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  1. Giraffes are tall.

    Turtles are gay.

    Come to Burger King and have it your way.

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    2. Speedo


      It was a poem and I spoke from the heart you son of a bitch!

    3. Speedo


      Also, nice haiku.

    4. Speedo



      your haiku sucks

  2. Can y’all quit this competition please? I’m tired of jerking off alone.

  3. Interesting find, not sure if you knew of this before, but I just found out you have an interesting castle in your state:

    The guy that owns the castle has his own tiktok and youtube where he's fixing the place up as well (I'm just going to link the tiktok since the tiktok bio has the youtube channel in there)

    1. Speedo


      I’m going to invade the fucking thing. Long live King Speedo!

  4. All you mods can d my a.

  5. Thanks to @Speedo for being sexy and a good listener.

  6. If a new song drops in the next 24 hours, I’ll post a picture of my testicles.

  7. Cunt.

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    2. Speedo


      Where’s the cunt?

    3. Russel Coight

      Russel Coight

      Why are you so bad at this?

    4. Speedo


      “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” and “where’s the beef?” were famous slogans here in the 80s. It’s a play on those. I’m not bad at anything, I’m an artist, you uncultured swine!

  8. Enchilada verdes isn’t sitting so well tonight, guys.

  9. Stop gaslighting my nuance!

    1. Fun, Catchy Pop-Punk

      Fun, Catchy Pop-Punk

      My nuanced strawman just got gaslight :( 

  10. My guts are bubbling hard today … future is looking pretty fucking bleak right now.

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    2. Ghent


      Tablespoons mixed with water

    3. Speedo


      I started last night, feeling a little bloated today but not bad. I assume that’ll go away once my system gets better.

    4. Ghent


      Took me a couple weeks to adjust. The diarrhea started to cluster into orange metamucil clumps, like a metamorphosis into a real turd  lol

  11. We said “don’t let the door hit your ass”!

    1. _Bagel
    2. Speedo


      Relax, guy. It’ll be fine.

  12. I have the weirdest gas this afternoon. My butthole is speaking in tongues.

  13. It means culture has gone to shit.

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