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    and here are the new songs. hope they dont change hey im sorry, i really loved that one
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    Meeting a friend that lives in Austin tonight for a few beers while he is in town. We were sober all through Dude Ranch and Enema ... drunkenly sang along to TOYPAJ ... loudly. Great night so far!
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    Damn are we already hating on these songs?
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    they might as well just release ALL of the bsides if they're really going to promote a "deluxe" version with nearly 30 songs. still wish we could hear the pre feldmann shit. i'm hardly excited about hearing these.
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    I will always listen to new blink material and give it a good shake, but I can't say I'm filled with any confidence. that might mean I go in with low expectations and ending up being pleasantly surprised. we'll see.
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    i do think these songs will be better than a handful of the songs that made the cut. i can see them being pressured into releasing all the annoying "woah oh na na" songs first. I like "Hey, I'm Sorry," but if they are changing it, it might be for the better. it sounded like an unfinished idea.
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    i just find it amusing that the blink album we collectively seem to care the least about is getting a deluxe edition with more songs. and considering these were the weaker songs that were cut -- in favor of shit like "california" -- i can't see myself getting excited for it
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    "Good Old Days" eurgh. I dread to think.
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    They should change the chorus of hey I'm sorry so that they're all like the last chorus and take out matts whoas. The faster chorus is much more melodic and not grating.
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    Old blinksongs are always a mega hit at parties my friends and I throw. they get the biggest reaction especially what's my aga again and feeling this. Those are kick ass party songs
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    Is it me or does the dude on the far right look like a tattooed & skater version of Ben Stiller?
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    What stood out to me for RHCP was how John & Flea would play off each other and jam in live performances. They were the fucking best live band to listen to back then IMO.
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    Yup they've sucked ass since he left IMO. They're coming here next year on their tour and i have NO interest in seeing them. Shame that band went to waste. Flea is one of the best bass players around.
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    @platypus409 That definitely sounds heavily influenced by blink, and I love it. Singer even sounds a bit like Tom.
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    maybe is worldwide release of Hey, I'm Sorry
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    I think Mark really hates Tom, but I am not sure Tom really hates Mark. Breakups always hurt the person who didn't want it to end. Tom was able to be happy without Blink, Mark has been the one who's had to deal with the loss of his friendship and his band.
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    I've had a lot of that. I remember setting up for a charity night in the student club a few years ago, and I was supposed to be DJing but whilst we were decorating I just threw on the self titled record through the system, and this girl I knew a little who was like home schooled and super english and really quite middle class started singing along to Stockholm Syndrome and I was like 'what?!' and she was like 'this is one of my favourite albums' I always forget that blink are huge outside of their singles too. it's nice to see.
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    Damn, Raptors have Cavs and then Warriors on a back to back! That's rough. I also noticed the Lakers play the Warriors in Oakland next week on Wednesday and then play them again two days later in LA. Very weird scheduling.
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    Why did they wait so long? Hype is dead
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    Think this is how more and more people feel now. I'd rather they called it a day than make California 2.0. I'd be happy with another album with Skiba as long as they ditch the shitty pop punk throwbacks and ballad bollocks. And before people say it, I love blinks pop punk and softer stuff back in the day but the stuff on California doesn't even come close to that in terms of quality. Highlights are the album are the more mature and edgier songs, if they had made an album more pushed towards that direction I'd be happy.
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