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    But hey, what really matters here: Iis Leo Dehoe going to ake off his wedding ring too?
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    Good for him. Bet he’s fucking loving it. Probably having 5 wanks a day and munching pizza for breakfast. What a life ffs
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    So after skimming this thread I have come to the conclusion that my stay-at-home-mother was just a leech. Fuck.
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    Why would you work if married to a millionaire? talk about a waste of time I'd be the best stay at home dad of all time if i could be
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    Well, I think we all knew you were projecting, but thanks for confirming it.
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    Now Oliver can play guitar like Skiba, drum like Travis and interior design like Jen
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    Clearly people on the AVAbot facebook page hasn't heard about brocode..
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    we should all treat each other with generosity and respect. we all make mistakes.
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    Notice how he's always pictured with other men in all his photos? In this one in particular he's standing much closer to the guy with his clothes off than Tom with his clothes on. This isn't uncommon for ethansexual men. You are just unaware.
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    as someone who knew scott at the time, he is not an alcoholic, in the clinical definition. he was depressed and unhappy in the band, and as a result was drinking too much. it's important to note that "drinking too much" at a certain time in your life is not the same as being an alcoholic. mr. raynor has talked about this at length, most notably in this book: https://www.amazon.com/Blink-182-Band-Breakdown-Return-ebook/dp/B01BB7R9EU/ scott was unhappy about signing to a major label (he had hoped for epitaph) and wanted the band to stay smaller and more punk. he did not want to be an MTV star, and that lead to tension with tom and mark (who totally wanted it). that's why he was depressed, and that's why he was drinking too much. i last hung out with him on the tour bus at the san diego sno-core date. he was super down for sure. i was at the josie video shoot a number of weeks later but we didn't talk.
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    literally the definition of california
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    such a nice song. I really dig Mark‘s lower voice
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    The only way California might look semi good is if Blink releases another album that is so bad, that it makes it look good. Which is very possible to be honest.
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    Anyone’s else consider Elevator a Blink song. Mark and toms vocals are so good. Song is a fucking jam
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    Sorry to crush his hopes and dreams, but that's just an Italian biscuit lol
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    I'm actually interested to hear what music bachelor Tom can write haha
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    scott absolutely did not quit the band. he absolutely was fired. has this ever been in contention? not to my knowledge. he told people the palladium show would be his last, but i think he must have meant in california, in LA, locally, something like that. because it's obvious to me now that he played beyond that date. when i said "he announced" i did not in any way mean to suggest that it was his decision. the timeline in anne's book—taken in conjunction with scott's interview in the shooman book—is vague enough to be open to some interpretation. my interpretation used to be: australia visit #1, josie video shoot, australia visit #2, palladium show, then scott out by the end of may. but THANK YOU @Thibaut182 for posting that youtube link. the "damnation tour poster" that is the image for that audio link on youtube clearly shows all the dates to be in may: so that settles it, at least for me. the band was in australia after the palladium show for what looks like most of may. to clarify, my own timeline of interaction with mr. raynor is this: the last time i spoke to scott personally was backstage on the tour bus at the san diego sno-core date on february 9, 1998. the last time i saw scott in person was at the josie video shoot on april 19, 1998 (though we didn't chat other than hey, how are you). the last time i saw scott perform with the band was at the hollywood palladium on may 1, 1998. the first time i saw travis perform with the band was on june 24th at canes in mission beach. the flyers were printed well ahead of time, however, and feature scott: so yea, i did have the timeline screwy. even going back to my own ticket stubs, i saw them at spring thing at san diego state on april 26. there's just no room in april for them to have gone to oz. oh, and @Olidamus, i've got all my pics from the palladium show if you'd like me to post them again (i think the old links are dead now). the SDSU show as well.
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    Let me go in her room im feeling kids
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    Happy two year anniversary to this dumbass video I edited going viral. That made for such a weird / hilarious couple of days for me. I don't know how or why this thing got so much media attention.
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    It's a message board, what the fuck else are you supposed to do here
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    You're talking very different situations with each release, though. none of the hate situations relate in the same way. Untitled was bashed by some (not the majority of) fans because it was too much of a departure from their usual sound. (people grew to like the record) Neighborhoods was bashed because it was a botched disjointed job that sounded more like their solo projects than a cohesive record as one band. (people appreciated some of it but from what I can see, no actual opinion of it has changed dramatically over time) California is bashed because it's 40 year old dudes trying to appeal to a teenage demographic with recycled ideas and tired writing by someone not actually in the band. (been out for a while now, still sucks).
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    distant relatives by marriage don't know this kind of weird shit about each other. you're a totally obsessed fan and most likely completely insane. if anything, you've convinced yourself that you know him and have some kind of relationship with him.
