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    Old Reddit Q&A. Pretty ironic now.
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    Feldmann: "There's this rad track on the new album I'm so jacked up about. I can't get enough of it, and it's gotta be the best song the band's written in fifteen years. It's called 'donuts and coffee.' I wrote it myself."
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    Matt: "but Blink comes first. I feel like this was so organic. The writing process, everything has been so organic. Sometimes you have to put money I mean something that's so organic fist. Alkaline will always be a part of me but I've grown naturally into Blink." Mark: "and it was, fine. I wish his future endeavors the best. We will continue to play our hits for the setlist. 90 minutes is the perfect length." Travis: "drums, hardwork, hip hop, social media, spit bubbles, tattoos. It's crazy, it's like I'm addicted. I guess you could say, I'm an addict. We've been starting to write again already, it's crazy, crazy man, I thought it couldn't be topped but I think this next set of songs is the best thing we've ever wrote. My kids love it. Alabama wrote part of the lyrics and Landon helped design the artwork.."
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    I predict Mark's gonna have that same stupid haircut for the next 10 years.
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    Personally I think I like that lyric. I think it's good.
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    Alkaline Trio is more of his kid band singing about being teenagers, but blink-182 is where he's really going to revolutionize the industry. Is Matt the Tom of Alk3?
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    Awesome, awesome video. Side note: it's such a damn great feeling to see 3 guys who actually want to be there and genuinely enjoy each other's company. To me, that's always what Blink has been about.
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    this is all we have to do now that our band sucks now lol
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    happy bday dude ranch!!!! holy cow that's crazy it's been 20 years. wasn't there talk of the band doing something special for it? anyway, here's mark and tom on release day mocking dude ranch being in the metal section at a long-dead virgin megastore:
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    Lemmings with three votes? fucking disgusting.
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    Not all great artists are great businessmen. But I will tell you this; he's made more money than you and I. So let the bitter sleeping dogs lie. don't worry, tom's gonna come back in the meantime, enjoy this Box Car Racer snack soon you'll be amazed and joyous too when we see our tom rejoin blink 182 yeahhhhhhhh
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    Travis also pretty much shuts down BCR, thank fucking god.
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    The Tombot has evolved it would seem. It would appear the people most obsessed with Tom on here are the people who claim to hate him, they go round following his every move on social media getting wound up every single time when he shows the same behavioral patterns that he has done for the last decade or so. Very strange. This then followed by shouting "TOMBOT! TOMBOT!" as a defence mechanism whenever asked why they do it. On a side note as well, claiming glory against potshots and deleted comments on his social media might be the lamest thing I've ever heard too. I think I'd rather be an AVA fanatic that dresses up as Poet Anderson on a daily basis than do/boast about that shit.
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    What a sad little man he has become. I was thinking about going out in a blaze of glory on his facebook page. I am still on there because I stopped replying just before he figured out how to ban people. He'd ban quick, but if I can think of some great comments that would just cut him deep to the core I might consider it. Guy deserves it, he is garbage.
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    Good Old Days is officially approved by my daughter:
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    That was kind of a bore. It's a "safe" interview. Blink has only given a couple tell all's in their career. This one ranks very high on the limited details scale. "Well that is tough to say...." " I am not really sure...." "I don't have a comment on that...." "Tom does his thing and we do ours....." Etc I feel like Blink has become the opposite of why I bgan to like them, they play is too safe. Their asses are so tight. God forbid they disrupt the safe route, with their music, and with what they say.
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    Speaking of male celebrities and sex, I paid $80 to meet William Shatner, being a huge Star Trek fan, I was so excited. So he went to sign my picture and I said "make it out to James" and he said "what?" and I said "James, like James Doohan" and he said "Oh yeah, great guy" and he signed it and I said "Thank you" and he said "Thank you James". I am sorry but hearing William Shatner call me by my name, I definitely got a boner. Then I went to get my picture with him and I wanteds the picture with me shaking his hand, so I grabbed his hand, and he was ok with that, but then there was so confusion with the photographer which caused about a 30 second delay in taking the picture, and I could tell Shatner was getting uncomfortable holding my hand because his started to kind of pull away from me and the more he pulled away the more I grabbed his hand. That is the result in the photo, its great because his hand is all curled up and I am like "no you are going to hold my hand dammit" Again, I got a boner.
