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    I went to a bar today and they played Dysentery Gary. I danced. It's one of the best feelings I've ever had.
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    Yeah they try and try to make him feel special (Mark restating how Matt "killed it" on Darkside and that its his favourite current blink song) and that he has been fully accepted by the fans - but he's just so very dull in interviews and obviously uninterested in doing press for the band. It's especially obvious when Mark tries to include him into questions aimed at Tom era blink:
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    Matt really ruined blink-182 with power chords!
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    You're the "awesomeness"?????
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    These videos are proof that it can work with just 3 guys without loops, clicks, synths and stuff like that. The smiley face album is just like Nine in the sense there's loads of background shit going on. Violence & Down are great examples. Easy Target probably has the most overproduced outro I've ever heard in a blink song, but Tom makes it work and it sounds damn good. All of This sounds good too. Although, I can admit Violence has always been a pretty poor song live mainly due to the verses, which are more electronic/drum & bass sounding than the rest of the song. Asthenia kinda sucked in that video as well but that's more due to blink just playing shit more than the actual song IMO. The Cure's A Letter to Elise is full of instruments all playing at once. I swear they have 5-6 musicians on the stage for that song, but blink makes it work with just 3. It's not just the Skiba era that does it cause this click track stuff started with AVA also. Tom wanted to make the sound more full and he took it to blink when they reformed in 2009. Thing is blink is completely different to AVA, so I feel blink can make it work without loops, click tracks, effects and backing musicians. As great as Nine is (I fucking love the album), it'd help if they'd actually write songs in lower keys to suit their voices more. Skiba's voice is completely shot in some songs, especially on Darkside. Without click tracks, Skiba probably wouldn't make his notes last longer with his voice either, because blink would probably play faster. Blink would sound more trashy in a good and energetic way like the 03-04 era. Skiba probably would be forced to improvise a bit more, much like Tom did on the outros of Down & Easy Target. I've always felt click tracks weren't needed. I just feel like the music is a bit more restraint. To me, click tracks make it more obvious that Mark & Skiba aren't the best musicians. Same goes for blink with Tom from the 09-14 period, but at least Tom would still improvise on the guitar and keep thinks kinda fresh to an extent.
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    Its the album as a whole but some songs are harder than others. Black Rain is really difficult, both lyrics and just how horribly sad it is. "Only so much bad luck, a person can take..." Yep. No Heart to speak of is probably the most emotional one for me overall. Just so sad especially the part where its like "We'll both just fade away"....like I am never going to hear from her again. Even a more upbeat song like Pin the granade "If you don't love me, lie to my face". Its like wow, I get it. Even the middle section of " I really wish I hated you"........"I can see that your giving up on me. I numb the pain but it never stops....." Darkside is even difficult....... I could go on and on. Its just so so brutal. Its a great album.....but I can't separate the two at all. Just so much sadness with it. I've never had an album do this to me. I feel so emo. LOL I actually think Matt could be writing a lot of those lyrics from the heart. Didn't he have a divorce and another GF that broke up with him? It seems pretty sincere to me. Most evident on the song Heaven, written about the shootings, as soon as Matt's part starts its more breakup lyrics.
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    I read the one that came with the untitled album.
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    Man I just listened to NINE in full on a plane for the first time in a couple weeks and I couldn’t sit still! So many bangers, really is a killer album. Also, super random but I met a dude from London who used to book blink overseas back in the day. He said his fav album is Dude Ranch and he LOVES Nine. “Ransom” was his fav.
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    Great interview. Matt is the man. Love this album more every day
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    A beta male wouldn't understand.
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    KOTW - I have really negative connotations to this song because I imagine @Ghent and @JarJarBlinks meeting up on a Friday night, necking back beers and singing this at each other really loudly and out of tune.
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    I've gotten so bored of Skiba power chording every damn song with a strumming pattern of a teenager in a campfire trying to impress some chick. Give us something new man.
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    me looking over the huge number of choices..............
