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    Thanks to Ry-Bread, the hook has been baited. Now to try and catch a Feld.
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    Blackmail him. Only take the post down if no woahs or nananas on the new blink album!
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    "I will invite you to cuddle in my hot tub if you oblige."
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    So should I tweet the clip on our twitter, then when someone asks to take it down, say I will for a Feldmann interview for the boards? Or do you guys hate the Feld so much you wouldn't even be interested?
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    it sounds like after midnight rewritten and re-recorded for california.
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    anyone from the boards: Mark could you send me a guitar pick?? Mark: is it true that you're a member on BLINK-182ONLINE.COM??!??!?!!?!?!?! member: uhh.... no.
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    Seeing something across the Atlantic a mile away is quite impressive.
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    Lol at the completely made up +44 story from @Donald Trump's Bulge.... Instant classic I'm sure it happend. You're a good kid, really showed him who's boss
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    You started it this morning. You both own this place, jesus. I'm not saying let it go but maybe just don't fuck off in EVERY thread. Especially the Blink section that's visited by the public ... you're owners, try to pretend to be competent.
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    I don't even care about a Q/A, I'm all for the "less Whoa/Nahs" ransom @Nosferatu suggested. LOL.
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    I would, I told Craig from PLus 44 he was a hypocrite because he was bitching about how capitalism sucks and yet he was literally in a band with two guys worth tens of millions of dollars. He got all butthurt too because he knew I was right.
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    There isn't enough to really make a judgment either way ... you cant get a grasp of the song and you can't tell production quality from a short cell phone clip. There's a whole lot of ninnies gasping, huh?
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    Pretty Little Female 😂 😂
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    I came in here expecting the worst, but you actually did manage to make something that was completely un-listenable better. I say good job! Ghost thinks he's some kind of audio engineer, so that's why he's being a huge dick. Ignore it
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    No worries, man. I can do it bettter too. There's no problem at all.
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    So after years of compiling exemplars, I had never really seen Tom add the date in that time period like the above poster @Thibaut182 so that is such a rad example above... and just when I think that is as nice and OG as it gets, I find this: Amazing examples, so cool to see at one point Tom did "Tom Blink-182" instead of just "Tom Blink" (Side note: It's kinda funny that even to this day Tom capitalizes Blink usually, and Mark never does). Again on this one, he added "'96". So for a very brief period in 1996 it looks like he added the date at times. Learn something every day!
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    I was a little pissy this morning, took it out on you, that's my bad, man. I get what you were saying, I should have found a better way to speak my piece.
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    i'm not trying be all braggy braggy. this person is new and i'm offering. and yes, i did rip them myself. the FLACs used to live on what.cd (rest in peace).
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    @Donald Trump's Bulge I just bought a new shirt, LOL!
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    Says the stalking pedophile.
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    We know dude, we know. Did you rip them yourself?
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    Oliver's made up stories are one of the main reasons i come back here regularly
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    I see nothing wrong with a couple members hashing it out, owners or not. Let's be honest, we come back half the time for the @Donald Trump's Bulge infamous debates. Blink is in shambles and their online message board is still active, you guys are doing a great job 👍
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    Poster for the Australian tour back in May 1996 signed by Mark, Tom and Scott ! Such a cool item and poster ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/173730250963
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    They're cheap analog recordings, one of which was done on a 4 track in a bedroom. They're about as cleaned up and clear as they're ever gonna be, you're being pedantic. Maybe you should just offer up a "good job" and stop being a dick.
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    Maybe Ghost should remaster Flyswatter and prove that he can do better. Since he is an expert and all, it should be pretty simple. Hell, just do one song and we will compare.
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    herp derp herpity derp herp
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    Can someone fix me up a nice tweetable link to it by chance? I'll even tag Feldmann in it
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    I will what, mate? How ended that message?
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    On a malcolm in the middle rewatch the last couple weeks. What an underrated show!
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    Yeah I'm in love with her too, she's incredible isn't she. Would love a crack on Peaches too.
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    Finished YOU. Decent in the end. Well worth a watch. I’m madly in love with Elizabeth Lail. Thanks for that @...Dan...
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    Just heard that clip That shit sounds like California and Feldman. Washed out vocals, shit guitar/drums. I weep for their future.
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    I’ve always slagged off people who moan about producers and stuff but I finally get it, i actually don’t mind California and the songs are ok but they’re over produced. Sickly fucking shit.
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    That guitar kicking in at the end has me hype!!!
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    blink aren’t relevant enough to work with Kanye, lmaooo
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    Kanye wouldn't work with them. I mean, really? He's Kanye. Chainsmokers are collab worthy because they're a flash in the pan and won't be around in 10 years. They're the new LMFAO or 3OH3! or whatever those groups were.
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    Mark has turned into such a giant pussy. Maybe behind the scenes he always has been but thanks to social media these days everyone gets exposed for who they really are. Or it could be I didn’t notice it as much when Tom was in the band because he offset marks pussyness with his IDGAF attitude.
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