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    On my way to see my first Blink show! Still pretty excited despite all the craziness surrounding Cali. Hoping for Lemmings! #loljk
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    To me it will never be "worth it". I guess paying somebody to meet me isn't very appealing.
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    This is more far fetched than a BCR reunion.
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    This is what happens when you drink and start thinking about a former love. We've all been there.
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    Clarke: blink shouldn't make herpes jokes because the PC police might target them for it. Clarke: CoD shouldn't remove swastikas from multiplayer because that would be giving in to PC culture.
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    that's fairly accurate. although i have less hair and better glasses.
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    I don't know with you guys but if I really like a song/album I listen to it all the time...even if it's 2017.
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    You're saying it's PC culture when this is decided by the devs, not by protestors. There can be a plethora of reasons to not include something (multiple versions of the game effecting the use of nazi iconography like Kyle pointed out) as well as potentially lots of others. PC people aren't the one over reacting, you are. You say you're not talking about historical accuracy but to me that's the only legitimate argument against why removing it is a problem but still - but the actual gameplay isn't changing. The weapons and such will be based in WWII, from an actual player perspective this changes nothing. the campaign has the accuracy for story so that's also covered. not to mention... it's multiplayer. In real wars people don't die and then respawn. there's a multitude of totally unrealistic elements. If no one has protested for this, and it doesn't actually remotely effect the story or how the game is played, then your argument is incredibly thin. regardless of who you 'play' as the only difference will be cosmetic - essentially down to the outfit and the occasional flag you might glimpse. That makes no fundamental difference on the user experience, and if the devs decided to not include it it isn't like they did the work and then back pedalled - they did what they chose to do, which is their right as those creating the game. I don't see how this is lefty PC culture when the only people causing a fuss over something as unimportant as a flag in a video game is you.
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    So sad to see where the mark and tom friendship ended up. I know they are complete opposites but still. Fucking shit that.
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    and that's just that lol -- you've just exaggerated people's disdain for the albums. i don't know anyone who thinks feldmann was conspiring to ruin the band, and i don't believe he's solely responsible for the music. i think it comes down to that they signed up to work with a dude who lazily factory assembles his product, and they had to write it quick and it sucks lol. i think matt's never fully meshed with the band and the way they made cali -- using pre-existing guitar loops or whatever, letting feldmann come up with melodies -- didn't help it. i do, however, think they know it sucks. play weatherman from WYHSB and then play don't mean anything. i think mark's enjoying being relevant again, matt's enjoying the money, and travis is doing what he always does.
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    As someone that criticised California for it's overuse on that typical chord progression, I still like a lot of them songs. Bored to Death, Misery, Left Alone, 6/8, Last Train Home, Home Is Such A Lonely Place, Long Lost Feeling etc all songs I love from the California album. Just because they have the same chord progressions as other songs, doesn't make them bad or rehashes. Yeah, may be lazy writing in a way if you're gonna keep using it. Feeling This apart from the chord progression isn't a rehash at all. If that's a rehash, then it's also a rehash of Let It Be by the Beatles or something. There's not a song that sounds like Feeling This. What other band in music has a song with hip hop grooves for its drum beat, a unique pop punk riff, vocalists trading lines with each other (both shouting them as well), with a sing along chorus, with its final chorus being louder, faster? Not to mention one of the singers purposely singing out of tune just before the bridge when the second singer comes in (which to me would fit in a rap song almost). The song is what 14 years old? Even in 2017, not one band has made a song that sounds like Feeling This. That's blink through and through. The only thing that will be similar to Feeling This is the chord progression. Feeling This was blink reinventing pop punk IMO. The album may not have been full on pop punk, but that song is and to this day, nothing sounds like it. Great song.
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    I've read Revenant and Blood Meridian. Can't seem to find the influences in such "masterpieces" as Sober or Parking Lot. Sorry.
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    alkaline trio "didn't go anywhere." lol really? for a band that wasn't part of the MTV/TRL craze, they went about as far as you can go without it.
