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    wtf has happened to our band? Christ almighty. I’m 100% a tombot now. There’s no way he’d stand for this shite. Song is pure trash too.
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    Normally I don't really care about them playing Tom songs with Skiba, but the idea of doing album anniversary shows without Tom really rubs me the wrong way.
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    Its like celebrating 20 years of marriage with your new wife you married 4 years ago
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    Same fucking set list? The exact reason why I have no interest seeing them live even if they played in my living room.
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    Outside songwriters make sense when you have great performers that may have a great voice/stage persona but arent incredibly good in the songwriting area. It just doesn't make sense to me with blink, but thats just my opinion. I love catchy glossy pop songs but i don't see matts/marks forté in that.
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    What happened to the livestaple until they die "rabbit hole"?
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    Mark: Haven't talked to Tom in 4 years, hope he makes it to Mars Blink Fans: Omg Tom is gonna be on a new Blink song and a 20th Anniversary EOTS tour!!
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    Long Lost Feeling is the best California era song.
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    The end pal. Game over. Fucking state of it. Mark makes me fucking sick, Skiba is the epitome of ‘meh’. When’s new Angels coming out?
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    I think mark, travis and matt are allowed to do whatever they want. But: I have no interest to go watch a band celebrating a record without the guy that wrote and performed half of the songs on that record. Flashback to mark stating in 2006 that it would be disingenious to play blink songs without tom. I don't mind them doing it but it just seems silly to celebrate a record by playing songs that were written and performed by a guy who decided to quit the band.
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    Hi everyone. I've run through some server + forum updates just now. I needed to reset the forum theme to complete defaults as part of this update, I've tried my best to set everything back to the way that it was but if you notice anything funky please let me know so I can fix it up before I remove the old busted ones completely.
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    WYHSB was the only proper single I recall. No It Isn't and Lycanthrope were both released free to fans before the album was out though
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    Looks like they did fully cover Blitzkrieg last night at a private corporate party show:
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    I really wish they'd just made a new band with Skiba. This isn't blink.
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    It’s not blink-182. Just make a new fucking band Jesus fucking Christ. It’s not fucking hard.
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    Oh well there’s always the Menzingers
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    this is album is going to be reeeeeally fucking bad.
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    Mark is a fucking scumbag. Awful bastard
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    There is such a gigantic gulf between "wishing Blink were punk" and "wishing Blink would still write their own music and not work with songwriters who write for teen idol radio pop stars" I like some punk music but I'm not a punk and my Blink fandom has never come with a punk-o-meter. It has nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fact that they're working with songwriters who have track records full of music that has no appeal to me. Chris Brown? Selena Gomez? Cody Simpson? Are you kidding me? They are branching WAAAAAAAAAY off from anything they've ever done in their history, way beyond even having Feldy co-write everything on the Cali albums. Who knows what it will end up sounding like, maybe they're figuring out some new magic formula, but as a Blink fan it's hard to just be nonchalant about this type of news haha
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    Punk credibility or not, blink always had some punk left in them. The way they used to make music, the way they used to play on stage, the aggression, the tempo, in a lot of cases just the fact that they were not so slick, and even if they weren't considered punk, they had something more than the other bands. Now they don't and it's undeniable. I couldn't care less about them being punk, but I care about them being themselves and not just a washed up version of blink in an attempt to stay relevant by capitalizing off the success of the younger generations in the industry.
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    Jesus, just when you think it can't get any worse than Feldmann, an indulgent producer that makes them sound too much like Goldfinger, they decide to completely sell out the band to a songwriting team that writes and produces for Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, fucking Pitbull To write Blink 182 songs. Shameful. Darkest times.
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    Let me guess, Ghent, Jar Jar, and I = yes. Everyone else who hates this era and wouldn't pay to go to a show anyway = no. It's harmless and better than the same setlist IMHO. People there will have fun, people hating on it weren't going to enjoy it or go anyway. Keep in mind, Tom quit, and then signed off on them continuing Blink without him... he wanted this as well.