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    New interview with Mark/Matt, great insight on NINE stuff... -Darkside started with Matt/Feldy. Feldy said "Let's make a song that sounds like Joy Division" - Mark said they wrote ~7 different versions of IRWIHY. Were almost reluctant to release, but ultimately wanted to take that one the "furthest" and hope people understood -OSES was originally called "Last Time". Didn't like that with First Time being on there. Trav said lets name it something random so that people listen -Mark's takeaways from EOTS tour: 1. Album still holds up 2. There are people coming to those shows who weren't even born when it came out -Coming to UK tour next summer -Matt talking about doing Alk3 stuff next year -Simple Creatures full album eventually
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    I can't believe it was 16 years ago, it feels like yesterday. I rushed to the record shop after school to buy it the day it came out. I only have good memories attached to that one.
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    +44 is better than anything mark has done for blink-182.
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    My 10/10 albums are: The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds Daft Punk, Random Access Memories Fleetwood Mac, Rumours The soundtrack to the movie The Incredibles Gorillaz, Demon Days Green Day, Dookie Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV New Order, Power, Corruption & Lies Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon Jeff Rosenstock, We Cool? Jeff Rosenstock, WORRY. Rush, Moving Pictures Simon and Garfunkel, Bridge over Troubled Water The Smiths, Hatful of Hollow Sufjan Stevens, Illinois The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses The Strokes, Is This It Tears for Fears, The Hurting Tyler, the Creator, Flower Boy Tyler, the Creator, IGOR Weezer’s white album Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye West, The Life of Pablo
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    The idea of someone only posting here to get autograph info and try to sell people here (questionable) autographed stuff definitely rubs me the wrong way.
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    Built This Pool is the best song on Cali nqat
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    Huge fan. Met Gerard at a comic book signing. Down to earth, humble dude. Glad his Netflix show is a hit. Best concert lineup ever for me was MCR opening for blink (though at the time Gerard did seem... disinterested...in the performance and the breakup happened 6 months later). I imagine how I feel about MCR, a ton of people feel about other bands I didn't quite get into like Motion City or Brand New, but I don't give a fuck and have gotten over the MCR emo stigma a long time ago. I love the stories their albums told and thought their messages were important overall. Couldn't afford the reunion show but fingers crossed MCR tours or something. Honestly I'd take an MCR reunion over Tom back in blink these days as Nine is ok, AVA is better and Tom, Mark and Travis are happy with the current lineup. So there ya go.
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    agree dude, long lost feeling is unfairly maligned. solid tune, interesting melody, and doesn’t really get too formulaic IMO (as everything else in the matt era has been)
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    Thank you for the Venom main riff
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    Absolute legend. Amazing songwriter.
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    Travis and Mark contribute to a song. The artist or label ask if they can use blink-182 for marketing reasons. They say yes. They appear in said video. End story
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    I've cut way back on any "cover band/other people write their material" cracks lately but my god, that was just painful and sad to see. He's clearly pretending to play along to a backing track, at 0:16 he stops "playing" and the botched backing track keeps going without him and later on you can see him changing his power chord position but the backing track stays on the same note. So the backing track was off, Skiba didn't realize it and kept pretending to play the guitar, nobody knew what to do, what a mess. And then to just skip it and move to the next song like they're my shitty band in high school panicking after forgetting how to play a verse or something? Just play the song, you can still do it without backing tracks! You're professionals, your sound and lighting techs are professionals, it's your song, just play it! Between that Parking Lot video where he clearly isn't playing the riff, then Mike or whatever his name was getting the guitar taken away mid-song even though it sounded completely fine, and now this, I can't even imagine how often they're relying on fake playing to pre-recorded guitar tracks. (What would you call guitar lip-syncing anyway, riff-syncing? Is that a good phrase?)
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    Kazaa/Limewire burns to blank discs was my pastime. Spotify is great but there's something about the work put into it that gets you nostalgic..
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    Signed TOYPAJ CD from a promotionnal signing at Virgin Megastore in 2001 !
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    Hey guys - first time poster here, been following this page for a little and love all the info. Thank you to all who have posted, especially @Ry-Bread. Love collecting Blink signatures - been doing it for about 5 years now. I recently paid someone to do a consignment for me in the most recent Blink and A&A tours in LA. Think the end result turned out quite nice.
