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    Kind of agree! People hated the death metal album released by blink-182 in 2003. Feeling This is some screamo, heavy metal shit. Can't do with Mark & Tom's screaming! Obvious is way way too heavy to the point that it makes Rage Against the Machine and Refused sound like Katy Perry. I Miss You is just too dark. People hated hearing a slow gothic song about nightmares on christmas. How bleak is that? Shit song! And what the hell is Violence? Techno? Dubstep? Drum n Bass? Stockholm Syndrome is just the heaviest song ever. Too much screaming by Mark and Tom. Even AFI can't match it with their song titled "Death of Seasons". Seriously what is the song Down? Just shite. Fallen Interlude? HA! Go? Who do blink think they are? GG Aillin? Asthenia? Sounds like I'm listening to a heavy metal version of a 2001: A Space Odyssey theme. Always is way too vulgar. Rihanna songs are fake porn. Always is hardcore porn. Heavy metal song about porn! Easy Target? Who are they now? Dead Kennedys or some shit? All of This? We certainly don't wanna hear a minimalistic sexy song with Robert Smith in it. And what on earth is Here's Your Letter? That's too loud for our ears! I'm Lost Without You? A Pink Floyd heavy metal styled song! Not Now? Well it's about dying. Can't have a song about dying. Would rather hear songs about partying on Friday nights. Let's not even get started with Neighborhoods and Dogs Eating Dogs. Terrible music! Seriously, fuck Feldman.
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    looking back on the past, I never thought we would end up like this. Now we have blink active like they've never been since 2004, touring all year long and releasing 27 songs over the course of 10 months and yet there's still nothing to say about it... it's a strange situation.. hard to believe but it's true.
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    Ghent and the Kansas Krew after reading the above quote:
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    I went to see them tonight and it was great. Looked like they were having so much fun on stage. And despite his health issues, Mark sounded good too. How did I feel during the show? I think at times it was awesome to be there, the production was great and all the songs from Enema and Take Off sounded awesome live, really. Skiba did a fucking great job with Dumpweed and Dysentery Gary, they were the best two songs of the night. Oh and we got so lucky because travis wanted blink to play Man Overboard instead of KOT tonight ♡. The crowd was better than I expected and all the new songs were well received BUT what I really have to say is that there was definitely something missing on all the songs from Untitled. I don't know if it was Tom's absence but I had this weird feeling during those songs.. I don't know how to explain it. The same thing happened during the new ones. Sober was the one that sounded better, really, and people seemed to like all of them but they didn't sound quite right to me. Mark and Skiba didn't talk during the show but it was fine, Mark even made the exact same joke that he made in London 3 years ago and I was like REALLY? But other than that I don't have anything else to report. Skiba looked happy, Travis was a beast and I even got myself a setlist at the end of the show for the first time ever. I met our boy @Thibaut182, quality guy (it was so good to meet you! I hope to see you again soon bud, I'll tell you if I ever come back to London) and one last thing: I stood outside Travis' tourbus this morning - it was around 11 am - and I fucking met him without paying all that money! He was so nice to us. Couldn't really get any better than that. I even forgive them for not playing any other old song. But I think they should focus on the Enema / TOYPAJ songs live because they were tight, they sounded amazing!
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    If I was a well-meaning southerner who for some reason wanted to protest the removal of a statue, and I showed up and saw THAT crowd of Nazis and KKK members, I'd fucking leave. Anyone who "just happened to get caught up in the march" and kept going along with those psychos is not some innocent bystander. Also every bit of promotion for this thing made it very clear that this was for gross white supremacist types. The argument that there was some contingency of well-meaning history professors there advocating for the statue or something is just wacky.
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    I did it! @Ghent @Clarke @Nasa @Dylan_ @Jane @JarJarBlinks @Janinator @Osgod @CC182 @Kay @Clarke's Inner Child @Raxy! @Champ182 @_Kyle_ @knapton @Speedo @vic vinegar @Nosferatu @Since88 @Clarkerpes @boxelder @Ghost @thongrider @ungroovy @MSandt@Boring.........Alright @NotNow @ryan1125 @Cheerios4u98@Patient #48273
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    @_Kyle_ you know you successfully got underneath his skin when he says "fuck off" or "fuck you" dust off that shelf, you've got another trophy to add to the case!
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    Must be quite a boost to self-confidence to be able to fool oneself into believing that you're a better guitarist than the current guitarist of blink 182.
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    LMAO yes! She even had the smiley face painted on her face. She probably whispered to her little friends: "This one must've been from Dude Ranch"
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    Do you not understand that people give you shit for not paying your bills because it's hypocritical of you (Mr. Millennials/Poor People Have No Personal Responsibility), not because they generally think everyone should always pay exorbitant healthcare bills?
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    more than anything, this is just fucking depressing for me. it's really disrespectful to the band, the way he's pigeonholed them into what he thinks the public wants. feldmann has turned out to be LITERALLY the worst thing that's ever happened to our band, so much so that's it's ceasing to be OUR band, for a lot of us. it's his band now, and indistinguishable from all time low or the new goldfinger. i thought matt had more to say, and i thought mark cared more, but if this continues to be the band's direction, i'll no longer be a fan. he's really fucking up their legacy.
