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    Me drumming Adam's song, taking out the parts that are repetitious. Not as good as Travis by a million miles, few are, but I can do it despite the doubt. I learned this song on drums when I was 19 y/o to teach to my drummer............. 18 years ago in 2000. . Before the youtube generation and the advent of technology that made things easier. All the shit we talk on here is only half the equation for me, the other half is the actual music, or at least it was. I know most Blink songs pre neighborhoods on drums. ##isthereanythingicantdo.
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    Why am I not surprised that Matt didn't even really try to play the Wasting Time riff?
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    Tom is a way way way better guitarist when he actually wants to play instead of ring out every chord
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    For me the band needs to end now. They can continue making music but not in Blinks name unless Mark and Matt are gonna take things serious and take their time to write a mature album for adults. I hate how they pander to young people, what about your fans that have grown up with you? We don’t want to hear that shit. Pop punk isn’t even popular anymore ffs. They’re doing this all wrong. Honestly it’s embarassing. No wonder Tom fucked off. Can anyone blame him?? I respect Tom more than Mark. Mark is a puppet.
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    I was about to post this in the New Album thread because Jar Jar was derailing things in there, but it seemed more appropriate here haha. All the talk from our resident California fans about how they wish the negativity would go away so there could be normal conversations seems like BS when they just shit their pants and mock people any time there is ANY discussion that doesn't align with what they think about California and Feldmann. The post Jar Jar is being a baby about wasn't trolling or anything, the guy just gave an honest assessment of his thoughts about Blink right now and how he thought the new lineup had more potential than we've seen so far. For some reason these guys want to control every single conversation but never bring up anything to talk about in the first place because they'd rather complain about the "negativity." I don't have personal feelings about someone based on whether they like or dislike the current direction of the band, I like Ghent's posts and thoughts about a lot of things, and I think Oliver's theory about Feldmann's sexual habits was ridiculous. And I do understand why someone with a less popular opinion would feel like they're being ganged up on, but it seems like every pro-Cali person only posts about why they're being persecuted or something lately haha. There was the beginning of a good convo recently about which lyrics on Cali seemed honest and what we'd like to see them write about in the future and it got derailed almost immediately by Ghent mocking someone by saying that if he liked the intro to Cynical, it meant that he hopes the band breaks up. Stuff like that is way more annoying and derails way more threads than anyone just voicing their well-thought-out opinions, even if they're negative. We all like Blink here for some reason or another, some people are down on the current version of the band and some people think they're as good as ever, I think both of those perspectives are totally fine! I just wish more people could debate honestly and talk about the actual music and the band instead of stupid quips and drama.
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    Decent drumming, but weird setup, pal. For a moment I didn't know if you were drumming or killing flies.
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    I think as time goes on we'll get more of those type of articles
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    Both versions of wasting time (Matt’s and toms) sound good in their own ways
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    That song Tibetan Pop Stars is immense, I love her voice on it.
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    Parking Lot and Wasting Time:
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    Well yeah on the deluxe not on the actual release. They initally scrapped it. So 1 song. Just seems weird to me.
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    I think I'm the only one who doesn't mind the Hey I'm Sorry chorus. The little post chorus part is too Cali, intro is obviously wtf? The rest is gold. Hey I'm Sorry I lost the melody/your memory is classic Mark to me. MH: Hold me down deep under water Wave goodbye to all your daughters Break yourself but why even bother? Fathers pray for princes instead Have your fill of disappointment Two more years of unemployment All your fears come to life and leave you boarded up abandoned and spent MS: Everything you've ever hoped for Waiting there outside your front door Bleeding to death MH: Are you alone with all your thoughts Your suitcase full of books you bought Those are seriously good lyrics and genuine to me. This is exactly what I expected and was wanting from these two, actually a bit pissed seeing the potential going right down the shitter. They should have used Feldmann just for Bored to Death and been done with it. And I would trade Bored to Death in a heartbeat to hear and album of what they were writing pre-feldy that they canned. The only positive of all this is that minor glimpse of Hey I'm Sorry (whether you like the song or not, is good writing) shows they aren't exactly dead just yet..
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    I like the pre chorus because it sounds like true skiba. Like he actually wrote it
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    Its remarkable how nothing bad can be said about blink unless the Cali Crew gets triggered. What Jord said was a genuine thought about why he disliked the new blink and not just the CALI SUX attitude.
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    A lot of truth to this. I used to play guitar super low the way Tom did and realized as I got older it was retarded and hurting my back, so I moved way up. 3 years ago I fractured 3 vertebrae in my back and am still dealing with that. I can't even imagine playing like that as much as Tom did.
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    American Idiot was a great record for that time and for green day...but lets face it Self-Titled wins just by ''Production'' alone. Just the way it sounds all together. Blink morphed into something new with that record. The lyrics, musical ideas and styles, Creative song changes, Different instrumental tones, For the first time you feel this gritty anger in their music, they used their voices in new ways. And nothing felt forced....just really natural. Funny enough i hated this record when i got introduced to blink. I found it messy.....i could not understand all the instrumental parts during Stockholm Syndrome's intro. It just sounded like a mess and so did other songs. Maybe my musical understanding wasn't developed like now or something. It has to be one of their best intro's ever, Weird they never really got that intro right when they played the song live i feel.
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    feldmann was the worst thing that ever happened to blink
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    Mark frustrates me so much because I love everything he has done. WYHSB is up there with my fave Blink record. California is ok too, I enjoy it but come on Feldman again?? This next album is going to be exactly the same. Even if the songs are darker and mature Feldman will find a way to pop it up. Doughnut munching cunt. If there are lala’s And nanana’s on this next one im going to burn my blink albums
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    Mark was a puppet through the entire reunion...
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    Wasting time actually sounded really good and is proof that they need to dust off some more stuff. parking lot was good too all things considered. Matt just sounds so bad. He stands there all awkward with his legs bent like he has a dildo stuck up his ass or something. He doesn’t sing; he shouts, his guitar playing and tone are miserable.... and. I’m starting to wonder if they intentionally turn the volume down on his stuff because they’re afraid he’s gonna fuck up
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    I don't know. It's just a shame Mark, Tom and Travis can't see the big picture and just make it work. This is when blink could be such a huge band. They headlined Reading Festival as soon as they reunited. There was so much buzz about them coming back. Now no one really cares. It's ironic how they write some of the best music ever but they must hate doing it or something.
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