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    I'll take Pharrell over Feldy right about now.
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    Sometimes this place feels like it's way more about Oliver than blink.
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    Man, this band is actually pretty awesome. I assumed with Mark loving indie-pop and Skiba loving Bowie THIS is the kind of thing that would be brought to blink; synth-pop electronic shit. Time to just put Gaskarth in blink, get it over with.
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    It means nothing other than Mark was going through old photos and is now probably over the Tom crap, mostly because he proved he doesn’t need him IMO and it’s time to move on. Indeed a big step for Mark from a grudge standpoint, but he’s older this go around and time heals all wounds.
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    Lmao imagine if Tom announces he is running for president in 2020.
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    Tom needs to re-join and re-quit blink again so we can have some fun stuff to talk about
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    more like the ACDC of punk. kind of same over and over and over.
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    Defending pedophilia jokes is an even weirder hill to die on than defending the Dave Matthews Band. Congrats @NJansaid you no longer have the weirdest hill title.
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    Kinda looks like he’s going for the “serious artist” look like Tom was in the early days of angels. Ironically, mark has a stupid fucking haircut, just like Tom did. Weird to see 47 yr old mark taking a stab at pop superstardom. b182.com- “if you could say one thing to Tom right now, what would it be?” Mark- “what’s with that haircut?”...
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    Lillian is a highly underrated song.
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    I had to stop watching the video because it was negatively affecting my impression of the song.
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    That's when it's funniest imo. Like when thongrider made his list of top pop punk albums and one of them was "The ethans-Love Songs for the remarded."
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    anyway, I thought this was funny:
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    Nothing about this board is healthy or will attract new members. I've faced the facts lol. I'd rather just preserve what we have at this point.
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    We'll give them a break for awhile for the complainers, but filters will return! Blink online staple.
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    Maybe its 'cause I'm in my 30s but I can say with 100% certainty that I am not sexually attracted to females who look like they're under 18 ... I'm not even really all that attracted to females who look like they're under 27 or so. Now, granted sometimes people look waaay older than they actually are and I understand that some people like younger looking females and there's always those one off situations but, to me, being attracted to someone and then finding out they're underage would immediately kill that attraction.
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    Pretty good article with Travis here.. Wish they'd stop saying stuff sound like Self titled though. Sounds like April-June we could see new music., http://loudwire.com/travis-barker-compares-new-blink-182-album-self-titled-set/
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    you can't solely blame your parents for being attracted to 11 year old females
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    And now he doesn't even have his kids. Time well spent
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    Time off for kids/family are nice excuses with merit, but ultimately it was about control and being sick of being told what to do IMO. Cheshire through EOTS, you're hungry, you NEED this job and it's your dream... TOYPAJ you're trying to follow up your best work and stay on top, but the annoyance of label pressure/celeb status wears in. Finally you try to reset on Untitled and make it all about the art...but the pressure and label pressure is still there. And at that point, you don't NEED it anymore, and you certainly don't want people telling you what to do with your life and planning 7-8 months of it in advance based out of a tour bus. Tom beats to his own drum, and Blink became a machine. Throw in some hissy fits with band members who you have spent far too much time with in close quarters by that point, it was a recipe for disaster. It happens to many bands. Chillin at home experimenting musically with absolutely no boundaries and no need to worry about money does seem pretty nice... Tom's wild, but as Trav recently said...you gotta give it to him. Dude drops out of a highly successful band to do whatever he wants (twice), and doesn't care what you think about it.
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