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    New song coming, has nine writers.
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    This is my first post here but I’ve been lurking this board since BIOMY came out to catch other opinions from other Blink fans besides the reddit page... and holy shit did I stumble on a goldmine of entertainment. I assume you’ve all be here since before the reunion with Tom, for the most part at least. I bring this up because i think it factors into what’s at play in this Oliver music situation. You’ve all lived in and communicated in this bubble for so long that even truthful comments from other members gets taken as trolling and hating for the sake of hating. I hope my opinion, from an outsider who has very little idea of the history of you guys can help this argument. Even though I know how it will end. this dude (Oliver) sabotaged himself on purpose from what I could tell. It’s 2019, you can take your iPhone and livestream whatever you want with extremely good quality. This dude decided to live stream with a webcam on par with the one used in the first American pie. Not only that, he blasted the sound of the guitar and mic so loud that you couldn’t hear a fucking thing or pick out a distinctive sound or even the faintest resemblance of whatever song he was attempting to play. This had to be by design. i give credit where it’s due, dude stepped up and did what he said he would (half assed albeit) I wouldn’t have the balls to go that far with it. The Seinfeld fan in me likens this situation to George taking his dead fiancés parents to his house in the Hampton’s that doesn’t exist just to see who will flinch first. anyway, it was a dreadful performance from what we could tell. Maybe it was better but the fucking gameboy he filmed it with prevented anyone from catching anything that remotely resembles talent. I don’t want to slam this dude because I’m new here (wouldn’t shock me if I get ban hammered) but he’s so fuxking delusional. He’s out here acting like he’s god because he stumbled through a queen solo for 25 seconds. Tom and Matt don’t need to film themselves playing queen riffs to justify their professional expertise. They have millions of sold records, sold out shows, and millions of dollars to justify how good they are. the original thread and this one is like a sociology experiment with a delusional person. It’s actually fascinating to be on the outside looking in because no sane person come to any conclusion that he has. i don’t even know what else to say but it’s just like sad almost. Hopefully I don’t get banned and we can all talk Blink together in the future. I’m not a “Skiba bot “ by any means. I’m on the team of wanting Tom back. But I just caught them at the holmdel nj show it it exceeded expectations. comparing both performances I saw in the past week or so. Skiba destroyed Oliver . End of story. inb4 I don’t play guitar or whatever the fuck the excuse for why my opinion is wrong is.
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    "This song goes out to Tom who is overtaking Area 51 in the near future"
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    Took the liberty of sending our boy Skiba a message congratulating him on his victory. The photo sent afterwards was of a first place trophy with his name and performance competition written on it.
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    I like how people who have lurked for years and not felt the need to sign up have decided that they simply cannot let this ridiculous Oliver argument pass without making a comment about it.
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    Matt skiba once again proving how awesome he is. Good work @Ry-Bread
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    This board is incredible. The characters and the threads over the years. It’s fucking bat shit mental. Blink should be seriously proud of us. What a mental bunch we are.
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    blink were randomly on sirius xm lithium today for an interview i think was recorded in LA prior to leaving for the tour (they discuss generational divide as though it's the most recent single). i didn't see anyone else talking about this or posting about it anywhere else, so i decided to record it for all you good people. which meant sitting in my car for an entire hour waiting in between 90s hits for interview snippets. i've saved you that trouble and strung them together. had i been home i would've recorded this properly, but instead it's a recording from my phone, but it doesn't sound bad. enjoy if you'd like
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    Sweet new melody put a smile on my face.
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    Why do they keep making songs that they can't sing live?
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    So you're a vigilante too? Is there anything you can't do?? fucking hero!
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    This didn't happen. Tommy Ramone died in 2014. Joey 2001 Dee Dee 2002 Johnny 2004
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    There's a mix of acoustic, with Blink, with Alkaline, with some riffs. In all of these, Matt Skiba is a better performer than your video was the other day. A couple of responses - why are we including the Queen video? You said yourself this was originally about Blink. So isn't posting that video saying look how much better I am moving the goalposts? Also, yes - he has more experience, but your original argument was that you were as good, if not better than him - so saying it's his profession and you just picked up your guitar therefore you could be as good if not better is moving the goalposts as well, yes? Also, before you say "you he's better in those videos than my playing? LOL you clearly know nothing about music" I do play guitar and was in a band (a very long time ago) for four years. We were shit. You're a better guitar player than me, I have no problem saying that. I was overall under the belief that it was about performance. Even you yourself mentioned that you did get nervous after all and that it could be different playing in front of crowds. Oliver (James) You're a fine performer. You're a good guitar player and have a pretty decent voice. But you're not as good as Skiba when it comes to performance, or guitar playing. This is not a biased opinion. I would welcome more of a comparison but you made your videos private. Just take a step back man, understand that the majority of people here are saying you're talented. But Skiba takes it, I'm sorry. Be humble good sir, take the L!
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    Alkaline trio videos don’t count. Queen guitar solos on the other hand are fair game. Got it.
