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    It’s funny that Tom is working on all these weird books on weird ideas, and all he has to do is write one about his life and it would outsell all the others combined...
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    i really hope the release of this clashes with blink's new album release, shit would get heated in here, oh joy!
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    all time low blows donkey balls, so not surprised here.
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    I'll always be a Blink fan even though my enjoyment of their music has waned pretty badly over the years, but the one thing that would really complete my Blink fandom would be an honest career-spanning documentary, made by professionals but with full participation of the band. Their story is fucking insane, and if they ever end up on decent terms again and the bitterness gets to a low enough level, they could cut any bullshit and get a real portrayal of everything that has gone down in their career. Growing up I never figured they'd be the type of band to warrant an introspective documentary haha but there is so much craziness and drama that even a non-fan could find it all entertaining and fascinating if the story was told well. I can't even imagine how much behind the scenes footage there is lying around too.
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    I really really wish they would leak the blinkumentary already, seems like something we should have seen some sort of version of by now.
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    I think Travis is more or less over it… He’s friends with tom, but only because he has nothing to offer him at this point. He’s past the point of caring about whether or not he’s a part of the band. He’s not a part of the band. so it’s easy to have a laugh about his craziness and remain “friends” and fondly look back because the time of him being a full time member is over
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    I love that Davids there. In the STM doc he seemed to pull Tom down to earth and be kind of a producer. I believe he brings a good vibe. A glue, if you will.
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    Think I've found the meaning behind the four leaf clover line in Sober. Now that is blink-182 humour.
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    Yeah, Mark definitely still holds a grudge. Not as bad as years ago, but he's definitely not over it.
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    + being one of the biggest band in the world. If a decent crew would make a doc it would be awesome. Whats up with Travis’ doc?
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    When are we moving this garbage to the side projects section?
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    At least Tom is being social and attempting to create music with his friends instead of sitting around trying to email CIA agents. For the record, Finn was the only one that could check Tom because Finn was the mastermind behind the band. After he died what has Tom done besides indulge way too far in his ego.
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    Angels isnt a place where people check him. If they do they get the boot Ryan style
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    I watched Poltergeist last night and it certainly was Poltergeist. Good old 1980s, if your child goes missing, don't call the cops, call ghost dudes.
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    Ha haaaa, if only I had a girlfriend :’)
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    While going through @veeRob's image folders, I pulled out a couple references in regards to the debated third arnette logo on the back of the headstock. I can confirm with these photos that this one is the inverted black and white color scheme than the ones on the front of the guitar: Bear Mountain Warped Tour I also found a reference on the mysterious backup guitar laying in a case next to Tom's amp. This suggests that the backup Strat is also a Fender judging by the shape of the case: My suggestion for this is American Fenders produced in the 90's were found in a case similar to that one.
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    Nymphomaniac. What the fuck? i don’t even have a grade to give.
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    Truth. And Black Panther getting the oscar nom? Wtfffff. A mediocre movie at best.
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    Who would of thought? United in the top 4!
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    I stopped watching the marvel stuff because I'm sick to death of them, haven't seen anything from civil war onwards except spiderman homecoming. The only DC one's I've sat through are Man Of Steel and Wonderwoman and they both sucked ass. I love comic books but I can't wait for the era of superhero movies to be fucking done.
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    Aquaman was all about the cheese and the over-the-top action sequences. It's not a movie that takes itself seriously at all. When they kept referring to the "ocean master" I laughed my ass off in the theatre based on how dumb it sounded. I still enjoyed it for what it was though; a mindless blockbuster action movie with terrible dialogue.