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  1. Speedo


    It's weird you guys out redneck trashed us.
  2. Speedo


    I don't know anyone interested in watching it.
  3. To be fair, punknews is an extra fun site to shit all over.
  4. I won't even travel to a different city in Texas! I'm a lazy, cantankerous fuck.
  5. Sometimes I miss that goofy-haired weirdo. 2006 was a fun year.
  6. Well, he doesn't have a choice ... wouldn't want to disappoint his fan.

  7. David Kennedy is the type of guy to have Depf as a fan.

    1. tired of coight

      tired of coight

      3/3,127 this year, good job.

  8. @Dylan_ I'm going to send it off to Oliver this weekend to get it signed and inscribed for you. If you will send me a mailing address, I will have Oliver ship it to you directly.
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