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    I've spent way too much time compiling this list of Blink-182 related locations. It's always a popular post on Reddit, so I figured I'd bring it here too in case it hasn't made its rounds here yet. M+M'S -The boardwalk/amusement park they filmed at -The shootout scene at the end of the original video JOSIE -The high school DAMMIT -The movie theater WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN? -This is the sidewalk they run down -from the right to the left- at the beginning of the video -This is where the florist lady soaks the kids on the bench with a hose -This is where they turn the corner and see Janine walking up the sidewalk -This is where they filmed the banana man -The cafe they run past -The scene with the valet -The scene with the little girl looking through the magnifying glass -The construction zone they run past -The antique store that the old man with the TV is sitting in front of at the end of the video -The closing shot, they run up this sidewalk ADAM'S SONG -Blink walks from the right to the left down this sidewalk at the start of the video Fun fact: the buildings next to the loan company is where Blink dumps cash onto people on the sidewalk in the "Rock Show" video. -The Mexican food restaurant they eat at in the video -The gas station they're looking at magazines inside of while the lady is outside on the payphone MAN OVERBOARD -Little Blink runs down the same street as in the WMAA video -This is where Little Blink chases Banana Mark -Where the live shots were filmed -The concert venue at the end of the video THE ROCK SHOW -Where they took the homeless guy to get a haircut is at the business to the left of the nail salon -Where they dropped the car -it was before the building on the right was built -The building they were on the roof of when they dumped all the cash -This is where everyone was skateboarding and jumping over the van -Where the pet store was that they bought the doves from -The building they bought the TV they smashed FIRST DATE -The burger place -The water park STAY TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS -The mansion FEELING THIS -The jail AFTER MIDNIGHT -The hangar where they filmed the live shots in BORED TO DEATH -Where the live shots were filmed RANDOM SHIT -The infamous light pole that Mark climbed and jumped off of when he first met Tom -The old Sombrero restaurant they would eat and get fan mail at -The house they did all of their early stuff like print shirts, fold up Buddha tapes, etc. -The old location of DML Studios, where Blink wrote and demoed Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket -Westbeach Recorders, where Blink recorded the majority of Cheshire Cat -Doubletime Studios, where Blink recorded their early EPs, Buddha, and additional recording for Cheshire Cat -Signature Sound, where they recorded Enema, TOYPAJ, Untitled, and also Box Car Racer's album -EastWest Studios, where they recorded some of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket -Rolling Thunder Studios, where Blink recorded some of Untitled, and where Tom smashed his Fuck guitar -Tom spotted on Google Maps walking into a Mexican restaurant that used to actually be a Sombrero's location -Mark spotted on Google Maps walking down the street with his wife and a friend - EXPIRED -The venue they played their final show at before going on hiatus in 2004
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    This shows how much work went into untitled. Like in the obvious chorus theres a bell thats barely there, but they created an custom echo chamber in a bathroom for the reverb on it instead of using gear or plugins.
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    i was tom from the i miss you video for halloween!
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    no, it’s just a sad man in his lonely office pondering how things have changed
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    Cool to see Tom signing for fans in Italy: Another cool video:
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    Steve Aoki and Blink..smh, fucking Travis. Nothing is worse than him getting Yelawolf though, well maybe Feldmann, and the shitty deluxe artwork. Man Travis was so much better when he was the quiet one who never talked.
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    damn, i do look like brett kavanaugh... this is deeply depressing to me. haha nobody, i just passed out candy. though everyone asked if i was harry potter, so there's that
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    Everyone here seemed to like the newest Alkaline Trio album?
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    First we talk about Tom's weight, then his hair, then his teeth. Now we think he has ass implants??
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    very weird Walmart-looking Chuck Taylors in that pic
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    i also want to add that i think that feldman is a super competent producer and engineer and he absolutely knows what he's doing. he has his own sound and he gets there everytime and gets work done, NQAT. I just don't enjoy that sound aesthetic myself. does that make me a pretend snobby audio engineer? or could it just be that you are oversensitive on the subject of anyone critizing blink?
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    @Ghentjust because you don't care about production value or have different taste then some of us doesn't mean you have to come in here and insult us everytime we talk about it
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    I can only speak for myself but I think a lot of us came of age along with Blink's music, and when Blink themselves decided it was important to put a ton of thought into their songwriting and instrumentation and recording techniques during the Untitled era and brought us all behind the curtain with Cheetah videos and the MTV album launch special, it made a lot of us interested in that process. Me and my at-the-time future bandmates were obsessed with following along with the process and it made us wayyy more interested in and excited about the actual "work" of being in a band and recording music. It seemed SO fun to try out different guitar tones or percussion techniques or weird locations for vocals. As we grew up as musicians and recorded our own music we paid extra attention to detail because we were excited about it based on what we learned by watching all that stuff. Now that they turned their sound over to the Feldy Machine it's a had noticeable step down in sound quality, it just has. Neighborhoods obviously was a step down in production style too, in a different way. People can decide for themselves whether that affects their enjoyment, but you can't mock us for having higher standards for "the pop punk band Blink 182" when Blink were more or less teaching us that it was important during our formative years haha.
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    you have to be a perfectionist to find flaws with this craftmanship
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    Mark can fuck off with his blink cover band. What a dipshit. At least Travis is still penpals with Tom.
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    Seriously, who the fuck is @Why Was Ryan Fired?
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    He's been a broken record ever since he left blink the first time. Whether we're talking AVA, modlife, TTS, Poet Anderson, or whatever else, it's been a string of empty hype and broken promises. And most of what he's done has been at the expense of his fans (Army of Angels fan club with no content, modlife promises that never happened, TTS investments, pre-order bundles for books) The dude is completely, 100% broken. His only hope is to drop ALL other bullshit, own up to fucking up his life, and going back to the one thing he's actually good at: writing catchy guitar jingles. He has failed miserably at literally every other venture, including making experimental music.
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    Lets be honest, this twitter exchange might be the best thing Blink's done since before Matt joined the band. I wish Tom would just get healthy and they hugged it out and moved forward. Blink has so much potential.
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    Was half expecting that Famous Burro chap to be in some of those shots