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    I was scrollin' on FB and saw this. Love the take on the meme! -
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    So, @daveyjones and I spoke for 4 hours last night and haven't even gotten into the Josie video and Scott's departure... (Lasagna was covered.) This may become a #saga.
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    i've been going through to gather interesting images to share with @Ry-Bread for the 182news podcast, and rediscovered this. i can't remember if i posted this before, but if i did the image link is long dead. this is approximate and not quite to scale, based on my memories. perhaps @veeRob can add what he remembers too. have a look:
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    It was 0% Matt skiba. It was travis jamming with some other bloke if I remember correctly. Then blink just used the idea.
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    I know this has been said a million times - I was watching live videos from 2004, particularly enamoured with the A Letter To Elise cover, literally it's fucking magical. If they could have held it together, that album that they should've made in 2005 would have been...wow. They were at the top, and it all imploded Also this isn't related to your post, but shit ! A Norwich fan, I'm from Norfolk too. Big up Darren Huckerby
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    @daveyjones and I met up once before he moved out of Cali, and god damn, it was like meeting up with a blink museum curator. Super nice guy too. Seriously is the real deal and probably the best source of old info of blink on these boards.
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    New blink song “Quarantine” in the next 2 weeks, let’s go!!!! https://www.spin.com/2020/05/travis-barker-nirvana-post-malone-new-blink-182-song-interview/
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    Dunno how people are voting for First Time. That's one of the top blink post-reunion songs. It's up there with the best of blink as well IMO. 21 Days is a good song but it's not better than First Time at all and it's not even close. I feel people are voting that out of spite simply cause it's featuring Skiba and because Feldman was involved. Gotta be real, it's a quality song IMO. 21 Days shouldn't be voted out just yet either really but there's no way that should beat out First Time, so I'ma vote 21 Days.
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    i've been going through to gather interesting images to share with @Ry-Bread for the 182news podcast, and rediscovered this. the capture is from camcorder footage from a show i was at. i can't remember if i posted this before, but if i did the image link is long dead. have a look. @Ry-Bread you might want to forward to Mr. T-Shirt FYI.
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    Since we've been in lockdown and I've been working from home, I've been blazing the untitled album. It's absolutely glorious, I always thought Dude Ranch was my favourite album, but honestly, Untitled is god tier. What I wouldn't give for the true follow up album to Untitled. Maybe its the quarantine talking, butI actually think they still have it in their locker (Mark, Tom and Travis) if they actually focused solely on making music and hired an old house again.
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    First time is a great blink song. Not just post tom era but great blink song in general.
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    also in today's news: i just learned who avril lavigne is and heard a song called "skater boy" for the first time, about twenty minutes ago.
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    mark sounds baddddd on that song. ooof
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    Every Time I Look for You I absolutely love the verses but I feel like the chorus drags the song down.
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    Carousel was the predecessor to AvA. Long ass pretentious intro, get it the fuck off here. #dontcr@bme
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    The fact that they wrote some of the best songs on Neighbourhoods in one of the few 3-day in-the-same-room stints proves they deffo still have that ability, that musical chemistry hasn't waned I don't think, just their objectives and what they see the band as. Making of Untitled is the GOAT lockdown watch
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    Ghost ffs. God invented chills!!! Get the fuck out of here.
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    First Time is cool, one of the very few songs that worked post reunion. Mark slaps.
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    Thats cool, I absolutely love planning to have notning to do
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    We missed out on a lot of potential solid music when they decided to not just do their own thing and instead desperately try to fit in, listen to studios and have a cookie cutter formula
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    Reckless Abandon will not be going on and on -10th place. Here are the remaining best of the best blink songs: Carousel Pathetic Dammit Dysentery Gary Dumpweed Everytime I Look For You Feeling This Not Now Stockholm Syndrome Dumpweed mostly Tom heavy songs left
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    Reckless Abandon. Killer chorus but it is a bit silly.
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    He's a legend for sure and I'm glad that he's part of our blink community, really glad to have his insight and point of view here, much appreciated! Can't wait to hear his episode!
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    Wasting Time. Get that outta here. Not even top 2 of Cheshire iMO.
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    Couldn't escape the charm of Tony's smirk eh? Haha - Happy to help man, I'm jealous that you're getting to see it for the first time. That's it, it's as much about family life as it is the family. Make sure you watch with food nearby, every episode made me hungry - food is it's own theme almost
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    I'm midway through season 2 of the Sopranos, first time watching it. I credit @_Bagel for sparking my interest in the series again. Really enjoying it, all the characters are very compelling, and I love that it's about the character development and dynamics, and not just about the mob and crime.
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    Kaleidoscope, it's ok but feels unfinished. GOTDF is my fav from Neighborhoods by far.
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    In order to get Jordan to agree to be filmed, he had total control over whether the footage ever got released at all. Also, of course it's one sided! He's the GOAT lol. I don't want to watch a documentary of salty ex-players talking shit on him c'mon lol.
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    I actually saw Puddle of Mudd last year won free tickets to their show here in town. Was more impressed by the other bands on the bill. We ended up leaving half way through their set lol.
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    I think Warmoth bodies are just as good if not better in some cases. Check out Jon Poulin's (Littleredguitars2) instagram. He's always building strats and pretty much always uses Warmoth bodies. I still have my original Fender Tom DeLonge signature model I bought back in 2001. It's graffiti yellow and mint condition. I want a surf green one, but I'm not paying $1500 plus for one that's probably all beat up and shitty so i'm gonna end up doing a Warmoth build. I will end up paying for the same neck Tom uses though, and that's really expensive. Do it once, do it right is my approach. Depending on your budget and what exactly you want in the guitar, Warmoth is a fantastic option. You can get hardtail bodies too, if you're like me and don't want a tremolo.
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    Hahaha, O’ Puddle of Mudd. She fucking hates meeeee la la la I wonder if there’s a Puddle of Mudd forum? Or a very active Limp Bizkit forum
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    Can't wait for them to sing about parents killing their vibe while being sent home from school and stuck inside.
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    may 23rd was the 10 year anniversary of lost ending, and ive been doing a rewatch. such a damn good show
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    it's quite an accomplishment to take a shitty song and make it even shittier.
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    Yeahhhhhh!!! Yeahhhh!!! First time takes 15 place Here are the remaining best of the best blink songs: 21 Days Carousel Wasting Time Pathetic Dammit Dysentery Gary Dumpweed Everytime I Look For You Reckless Abandon Feeling This Not Now Stockholm Syndrome Kaleidoscope Ghost On The Dancefloor good to see all those embarrassing Feldy tracks gone so soon voting for Wasting Time - never been much of a fan
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    Surely my vote that was first, broke the tie and ended the round lol
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    21 days is my vote First time is a quality song...
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    back in the day, many fans (myself included) really cherished "21 days" because it was so unlike anything on cheshire cat. looked at from a certain angle, it's the distant cousin of "emo" on dude ranch.
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    ^You already voted, hot stuff
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    M+M's Promo VHS with release date 12/28/95
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