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Ampeg VL Series Discussion Thread

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17 hours ago, daveyjones said:

and @Q182 too... i put in the order for the two tone placards today. they will be "screen accurate" (as they say in the movie prop community) in terms of both design and color. my guy is making four (that's how much laser cut plexi pieces i had left). that leaves three up for grabs. i also bought a box of ten bulbs so i will ship them each with a replacement bulb as a bonus. $45 shipped anywhere in the US.

i'm also having him cut 24 stickers of just the lettering. for your car or whatever. will include some as a bonus.

maybe @Ry-Bread or @boxelder want one? or @mil182 or @luisbootlegs???

i do not plan on ever making more. lost access to the laser cutter for the plex.

I'm definitely going to snag one. Awesome.

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comparison of photo of the original plate from twitter with a scan of my replica:

i'll post a pic of mine installed once my amp gets back from being retubed and cleaned up.

@Ry-Bread In 1995, Tom replaced the Ampeg logo plate with this custom 'blink' logo plate on his VL-1002, pre-dating the '-182' addition to the band name. You can see it throughout videos from 1995 unt

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14 hours ago, daveyjones said:

i found the original tweet:

and here he is trying to get ahold of tom:

i'm not on twitter but if that seth guy wants to part with that plate i will totally buy it from him.

I offered him when the tweet first surfaced. He never even read the DM.

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5 minutes ago, blinkstillrules said:

I offered him when the tweet first surfaced. He never even read the DM.

You gotta say fucking aliens gave it to you or you stole it from Langley or something to get his attention. 

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