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    They sound better than they ever have live. Tom sounds better here than anything I've heard from blink in years and instrumentally they sound great as well - good to see Tom taking music seriously again, I'm not even crabbing on that either
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    Parks and Rec was my favourite show for about 10 years, but I recently did a rewatch and it really isn't as amazing as I originally thought. Particularly season 4-5 onwards until near the end is kind of mediocre. The characters quickly became stereotypes of themselves; e.g. Jerry does something embarrassing/stupid, Ron says something masculine/libertarian, etc. To me, it cheapened the depth of the characters as many of their lines sound like anyone could have writen them if they knew the stereotype of the character. I thought the Office did a better job fleshing out three dimensional characters that don't rely on a schtick quite as much.
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    I think he’s saying their photographer would get these signed backstage and apparently kept a stash that he is now slowly selling on multiple eBay IDs... Idk. I see posters like that from that era signed somewhat often which I always assumed were some sort of VIP or radio promo M&G winners of some sort. It’s nearly impossible to meet them all at large venues before or after without being a part of the crew/employees.
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    Song literally makes no sense, since when have any of them had a 9-5 Monday-Friday job? fucking steaming turd of a song. I've worked 9-5 Monday-Friday for the past decade, am 32 and would feel like a right cunt evening sing along to it on a CD on my own, let alone writing it and playing it in front of people live.
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    Same here, it's not even close really. Not sure what people see in SC but oh well!
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    the problem is that none of these songs work as a three piece without samples.... without all the bells and whistles, these songs are nothing ava is also guilty for relying on a lot of sample tracks.... if a song is great, it works with just an acoustic and vocals, the acoustic performances of the new material showed that they dont work in that setting... I'd bet money on the fact that none of the members in current blink knows how to play every recorded part on nine....
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    I don't know how Harden can have a single fan.
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    I wonder if Travis's "features" are more like someone buying a digital package of Travis drum samples or something. Obviously there's nothing in this song that sounds remotely Travis-like on the drums, but it could be like a bunch of files of individual snare/bass/crash/etc hits that you can feed into a computer program as samples, and then your electronic drum pattern is using "Travis's" drum sounds. And then if you pay enough for the package you're allowed to say "feat. Travis Barker" or whatever. Probably a little too cynical but nothing really surprises me anymore haha.
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    People who list songs like, Darkside, IRWIHY, as top songs, haven't really listened to the album and learned to appreciate the great songs. No doubt those songs are good, but wrong choices for singles.
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    Mark definitely in a rare alpha moment. I am a bit impressed.
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    You’re not too far off, more like the album as a whole with some repeat plays of Sober thrown in but yep, happened many a time! Lol
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    Yeah he flew from Canada just for that show, I don't even understand how you haul 25 vinyl safely, and carry all that around hoping to run into Scott. (He had some super rare stuff too) Cool that Scott was kind about it, (he even said it was likely because he traveled so far) but I would NEVER ask people to sign duplicates of the same album lol. (Much less 4!). Still shocked Scott didn't switch to his SR sig eventually, and added inscriptions.
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    I loved hearing him just riff and noodle around. I can’t quite place the very first thing he starts playing? But I love how it sounds with just the guitar all by itself. It gets me hyped for the new Angels record
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    I am guilty of that on bass as well.
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    It doesn't match up with the setlist AT ALL.. his handwriting has a nice flow to it, there's speed. You don't even have to look any further than the "R" dude. Look at the R's on the drumstick and compare them to any R's he writes... Even if you don't have the trained eyes to look at it from a technical handwriting perspective, where are the examples of him signing RAYNOR BLINK-182 EYEBALL DOODLE???? Like seriously, it's not even close: How on earth do you explain going from this: to It's not even a malicious forgery, a forger wouldn't even be dumb enough to make the autograph that drastically different. IMO the kid likely caught the stick, and someone along the way wanted to write down who it was from.
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    Least surprising post of 2019 award goes too...........
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    Whatever gets us through the winter. Bring on all the polls.
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    Heaven. TFT has blink 2019 w/Skiba written all over it. It’s worthy of the W.
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