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3 hours ago, King of the Weekend said:

I already mentioned how I’m not posting for jokes. I like the song and talking about it as I believe it’s one of the highlights of the band. No amount of ridicule is going to sway my opinion, you guys are really bad at handling dissenting opinions. I’m okay with you disagreeing but no need to be snowflakes about it. I’m just a man who enjoys a song about kicking it on the weekend 😎

You're a right unfunny prick. 

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7 minutes ago, King of the Weekend said:

Luke knows what it looks like lol

So does your mother, and you do too. It’s ok, go ahead and tell ‘em about the mushroom tattoo Diddy gave you on the forehead 

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6 hours ago, Russel Coight said:

Where’s the 11th coming from? Just a guess since that more or less lines up with mid October?

A post by Jason Tate on his website’s forums. Not 100% confirmed but said he’s pretty sure he knows.

Just to summarise what he’s said:


blink tour to be announced with Tom this month for next summer.


still to be confirmed:


Matt’s situation

exact date of the announcement


I get people are burned out from the last round of rumours but they were the smoke and I’m confident the fire is coming 🔥 

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Apparently this dude was banned and the post was from the subreddit (only available thru his comments now). Now could be because it's just a text on black post with nothing lmao but they haven't banned and hidden the posts of all the other people posting rumors, so that's interesting. Are any of the mods affiliated with blink where they would know this, or is it just fan run?

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I couldn’t care less, I can’t get excited about a tour I’m not going to see anyway. If they release new music with Tom, that’ll be something I have interest in so someone let me know if/when that happens.

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