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    Don't know if it's because the forum is dead or what but it's absolute garbage they're playing EOTS without Tom, what a joke lmao. Say what you will about Tom using the band for money; Mark is just as, if not more guilty, in gutting blink for money and money only. Aoki and Smirnoff, flying into Disney by helicoptor for his bday and now this, what a week. Him and Skiba really staying true to their PUNKROOTS \m/. Guess he figures its just as disrespectful when Tom played blink songs with Angel's, but jesus this band just keeps getting more and more shit with Mark at the helm. They're a running parody of themselves.
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    Tom even left his wife for Mark.
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    Yeah I reported on that when they were on a podcast and they were joking about him being so disconnected on the 2nd album cause Twitter had just started getting big. On CTTM he was very upset because of the whole break up thing. I think both records are fine production-wise, but CTTM sounds better to me. Mark didn't produce this..
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    And Ali Tamposi, too. Here's a couple of new updates for the timeline at the beginning of this thread. 3/14/19 - Another day of blink-182 recording with The Futuristics 3/15/19 - Mark confirming early summer release
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    Set list is absolutely shit. Why do covers? No point in disgracing the ramones. 2 joke songs too that are absolutely wank 🙄 Dumpweed > Feeling this as the opener too.
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    This is super lame but if it produces a catchy single or two i can live with that. Ive accepeted the band I once loved is basically gone and if we get a good song or two then thats what we get.
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    Don't cut yourself on that edge boy.
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    If the song is good I couldn't care less who they collaborated with. Completely irrelevant to me. I gave up my authentic hardcore punk purist tendencies in my early twenties. You're a Justin Bieber fan ffs, you should be stoked
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    i hope they play mark's hallucinations remix. the only real "trash-pop"
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    Got tickets for SF too, went vip. Should be interesting. Hopefully they play at least one blink song seeing how atl used to cover them
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    i like the song. i like the girl from this video. i like skiba’s hat. and he is really look rad. anyway, no one expected something amazing, imo.
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    Trailer is here and it looks great
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    obvious ones are already spoken for... i think all in the family is generally considered a top one, and mary tyler moore a big one too. in the 80s, i'd say cheers holds up. more cult favorite stuff like its gerry shandlings show has its moments too. three's company doesn't hold up in the least, but it was a big fav of mine as a kid and i'm sure watching it now i'd still find something to like about it. and this is way later, but in terms of dumb sitcoms, i think that 70s show and fresh prince are among the greatest.
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    Yup he produced Commit This To Memory and My Dinosaur Life. Great albums!
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    Yeah and Neighborhoods was made with Tom emailing recorded parts back and forth.. Tom uncommitted and vocals shot. Motion City was made with Mark in the studio together.. I'm sure it makes a huge difference.
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    I don't know if I will watch this, I should take a break from all these true crime stuffs 😂 there is always something new every week!! But I remember the case very well from the news at the time. All I know is that if this would've been a normal working class family leaving their babies unsupervised while they went out for dinner, there would've been a riot and the parents would've been charged with neglect. I remember I used to think it was the parents but it could have been anyone.
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    I hope tom and matt have a mission impossible 2 final showdown on their motorcycles. I fucking cant believe YouTube doesnt have a clip of that scene where tom cruise and the bad guy charge at each other and jump off their bikes to collide in mid air.
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    Someone could release a Rebecca Black video and change the name to blink 182 and Ghent would say it was awesome, JarJar would agree, and Ry Bread would write a 5 page essay why we should actually like it. ..followed shortly by Feeling_this saying they should continue on this trend of featuring kids.
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    And how do you know what "being themselves" means exactly? Their sound has changed pretty drastically multiple times. They went from barebones pop punk, to polished mainstream MTV pop punk, to even glossier pop punk, to nearly emo post hardcore-ish rock, to spacey yodel jams, and back to polished pop punk on California. Are they not allowed to try something modern and work with new people and different influences if that's what they are feeling at this moment? The pop punk police thing is so tired.
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    So: Feldy Andrew Watt Captain Cuts The Futuristics Pharrell Much better than: Feldy Feldy Feldy Feldy Feldy
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