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  1. Usually they reach out to the agents ... musicians are pretty willing to talk though, Ry could probably get an interview set up if he reached out via Twitter to Mark or Travis.
  2. Look at me, I'm practically joining the Jan Fan Club ... Jan Club ... JanFanBoree ... I don't know, I'll have to think of a more clever name later.
  3. It doesn't remind me of it either, I just know it's the same picking style. People get caught up in weird details with music, I don't know.
  4. It doesn't sound like Adam's Song, it just has the same 1-2-1 style picking for the riff.
  5. Unless they're punching each other in the face.
  6. Set it up, we will see if more people will get involved.
  7. Cool. I say, let's do it. I wouldn't mind starting a blink board group.
  8. Is it on computer or something?
  9. Impossible. I am definitely not wrong. You must be wrong.
  10. He did, he showed off packing for tour.
  11. Watching The Social Dilemma ... freaks me the fuck out. I'm glad I quit social media years ago.
  12. Something about Jennifer Carpenter really throws me off, I've never been less attracted to an attractive person than I am to her. I can't put my finger on why but she gives me the ickies. She does look like a roommate I had once so, maybe thats it? I dunno.
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