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  1. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Rey is a great character as was the girl from Rogue One. I didn't necessarily have a problem with Rose other than the save the whales campaign that wasted time that could have been spent advancing the plot. The Last Jedi just had a shitty script/director that made it come off as preachy rather than just a star wars story.
  2. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    The outrage is because the plot didn't advance. They spent their time breaking the 4th wall and preaching their beliefs. They had all the makings to do some real great things. Like I've said if episode 9 is great then I'll retract if there was some great subtle build up. They've painted themselves into a corner and it'll be interesting to see where they go.
  3. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Psht anakin would stomp the shit out of kylo. At least he had the balls to wreck younglings. Every one of lucas' villains have commanded way more clout than any of the new ones. And that's with lucas' shitty ideas mingled with his good ones. Even general grievous has done more lol. He hasn't made up his mind what he's doing. He was too cowardly to go down and face off with Luke. I dont get why they wrote him stopping blaster shots then have done nothing but push him out over 2 movies. If they wanted conflict then Han Solo should have been the decided end of him dabbling with the light side. As bad as Kylo was, nothing was worse than Space Leia. Nothing. That includes "sand gets everywhere", "yippeee!", baby ewoks, big ewoks, jar jar, boss nass, "let's try spinning", pod racing, wato, concession stand alien handing out popcorn, pod racing commentators, anakin and padmes love scene, jabbas palace song, any special feature Lucas added to the OT. Yeah I guess I'm sexist since theres no arguing that point. Truth is they are trying too hard to push their bullshit. Holdo was soooooo cool owning that Hot Shot Poe because she had a fucking stupid plan that gained nothing by withholding that information. The only thing it served was to push the narrative that females had the cool calm and collected power. Whatever if that's what they want then cool, but the story suffered for their bullshit. Rey is alright though. One of the positives they've done so far.
  4. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Kylo Ren is a great character? What the fuck?
  5. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Force flew right into all our hearts.
  6. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    Oh man think of those hot trashy milfs that would line up
  7. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    I'm actually really excited for this. Happiness does not good art make. Max Bemis case and point. I dont want to hear a peep out of him until he's divorced
  8. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    I do like Rey as a character and they've done good by setting her up but they have been complete shit at setting her up with an antagonist.
  9. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    It was so awesome to see Vader be a total bad ass in rogue one. They need a villain that's actually decent. Going into the last movie without anyone that commands respect is a little hard to get excited for.
  10. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    That's the biggest issue with this new Trilogy so far. Theres no real big pressing conflict that needs to be resolved. I guess I cant understand why anyone who likes the movies would like this one.
  11. Chapter XIII was such a great song. I remember having this shitty sansa sandisk mp3 player and I'd have that song come on while I was working in houses and it always amped me up. I wish I could go back to those days. Sometimes I long for it so bad it hurts. /end uncle rico moment. Long story short WYHSB and the AVA years were good times.
  12. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    I know with the amazing graphics we have now adays they could make something epic
  13. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    I liked TFA. It wasn't bad. I'll repeat that I've enjoyed every other star wars movie. The Last Jedi butchered Luke, made Kylo Ren more of a pussy than he was to start with, killed off any interesting mystery the first movie set up. Yeah that's probably what they wanted to go with to be edgy and different but Jesus. I really want to like it. I've watched it several times since but it gets worse. I really want episode 9 to be good. If it is I'll gladly suck your cock. And for the love of God is it so hard to have two capable lightsaber weilders to go at eachother?
  14. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    They literally didn't plan out the entire series. Any story line the force awakens set up was totally done away with and nobody progressed. Rey is still basically the same. Kylo Ren is the biggest disappointment of a villain. It's like they did one of those elementary school projects where one person starts a drawing, then you pass it along for someone else to finish.
  15. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    The last jedi "kingdom of the Crystal skull" fucked the entire series. I haven't had any real issues with any of the other movies. Force awakens and Rogue One weren't bad at all. Just goes to show that you can build 1000 bridges but if you suck one cock they dont call you a bridge builder.