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    Starting to look like Blink is going for a more poppy, mainstream album. They'll try to replicate what bands like Fallout Boy and Panic! at the Disco have done. Given their age, and Mark's creativity well drying up, I don't think it's going to work very well. And if it does, it will be in large part due to other song writer's helping them. The entire thing comes off as a desperate attempt to stay in the mainstream/spotlight. If this album is even more produced and fake compared to California, then this band is fucking done.
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    Sounds like California. They’re not seriously going to put out another California?? If this sounds like Cali then I’m officially done with the cunts, I’ll invest in Tom’s spaceship out of protest ffs
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    anyone from the boards: Mark could you send me a guitar pick?? Mark: is it true that you're a member on BLINK-182ONLINE.COM??!??!?!!?!?!?! member: uhh.... no.
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    Remember in the Neighborhoods era when they had that scripted answer in every interview about how Tom was the stadium rock and lasers guy, Travis was the hip hop guy who can do anything, and Mark was the indie rock guy?
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    Blackmail him. Only take the post down if no woahs or nananas on the new blink album!
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    I'm not sure what else you can expect from Mark, if you make posts like these on a fan account. I'm all for letting them know they're screwing up, and Mark is a pussy for holding a grudge, but at the same time you have a successful fan account they are aware of, so I'd take these snarky remarks somewhere else, or at least in the comments of your post for discussion's sake because when you decide to say something on a public platform, then you have to be aware that it may reach them.
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    Tom tried to save Mark's writing ability by trying to break up blink-182 again. It didn't work this time. Thank you for trying though, Tom, I appreciate it.
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    That pill logo and themes are silly too IMO. What pills are Mark popping? Vitamin C and viagra?
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    Wow, I never been more excited for a new AVA album before in my life.
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    Thanks to Ry-Bread, the hook has been baited. Now to try and catch a Feld.
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    "I will invite you to cuddle in my hot tub if you oblige."
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    but that's literally what this song sounds like
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    Tbh if Mark said "fuck it" and self produced, self released without any label, like a 4 track EP of just him doing him, I'd probably love it. It wouldn't be blink and it'd probably be super damn weird but I'd like to see what he would do if he wasn't having to worry about specific pressures in the industry. just did it for him.
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    Jesus. do you think Matt will be okay?
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    Hi everyone! In the unlikely event that any of you guys is still interested in the whole blink-182 Italia debacle and needs some closure as I did, here's a couple of tweets from Mark's recent Q&A on Twitter which settle the case. In a way, this interaction made that weird block-unblock story even more confusing. I scrolled through my Instagram all the way back to 2016 and all I could find were frequent posts supportive of Matt. I'll admit I sort of remember one post were I ranted about the state of the band for some reason and among other things blamed Matt for still relying on a teleprompter on stage, but it was an isolated case and I can't even find it right now. I'm genuinely curious about where Mark got that idea from. Oddly enough, last night Matt thanked me in Italian on Instagram for my support haha! All's well that ends well, I guess. Thanks for the guitar pick, dad!
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    Fuck no. Leave plus44 alone. He’d ruin it now. Jesus the thought of it
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    yeah this is ruining it for me, especially after seeing people point out it's a Pink ripoff:
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    Mark needs to be a bit angry again with an axe to grind with something. He's shite at writing music these days when he's a happy fucking cheeseball telling Dad jokes on Twitter.
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    Played Love is Dangerous like 5 times yesterday. Think it honestly is the most underrated Blink song on here. The actual repetition of "love is dangerous! Love is so dangerous!' isn't the greatest. But everything else is legit a perfect Blink song. Those Mark backing parts, the guitar...fkn top tier.
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    So should I tweet the clip on our twitter, then when someone asks to take it down, say I will for a Feldmann interview for the boards? Or do you guys hate the Feld so much you wouldn't even be interested?
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    If I ran into Mark, my question to him would be. "Hey Mark could you just do me a favor and write 1 fucking song without the help of John Feldmann? Why do you need a writer for hire to hold your hand during the songwriting process?" Write it @Italian Throwaway Do you really need a guitar pick?
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