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    this is such a great post. i agree 1000x. particularly about how maybe tom was right, which is so embarrassing. i thought once he got the boot we'd be in for, like you said, prime mark hoppus or something, but instead this music he's contributed to is just bad for the most part. it's confusing that the same guy who poured his soul into WYHSB is content to sit back and shit out cali. i thought he was better than that honestly. i honestly think he's just mellowing cause he's getting older and writer's block has given way to laziness. which is even worse, cause that's translated into a new relevancy for the band: a number one album, a well-performing single, a grammy nod... it's outrageous
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    Chiming in on this cause I'd like to say a few words in defense of Boring. I really like that song, it's one of the most guitar oriented blink songs, and when the bass kicks in it gets even better. The breakdown is awesome, pure Dude Ranch guitar sound and classic Hoppus bass solo. It could have been faster, but it's fast enough and fun to play. And that kissing and horse sound at the end makes me chuckle every time. So underrated.
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    lemmings is certainly one of the most honest songs mark's ever made. it's great. i do not understand how it has three votes
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    When we discuss worst blink songs I'm not sure Dude Ranch should even be mentioned in the same breath (although I know why it has, that's the game). Not a bad song on the album for me. Will probably refrain from voting this time around and see what you bastards vote out this time. Strings FFS.
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    i gave CA deluxe a listen the other day while i was travelling, right after i listened to a few other albums in my current rotation: gaslight anthem, microwave, and the menzingers. what was immediately apparent was how inauthentic blink-2017 sounded in comparison. it's almost like the music was constructed in a lab. what i mean is, there isn't a single track on either CA or CA deluxe that remotely sounds like it was jammed on in a rehearsal space or garage. and the final recordings do not in any way sound like people in the same room at the same time. it's all very clinical, very sterile. the lyrics are without any genuine feeling, there are no real stories; it just sounds like mark and matt pick phrases that simply sound neat. contrast with gaslight anthem, or the menzingers, or microwave; the recordings all sound perfectly mixed, live in a room. every word drips with real stories, real feelings. there is pain and joy in the melodies. whether you like these bands or not (and i only mention these three as they were on right before i put on CA deluxe), the music is honest. it's real. blink-2017 is just, well, without soul. without meaning.
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    I actually am glad that Travis isn't on Dude Ranch. I prefer Travis as a drummer and I did fall in love with blink when he was a member, but to me part of the genius of Dude Ranch was that it was before all the drama. all of it. It's the original band, at full speed, with stupid humour and jokes but also songs that aren't *only* funny, with real moments of "hey kick you in the nuts thats awesome" punk. There are great musical moments all over that record that floor me, like the breakdown and end of Emo, or the main riff in Enthused, The pre chorus in Dick Lips, hell the entirety Im Sorry - there's just so much richness to an album that's mostly just three young dudes messing about with a producer. It's raw but polished enough to sit through comfortably, it's silly but it's varied whilst also being cohesive - it's just fun. it's the most full on genuine and fun record we ever had with them, no crazy MTV style level pressure, but past the teething problems at the start of their career. it was truly the blink-182 sweet spot. It's always been my favourite and I can see why others think self titled is the 'magnum opus' but I am inclined to agree with you that it's actually Dude Ranch.
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    I don't know how many times I have to tell you that, yes I fell for the fake account, but I think that's what makes it such a great parody account to begin with. I don't have a problem with it, even though I did fall for it, that just means its a successful parody account. Lighten up dude.
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    Yeah I can definitely see his side more now when it comes to strictly music-related things (I'll never understand his personality changes and abandoning Blink multiple times, etc). It seems like beyond all of Tom's annoying traits since 05, he always wanted to move the band forward. And I think it's safe to say Mark was more concerned with staying comfortable, even if it meant retreading old styles and trying to capture 90s/00s magic again. I can totally understand both of those views, and I can also totally understand why those views stopped working together, especially after they stopped communicating well. Tom thought Mark was stuck in the past and scared to "try to be the biggest band in the world," which only fueled his idea that Blink was just pop for teenagers, and Mark thought Tom was unrealistic and unappreciative with lame new music taste. Both are probably true to some extent. When Tom was booted I really expected a rebirth of some kind for Mark, and that he'd kinda let loose for the first time in years and come up with some rad purely unfiltered Hoppus goodness because he wouldn't have to wrangle with Tom's spaciness anymore. And for people who love Cali maybe they got that. But for me the new stuff seems way more stilted and unnatural than anything Mark has ever put out, which sadly makes Tom seem right in thinking Blink was stuck and wasn't able to evolve anymore. All that being said, I do not like AVA or Tom's demos album, so it's not like just following his lead would have resulted in better music either. I've always been a big believer that their best work BY FAR comes when they work together. But when their communication/friendship broke down over the years we were left with this haha.