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  1. The Wrestling Topic

    Maybe Roman turns heel on the Shield. That might be too much though
  2. Modern Baseball

    I'm glad I dislike you both already
  3. The Wrestling Topic

    I think Roman is a decently talented dude who was given a god awful set of moves and traits. He needs to evolve into something pretty fuckin different. I was so thrilled to see the Shield!!! I thought it was kind of weird though that it was just like "oh yeah we reunited, here we are!", without much story to go with that decision. Also, what was that Sister Abigail presentation? That was so fucking uncomfortable. Even more uncomfortable watching Finn Balor have to pretend to be spooked. I think I say it every time, but I hate Bayley, I don't want to see Sasha pushed out either, but both of them seem to be on a distinct back burner. Also, Asuka is so fucking rad you guys. If you haven't seen her on NXT, you're in for a treat. I can't wait for her to be on the Raw roster.
  4. Modern Baseball

    I flew to Philly yesterday, did some exploring, and saw their second to last show (the very last one is tonight). They performed their album Sports in full, did a bunch of songs they never play, and played Your Graduation three times in a row, probably just to fuck with everyone and watch the crowd continue to kick the shit out of each other. I was in the middle of the craziness for this one. I don't usually get into the pit, I typically stay to the sides and watch from there, get tousled around a bit, but this time I was in the shit for the entire show. I thought I was going to die a few times losing my balance and I am shocked at how intense that was for a Mobo show, but it was a great experience. My body hurts and I miss them already.
  5. Harvey Weinstein

    He's left the country Polanski style to go to sex and behavioral rehab. He hopes that once he has made enough progress, he will have a second chance. So, summary, he's fully expecting this to go away. And honestly, it probably will.
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    I googled it to see but I don't think so
  7. Harvey Weinstein

    Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23* hahaha
  8. Harvey Weinstein

    Rose McGowan's Twitter got suspended for a while for posting somebody's phone number in a tweet. Harvey Weinstein's wife has left him Matt Damon insists he never saw anything. Ben Affleck apologizes for groping that girl's boob on TRL Charlie Sheen is in the process of being called out for molesting women? Here's an article of the full accusations: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/10/10/a_list_of_sexual_assault_and_harassment_allegations_against_harvey_weinstein.html Since its publication, I think, Kate Beckinsale and Cara Delevigne have become part of those accusing Weinstein of bad behavior Lindsay Lohan now involved as a screenshot of an email she sent to her management team was posted discussing how disgusting Bob Weinstein, Harvey's brother, was. And now agents that continually pushed their clients onto Weinstein are being called out. Below is one example. I think it's important to document, too, how big this is for journalism. The NY Times had Weinstein as an advertiser, he advertised on many outlets, and he'd shut down/threatened many other attempted exposes in the past. The NY Times did not give a fuck, and now a whole boatload of celebrities and agents and facets of the entertainment industry are going down.
  9. Harvey Weinstein

    If your lack of interest was portrayed casually vs pointedly, it would not be labeled as "aggressive", no, because it would then be casual.
  10. Harvey Weinstein

    Nobody is being aggressive! That was not the purpose of that word usage! Agghhhhhh!!!!!
  11. Harvey Weinstein

    You are literally babbling
  12. Harvey Weinstein

    That didn't mean that you were being aggressive, it's that your opinion demanded to be heard and I was hearing it
  13. Harvey Weinstein

    Ben Affleck's old TRL video coming back up and more accusations against his bro as well.. I hadn't seen the TRL thing, but that was pretty weird. Also, what the fuck is this?
  14. Harvey Weinstein

    You aggressively don't care. We get it
  15. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Half of his experts seem, as he's introducing them, like they weren't aware that he thought they could do what he is saying they're gonna do, and like they can't do those things.