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  1. Listened to Neighborhoods for the first time in honestly years today, Hearts All Gone is such a banger I never liked before. Was an emotional trip, first couple years of college were all this album.
  2. It's so so bad, but some of them are just such fun people in the end that you want the best for them while also wanting to watch absolute trash TV.
  3. I've now watched two seasons of UK Love Island and am trucking through the US version, which is surprisingly not bad.
  4. Started watching Goliath on Netflix and it's very quality. Billy Bob Thornton as a disgraced superstar lawyer returning to the field.
  5. @Scott. what is Caroline Flack's deal? I like her a lot on the show, but I was just reading how she dated this rugby player but he's very openly the ex of a girl on the show now. She seems to date half of her cohosts as well, plus Harry Styles when he was 17 and she 31.. It's all just a bit dicey-sounding
  6. Crazy Ex Girlfriend makes me want to die but I watch every ep.
  7. I'm happy that this makes people happy, and I don't think this band is dead by any means, but they're trying so hard to keep up the image of blink while putting out this polished overproduction with every release and it's not super blink of them to do that, if that makes any sense.
  8. Didn't want to like her because I find her persona very irritating but I enjoyed her album
  9. It's just so tinny and unlike them... I dunno. It just keeps getting convoluted between shit singles that make mediocre ones seem like the return of blink
  10. This is bordering on kpop territory
  11. Idk if you meant on the show, but half the lawn left by the time blink was halfway done.
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