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    It's not even because I was missing Tom's voice on the Untitled songs, but I guess it must have to do something with it, maybe because his fingerprints were all over those songs. At the same time though, as I said, I think that some of those Tom songs from Enema and Toypaj sounded better than ever. The new stuff just didn't sound quite as full bodied as it should be. But maybe that was just me. I have a news, I just went back to the o2 arena today, before going back to the airport, to say goodbye to a friend who was at the show today and Mark and Skye walked past us. I just said hi and that I was at the show last night, he said I hope you liked it, looking forward to seeing you tonight again and both him and Skye shook my hand. I said yeah but it wasn't true because I was carrying my baggage ready to leave. He complimented on my Descendents t-shirt and was so nice. This vacation was a total experience.. getting to meet Travis and speaking to Mark!! From now on I only want to see blink in London haha (when we went to Trav's tourbus it was just the four of us. Such a creepy thing to do but we wanted to give it a try).
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    I know this is nothing new: But I just want to state for the record that Feldman sucks, lousy producer and his music is recycled shit, it is a damn shame he is now been able to associate himself with Blink 182 and has Mark so smitten that he will likely never be gone.
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    so, i've finally purchased an ampeg VL 1002 (after wanting one for 22 years)! and i'm recreating tom's custom nameplate that he replaced the ampeg logo with. the front of the head has a piece of 2mil clear acrylic (precisely 12.9375" x 2.7188") set in a bevel frame. there are two lights inside the amp electronics, so that when the amp is on, the logo is illuminated: tom's custom mod, when lit, looked like this: both his VL 502 and VL 1002 were modified in the same way. here is the VL 502, band practicing at DML studios in escondido in 1996: later in 1996, tom removed both blink nameplates and put the ampeg ones back on. you can tell the difference between the VL 502 and 1002, as the 502 has a more gunmetal gray face, and the 1002 is black with the purple graphic highlights: note that the guitar cable (spectraflex) in the above two pictures is still manufactured: https://www.amazon.com/Spectraflex-Original-Instrument-Cable-Green/dp/B001RNHBOC the lettering was likely prepared with help from a friend in the cargo art department, as the typeface (times new roman bold, all lowercase) and dark cyan blue color are consistent with cheshire cat era blink branding. the color is in fact identical to what was used on the post-182 CC promo poster: here is my amp head, ready for modification. you can see the translucent vinyl i will be using on the chair below: i am laser cutting some 2mil acrylic, having made a precise contour template of my VL 1002 plate: and here is the art: i will be sure to post my results in this thread when the modification is complete! hopefully next week sometime.
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    Also, Mr Trump finally says something I agree with.
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    Clarke, what the HELL did your mother and I tell you about lying on the internet? I feel like we didn't do enough, this could very well be our fault. I'm so disappointed, Clarke. You can be yourself, and people will like you for you !!! You're perfect just the way you are !!! You all quit picking on my shitty boy !!!
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    i don't mean to be unnecessarily negative or contrarian, but i thought reading 2014 was one of blink's worst-ever shows with tom. there's some glimpses of engagement on tom's part, but they play the same type of set, with a few untitled deep cuts mixed in because they couldn't be bothered to re-learn anything else or god forbid, write something new. and that was a bad idea still... look at how bored the audience is during all of this. tom sounds dreadful the entire way through, his guitar tone is shit, and mark's struggling as always. i always thought it was a low point because they were still a beloved band, with 100,000 people gathered to watch them play, and they were so poor-sounding and dysfunctional behind the scenes.
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    I feel like you are the one who says the same thing everyday... including this post, whining about people whining.
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    I agree and it's actually kinda crazy when you compare it to 3 years ago. When Matt joined I think we all assumed several things: great singer/songwriter/guitarist who will solidify Blink's dabblings in darker "hello there the angel from my nightmare" lyrical territory. Not only was that not the case, they've gone further than ever into weirdly generic/light/cookie cutter territory. I know that isn't his fault, but they have a pretty unique chance to do something special with this lineup and I hope they don't let it slip away!
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    people got bored of this constant repetitive whining. there is no point of posting anything because the same group of people start the same boring conversation everywhere, everytime.
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    If Jan thinks celebrities are idiots why did she vote for one?
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    So now Feldmann is telling Blink fans what they want to hear? No one expected an album like Untitled and it was their finest hour. I have a theory, Feldmann wants to keep producing Blink and hanging with them but his production style is seriously limited which means he has to do everything he can to keep blink on this straight and narrow pop punk factory copy bullshit in order to keep himself in a job. The only other style he sometimes seems able to do is stuff like Black Veil Brides/Atreyu but that's obviously not a sound that blink will be pursuing. Very sad but it's pretty clear this is the future.
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    this is why blink plays the same set list. fucking idiots like this are going to the shows and the band is ashamed of their audience.
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    I think a lot of times it doesn't make any sense to most people because depression and suicidal thoughts can come on suddenly and take hold. Alcohol and drugs can make the feelings much stronger. Someone could be happy a few hours ago and now they are ready to end it. You can say "oh they had so much to live for" but when the person are in the act of doing it, they are thinking that all the things they have to live for are better off without them.
