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  1. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    Ohhh ok. I expected it to be called The Return.
  2. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    Yeah, what is that? I just saw it on Amazon when I was looking for FWWM.
  3. Welcome To Twin Peaks

    It's not. You can rent it on Amazon for $4 though. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071SGZ1DC
  4. Deleted Threads

    As long as the concept of recovering threads that had a lot of content involved in their making is a valid reason to replace them. I think that beyond first and last names and other specific doxxing, there isn't much that should be deleted in terms of entire topics so long as you can edit your posts.
  5. Deleted Threads

    Yeah, this really. A lot of people spend a lot of time fleshing out their thoughts. It seems dumb to some people, but it's something that is done here.
  6. Deleted Threads

    It doesn't seem like it's about post count so much as it's about removing entire, extended dialogues about a lot of different topics, potentially. Like for me, as a writer, I often use some conversations as an opportunity to flesh out my thoughts on a topic, and this place tends to have discussions about a lot of current events and topics. If I can't go back and see what I said because someone else deleted it, that's a drag for me. I know that in the past I've talked about love/sex/relationships in a way that I wanted to reference later, but it's gone now.
  7. Pinegrove

    What on earth... I have tickets to it, was just coming here to say I love them. This seems like a weird scenario, because it kinda sounds like he's apologizing for what seems to be a, not moral based on the context of her not being single, but whole relationship. I don't know.
  8. The Sex Pest Club

    He wouldn't be able to say much, would he? We might end up talking about how he brutally abused his wife again.
  9. The Sex Pest Club

    If our current standard of truth in allegation continues, Trump raped several women.
  10. Warped tour ending cross-country Sumer tour in 2018

    It was kinda lame, they were saying that last year didn't draw people and it was losing steam, so they're quitting, but one year's success is a weird reason to bail on the whole thing.
  11. The Wrestling Topic

    I was at Smackdown on Tuesday, that raid was so sick. I prefer Raw, so it was awkward listening to everyone like RAW SUCKS SO BAD but it was so great to see just literally everyone, and to see the absolute slaughter. I'm excited for Survivor Series, but that was an incredible night.
  12. Brand New's Brand New Record

    Being 17 when someone asks you for nudes is a little different than being 15, but I understand why it seems wrong and I agree that it was. I guess it doesn't matter if she's telling the truth or not. I can't really grasp why all of this is put together to be such a bizarre, shitty narrative, but it doesn't matter. Further, if this is all stuff being taken out of context and fabricated by crazed Brand New fans, that just makes this all the more shitty and disappointing as a conclusion to their career.
  13. Brand New's Brand New Record

    The original girl who stated that she was 15 decided to provide proof, that proof being two unanswered emails from after she was 18 in 2007, and a message from the band on Myspace regarding the release of Daisy (a few other fans confirmed that they sent out messages about it at the time). A whole bunch of people who knew her are saying that she did this with multiple dudes in bands and would brag about it, and she posted on Facebook in 2011 about her first Skype session. So, he still has a history of shitty behavior and problems with sex, which he's been in treatment and sobriety for for years before he got "caught", but it looks an awful lot like he is not a child predator.