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    quick google search, but thanks for your concern
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    "lockdown too short to last long"
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    "i fell in love with the girl in the zoom call. pinned her vid in the grid and she doesn't know. everything's better in her trivia round. she's on mute but i still check her out. i fell in love with the girl in the zoom call." i give permission to @Ry-Bread to put this on social and tag hoppus. let's do it! here's an image:
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    You should have dropped the “do you know who I am” line on them. “I run the fucking blink-182online.com board god damnit!”
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    I'm hoping the middle is great.
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    4 piece would be cool but as much as I love skiba-blink I also love alkaline trio. So if we could get Tom back on blink full time I wouldn’t be against Matt going back to alk3 full time. Both of my favourite bands releasing music consistently is the winner for me.
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    Skiba had to send in a video to a song he had no part of lol
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    two great songs that were extremely popular in both the AVA fanbase and around here, but keep doing your thing
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    I don't think they could pull off a whole album of songs in that style. It'd all sound the same. I wouldn't mind a few of these songs on an album but I don't know if a full album would work.
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    Funny how Tom and Mark not collaborating on certain songs was a common criticism of Neighborhoods, but now it's not a big deal. Fanboys are fucking dumb.
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    I suspect Matts guitar work on Nine was minimal at best. I don't see how one shot of him doing guitar now magically means he was there front and centre throughout nine, there was no evidence of it whatsoever and none of the guitar work sounds remotely like him (hell most of the tracks barely seem to have actual guitars on them)
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    I don't think the Kansas crew are Skiba fanboys. I think they love the name Blink-182 and therefor have to support regardless who was the guitarist. I feel like they treat bands like sportsball teams wher the players are consistently in rotation, but it's the team one has a loyalty toward.
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    This may be the first and only time "Marilyn Manson was sleeping over at his house for awhile" has been used as a reason that someone DOESN'T have a coke addiction haha
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    Probably just stock audio from all the yelling the did with California.
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    No Skiba, no blink!!!
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    Matt has secretly quit the band. he's in Pennywise now.
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    I don't buy the "Matt didn't have the recording space to pitch in for this song" argument. Can't you buy a USB cord that plugs your guitar into your computer for like $30 and record that way?
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    “unselfishly” LMFAO buddy matt when questioned had no idea this song existed. who’s writing fan fics now?
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    I'll keep track of who said what in this post so it'll be easier to proclaim the winner tomorrow. Keep going! (I still don't know what the winner is gonna win though). Jan: teen, mean Kay: dream, screen, scream Mard, Bucko, Knap: quarantine Vic: magazine Davey: unreality, nineteen Bagel: dream Elisa: vaccine, unseen, hygiene Thongy: mean
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    The band's aesthetic has been really weird since Skiba joined. Everything looks like a Robot Chicken character.
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    My guesses - quarantine the word will either be repeated a bunch, fragmented and repeated, or have a whoa after it. There will be rhymes to do with Lost or woken dreams, stuck to screens, wanting to scream, etc and there will be very typical "dude quarantine was difficult eh" kind of lyrics outside the same wanky shiny music. That's what I expect but I really want a bait and switch where they're like "quarantine was great, with no one around to see, i can have loads of dates with my blow up bride to be, getting squeaky on the couch, up against the fridge door, don't let me outside again until the airs out of my whore"
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    Trav said it will be a fan favorite, we’ll see if it can somehow surpass Rabbit Hole!
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    Feldy just posted Matt recording guitar work. You all can calm down now, he’s still in the band.
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    I've always liked his voice. I like artists who are distinctly recognisable and boy howdy is his.
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    I don't know what else The La's ever did, I don't care, this is enough
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    Mark won't ever do it because he thinks how they work now is the best way to do it, I don't think he'll go back to traditional songwriting which is a shame as this approach doesn't produce anything substantial.
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    Hopefully we get removed from the damn pandemic lol.
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    On Some Emo Shit is a top 5 blink song of the 2010’s don’t @ me
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    Since 2014 they released two new EPs, an acoustic EP, 3 singles and a demos and rarities record. And toured.
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    Honestly, the crap that’s been the blink 182 the last few years made me appreciate ava a hell of a lot more than I did prior. I can honestly rank ava ahead of blink currently. Along with most other bands.
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    When I went to the Ava show in November, longest line I’ve ever seen to get into the local venue. I don’t know about a fan base for Ava, but people are dedicated to Tom nqat.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing Blink put to bed. Bring back +44 or do the side project thing for a while. I'd like to see them do some one without restraints to genre or style.
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    Always thought if HAG had Tom on guitar and split vocals like the live version with a real music video could have been one of the best releases of blink’s career
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    I still think it’s corny to an extent but I rather see Mark genuinely pissed off about something then have some impersonal lyrics written with a co-writer.
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    if you nix every single they've ever released, some of the deep cuts are pretty baller. and both ignition and smash are 85% great. i agree that dexter, personally, is annoying. but also versatile. the guy's a scientist, he flies planes, he sells hot sauce.
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    Yeah. The Offspring singer is so annoying
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    this song sounds the way something with a label "crappy punk rock" should sound, and it's the last thing i want to hear from blink
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    Someone get this guy some professional help
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    Pennywise to me are like the Juggalos of the California punk scene.
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    super close: "Quarantine Fuck this disease Quarantine No not for me Quarantine I thought that things were fucked up in 2019"
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    I never thought I’d quarantine alone i coughed the loudest, who’d of known? i contact traced back to your mom no wonder, she didn’t wear a mask at all
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    remember the days when we could travel by plane drinking in bars, then kissing in cars never thought i am legend was for real (reallllllllll!) trying to avoid a strong dose of co-void no resistance, social distance stopping us from all our fucked up ways we are forgotten young suburbia in full lockdown in california staring at our laptop screens zoom fried, tongue-tied, night of our lives fuck this place, let's get tested...in a parking lot i can't wait 'til i'm off of work i'll meet my friends at the target curb get nasal swabbed through a car window at 3am
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    Quarantine. Quarantine. Quarantine. Quarantine. Walls of isolation surrounding the house. Can't be arsed to go speak with my spouse.
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    "I've got my yead ungover you"
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    I'd prefer the 4 piece if it happens, but I do think Matt would likely step aside (which will bum me out). He alluded to this in an interview not too long ago when he recalled asking Mark at the studio one day when Tom was coming back, saying that it was "inevitable, right?". To which Mark replied he didn't know. I just don't see it happening any time soon, I had a convo with AVA's tour manager for the pod last week and he said he doesn't think concerts will return until 2022...which is nuts. I don't think Tom needs the tour $ (he likely got a ton for selling his blink catalog), and he doesn't want anything to do with it from an artistic viewpoint. I just truly feel he is proud of what blink accomplished, but completely over it at this point and has made peace with it. We'll get NINE DLX in the next year, then LP10 with Skiba and another tour late 2021/2022. Any music Tom wants to make will be with AVA, with mini tours scattered. So that already leaves us with basically no chance of a reunion in the next ~5 years I'd say. Possibly after that if they have a stretch of down time and Tom suddenly feels nostalgic and committed.
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