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    I'll bring Cali and Cali Deluxe. We can listen on repeat!
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    Mr. Pizzagate is calling other people naïve. Amazing.
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    I see this thread, and I think "okay, little man Clarke just posted another long-ass tirade". I think nothing about it, since he isn't like me and I understand it's not worth considering so I don't really care. But then I think about the time it took for him to type out all of these long-ass tirades. Whether it be 5 minutes or 30. And I also think about the effort it took for him to think of the ideas to begin with, whether it be from his own mind or his notes from Philosophy 101. It's weird, dude. I'm faced with a personal dilemma, because I'm not sure if I should be creeped out or feel bad that he's put so much time into trying to educate us like this. I mentioned this before tons of other times, but Clarke, I'm serious when I say that I feel bad that you've wasted time on us like this, and I genuinely wish for you to make effort towards a better life experience and a better set of goals to reach.
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    Clarke was likely a sex addict, I actually remember him saying it as well. Either that or he said it because at the time he thought it would make him look cool. It goes hand and hand with his getting laid with Tinder stuff. If Clarke truly never said such a thing, he would dismiss all this talk and not even respond. If someone called me a sex addict on here I'd just be like "ok whatever man" and that would be the end of it. The fact that it becomes pages and pages and pages of this, means there is certainly a ring of truth to it.
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    The matter is over, as nobody believed you any more today than they did yesterday. Better luck next time. The sad thing is that you're not mad at me, you're mad at yourself.
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    Why is one of the most, if not the most, dishonest individuals I've ever spoken to trying to condescendingly and hypocritically educate me on the relationship between people and their value systems? How pathetic.
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    Seems to be the trend with this band and my life.
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    I ate Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for dinner last night. It was shaped like Minions. I bought it 'cause my daughter loves Minions. I ate it without her.
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    they can definitely be as bad as we describe and people will still go. around the advent of enema, blink's audience became largely casual fans which encompasses wildly different groups of people... which is fine! they probably won't care how the band sounds; they're here for ATST (evident in last night's video). we're dedicated enough to join a forum, and we care a lot about the band. so we have room to criticize. it can sometimes come across as needless nitpicking, but we really just want the best. unfortunately though, their best days are largely behind them as a live act (and studio for most of us, if it keeps going the way it's going)
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    No one expects Matt to be Tom, that would just be as loony as Leo Dehoe shit. But Matt needs to have a thing, Mark as a thing, Travis has a thing, Billie Joe has a thing, Dave Grohl has a thing, Rivers Cuomo has a thing, Freddie Mercury has a thing....and on and on and on. Ya know what that is called? CHEMISTRY. I am sorry but Matt has no chemistry with Blink. There is nothing Matt does in Blink that says "Yeah man, its clicking!" It looks wrong. It feels off. It doesn't work. Its not so much that its THAT horrible. Sure 70 min shows, bad guitar tone, stale setlists are one thing. But really its, that Matt doesn't add anything.
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    It isn't persuasive if no one believes your argument lmfao
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    Yeah, as a real fan I don't know how to cope with the new direction of the band either.
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    Just an FYI Redbull TV is streaming Blink's set from Lollapalooza Friday at 9:45 EST. Not sure it it's full length or will be joined in progress. Edit: It will be full length. I will make a topic with the link Friday for anyone who is interested.
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    are you listening to yourself?
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    Obviously, Mark, Travis and Matt had their say in the new album. I don't even think they were not the main songwriters and my issue really isn't that a producer co-wrote them - I don't care about that, what matters is how good the songs are. That said, for anyone that has ever listened to any of those three guys' past music and to stuff produced by Feldmann, it's pretty clear that most of the bad elements came from him: the copy/paste feel, the ridiculous overuse of vocalizing, the mandatory "first thought best thought" approach to lyrics, the forced and generic "we are forgotten young suburbia" motto, etc. Plus we know the band was in a weird position and we've read countless times about Mark's writer's block/lack of confidence... Feldmann also brought positive things (I love most of California), like returning Mark's voice to life and giving Matt that old raspy tone again, but now that the deluxe is out I think they went as far and as expansive as they could with him. In the end, it's clear he doesn't get blink's romantic/lostful/earnest side, he sees them just as a shitty and goofy pop punk band, which is depressing.
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    Also fuck what 'the people' want (which is probably based on some marketing research his team did). What about just getting the best out of Mark, Matt and Travis.
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    Yeah I was thinking the same thing the other day. I can't even imagine if Mark, Tom or Travis passed away unexpectedly. I'd be gutted emotionally, which is weird because I've never met them. Makes me appreciate how Travis recovered from the plane crash that much more. Dude is seriously a badass for eventually going cold turkey on the drugs, both illegal and legal. Could've gone down DJ AM's path but didn't.
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    They won't, they don't do anything special or out of the ordinary anymore. That is my biggest complaint really. Blink use to be a band who made decisions where I said "So cool, such a great idea, really keeps me guessing". Now much of it is just safe, stale, and boring.