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    Made some blink records on acpatterns.com lol neighborhoods was impossible to recreate so I stopped at untitled. @Ry-Bread, don’t know if this is worth sharing on the Twitter account or not but I figured I’d let you see it. I know Mark loves Animal Crossing!
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    Wow Trav just dropped a drum video of “What Went Wrong”, love that song!
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    Gotta say I really admire the positivity Tom is taking on Twitter. Not much of it going around...
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    Have you never been on this forum before? All we do is talk shit about their lives based on absolutely nothing.
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    American Reunion was indeed very enjoyable
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    I needed this today. Made me smile big.
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    I've watched like 5 Beastie Boys documentaries. What a band.
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    They're doing a Happy Days music video Kinda random...I guess fitting with everything that's going on right now?
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    I just read the synopsis and I'm immediately interested.
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    I've tried to stop myself from doing so but gave in and ordered a nintendo switch. not super smart to spend lots of money these days I guess, but shit I'm so excited about soon being able to play zelda again!!!!
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    Chris Holmes interview complete, so rad!!!!
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    Well, somebody just posted quite a few rare signed blink items on ebay for relief efforts. prices are already out of sight. Cool to see such great pieces tho
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    I live in Cheshire, everyone calls it chesher..
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    I promise you this, A Little's Enough is in 6th place. Here are the remaining songs off We Don't Need To Whisper: Valkyrie Missile The Adventure The War It Hurts Start the Machine It Hurts
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    This is a classic example of why PSA/DNA (and the other big 2 authenticators, JSA/Beckett) "certification" should NOT be taken as 100%. This is an atrocious forgery: If you think they have blink-182 experts who magically know blink and 5 million other autographs, think again. This is why it is super important for autograph collectors to reach out and communicate with those in the subject area they collect and value the opinions of those who are actually familiar with an athlete/celeb/etc.
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    Come oooonnnn A LITTLES ENOUGH get that preachy wanky bullshit song out of here!
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    This stuff is really good at first listen!
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    hopefully this helps you all out in these hard corona days
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    New episode is out featuring the David Goldman interview. David was the photographer for the EOTS album cover, super cool to hear his perspective and memories looking back:
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    We should have an own thread for that!
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    Screeching Weasel is dropping a new album tomorrow and I'll be happy as a pig in shit!
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    needs a guitar tuning first of all. did oliver engineer on this?
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    My island is coming along nicely. Everybody has moved in. Second room has been added to my house. So much debt for that one. Town hall building commencement has started I think. The resident services will closed tomorrow which I think means town hall? Either way. This game is great.
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    I’ve never had so much fun doing practically nothing.. #animalcrossing
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    I don't really have a band, just make inane youtube parodies
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    It's a boring song and I still don't know what a liar's hole is.
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    @Diddy Faplord Most people aren't just trying to shit on Tom, it's just that we have like 16 years worth of public knowledge that tends to point toward him having a pretty strong change in his personality and becoming WAY more volatile and nonsensical at times. I'm not saying he definitely has this or that mental illness, but he's given plenty of reasons to think he might not be totally well all the time.
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    "your smile is gone, I noticed it bad" Literally one of the worst lines Tom has written.
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    I wonder if Tom being self isolated will mean he finishes the goddamn album...
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    Animal Crossing has been a hit for me and my daughter so far lol
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    from a managers point a view when he’s making a % of their success it must have been hard to be willing to side w the guy who wanted to take 50 steps back is a gigantic loss to him monetarily as well.
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    I think a brief timeline on why Tom is the way that he is, is something like: -Young Tom is just happy-go-lucky, party hard, immature musician who knows how to write good hooks with easy, yet catchy guitar riffs. -Tom eventually began to resent the band's immature image and wanted to be treated seriously. I think this began around the time of BCR/Self-titled/endorsing John Kerry/AvA making the best album in 20 years/etc. He had an irrational chip on his shoulder to prove to people he was smart/edgy/artistic and wanted to be treated seriously, but he overcompensated for it and his ego fucked things up with Blink/AvA. -Tom realized the immature image is part of the band's schtick and embraced it again in the Reunion/Neighborhoods era. -Tom has fluctuated between immature/mature whenever it benefits him. The TTS debacle proved that, while he wanted to be treated seriously and do big things, he doesn't have the critical thinking or business acumen to succeed when he tries to run a company. He was taken advantage of and lost a bunch of money; he believed the dumbest/most fake UFO videos as being real. But he can also be likeable and funny/immature in his social media posts, interviews, etc. Then throw in alcoholism, drug abuse, and potential mental illness, and you can see why things have gone the way they have.
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    Some rad social media submissions! blink-182_wishingwell wasting_time_perfectly:
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    exactly why i'd be curious for his take on this. seems from a business perspective the odds of them reaching the same level of success of him going solo or even maintaining at that point in time was a losing proposition. i'd be interested to hear his rational and if there was any push for tom to stay.
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    This is the best performance since Reading Festival 2004.
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    Maybe you can just show up and setup a lawn chair directly in front of the door to his bus?
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    That's exactly what it's like
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    it's kinda weird that David is never a part of these.
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