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  1. Pm me your Gmail address so I can NOT send you info per the rules of this wonderful forum. I would never.
  2. Just struck me that this is the last time I'll probably hear Brand New music for the first time. Teared up a bit.
  3. PM me your Gmail if you have one
  4. I'm approx ten feet from bojangles listening to this leak, this world be crazy
  5. The mother fucker sold out within an hour. I wanted one
  6. Some of y'all need to figure out how line breaks work here.
  7. I didn't like him, Aria didn't either, it was known and open and most people thought we were assholes for it, but everyone KNEW this, including him. We were sitting there having a conversation on some group video chat service, can't remember which, Clarke rolls in looking bored for ten minutes, says nothing but I guess was typing in the text box, leaves, all during the course of Aria and I having a conversation. Comes here and tells everyone that we were mean to him, and everyone bitched at me for being mean to him. We just had no idea why the fuck he was there. This place was the fucking worst in that time period.
  8. He's gonna psychoanalyze me boys
  9. If that strikes you as a meltdown, I think you're reading more into my tone than is there. Do you think I'm being hysterical?
  10. Are you telling me I'm being hysterical?
  11. The bigger part of me says he's just that stupid. Who knows.
  12. I'm not saying this as a joke or a meme or whatever, but Clarke when he's being smug and Donald Trump on a good day have very similar communication style, with the dumb insults and the antagonism. Also Clarke defending his, what I presume to be, serious views, "citing" them, and Donald Trump in the same position with the "a lotta people tell me this, a loooot of people"... Also Clarke when he's mad saying things like "that's sad!" and general methods of describing his exaggerated-for-effect disgust and the obvious similarities to Trump's comments to the haters.. Has this actually just been a long-running joke? I actually feel dumb right now for not assuming this was entirely fabricated.
  13. He's warning you, bucko.
  14. I would sell that soon
  15. Oh of course we do. It's an incredible process we go through.