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    They’re dead to me if Feldman guest vocals on this. DEAD!!
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    It's starting to look that way isn't it? Blink photoshoot in 2047.
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    man that’s disappointing. three years ago they were talking about hiring bill stevenson.
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    still blows my mind that they went from a tim armstrong produced session to hanging around these assholes. feldmann is bad enough but when has blink ever needed these other random pop writers in the room?
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    They are with an “Andrew Watt” guy, googled him= pop producer with credits on Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Post Malone? Lol wtf.
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    My mum ground me Even though I'm 45 Why can't she see I just want to be alive Lets party like there's no tomorrow Like kids, we have no sorrow Hit up the local punk rock show Never ask adults, they'll just say no Na na na na na na na na na na na
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    In before the KK criticises you for having an opinion about recording techniques. You can't have an opinion unless you're a professional producer, shut your fucking piehole.
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    It's sad that this could be a real song and I would have believed it. I'd prefer if Mark was just genuine and wrote about his current life... Let's go to Disney Land, nnnnnJack said Go check out the rides and food, he pled I'll only go if there are vegan dougnuts Otherwise we're fucking off to StoneHenge
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    I don't think the problem with California was that it was rushed. I think California is exactly what California was meant to be, a nod at Enema/TOYPAJ. It did what it was supposed to do, give a catchy and easily digestible reintroduction to the band for mainstream audiences.
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    Agree on this, the people who have been calling for a more drawn out process and taking their time (including me to some extent) are getting what they asked for! Regardless of how it turns out we won't be able to blame a rushed process this time, which is a good thing in my view. I think and hope this will result in less Feldy Formula influence in the songs and I'm excited to hear what they're coming up with. I wonder if we'll get any studio clips that we can obsess over and put on an endless repeat even though it's just 7.5 seconds of a bass line or something.
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    Can Mark get some Uggs to go with that outfit?
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    have I told you guys how much I love Spiderman 3? It's hilarious.
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    Recording vocals right next to a bunch of clearly on midi keyboards? no attempt at a booth or anything to stop the electrical noise bleeding in? must be scratch vocals, no way that's a proper take. if it is then they all need a smack. EDIT - in before the 'look at the cali haters all pretending to know about recording' this is so fundamentally stupid it'd be like puncturing a tire before taking a long drive.
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    I think using Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez songwriter means it's more likely to be more of the same rather than pushing any boundaries If anything I could see it going in even more of a pop direction, more stuff like the Steve Aoki song maybe? Blink-182 are like your bowels, the more active they are the more shit that comes out.
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    Spiderman 1 was the best. The green goblin was the greatest villain with so many quotes.
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    Sam Raimi's big fuck you to Sony.
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    Well, its gonna be over polished and compete for fucking loudness.
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    Watched that over the weekend as well. Was ok I guess, but yeah the tone and everything just wasn't what I expected.
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    The Randy speech after the internet outage was pure gold.
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    i remember every last one of these interviews, because this was the first time i was a part of an album cycle as a fan. and i miss these times with tom, i really do. mark makes a comment here about wanting to continue to grow as an artist, and it breaks my heart a little. he came back to blink so ready to go, so excited to have his band back together, and to give it his all. he wrote some great songs on neighborhoods, but was having to drag tom along. it was disappointing to him, you could tell, and the next few years were really charisma killers for him. california seems like a reaction to that, trying to do what everyone liked, and trying to be relevant again. call it laziness, middle age malaise... i don't know. and now he seems more aloof in interviews, less forthcoming and less himself. it's legitimately kind of sad to me. EDIT: and, adding on to this, the fans were excited too. we were behind it 100%, and the community seemed less divided. we knew neighborhoods wasn't their best, but we were supportive. it hurt to go through the years and years of nothingness and broken promises, but right now feels even worse. no one can agree, and the vast majority find cali disposable. it's disappointing
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    Mark, Travis & Matt 2017 Signatures. Matt uses two different signatures & Mark has painted an old school drawing from Buddha Cassette Sheet.
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    The last song, "If There is Light it will Find You" gives me chills every time I listen to it. Very solid album.
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