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    i don't like parking lot, nor do i like any of the deluxe. but i always thought the hate was undue. i can see how some of the lyrics are cringe-inducing, since they're 40 year old men delivering them. but i also can see how it's based on memories of growing up/going to concerts/hanging with friends (i.e... every blink song). my main gripe with it is the whole "we are forgotten young suburbia" shit they throw in the chorus that's present all over california. like "we won this war, we cursed and swore..." in wildfire -- what war? what the hell are you going on about? you're 40 and rich and married and get free nintendo shit. shut the fuck up and make better music
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    Stickers from Davey came! 1 hour work and it's done! Here is the final result. I think it looks cool.
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    I don't think I grew out of blink, I think this is crap record musically/creatively. I prefer honesty from my favorite bands, and nothing on Cali/DLX feels half as honest as their previous efforts to me.
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    We should celebrate by banning Clarke!
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    I think this is a momentous occasion. Is this the first time in the board's history where someone's first post was a request and, not only were they not met with hostility, they actually got what they were asking for?
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    It has sedemental value to you? Are you super into erosion or what?
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    Friend of mine went to some gig, England somewhere, and saw this poster and took a snap. I love it -
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    Then there's the 4th category: hardcore fans who were weary of the lineup change but gave it a shot anyway and were sadly let down due to shitty producing. Tombot implies I bought shares in TTS. I did not. I mean, even the most subjective fan should have room for critique.
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    You left out the part where they hired someone to write an album for them
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    I had never heard Army nor listened to Ben Folds before ... I enjoyed it!
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    some news! california and bored to death have both been certified gold by the RIAA. these represent blink's first certifications since 2005 -- their first gold album since untitled (which went on to go double platinum) and first singles since i miss you and feeling this.
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    I grew up 'decently', somewhere around middle/mid upper, had both dirt poor family and heavily wealthy family spread around the country.. but I'm a little crazy and wanted to experience everything in my 20s. I chose to live poorly for a couple years (not talking college) as well as a wealthy, and everything in between. I can tell you, as a no bullshit no excuse making type of person, there are things/problems you don't anticipate for while living completely poor. I'd say the biggest issue was the multiple days each week where it was impossible to even find energy due to poor living standards. Even if I'd wake up at 6am motivated, go run/hike, it'd still be a near asthma type of symptoms to deal with. Depression and anxiety was noticeably thicker. Sure you can overcome it but It is just an uphill battle with a sense of hopelessness afloat. I can't imagine being born into that and not being lead into the many scammy routes out there making you think it's the escape/answer. When a mold problem kicked in my apartment, it was near impossible to focus on work, goals, ambitions..let alone my stock portfolio. Might be a silly anectdote, but just felt like throwing that in there. I like the journey though. I have friends who did jack shit to find their way and were handed good desk jobs and will be happy with that the rest of their lives. I have no jealousy or envy towards them, but they would say much of the same...that all poor ppl can build their way up. Many certainly CAN, but to say it's not a substantial uphill battle is false. I know a few CEOs/execs decently where they'd straight up tell me...the chance of that incredibly tenacious hard working dude who started from the bottom and worked his way up actually getting a powerful position is so very slim. They, themselves for starters didn't...most of the time it's inherited or political. You can be the best finance person in a university and you aren't getting that investment banker job because those are RESERVED for Ivy league/private students who could have cheated their way for all they care. It's possible, but it's really really fucking hard and involves plenty of luck and everything else in between. How often do you meet that poor guy who thinks otherwise, works 3-5 years diligently with a company going above and beyond just to be fed bullshit about how 'youre gonna go far here oneday' just to never see that day come to fruition. Gotta just be your own boss one day is what it really comes down to. Bottom line, I believe in accountability too, but it's not that black and white where you hold yourself accountable = success. It's important to do so though.
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    A letter To Elise cover captured everything that blink was during 03-04. Love that cover so much. The gloomy/flanger stuff worked well with them
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    Mcdonalds (Trumps fav meal) Watching Trump biography. Trump night!!! Doesn't get any better. Trump is a heck of a guy.
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    Oh please. He may have a knack for writing riffs but this too will surely end up buried in the middle of a forgettable song.
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    New Found Glory released a new song and i think its amazing. I think they said they wrote and recording it during sticks and stones but it didnt fit so they left it out. I really like it. Interesting to see that they didnt show a single shot of Steve in the video edit: nevermind they totally just wrote and recorded it on the last album session
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    I'm sorry but Army is a well crafted, intricate, fun and adorable song that shits all over blink at the best of times. I know thats not the discussion currently but someone putting Parking Lot above that... I legit can never respect your opinion again... purely ludicrous right there.
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    Ben Folds' farts sound better than new blink.
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    We grew out of Blink? Blink themselves grew out of simple pop almost 15 years ago before crawling back to a shitty derivative shell of their former sound! Love ya @Ghent feels good to be having these conversations again it's been awhile
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    Gotta love Fighting the Gravity! One of the best Neighborhoods songs IMO.
