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12 minutes ago, Depf said:

yes, what i meant is that (at least to my knowledge) the s8 had its stage debut in the les paul. thanks for the pics!

oh man, if tom just played some stock mexican standard strat through a marshall from 92-14  we'd probably would have achieved peace in the middle east or cured aids. or found extra ter...not going there


Yeah I have no idea if the Sticker Strat or the LP got the Invader first because remember his LPs were stock in 98 for a bit. The Recovery Australia videos show stock LP (stock pickups with covers, pickguard, all the knobs still there - I based my replica on this config).

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I'm calling it right now, Tom's gonna post a picture of @daveyjones "blink" faceplate he made on his Instagram when he gets it and people are going to go fucking NUTS thinking he's returning to blink.

Since I made the list of the stickers that are on this guitar, I may as well do a whole rundown of the guitar, if this ever becomes helpful to anyone.  This guitar is indeed a real Fender Stratoc

Also just posted this last night:    and am working on a long video with exact sticker placement Davey and I did that we hope provides folks with everything they’ll ever need for y

Posted Images

Timeline for Tom's Sticker Strat

With the amazing hard work that every users on this thread has accomplished and done for this surreal project (huge shout-out to the OG's @daveyjones, @Q182, @blinkstillrules, @Ry-Bread), I have also decided to do my own little timeline project for this iconic guitar (I previously started a timeline on page 41 on this thread however I left it without updating it very often and focusing more on the official comprehensive timeline). 

I have in addition to videos, footage of the guitar in action also added some pictures from my archives for shows!

I'll definitely keep the sticker strat timeline as up-to-date and if anyone sees any shows or pictures missing, please let me know and I'll add them!

Stay safe!


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  • Thibaut182 changed the title to Tom Delonge Sticker Stratocaster Replica (October 1994- November 1997)

Some more photos of the 2021 Sticker Strat from Tom's manager Jeff!


You can see clear as day outlines for the Descendents album titles and the X in NOFX


Of course the first thing I did was check that friggin' serial number; N391934. And...


N serial Fenders indicate it was made in the 1990's, 3 meaning it left the factory in 1993 or early 1994. Confirming the original guitar is indeed a 40th Anniversary Strat!

It is also needing a big helping of tlc. Fresh intonation and setup (saddles not staggered properly). Possibly a new pickguard *sigh* you can see its warped by the bridge.

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Very cool discovery!

I don't think that this has been mentioned yet.

In regards to the very first footage of the guitar at that October 7th 1994 show, the very first sticker that Tom put on his Sticker Strat is a Beverly Hills 90210 sticker (that sticker is also on Mark's bass as well as his t-shirt at the end of the show!)

If anyone wants to make a replica of the very first form and incarnation of the guitar, this is the very first sticker on it!

1:51/ 1:54 on Tom's guitar and an amazing close-up of the exact same sticker at 4:04 on Mark's bass regarding the footage

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