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    We know nothing about how well the company is doing, or how much of "Tom's" money she used to create it - for all we know he invested at the beginning, and she's made a profit from it. her name is also on a lot of the projects Tom has run, for all we know she worked hard on all of them. Outside of all this, I don't see why it matters. in any healthy relationship the finances are shared, regardless of how much each partner brings in. She raised his children, she supported him emotionally, why shouldn't she be able to use his wealth? what is she supposed to do, shop at target while he's jetting around all over the place trying to build spaceships? You don't know their relationship, so you're just wildly speculating. we don't know any of the ins and outs. hell, you keep saying Tom's cheated on her a million times - as he's the high earner is he entitled to cheat on her by that basis? is she not allowed to be upset by that because she's a kept rich woman?
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    Nothing screams divorce more than this photograph:
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    You are another person who needs more booze in your life. Calm your ass down a bit.
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    i thought i'd add scans of the relevant passages in both anne's book and the shooman one. here ya go: tales from your mom 01 tales from your mom 02 tales from your mom 03 tales from your mom 04 shooman book 01 shooman book 02 shooman book 03 shooman book 04
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    I'm 30 and I still discover new acts all the time. What I liked at 14-15, I can still "like" it to a degree, but I can also see how dated and questionable it can be. I just don't see myself as stagnate, but things aren't as mind-blowing as they once were. But I will say that new "popular" music is hard to get into. But I think it's because the music is just not that great, not that I "just don't get it".
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    Man it's a damn shame what blink have gone through if this is all legit. They were at the top of the world. Scott had his problems and was kicked out. Travis came in and they had the time of their lives. Mark & Tom best friends for life it'd seem, but they got older and ended up being more distant. Eventually clashing to the point they could no longer be in the same room anymore. They had to talk through other people or emails. Tom at the time was addicted to painkillers. Travis was probably always stoned on drugs around then. Travis had his issues with his wife of the time as well. Then Jerry Finn's death had an impact. Then there was the plane crash. Travis admittedly was suicidal. DJ AM the only other survivor of the crash died a year on. Tom had skin cancer in 2010. Tom gained a lot of weight around then too. He also seemed to have a midlife crisis and changed his whole mindset on what he wanted out of his life. Turns out music isn't his only calling, which could explain why Tom is so hellbent on making movies, books and shit. Tom's friend and sound engineer or whatever died around the time of AVA's 4th album. Now if this is all true, they've had even more shit. They haven't had the best of times in their 30s and 40s. Tom clearly has his issues. Travis seems to be the only guy who's happy. Same with Skiba tbh. Mark & Tom though, I always get the feeling they need each other more than anything else. Nobody understood them the way they understood each other.
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    Yeah I don't buy the alcoholic thing either. Although spending everyday with John Feldmann would surely drive anyone to the bottle!
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    The fan fiction line doesn’t make sense to me because music doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Behavior patterns of band members—their personalities, POVs on their music, etc—play a role in the creation of every release. Otherwise we wouldn’t have books of research / history about John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s songwriting partnership, Brian Wilson’s control over The Beach Boys, Kurt Cobain’s misery about his fame, etc. Were all of the superfans who took the time to analyze everything about these people’s lives in music merely writing “fan fiction?” (And I’m not saying we’re the equivalent of Beatles historians—just that the practice of analyzing artist behavior isn’t stupid.) blink and its members have a history just like any other band, and we have blink’s biggest fans in the world here whose critical thinking about it is cool but also warranted. One of them even wrote blink’s Wikipedia pages, ffs. If not for all of these discussions, this board would fall flat on its ass, and I think everyone knows that. (Including you, Ghent, because you’re not using your safe space thread. The last post in there was mid-May or something.) It’s either we’d fall flat or we’d become the equivalent of a YouTube comment section or r/Blink182. People come to a forum for a reason.
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    I really think Mark found Plus 44 to be a failure. When you are use to success on a grand scale and suddenly you are playing clubs; I think it broke him. Why didn't we get anymore Plus 44? Why can't Mark write songs to save his life? Mark and Tom are total opposites, Tom can't be broken no matter what, Mark is so fragile, that if he isn't #1, its just not good enough. Two guys, who totally tossed their amazing potential in the garbage can. But in different ways.
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    “Have you ever been attracted to a goat? The guys know how you feel.” Classic
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    I give it a week before he's in a hot tub with Feldmann.
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    One of my biggest pet peeves here is people talking shit about their wives for no reason or pretending to know anything about their family/relationship situations. Yeah yeah, we all wish WE were the ones married to Tom and Mark, big deal get over it.
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    lol well i’ll be damned. good job then. sorry for callin you out, and thanks for the contribution
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    I put in my online dating profile that I am not interested in anyone who is obsessed with drinking. Had to do it. Because too many are. Like a few drinks during dinner is fine. If all you want to do for a good time is go out and sit in a bar; I have zero interest.
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    lmao best song of 2018 right here:
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    It's not all Feldy's fault. Mark has difficulty writing lyrics now and Matt still can't play certain riffs and needs a teleprompter for song lyrics. Over the hill is an understatement.
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    hey why don't you give and elaborate opinion on a discussion regarding blink just for once?
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    I don't think there's any secret formula to getting successful in the music industry and there never has been. There's talented ones that have some luck and make it, there's talented ones that don't. I disagree that if you simply just work your butt off, you will break through. I know plenty of ppl that dedicate their life to music and never go anywhere more than some local shows and some following on social media. I know some of the most talented ppl ever who simply are too shy about it. On the other hand, I do know a couple who travel the world now for their music. The common trend with them is they all just met the right ppl and had something interesting about them.
