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    I went to a bar today and they played Dysentery Gary. I danced. It's one of the best feelings I've ever had.
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    You're the "awesomeness"?????
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    My 10/10 albums are: The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds Daft Punk, Random Access Memories Fleetwood Mac, Rumours The soundtrack to the movie The Incredibles Gorillaz, Demon Days Green Day, Dookie Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV New Order, Power, Corruption & Lies Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon Jeff Rosenstock, We Cool? Jeff Rosenstock, WORRY. Rush, Moving Pictures Simon and Garfunkel, Bridge over Troubled Water The Smiths, Hatful of Hollow Sufjan Stevens, Illinois The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses The Strokes, Is This It Tears for Fears, The Hurting Tyler, the Creator, Flower Boy Tyler, the Creator, IGOR Weezer’s white album Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye West, The Life of Pablo
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    The idea of someone only posting here to get autograph info and try to sell people here (questionable) autographed stuff definitely rubs me the wrong way.
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    Signed TOYPAJ CD from a promotionnal signing at Virgin Megastore in 2001 !
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    Hey guys - first time poster here, been following this page for a little and love all the info. Thank you to all who have posted, especially @Ry-Bread. Love collecting Blink signatures - been doing it for about 5 years now. I recently paid someone to do a consignment for me in the most recent Blink and A&A tours in LA. Think the end result turned out quite nice.
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    They sound better than they ever have live. Tom sounds better here than anything I've heard from blink in years and instrumentally they sound great as well - good to see Tom taking music seriously again, I'm not even crabbing on that either
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    Dude Ranch and Fugazi's 13 Songs are my immediate answers. Probably because of their influence to me personally...and just great albums I can listen to on repeat. On compilations, I bought Minor Threat's Complete Discography when I was younger and listened to it endlessly only realizing that it wasn't a single album until a few years after I got it (I thought it was just a unique album title) but I still listen to it as a full album today and is still one of my favourite CDs. I also struggle with loving every single song on albums, though - there are usually a few that are just okay.
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    It made me the guitarist I am today.
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    I remember the time that someone stole the beanie right off Tom's head.
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    It's terrible, right up there with Marks bunny rabbit floppy hair and when Tom used to slick his hair in around 2004
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    Sober TOTTM is a f'n banger, don't you dare
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    I read the one that came with the untitled album.
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    I'm gonna guess it was the million other alien/book/cartoon/fake companies and not Jen.
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    6/8 and Last Train Home being out really piss me off but Built This Pool is just funny. it's not cringe funny like the other comedy bits, it's not "oh what a waste of potential" it's just a dumb handful of seconds that make me smile on an album of complete and utter dross.
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    this happened and it makes me so happy lol
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    I wish more people would admit that Coldplay is really fantastic. These two performances genuinely move me-
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    Yeah I love it. At first I thought it was annoying but the more I’ve heard it the more I like it.
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    I have 10 or more ebay accounts LOL...I have one from every major state and city....AND again ANYTHING worth a shit on ebay you buy from me trolls!!! REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU LOOK AT A LOT OF YOUR PIECES! AND I'LL REMEMBER THAT WHEN I LOOK AT MY ACCOUNT HAHA
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    Awesome no doubt authentic piece @Donald Trump's Bulge I had my eye on it too, but couldn’t get the seller to even look on the inside booklet to see if Trav was on the inside. When you get it in hand, you may get lucky and find Trav somewhere in it. Very surprising he isn’t, as it seems it was done at a CD signing. If not, it may be interesting to see if he was sick on a signing date or something. Let me know!!!
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    They where a step above alien ant farm, I agree that's what defines them but they had some decent success with stomping ground and here in your bedroom. 90% of people will think of those two things though. Top 5 Tony Hawk song too
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    You thought right. I never said I was funny. I consider Goldfinger's entire worth to be only the Tony Hawk videogame song and this cover, I guess. Not a bad band really but just kinda there. Like Alien Ant Farm or something.
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    Looks like they oversold the Halloween poster, which was supposed to be /100, sold out, and was relisted, and is now apparently /250? Regardless, this new merch company has been absolute ass. MR T SURT WOULD NEVAR:
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    ^You're quite right it's too hot today If you need Bottom of the Ocean it's in 11th place Here are the REAL remaining songs off California: Cynical Bored To Death Built This Pool Home Is Such A Lonely Place Teenage Satellites Left Alone San Diego The Only Thing That Matters Hey I'm Sorry Last Train Home Teenage Satellites continues to fight on I'm voting for Teenage Satellites
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    The Darkside chorus is great!
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    Oh man it's been a while since I've listened to Minor Threat. Definitely going to listen to that tonight!
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    i'm really digging 69 love songs right now though. fucking amazing album. insane it's literally 69 love songs...
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    I have favorites in genres, I don't know about the ONE favorite of all time. Dude Ranch and Vulgar Display of Power would probably be my top two though.....or ....And Out Come the Wolves. That would make me happy for a long time if I was on a deserted island.
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    It's hard for me to compare the two. Just like it's hard to compare Untitled to TOYPAJ.
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    In an online poll on our twitter with 142 votes so far, 75% of people prefer NINE to Cali...
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    Left Alone, was so overrated when it came out, really dull song.
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    I can think of a few where I at least 'like' every song but there's none where I'm like "every song is awesome"
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    Look at AC Milan as an example of a team with a massive name/history that are struggling to recover and cannot attract anywhere near the players used too, I agree football is about cycles but if you keep missing out on the CL, sponsors may not be as frequent/lucrative due to lack of success on the pitch, that leads to less money to spent etc etc...even this summer, your net spend was pretty low compared to years gone by despite your squad being wafer thin. I'm not saying this is 100% going to happen but it's arrogrant to think that you can live off your name forever if you don't start competing for major honours again soon. I still can't believe that you STILL have Ed Woodward running the show from a football perspective, needs to go back to signing up sponsorship deals and let someone with football experience come in to do his role. The fact that didn't happen in the summer says everything that you need to know about what the Glazers care about. Also is Ole really the right man for the job? Allegri is learning English supposedly...
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    I played Div2 with some friends on PC. Had zero care for it as a solo game, but loved it playing with mates.
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    Was gonna make a similar joke, was happy to see you did it better! You sure are sexy lately!
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    Tom's receding hairline is the only thing that makes me overlook Matt's 20lbs weight gain in blink.
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    I think I agree with that.
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    I’m just happy to pay 35 a ticket for Montreal and not the 200 for Boston that scalpers ruined for me
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    Even if I’m not listening to the album as a whole much at the moment, No Heart To Speak Of is still fantastic and I could listen to it any time and love it.
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    Yeah and $200 a ticket. No thank you.
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    Yeah a year ago he was already separated and still had no intention of ever touring again.
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    It’s just a shit album. It got hyped heavy when it was first released because everything they did leading up to the release was the worst things they’ve ever done. Now some time later, the rose colored glasses come off and it’s just a forgettable album.
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    The only singer in the musical style with a similar voice to Tom that I can think of is Tony Lovato. Not sure how well he would have meshed (mest) with Mark and Travis though. Although its interesting that Feldmann is the new producer they're using.
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    The Trolley Problem is one of my favourite episodes. So ridiculous.
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