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    You need to do a feature where you record your talk to txt videos and post them alongside your actual posts, that would be fucking great. I want to see, hear and feel your liberal hatred.
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    When clarke calls Ghent a hothead I’m reminded of:
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    Uh, it's never hard to prove you wrong Clarke.
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    For me, Parking Lot basically took everything I hated about California as a whole and squished it into one abhorrent track.
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    America doesn't have mandatory maternity leave or universal healthcare but cheap housing makes it the best country in the world!
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    Oliver- Why is it that you think kneeling for the national anthem is an outrage and disgrace to our vets, but using a racial slur in front of Indian WW2 vets is funny?
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    If you're offended, you're a snowflake - until it's something against republicans, then it's just anti-american. If you're seeing fault in it it's fake news from the liberal media - doesn't watch the news and gets all information from a facebook feed, which everyone knows is effectively a giant echo chamber We all know Trump's a dick so reacting to dick things he does is just fake outrage - Can't stop complaining about Obama, when he isn't even president anymore, also can't stop complaining about Hillary who lost the presidency, twice. I love Oli logic.
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    I know from Chris Flippin that blink played with them in Germany, Netherlands, England and France then they had to cancel and never went to Spain or Italy but Lagwagon and Pulley went on with the tour. This isn't really a funny anecdote but when we talked about that tour he also told me that for the Halloween show Mark and him wanted to celebrate and dress up but Tom and the other Lagwagon guys didn't want to, so they both got so pissed off and didn't talk to anyone for a couple of days. During these days of mutiny Mark and Flip used to perform wearing a t-shirt that said 'Halloween only comes once a year, right?' but that's about it. As I said, I wish there was more to this anecdote, but that's literally all I've got haha
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    Tonight is gonna be a Trump night. Its all Trump tonight.
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    "The last official estimate placed it at 285,000 albums sold in the U.S.,[31] but Pierre said in 2015 interview that the number is closer to 500,000." according to the Wikipedia. I hope it goes Gold in the next 5 years. It's certainly one of the best records of the 2000s if you ask me.
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    I don't see any reason for them to call it quits. They're enjoying what they're doing and still getting a decent audience. Some fans deeming their new music and live show "cringe" is hardly an excuse.
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    I find it pretty comical that you made this post at the same time as the SNES scam post in the Video Games Thread. You should send that Chinese scam company an email giving them props
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    A Link to the Past is one of my favorite games ever.
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    Crazy watching that and still discovering little things that make me laugh and enjoy. Like Tom trying to get people to sing Feeling This and then saying "You guys are really bad at this shit". Just goes to show, even 13 years later, the ORIGINAL Blink still remain relevant and could still be a great band if Tom had not gone insane.
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    Nobody is saying they can't imagine Tom being a cheater. They just won't take your word for it, because your word is less credible than a tabloid rumour. that's all.
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    According to the web memory, this picture has been posted here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/leighannhaley/3122941549 And the girl explains: "haha well it was the second time i met him, i freaked out the first. but yeah, i had this idea in mind... so i was like "tom can we look like we're passionately in love" and he went along with it. hahaha<33" Her Facebook here if verification needed: https://www.facebook.com/washuffizedrivemetofirenze So sometimes things are not what they look like. What is the story with showering on webcam? I don't know this one. Thks
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    Same. I don't find even Justin Trudeau to be attractive tbh.
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    Yeah Parking Lot is everything bad about California era wrapped up into one extremely shitty song and the timing couldn't be worse being the first release since the original Cali. Looking back, how lame is the name California anyways? Fucking wraps it up as generic trash that it was. Who even listens to it anymore? I almost forgot it existed. Parking Lot in a nutshell: -Horrible Title -First drop from Deluxe -Horrible Lyrics, arguably the worst -Guitar slides (seriously?) -Plastic overproduced guitars & vocals -Cheesy drums that sound computerized. -Nanana/whoas to a comical level -Trying to be teenage edgy -The usage of the name drop 'Target' -Actual usage of the lyrics 'Matt just broke his wrist ooo of ooo' -Straight Goldfinger bridge -Young suburbia garbage AGAIN It really goes on with this one...can't find one redeeming factor other than it's fast and over with quick.
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    Eh, I don't use one. Don't plan to ever. But some families don't have any financial backgrounds or knowledge with it and can benefit from having a dude organize all their wealth plans. IRAs, mutual funds, etc. Varying products, portfolios as well. But I agree, if you have any knowledge in it, an FA is pointless. It'd be like ordering a TV mount on Amazon...you CAN pay for them to do it for you, but for many you can just learn and do it yourself..or you are really in need of the 'professional' installation, or are just really wealthy and don't give a shit about the fees.
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    I’ve been meaning to ask Oliver if his Facebook has let him know he’s about to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.