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  1. Voted for Go. I like All of This, but I get why people wouldn't like it.
  2. Eternal Sunshine is a gorgeous movie with a cult following. I recommend seeing it, you don't have to like it but I was surprised. I've never seen most of these movies and now I have that overwhelming sense of missing out on important things.
  3. Alkaline Trio is more of his kid band singing about being teenagers, but blink-182 is where he's really going to revolutionize the industry. Is Matt the Tom of Alk3?
  4. Dude Ranch turned 20 today!
  5. I am laughing so fucking hard
  7. I usually watch some of their featured shit if I've read about it or heard people talk about it, that's how I got into Wilfred, Master of None, Peaky Blinders, various stand up comedians, Girlboss, a bunch of stuff that I consider to be my favorites now.
  8. It's weird, but... Sort of works? I like it but the way blink recorded their vox makes it hard to sound natural isolated and over the Sheeran bit.
  9. I mean, Netflix has so much shit for all kinds of different moods. You're not living under a rock, you're just limiting yourself, mano.
  10. Also, FWWM is a horror movie, really. Clear tonal difference from the show, doesn't mean it was supposed to be the same.
  11. Well considering that he was about to just watch the new shit without trying the old, I figured FWWM was going to be the best crash course. I loved it too, plus, no Donna!
  12. No. And most of them realize that at some point.