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    I almost feel like our feedback was too nice initially and Oliver doesn't know what to do with that, so he's back to obnoxious gloating to try to encourage more negative reactions.
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    oliver are you using a potato to live stream?
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    I'm guessing your reenacting experience prepared you for this kind of eventuality.
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    When will websites be able to be registered as historical landmarks? This message board is culturally and historically significant.
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    Yep. And there was actually a pretty warm reaction to his video originally. People were nice, appreciated the effort, gave him constructive/realistic criticism. But he couldn't even handle that. It's OLIVER IS A GOD or nothing with that guy.
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    I think this is a really interesting post, I think you're really onto something so it turns out I'm gonna write a giant spiel too for no reason haha. In my opinion I don't think Tom was done with Blink after Box Car. I think it was more like he did Box Car obviously not thinking Mark would care or want to play music like that, and when he found out Mark was upset and wished he would have just used those songs for Blink he got super hyped and thought they were on the exact same page with where they wanted their music to go. You can tell from watching all the Cheetah videos and MTV Album Launch and stuff that Tom is fully committed, and not in a wistful "last ride with Blink" type of way. He truly thought Blink was about to evolve in a huge way and that they were just going to keep progressing on that track. Mark spoke about it the same way and clearly gave it his all, his contributions to that album are incredible, but even at the time I remember thinking he took much more of a back seat in the music than usual. I think on the inside he was most likely pretty self conscious and anxious about making that type of a leap into the unknown and into darker subjects and sounds, but he clearly dived right in and they both trusted each other one last time on that album and it paid off in a huge way. I think it was after they finished the recording process and were going through the touring and everything else that it started coming undone. Obviously this is all my opinion AKA fan fiction haha but based on everything that has happened since 04/05 I wouldn't be surprised at all if Mark started hinting about like "on the next album we should go back to some more simple fast catchy songs" or like "man it's kinda depressing playing all this new angry stuff every night let's throw in some more Enema/TOYPAJ at this show." And that combined with all of them getting drained by the "machine" and Tom slowly starting to lose his mind and get addicted to painkillers and whatever else was going on made the whole post-Box Car relationship they thought they had go up in flames. Tom realized Mark wasn't actually as convinced about using Untitled as a new jumping off point, Mark realized Tom wasn't interested in revisiting the Enema/TOYPAJ stuff they'd always been great at (and was going nuts), and they slowly started resenting each other until it all blew up. That's how I feel it probably went down, which also makes sense with how AVA and +44 both turned out. AVA was partially Tom trying to prove to Mark that his grand ambitions were warranted and even with a newly enlightened new-agey vision he could progress rock music and bring back Jesus or some shit, and +44 was partially Mark trying to prove to Tom that he could write a whole album of badass angry progressive music, so fuck you. Then with Neighborhoods/DED Mark was somewhat conceding the musical direction to Tom again for the sake of keeping Blink alive and hoping the relationships would mend and it would all start to come naturally again, but obviously it didn't go down like that. As of right now I don't buy the idea that Tom will ever come back, and I don't even really buy the idea that he even wants to, regardless of what he says in interviews when he's feeling self-conscious. Through all the ups and downs it seems like they've both kinda come to a sad peace about the fact that they'll never have that chemistry anymore so they'll just do what they actually want to do on their own and give each other a friendly wave whenever they cross online-paths haha. And Travis was just down for whatever.
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    Still waiting on explanation as to why we're covering Queen songs now in a competition that was to outplay Skiba in blink songs.
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    Please don't post this, it's nearly all hammer ons, Oliver hasn't reached this level of guitarmanship yet.
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    No you aren't, not even close. I will accept Skiba but you're out of your mind if you think you're better than Tom and I will smack you.
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    Right... I might believe you if you didn't constantly brag about how much money you earn (and yet can't pay your medical bills, freeloading off your fellow taxpayers), how you apparently have a big dick, and how you declare yourself a winner in every argument when people pretty much unanimously disagree with your points. It's become very apparent that you've become a delusional, insecure loser that only knows how to speak Trump.
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    Maybe all the fat will drain from his head and he'll stop being a fucking fatheaded alien entrepreneur and be a normal alien obsessed weirdo again ... then rejoin blink and we can have a Oliver vs Tom video.
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    Thanks guys for watching. So I will say, that was much much harder than I thought it would be. I was nervous as shit, and I didn't expect it. I expected to talk and be witty and joke around and I just froze socially. What a disaster. I also couldn't hear the track and I know I was off in parts, forgot chords, lyrics. A complete mess. So I gained some new perspective. It didn't help that it was boiling hot and I was wearing a suit also. It was not better than Skiba. But that's Skiba's job. I haven't played in front of people in almost 20 years. It was weird. Much harder than I expected. With practice I do think I have the talent to be as good as him. But not tonight. So your words of kindness mean a lot thanks!!! Especially the fact that many of you watched for 90 mins. As far as the song, I can't find the lyric sheet. But I will record it. I was going to say something but the stream cut off.
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    Live shot of Oliver right now if he was twenty years younger.
