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    Here is my official entry into the greatest guitar challenge of all time with Oliver. I hope you enjoy my wicked skills and I also hope this teaches Oliver never to question my guitar prowess again. https://streamable.com/rzobl
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    +Good guitar tone. +Good vocals. +Shows up.
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    Yeah, and you could say that it's "progress" but really you just like it more. Members here really seem to love pointing out when someone else's opinion is wrong. I think it's shittier music, therefore, a step backward. This is always going to be a subjective thing and if we're really going to keep arguing over personal opinions, yours is equally as wrong as mine. I think it's way more generic pop-punk, the same damn vocal trade-off pattern in almost every song, no guitar riffs, lots of nana's and whoa's (I actually don't hate that like most people seem to but I'll still point it out), over-polished production, and it really just sounds so much like most other big pop-punk bands do today. It doesn't stand out. blink used to be the band that other pop-punk bands would try to sound like. Now it feels like blink is trying to sound like all the other pop-punk bands. The only way I think California is a step up from Neighborhoods is the fact that it has better bridges. Again, I never even said that I hate California. I like it. I still listen to it often. I don't like it as much as Neighborhoods or Dogs Eating Dogs. I think it's musically less creative and less interesting. That's why I think it's a step backward.
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    This sounds negative 100 like Enema and TOYPAJ, Mike.
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    The only reason he didn't mention Matt by his name is because he doesn't know if Oliver is going to replace him yet.
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    Here it is, guys! This is a competition based on skill ...we both sort of took different directions in our videos but don't let that sway your vote, you decide who the better player is! Clarke: Speedo:
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    Just because you're starving doesn't mean you should enjoy the shit sandwich you've been handed, much less thank the chef.
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    i'm in cleveland, ohio today with my girlfriend seeing the band los campesinos and i decided to stop by the rock and roll hall of fame. they have an exhibit on alternative press magazine (started in cleveland) and it had some cool blink stuff. i took photos of most of it to share with the board: entrance: AP mag: photo of tim armstrong/his guitar from 1997: green day/blink mag: original print of green day and blink together, with (i'm guessing) hand-written editing notes from photographer or something last but not least, here's a video of a tv there displaying the "30 most influential bands of the 30 years." interesting blink song choice they picked: top 10 of that list: nirvana fugazi radiohead blink rage against the machine pixies deftones glassjaw slipknot tool that's about all the blink stuff they had, and it was only in that one exhibit lol
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    Damn, I picked the wrong ten minutes to go to Taco Bell...
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    Ugh, the irony in these lyrics from that shitty Goldfinger song: "I want to believe The god damn singer wrote the song Don't wanna hear a spokesman"
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    "They have someone doing my job for me. It's just that I'm so busy." This line just makes me want fling poop at him like a monkey. He doesn't even have the balls to mention Matt by name, and also discredits him by essentially saying he's nothing more than someone meant to act like him. News Flash: They wrote a whole record without you Tom, and were nominated for a Grammy. As for the "It's just that I'm so busy" line, quit making excuses man. Just come out and say you have other passions right now, and don't want to do Blink (or AVA). Just fucking say it. Travis is in the Transplants/Antemasque, solo DJ, constantly a guest drummer for rappers, producing his next solo record, constantly working out, part owner of a restaurant, owner of a clothing line, full time amazing Dad, and still has plenty of time for Blink. You make time for shit you want to do. What's Tom do? I realize he's got a lot of projects going on, but he pays authors to write the books for him. We saw in the WikiLeaks that he sends a few emails here and there, essentially bugging important people. Yes, he's traveled a few times to meet with super sekret old men. Probably some production meetings, skype meetings with the authors occasionally to go over stuff. What else? Trying to direct an indie movie and a documentary? Other than that, TTS is just a shitty clothing store. I guess he's busy as fuck approving TTS shirts/beanies all day. Again, if he's happy and this is what he wants then come out and say that, I don't blame him for being bored with Blink/AVA and wanting to do other things. But just say it! Don't act like a child or try to stir up shit anytime Blink is mentioned, and quit trying to sell AVA fans your goddamn t-shirts. My God it has to be so refreshing for Mark/Travis to have someone as genuine/humble in the band as Matt compared to the shit they had to deal with before. I sent this article to my friend (the only person I know in real life who loves Blink as much as me, but not so much that he writes on forums about them LOL), he replied: "Oh wow. I hope he never comes back!". You and me both man.You and me both.
