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    woman works with a man = must be sleeping together.
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    sometimes I wonder if we're all in for a mystery-movie-twist where we find out that all of the people in Oliver's stories were actually him all along
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    This means we're halfway back to a third breakup where Tom gets kicked out and/or quits again!
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    Yes I would absolutely. I hug the shit out of my guy friends. I love the fuck out of them. It seems like you don’t have any actual friends at all, male or female. You’re ignoring what I’m actually saying to spin you’re bullshit like you normally do. You can find a woman sexually attractive and still just be friends with her. It’s that simple. If you honestly find something like a hug as “blue ball teasing” then you should be put on a watchlist. i never said “being sexually attracted to a woman = you only see them sex objects” I said that if you can’t be platonic friends with a woman that you find sexually attractive or anyone woman for that matter, then there is definitely an issue with how you view women.
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    Alternate scene was better
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    The real travesty about this tour is that someone was paid actual money to design this:
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    Says the guy who ignores countless amounts of evidence against Trump and still posts #wherearethecuffs repeatedly
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    wtf 😂 Sansa vaping? 😩 gone from a solid 7/10 to a 1/10
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    The jokes only funny because he’s so dedicated to it. It’s a meh joke as a stand-alone, but opening my Instagram every day to see a new pic of a dog following Tom around is fucking hilarious.
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    that's a reference to a historical poster style which is quite famous. but the gradient is a bit lazy at only one color, and the type choices are not authentic. the original technology for printing such a gradient is called "split fountain" : https://www.printmag.com/featured/evolution-rainbow-roll/ the printer in los angeles who popularized the style in the 1960s through the 1980s was the colby poster printing co. : https://www.fastcompany.com/3024514/the-guerilla-graphics-of-colby-poster-printing-company http://www.mascontext.com/tag/colby-poster-printing-co/
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    look, I love Eminem, Beastie Boys, Machine Gun Kelly, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Yelawolf, Post Malone, etc. All the greats. But Lil Wayne just sucks man.
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    I think it's pretty cool and I feel like if they were susceptible enough to labels telling them to get along they would've done it a LONG time ago. Soon we'll have to start another "where do you predict Blink will be in 5 years" threads haha. My wild guess as of 5/16/2019: New album comes out, super poppy, big hit or two but overall interest is waning because it's like eating cotton candy instead of real food The flirtation with Tom continues, maybe even an appearance of some kind together They announce they're doing some huge Lollapalooza type show with Tom as a one-time-only type of thing After all the excitement settles down for awhile word gets out that Skiba is leaving, they present it as an amicable situation and Skiba gives some quotes about how "I love those guys but it was never as comfortable as we wanted it to be and I never felt like I was involved in as much of the process as I like to be so we're better off back in our own worlds" Big announcement - They had such a great time doing that huge show and things have changed and settled down so much over the years so Tom is back! One final album and tour to put Blink to bed and cement the legacy before they all move on as friends supporting each others projects. Tom goes AWOL and they call the whole thing off, he reappears in 2031 in the woods somewhere having no memories of his previous life or anyone he knows. Blink legacy complete
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    Not to derail the sex talk though, its been like a year, feel free to slide into the dm's ladies. If it gets much longer, feel free as well boys
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    Ghent waiting for someone to say something nice about Tom:
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    Could've been cool if they threw a pic in there to match that style even more
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    Everytime Mark talks it makes me want to go back to my old house growing up, put all my blink CDs in a row, burn the whole place down and act like this never happened.
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    I couldn’t be more hyped for this record and what’s to come. Bring it on. The haters can pack it up and leave.
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    • Mark thinks that when people hear the new record, they'll have their mind blown, because it's very diverse: there's really aggressive stuff, there's poppier stuff than BIOMY, there's weird stuff. It's kind of all over the place. There isn't one song that represents the entirety of the record. • Mark revealed that they're still discussing the album title and don't know which songs are gonna be on the record yet. He thinks they're done writing and are currently in the mixing stages. Thereafter they'll have to figure out which songs are making the cut and which songs they're gonna hold off for other stuff. "There are a lot of cool things behind the scenes that I'm not ready to let out into the world yet." • Mark reiterated that there's no hard feelings between the band and Tom. Mark joked that he can write a song about anything at all and people will always think that it's about Tom. • Mark concluded by saying that "There's been more discussions and phone calls and texts and ideas and songs written and things changed for this record than everything since the untitled record. And it really kinda feels like that time where we were doing a bunch of different stuff and kinda venturing out into the unknown and it's exciting!"
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    Mark is laying the groundwork, calculated as ever. He knows the latest album is an absolute stinker deep down and knows that blink need Tom to work, wouldn't surprise me if they completely scrapped what they've recorded and got Tom back to start again - would make sense to be honest, give the real fans what they want.