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    It's frankly a fucking awful time to be a musician, actually. Internet is massively oversaturated with small artists, no one leaves there homes to see small shows anymore, and a musician now has to be more than talented and hardworking - they have to be marketing experts too with a lot of money, or else it's practically never going to happen for them. I spent a stupid amount of money time and effort on my EP release. I've been an artists for over 15 years - wanna know how much I made through online sales and streaming? $8. I'm not saying my music is the best ever or anything, but that record deserves more than 8 goddamn dollars. And I am also a big believer in not selling out, because the quality does decline - I really struggle to think of an artist who's songwriting is more authentic and better after signing to a major. As soon as you have suits involved they will chop up your songs completely to fit the mainstream appeal - I had one rep hear an old collection of my songs and he sent me a letter basically telling me how to rewrite them to sell - songs aren't products that should be altered for mass appeal. My songs mean the world to me, they're artistic expression, and art should never be compromised for money. Yes, all artists should strive for success, but I think it's perfectly reasonable to want to stay true to your art - that's why you start writing and playing in the first place. Without that, whats it actually for? Who is it for? Idk if I see this differently because im a songwriter or something, but that's how I see it.
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    Mark Hoppus: “We are well into the writing of the next record. It’s still in the writing stage, so it will probably change over time but right now it’s really aggressive and really catchy and dark and weird. If you take California and compare it to Enema of the State, I would say that what we’re writing now is more in line with Take off Your Pants and Jacket and the Untitled record.” I've learned to never trust Mark when he says what his new music will sound like, but this does put a spark of hope back in me.
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    It's strange because I feel the same but at the same time the deluxe improved a little bit on some things too. They weren't adding gang vocals or annoying woahs on songs that are actually good. Left Alone & Hey I'm Sorry are good songs but the Feldman habits annoy the hell out of me for them two tracks. Whereas on the deluxe, Long Lost Feeling & Bottom of the Ocean (my personal favourites of the whole Cali era) he actually didn't fuck it up for once. The thing about the deluxe is that the crap songs are so so bad. I thought California was bad with Sober, SOOHM, Rabbit Hole and the title track. The deluxe topped them with Parking Lot, Wildfire, Don't Mean Anything. Didn't expect that to happen at all. One other thing I think blink need to improve on is that overused chord progression blink have been using on both California editions for the chorus sections on most songs. Bored to Death, SOOHM, HISALP, Left Alone, San Diego, California, Misery, Good Old Days, Don't Mean Anything, Hey I'm Sorry, Last Train Home, 6/8, Long Lost Feeling. That's 13 songs out of 27 (not counting the joke songs). The smiley face album only had Feeling This & Always with that chord progression. 2 songs out of 15. Neighborhoods only has Wishing Well. 1 song out of 14. Take Off only Story of a Lonely Guy and Anthem Part Two. Oh and Online Songs if you're counting the bridge. 3 songs out of 15 (taking out the joke songs and adding the 3 bonus tracks that aren't joke songs). Enema has Aliens Exist (verses), Going Away to College, What's My Age Again, Wendy Clear & Man Overboard (I'll count it since it was originally meant to be for Enema anyway). 5 out of 13, which can be considered a bit too much. But in Enema's defence, the nanananas aren't in almost every song and even if they do have a lot of similar chord progressions, they're a lot more subtle than the ones from California. And Enema has riffs too. Dude Ranch has Dammit, Dick Lips and I'm Sorry. 3 out of 15. Cheshire Cat has Carousel, M+Ms, Sometimes and Toast & Bananas. 4 out of 14-15 songs (can't really remember the joke songs, but I know there's 1 or 2 that aren't proper songs). One of Feldman's biggest flaws is that he overuses certain things that are fine for 2-3 songs an album but he feels the need to use them for nearly every song. He basically has 4 flaws. 1. Overusing shit (nananas, gang vocals, woahs, every song has to have vocals nearly all the way through as well, no space for the instruments to do their things, like riffs or lead parts or whatever) 2. Overused chord progression for nearly every chorus. 3. First thought = best thought & rushing the songwriting (for some this works but I don't think it applies to blink anymore. Blink aren't the same pop punk band they used to be where they could shit out fun catchy pop punk songs in 10 minutes, they changed all that beginning with BCR/smiley face). 4. Too involved with the songwriting process. Let blink write it on their own man. They're perfectly capable even if they overthink shit and aren't as inspired as they used to be. Let them take 1-2 years or whatever to write 10-12 great songs rather than spend 6 months writing 15-25 trash wannabe ATL/Good Charlotte/Simple Plan modern pop punk songs with about 5 great songs stuck in between them all. Skiba & Mark are way better songwriters too. Blink and Trio > Goldfinger. Plus it's blink. He doesn't need to worry about if it's commercial sounding or not. The blink name sells itself.
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    do you post anything that isn't some form of an insult to some demographic you dislike?