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    I think I've said it before, but the songs on California and Parking Lot could've have been made by any generic mainstream pop punk band (ATL, FOB, SP etc). Now take Dumpweed, Anthem pt 2 or Feeling This. There exists no other band on this earth that could've written those songs. That's what people mean when they say that California doesn't sound like Blink.
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    Be-fucking-have yourself mate. Don't think I've ever heard something so ridiculous in my whole life.
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    This is proof that Finn was 1000 times better a producer than Feldman. This stuff was obviously Finn and it's just genius. Feldman couldn't even dream of something half as good. Worth a listen.
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    So I've listened four times this morning and my thoughts are... It's alright, throwaway track though like a lot of California (better than a few of the songs on it to be fair). I do wish they could try and be a bit more age appropriate with their lyrical content, feels like every song is about them being young and the good old days. Write something for the present rather than making it seem like you're pining to be 21 again...maybe Mark remembering the days when he could write absolutely banging songs? (ooooooooo burn) I like some of the guitar work and the half time interlude bit is really cool but it just feels like blink-182, the pioneers of modern day pop punk have become another face in the crowd and are now copying the bands who used to copy them.
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    I just cringe really hard when I hear 40 something year old millionaires who are married men with children; talk about being forgotten young suburbia and hoping for a kiss. I really hope they are talking about their childhood or something because it is embarrassing. Why do they write these lyrics?
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    when i knew him, he was cocky as hell. and with good reason, imo. his band was one of the best in a very prosperous scene, he was single, he was in his mid-twenties. he got a taste of major label advance money; he ditched the shitty car and bought a new 4runner. i would have been on cloud nine touring with bands like pennywise and writing material like waggy, lemmings, and a new hope. if you ask me—and this is just some very weak paperback psychology based on my own experience of being middle aged—a songwriter and performer like mark is struggling to define talent and relevance. how do you write popular music in your 40s when most of your new fans are twenty (or more) years younger? well, you can be omnirelevant like bad religion—who sing about timeless topics—or you can age gracefully and sing about your life as it changes—like the descendents. option one was never right for blink, and certainly not for mark, and it appears he is not considering option two anymore. or he did, in my opinion, with +44, and you can hear traces of it on neighborhoods. in this scenario, mark is like an aging football star, and feldman is the coach, going "you've still got it, cowboy! now go out there and score!" and mark's unsure if he looks foolish in the old uniform or not. and he charges out onto the field anyways. and that's california.
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    I started that band. I could go back tomorrow if I wanted too. They're paying someone to play my songs. -Scott Raynor, probably.
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    I just can't believe they've gone down this pop punk route at 40+. It's cringe as fuck. There's no self awareness whatsoever. How can Mark be happy with this shit. There's no effort at all and he's completely given up imo. It's a shame. I'm dying for some dark serious material, I thought with Skiba joining we'd get some serious bangers but all we've got is a shit blink 182 tribute band. surely the next album won't be another pop punk album. Please god
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    This sounds nothing at all like Enema, TOYPAJ, Untitled, EP,n neighborhoods etc. It sounds nothing like THAT Blink, except for hearing Mark sing and Travis on drums. Maybe you need to listen again.