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    i'm sure it's all about marketing. blink needs hype for the new album. "mark and tom are friendly with each other again" is a nice way to get attention. it generates speculations, so the band's name is everywhere... but in fact being friendly or talking about the distant future don't mean anything. things like these don't change the band, it only changes its public image. the same thing goes for tom/ava. tom needs hype for the new ava album, so he's all in for getting attention. he did it all the time when blink released something. he posted a blink-related picture on instagram, then right after a tts/ava promo pic... so the new thing is that mark does the same: he posts something about tom, then tries to sell blink and simple creatures... at first it felt like he's doing it with a comedic manner ("if tom did it all the time, i'll do it too, and no one can say i'm wrong, and after all i'll laugh at my evil plan as it was just a joke"), but now it looks like they built a strategy over it, probably on label-level. it's good for both parties. i don't think tom will be back to blink. yet i think it's good that they talk about it in interviews, because it calms the annoyed stupid fans down.
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    I thought it was a platform for people to speak up about being sexually harassed? my mistake, thanks for confirming.
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    What an accomplishment for blink
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    but it is cool they invented democracy and quickly shut that shit down. lol
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    Christ, some of the fans in here are dumb and have such a narrow perspective. ”Why is Mark ruining the legacy of the band and not starting a new band, costing him millions of dollars? Why doesn’t he care about the vast minority of die hard fans that don’t think this is still genuinely Blink 182?” You’re being fucking dumb.
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    I first thought that lyric was “almond milk since 1999” haha
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    Pretty sure everyone would prefer a blink with a committed Tom in it, but that's just not in the cards. Still, what we have now is preferable to letting blink die because of Tom. And at least blink without Tom is still infinitely better than Tom without blink (not to mention it's still his only real source of income).
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    why can't we just have normal conversations haha everybody's always trying to bait and troll each other
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    To be honest I think the vast majority of Blink fans were very stoked for Skiba to come onboard. It was after they started releasing songs that had absolutely none of his influence and playing passionless concerts with almost as many screwups as Tom that people decided it wasn't a good fit after all. I'm not a very big Skiba/Alkaline Trio fan myself, I think some of his songs are incredible but in general I definitely don't find him to be the songwriting god that a lot of people do. But I certainly thought he was going to bring some awesome attributes to the table with Blink and thought he and Mark would end up having a similar thing as Tom/Mark, where they both brought strengths and weaknesses and figured out rad ways to balance each other out. Sadly that hasn't happened yet. I'll always be veryyyyyy curious what those first 30 songs that they threw out sounded like. Seems pretty apparent that Skiba realized at that moment that he was just along for the ride.
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    Can't believe how childish they are. This reminds me of how my little sister and her ex-boyfriend acted when they where breaking up and getting back togheter.. Unfollowing, following, unfollowing, following
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    I was thinking this, this guy, Dippy and a couple other new members make the posts that Bucko bumps from 12 years ago look mature.
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    Were you bottled in a blink online time capsule in 2002 and recently opened?
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    coach corey would disagree. you either sleep with them or they're ugos. no in-between.
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    Well, we still have to see if he gets credits in all the songs or what. But anyway, I still see some differences between blink and AVA. For several reasons, AVA has worked like that over time since the beginning. I mean, members going in and out (so different writing credits), Critter working as producer but Tom recognizing that he was the one who 'wrote' the programmed parts on the firsts albums. So, I get it as a part of the way the band works. Tom has been always the core of the band, but it always has had some 'satellites' bringing their thing. In blink, until California, they never got outside input except from Finn, who was the producer doing producer stuff. Then Feldmann and other songwriters came in, and in this new record the thing looks like has been expanded a lot. To me it's pretty different. I respect it, although don't like it (specially when the change in sound is so evident and feels unnatural to me), and makes a break in the way blink has worked over the years. And yeah, bands like Weezer have done similar things, but have kept the sound pretty much intact, like they did in the White album, when Cuomo collaborated with an important bunch of songwriters who co-wrote several songs on that record. Still, that LP sounds like Weezer. That's the main point to me.
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    Lmao, that is amazing I’m loving this new Mark. Way more at ease like the old Mark
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    Recently I was out to dinner with a woman and the song Mr Jones on and I said it was about the guy's penis. She had been unaware of this. Later when we were cuddling on the couch, my phone buzzed in my pocket and she said "Did Mr jones like that?" I am just thinking, OMG, this woman has named my penis. Then other things happened...... But nah, my sex life sucks!!! Sex is a myth!
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    Or maybe he doesn't have a sex life with a coworker who is 10 years older than him just because they're in a picture together at the company's holiday party?
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    Oliver and ghent are desperate to read about other people having sex because they rarely get any themselves. that's why they start to see sexual Appeal in perfectly normal content (feldmanns hot tub, pic of tom and his coworker, jen's Instagram Posts). Freud was a wise man. I hope you two get laid soon again. and leave some for jan
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    You can work with people and be friends with them, never had a job where I'm not really pally with at least some people. I have plenty of photos of me and work colleagues laughing, having fun, some bodily contact even occasionally (men and woman, SHOCK) - doesn't mean I'm fucking or have ever been accused of fucking any of them.
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    Nah, Fighting the Gravity takes that claim IMO. Not heard a song like it. Next ones would be songs like Kaleidoscope, Snake Charmer, GOTDF, Up All Night, Wishing Well, PLG. Pretty much all of Neighborhoods and DED songs are more unique and out the box than the new song. BIOTY is unique for blink because blink have never done that but that doesn't make it out the box. It's still generic pop that mainstream radio has been playing the past 2 years. Blink used to come up with out the box stuff themselves but since Tom has left they have become just another band.
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