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    On NINE they did a good job differentiating the two. On Cali it was like Burger King vs apples, same thing. Nine was like Burger King vs homemade chilli, huge difference.
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    he seems pretty happy in general lately. When I saw him on the EOTS anniversary shows he was smiling and interacting with the crowd constantly; looked like he was really happy. Good stuff.
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    Someone asked him on Instagram: why did the sound guy put Tom's voice in the mix? And he said: I'm not the sound guy 😂
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    I was in a good mood so I fucked about on Mr Chainsaw
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    Stop using the backing tracks period. They don't need it, never have. If they want more guitars, then do it how it supposed to and add a touring guitarist behind the amplifiers, he can even add backing vocals.
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    They definitely do. As much as I love skibas singing Mark and Tom definitely complimented each other better. I’m glad they let Skiba sound like Skiba on Nine though. His voice works a hell of a lot better on Nine then Cali.
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    Went back and listened to a good chunk of California and Nine today. Nine stayed about the same, really enjoyed it for what it was but still kind of off and California still just didn't click much for me. It's okay enough but never a go to and then I realized I kind of just always liked Tom's vocals. I miss his voice in Blink. Now, I know he was shit live and I know his vocal style changed a bit over the years but on record you always knew it was Tom, his voice was unique and for that he has always been a singer I clicked with. I think that's the main reason I never went fanboy over the new stuff.
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    I think i'm pulling for the chiefs this SB. glad it's somewhat different this year
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    It's a fucking lovely song tbf, probably the most romantic blink chorus.
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    Dumpweed is iconic, GATC is one of my faves and Dystenary is like, peak funny / real song blink.
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    diddy is gonna have a meltdown Man overboard
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    I’m just wondering why there was even a Tom backing track in the first place, regardless if anybody could hear it or not.
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    I know they’ve been using instrumental backing tracks live and Matt’s always mixed too low for anybody to hear but the whole using Tom’s vocals (and Matt’s studio vocals) with Matt is ridiculous. Watching I Miss You right now and it seems to have stopped. You’d figure they would play that iconic “WHERE ARE YOU?” line from Tom lmao. I’m taking too long to comment, and just listened to Bored to Death, they’re back again. The bridge was hilarious because some glitch happened with the livestream and Mark’s studio vocals got delayed. Mark even laughed at the end. Have no idea what’s going on at this point but I guess it’s a lot more entertaining than hearing them play the same set over again.
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    I went and picked up DBZ Kakarot today. Really fun. So awesome to have a dbz game that isn’t just pick a character and fight. It’s a full on RPG. Not fully open world but huge areas to explore. Collectables. Side quests. Collectables. FISHING. Fight me all you want but fishing mini games are the ultimate comfy addition to any game. Id definitely recommend if your into dbz at all.
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    Adam’s Song. And just for the sake of argument...it would be silly if Man Overboard wins. It would be the “best song from Enema” without actually being on Enema lol
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    Hey, you got this far, the longest I’ve gotten in these competitions is the trash bin on submission haha
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    This would be a proper reaction. I mean if my band was presented like that I would have a great interest in clarifying what went wrong and I would also make sure that stuff like that won’t happen in the future. He doesn’t give a shit how Blink sounds live. Look at all the fuck ups they had in the past months. It just adds to their current image.
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    Thought it was funny mark tried laughing it off before dark side. Maybe don’t use backing tracks bro.
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    It’s just the video stream that makes it way more obvious. We go through this every time on here lol. At the actual show it’s obviously still there but wouldn’t be anywhere near as noticeable.
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    I don't really feel like voting for this...but I need to save Man Overboard (yikes people) Anthem
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    No way, everyone knows that was Malboro Man off Flyswatter. Fucking poser.
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    Man Overboard. Never got the love. A fine song but overrated 'round these parts of the internet.
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    Man and I almost switched my vote but was like nah.
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    Oh man, you nailed that second verse too! So awesome. Bridge is great too. I'm honestly super impressed, dude.
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    Adam's Song. I like it but I always skip it.
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    found full video for this show : 11/4/1999: The band performs at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRDLO6iOsks&t=58s
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    This is such a bullshit thing to say to someone purely based on what song someone votes for, back the fuck up you judgy baby. also ATST for the millionth time.
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    I didn't even know that was a cover!
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    brother i’ve been making my case for years that blink’s best output was their more progressive moments — songs like stockholm or feeling this or kaleidoscope. even the losers like fighting the gravity have something interesting to offer. my ideal blink would be the one that never broke up in ‘05 and continued to tread a path no one ever got to. they were on the verge of something great my enjoyment of first date has nothing to do with this. blink excelled at this type of fun, generic, ear candy. it’s got a bomb melody, sensitive and saccharine lyrics, and a bridge that combines the best of the band in that era. like you said the music video is the funniest the band ever got. my reply is based in my observation that first date was a beloved, classic blink hit until 2006 or so, when tom referred to it as some throwaway that “teenage girls can drive around and listen to” or whatever — which was super wrong and short-sighted. then he started outwardly mocking it in concert and seems like fans began to dislike it to. more often than not the ones that have some sort of complex about tom and used to dress like him and shit
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    Haha thanks man! Haven’t trimmed it yet but I probably will in the next couple days.
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    Made this quick vid for my own entertainment yesterday. Since you guys don't get to see my face often here I figured I'd share. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0VSaquTR1Y YouTube vids haven't been embedding here for me for the past few days so there's the boring dumb link instead! I bought a beard trimmer like an hour after I made this video lol.
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    I also liked it a lot! A real nice one.
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    I don’t think I’ve ever even heard the Dave Mathews band or atleast known it was them if I had. I’ll give these songs a suss after work and see if it’s any good.
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    Nope! Love those songs! Only shit I've really liked from AvA since We Don't Need To Whisper.
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    found more information regarding this show : 4/1/1995: The band performs at Egan Civic Center in Anchorage, Alaska. From @gavinhammon (drummer of Dance Hall Crashers on Twitter) : found new date to add : 08/10/2001 American Pie 2 is released in theaters. Blink 182 is featured in the soundtrack of the movie with the song "Everytime I Look For You".
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    Fuck no there's not, but tell that to them.
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    Theres nothing like a "thank you for coming out AGAIN so recently you hardcores"- so we'll play LESS material for you!
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    Dysentery Gary's diarrhoea giving has finally come to an end. Here are the two remaining songs from the Enema of the State era: Dumpweed Going Away to College remember to vote for the song you want to lose I want Going Away to College to win so I'm voting for... Dumpweed
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    Man Overboard. Before Cynical, this was their most overrated song.
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    Tom feels about it? What has he said? I assume he’s embarrassed because he should be. Lame, boring single just for radio and it didn’t even do well. The video was its only saving grace. I actually went back to the TOYPAJ thread and you strongly laid out your case for why First Date is so great. It’s clear we are not fans of the same band. You love the poppy, generic and dull singles of blink and that’s your band. Blink had a lot more depth than that , and unfortunately some of you never understood or got it
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