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    My favorite bridges, ranked: 1. Here's Your Letter bridge 2. Golden Gate bridge 3. Bored to Death bridge 4. That Chesapeake Bay bridge that NotNow posted 5. This. 6. The bridge in Violence
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    I've followed every thing he's done, read every book, bought every silly item from TTS. I also completely support Tom doing whatever the fuck he wants... BUT, he's still a major douche any time Blink is mentioned. The way he goes about it is just 100% wrong IMHO. Instead of being truly "over it" and saying "I wish Mark and Travis the best with continuing our legacy with Matt Skiba as Blink-182" he says "It's MY band. I still OWN it. I STARTED IT. I could go back tomorrow if I WANTED TO". It's seriously like a small child talking, almost reminds me of that brat from Willy Wonka. I would have so much more respect for Tom if he would take the "high road" (at least with the media), and wish the guys the best, say he's busy working on projects, and let it be. Instead, every single time he's an arrogant prick and tries to stir up the pot. It's also a tell-tale sign that he is not "over it" and is still being a salty little bitch about the whole situation IMHO.
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    Haha this is such a sloppy/bad performance, but seeing this for the first time in 2009 made me so incredibly happy. I couldn't quite wrap my head around the idea that blink was back, it was so surreal to me. I didn't know how chaotic the next few years would be, but man, my favorite band in the world was back and I was elated.
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    This is a 75 minute podcast that had Skiba on recently: http://www.podcastone.com/pg/jsp/program/episode.jsp?programID=961&pid=1714873 It's pretty long, and the hosts were quite annoying with how often they talk over each other and interrupt Matt, but it was a very insightful interview. Blink stuff was around 50:00-65:00 minute mark, nothing too new but here are some highlights (nothing on Deluxe): -Matt lost his virginity at 19 -Very sensitive yet angry kid (has younger twin sisters whom his therapist suggested took the attention which made him feel this way) -Never whores himself out on tour, is too respectful -has no kids, doesn't want any until touring slows down. Said he would never watch his kids first step through a fucking computer -used to do alot of acid and mushrooms in high school, was failing Algebra, did acid, got A on test LOL -still smokes weed/drinks wine occasionally -doesn't like the word "Alcoholism", was a "drunk" -stopped drinking after a horrible show in Chicago that family saw... they thought he was doing heroin--never has -unhealthy 4 year marriage, both were always gone. married the "wrong" girl -been single for a few years now -every one of his band members currently (Blink/Alk) are good people who are true to themselves, said he could not be in a band with people who aren't good people. Some ex-bandmates were just shitty to people. -Mark and him were talking about doing a children's record called "The Cereal Killers"-their friend was going to do art (this was what he thought the lunch invite was about) -Travis is part owner of Crossroads, where they met originally. They said Tom quit, can you fill in for some shows coming up? -Shows went well, they said "Do you want to try and get in the studio? and he said sure... -still feels like he's outside looking in, is doing as well as he can do -feels very much apart of the band -hates computers/technology, only uses Instagram -was surprised at people cheering "Skiba", is still adjusting -didn't want to let his bandmates down, Travis trains/practices so hard--- "If he's going to be doing that, I can't screw up lyrics!" -when 5 or 6 years old, had a dream of sitting in the back of a tour bus...and remembered thinking I could never do that because he couldn't be away from his family- when it came time to be a musician he knew he wouldn't fail because he said this vision before -struggles with Alk3 balance, they struggle with it. Fans have been great. Trio still does shows. First people he called with the Blink news were Dan/Derek. -Best tour Blink has had in 15 years, broke all kinds of records. Feels like small part of the equation now. -Doesn't feel "guilty", but feels "for them" (Derek/Dan). Cuz his bandmates have kids/wifes/etc. -Code to live by: "best compliment to give someone is to listen to them." -was at Grammy awards show for 45 minutes then left, best part were the parties before and after
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    Oliver, while I do share some of your opinions on what blink-182 has become, you really need to work out the difference between a fact and an opinion.
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    God dammit, even I must admit that Sober sounds good live. I still don't like the song, but it translates well live.
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    blink should just make their official lineup Mark, Matt, Travis, John, Tom, and Scott. And become a boy band.
