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  1. Ryan.

    Do you like Nine?

    It's a mediocre pop album. If it didn't have the blink name attached, I wouldn't have listened to it at all. Still nothing like blink, still sounds like they didn't write the majority of it. 1/10 would not listen again. Looking forward to new AvA though
  2. Some cool insight on how AvA works these days with the addition of Ilan and Aaron.
  3. Don't get too excited about this song. It's 49 seconds long and the teaser is basically the whole song minus a part that matt sings which sounds like shit.
  4. The whole album is pretty cringe to be fair. The new album isn't any better either
  5. I see where you're coming from but it seems more likely to be about Jennifer Delonge
  6. I'd rather see them perform the whole of Untitled or Neighborhoods with Tom to be honest. But if we're bringing people back to play albums that they wrote, then John Feldman and his old assistant should just play any California anniversary on their own, considering they are responsible for writing the majority of that abomination of an album.
  7. He's not making music with Feldman. He's making pop music with Alex Gaskarth. Also, the new Blink songs sound like a continuation of California.
  8. He said it after he recorded the drums. The mics were the drum mics, he didnt leave the room to talk to John, he would have been listening to Travis from the control room.
  9. I really wish Brohemian Rhaspody was longer, it had the best guitar on the album for sure. I think it would have actually made a good Anthem Part 3 if they did the rest of it right.
  10. Well it's because Travis recorded this whole album with one take per song instead of recording it in sections, so asking "is that really it?" when it's really short and they've asked him to record the whole song makes sense. Plus there is a fairly big gap from the last hit to when he says it.
  11. It was captured with the overhead / room mics which were setup to record the drums.
  12. California is a great album but I have to say that this is the first Blink album where I haven't liked every song on the record. I also like every song on the Box Car and WYHSB albums, and I do think that I prefer WYHSB to California, just because I'm not too big on the poppier sound they have gone for, and it's kind of missing that punk edge that they used to have and that even neighbourhoods had. I am looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table in later releases though, because Matts vocals on this album are phenomenal and I'm 100% sure that they can top this album.
  13. I think SBM was their best album, and it's not even really far off the sound of this song
  14. I agree with the vocal effects, Feldman could have toned down the pitch correction a little as it really takes away from the characteristics of both mark and matts voices, the constant harmonies might be a part of that too. I think San Diego is easily the cheesiest song on this album, it's the chorus for me. The "Listen to our favorite songs in the parking lot" line just sounds like something someone like 5SOS would write. I also think Left Alone has the best chorus on the album imo, Matts vocals and the vocal melody are just so pleasing to the ear.
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