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Is No It Isn't the best song written by any of the band members since the 2004 breakup?

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13 hours ago, Ghent said:

I doubt I’d even remember No It Isn’t if it wasn’t for the blatant lyrical references. I like the song, but Tom, and especially blink, have written many songs better than that one.


List some songs rather than making a vague counterpoint. 

I think this thread should indicate that it's less about how great No It Isn't is, and more about how lackluster their content has been overall post-reunion compared to their prime material. 

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1 minute ago, Cum said:


I mean it kind of stifles any discussion if your answer is just “no” without any basis behind it, but you do you.

Maybe you should have asked people to list songs that are better than No It Isn’t if that’s what you were expecting?

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11 hours ago, Cheerios4u98 said:

I never understood why they got Carol to sing Make You Smile but they didn’t have her sing backup on No It Isn’t like she did in the demo version. That sounded so good.

I think because she went off to start a family and only did the demo of No it isn’t , the final version had extra verse chorus on the end which she didn’t sing so might’ve sounded janky just having her sing part of the song 


not sure tho just an idea 

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