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    got it. sober just create for live shows. perfect.
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    I don't really like Parking Lot because there's no subtlety to it. It's like every bad stereotype of modern pop-punk rolled up into one song: Name dropping punk bands Cheesy pick slide Over-produced guitar Noodling riff that doesn't really do anything Gang vocals (when has Blink ever had gang vocals?) NA NA NA Rhyming "California" with "suburbia" It's not terrible, but I feel the song is just loudly shouting in my face "HEY. HEY THERE. I'M NOSTALGIC POP PUNK, GET IT?"
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    Who's gonna be the first to record a video proving they can replace Scott? Dont forget to tune your cymbals.
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    Blink-182 is Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge for me, I really really am trying to like this new age with Skiba but it's just not the same. I'm not excited at all about seeing them this summer and if my gf hadn't bought me the tickets I would probably sell them. Call me a Tombot but I'd be ten times more excited about if Tom was playing, he's shite and can't sing but he such a huge part of what blink is.
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    I don't blame Tom for not wanting to make the kind of music that blink is currently making...
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    This is not only disappointing, but embarrassing.
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    That song was great, you're a steaming pile of shit.
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    The last thing a megafan of a band WANTS to do is hate music made by said band.
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    I didn't like it. It just isn't memorable.. It is kind of everything that is wrong with the current Blink. The influence of Mark, Matt, and Travis can be felt on this track for sure, but then Feldman kind of comes in with the production and takes a dump on it. It is too over produced, too generic, I just roll my eyes that they have to literally put "Whoas and NANANAs" on every fucking track now. It's like giving great actors a bad script. That is what Feldman has done to these guys. I'd love to hear a real Blink 182 song with the new lineup, without FUCKING FELDMAN and to be honest, I am surprised that others wouldn't want to hear that as well. Even Ghent.
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    I just burst out laughing when the nananas in the chorus kicked in just thinking of the reaction of people here
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    tracks from dude ranch that were never, to my knowledge, performed live: - boring - emo - i'm sorry once dude ranch was released, i never heard them play waggy, a new hope, degenerate, or lemmings ever again. three were regular live features until the album came out, with degenerate only played a handful of times in late 96 and introduced by mark asking the crowd "does anyone have our demo tape? this is an old song off it." warp tour 97 featured pathetic, voyeur, dick lips, enthused, untitled, and apple shampoo. i did not see josie played live until fall 97, on the uranus tour. the earliest new track to debut from dude ranch was apple shampoo. played in summer 1996. i first heard dammit live in february 97, when it was introduced by mark as "dammit dammit son-of-a-bitch." he also said the title was a reference to beavis and butthead. @boxelder, there's some stuff for your history files!
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    Says the guy who likes him more because of it
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    My biggest issue with him is he still won't admit he doesn't wanna do Blink anymore and still tries to dangle that little bit of hope in front of whatever fans he has left that he'll return to Blink. I highly doubt Mark honestly wants to work with him again. So he can say all he wants to about "I still own it" but he has no intention of ever coming back IMO. Just needs to have the balls to publicly admit it.
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    Alright mine's recorded. We should have the new thread later this week when everything is ready to go. This isn't just a competition; this isn't just a guitar challenge to see who can replace Skiba; this isn't just a thing people are doing for "fun". No. This is a movement, and I need all of you kids on board to buy a t-shirt. More announcements to come. This is going to be the greatest movement in the past 25 years. Big things coming.
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    so infuriating. what an insult. it's shit like this that makes me never want him to come back
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    -your guitar sound is much worse than skibas. - tune your guitar right. It is off no matter what you say. - like you said, vocals are terrible and lifeless - copied Toms stage moves. Even the leg stance and spin. Lol. - out of sync the entire time So yeah. You cant replace Matt Skiba, sweetheart.
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    A man in his mid-30s masturbating on camera.
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    That awkward moment when you visit TTS and meet Tom in the BTD 2016 Tour T-shirt...
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