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    Okay so pointing out the various times Mark refers to drinking wine, to the point where it's in Neighborhoods, and pointing out his depression bouts and thinking just maybe he has a bit of problem with alcohol is totally nuts, but Tom speaks nicely to someone on a podcast and he's on ecstasy?
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    It’s German for what they think about Oliver being better than Skiba.
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    It's the number of times Tom speaks to Mark and Travis daily.
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    People who think Nine would be a good album title should probably just delete their account and never come back
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    Wait am i the only one going to bring back up the fact that Oliver thinks that because a horse doesnt wipe its ass, we shouldnt have to? I know im slightly changing the narrative but this seriously made me laugh out loud at work
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    You should start a favourite colour thread/poll.
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    I'm gonna guess the size is zero because the whole story is either a lie or he walked 50 feet to a gas station.
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    I always thought +44 worked because Mark was pissed off, hurt, confused and sad all in one. This time I think Tom leaving was more of a shrug like, "Really, dude? Again?" I mean No It Isn't is a fucking masterpiece compared to San Diego. To me that's all the proof I need, 2 songs on the same subject with vastly different results.
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    I can't get inside any of Mark, Tom, or Travis' head but in retrospect my gut says Tom was just done with blink after the whole Boxcar dilemna, he was changing, he realized Mark and him would never be close again but he still had a little heart left for something that was so much a part of him for so long and gave it his one last all on Untitled, sort of like his love letter to blink 182. Tom might be crazy, but he is pretty true to him self artistically, while Mark was always about the success, fortune, and fame experience. Tom moved on, possibly not being financially aware of the difficulty of 'keeping' wealth versus making all that money at once. Tom's ego got a little carried away but he couldn't go back, damage was done. Neighborhoods, while it did age greatly, was clearly Tom at a bit rock bottom needing help, more than likely financially. He 100% used the easiest answer to force a reunion he didn't want to do with blink. The body language showed he could never fully commit back to it as it was in the past to him. He, still being an effortless songwriter that he is, helped make a decent but offbeat album. It was a bit underwhelming, even Up All Night to me, partly because it was so confusing at the time what was going on. Many of us were young-ish still and were expecting a fairy tale story line of this happy exciting reunion, not understanding the truth of it really. It still had blink elements, so I enjoyed the fuck out of it while I could, and listened to DED a lot too (I think Tom matured a bit here and realized how much blink gave him and how douchey he was sort of getting and made something more modest). Being such an outcast album, it has a bit of a charm to it now and really did age well now that many of us have accepted this is how life goes a lot of the time and is never storybook like you see things growing up. California obviously helping it age even better being such a contrast to everything that album is. Mark, being completely bitter and broken had to find a way to move on and went on to what would be a great marketing grab, a new band that clearly has some songs focused on the breakup of blink and his anger towards Tom. We have to remember, blink was MASSIVE back in the day, everyone was eager to see what they did next and +44 had a chance with some more elements, Mark just gave up real quick. Mark probably held out a 10% chance Tom actually cared with Neighborhoods, he knew how painful that would be if he was fooled after such a long hiatus. He didn't really want to admit it at first, but clearly was frustrated and angry during the tours. The Neighborhoods album he was really off, just could not move on from the glory days (for him) in Dammit, Enema and Toypaj. Mark was always a college guy at heart, he hated the idea of maturity that Tom wanted. I do think he's found more inner peace, but musically the guy is pretty lost and all over the place trying to make decisions, guitar skills didn't fade though. He needs Tom's crazy and lack of hesitation to balance him out. Travis was just along for the ride. Bolded the actual answer to quote part. Not being pretentious, just don't know why I wrote a book.
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    If it makes you feel better I can play sweet child of mine behind my head and you messed up some palm muting and strum patterns but from the audio I couldnt really render a full verdict. I also play bass, drums, violin, piano and the ukelele if it helps give me some weight to the scenario. To play devils advocate. Skiba has been playing these songs for a few years now and like others and I agree with pointed out you have likely been playing these since picking up your guitar or listening to blink. Does it excuse Skiba no. But if you listen to Alk trio blink is vastly different in the way it plays. bottom line, I think i can play blink songs better than Skiba or Tom on a stage however I wouldnt say im better than them. Playing the song you didnt write, singing the words you didnt write infront of a crowd who knows you didnt must be a daunting experience regardless of how its perceived. Matt has never been a huge stage presence. He plays his material has a few words and gets on with it. He isnt Tom, who will play the song, ad lib the interludes with new things he likes and then joke about how he fucked it all up. Oh i also play a mean Ocarina.
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    You posted Queen ffs and asked for a comparison.
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    You just keep proving my point over and over. You're actually delusional. I'm wondering if the girl you keep claiming to be banging is actually a bag of flour with a wig on. Jesus. Take a break, man.
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    i'm patiently waiting for the 50th anniversary of cheshire cat.
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    he did nearly die in a fiery wreck. i'll let him have that one.
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    That’s awesome @Ry-Bread We all fan boy out but no one that I’m aware of has made something they actually keep. Props man. If you print another set I’m a buyer
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