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New RHCP "Black Summer"


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7 hours ago, Ghent said:

He sounds like me trying to do an Irish accent in a few spots in the verses, not sure about that, but songs good so oh well

Part of me wants to like it, since it's Keidis doing his weird shit to change it up, but it is a bit jarring.  Like does sound comical.

Agreed, not a huge deal though. But if Mark or Tom start doing that I'm out.

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12 hours ago, chinchillas said:

I wish I still loved RHCP like I used to because this is some solid stuff they are getting back to.

I’m pretty excited about this album. Klinghoffer just wasn’t the answer, it was obvious from the start. He replaced guitar work that was instantly recognizable as RHCP with boring ambience.

I’d compare it to Skiba replacing Tom, but the difference is that Tom ceased being Tom. Frusciante’s sound never changed. He became mentally fucked and needed to quit. Tom’s sound changed AND he was mentally fucked. Expectations are lower when the OG isn’t capable of performing anymore. I was left more appreciative of Skiba than ever comparing him to Tom.

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Watching recent RHCP interviews makes me sad sort of like with blink reunion. It's clear the lineup during their heydays are always the 'magic' that you want to hear but will never be the same once the relationship is tarnished at all. It looks like they've all gone to therapy or something together and try listening to John but never fully understand his difficulties, and can't expect them too much like Mark is with Tom.

Even though they're together again, talking again, you can tell it's largely business relationship based now.  

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