. Critter had a huge part in this band so i assume it will sound different. How drastic is this only question

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I think it will. We saw what happened when blink didn't have a producer, and Critter has been with the band since even before it was AVA. I think he had a lot of creative input (based on the Start the Machine documentary) and it was evident that he had a big influence in how Tom writes his music. Everyone talked about how Neighborhoods was hurt because of the lack of a producer; I imagine AVA is going to suffer a similar fate.

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