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Favorite Neighborhoods Song


What's your favorite song from Neighborhoods?  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite song from Neighborhoods?

    • Ghost On The Dancefloor
    • Natives
    • Up All Night
    • After Midnight
    • Snake Charmer
    • Heart's All Gone Interlude
    • Heart's All Gone
    • Wishing Well
    • Kaleidoscope
    • This Is Home
    • MH 4.18.2011
    • Love Is Dangerous
    • Fighting The Gravity
    • Even If She Falls

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essentially untitled and neighborhoods in my opinion could go side by side as a double album (thats also including not now). if you listen to untitled all the way through with not now at the end, then into ghost through neighborhoods. its a good flow.

Especially since lyrically, Ghost sounds connected to Not Now, almost like it's the story of Not Now told from the other person's perspective (especially when you consider Not Now's original chorus lyrics including "Let's dance until I'm gone".

Love it!

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how up all night didnt get a single vote in comparison to the other songs shows only how bad a choice of a single it really was. no wonder so many of us were shocked.. it's not a bad song, but thank god the album is so much better. I'd probably have liked any other song more as the comeback single.

agreed. i honestly think it was like a tribute to the people who were their in 2009 when it was supposed to be released. idk.

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I think they had to release Up All Night because they previously said they were going to release it but if they didn't and it was still on the album it would look like they have lost confidence in the song and that it doesn't compare and is a filler track and all this other negative energy, they don't want that.

Still, they should have released it in the way that they did with hearts all gone and after midnight and had a different official single because it is poor in comparison.

I hope the next singles are huge and this album gets all the credit it deserves.

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