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California & Nine combined


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1 - The First Time

2 - Bored to Death

3 - Heaven

4 - 6/8

5 - Blame it on My Youth

6 - Sober

7 - Misery

8 - No Heart To Speak Of

9 - Long Lost Feeling

10 - On Some Emo Sh*t

11 - Good Old Days

12 - Don't Mean Anything

13 - Last Train Home

14 - Bottom of The Ocean

15 - Home is Such A lonely Place

16 - Hey I'm Sorry



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4 hours ago, Gaslit Jan said:

It's funny that it seems like everyone has the same perception of Cali/deluxe/nine overall, but all have different takes on the songs.  Like I hate hate hate, despise Misery, Parking Lot, BIOMY, Black Rain, don't really like No heart to speak of, San Diego, or Soohm either...

But I like Wildfire, Sober, Los Angeles, which most people hate.

Haha that's definitely true. I think that's the cool thing about blink. They've always attracted fans that like different types of music. They've never been as samey as Green Day or other pop punk bands. Most of their songs are different to each other, so you'll get people that love songs like Los Angeles and Bottom of the Ocean then they hate songs like Sober, Blame It On My Youth or I Really Wish I Hated You.

Me for starters, I don't get the hype for Cynical. It sounds exactly like a classic blink song outside of the intro. Yet I just don't like it but then I like The Only Thing That Matters, which also sounds like a classic blink song to me. It's weird. I think Bored to Death is the closest Enema sounding song blink has done since Enema itself, yet most people on this board think it sounds nothing like Enema. I'm aware people put TOYPAJ together with Enema, but outside of like two songs, that album steers away from Enema I think.

Then i love Los Angeles because it really does sound like some weird +44 track or Fighting the Gravity in the first 10 seconds of the song to me. Oh and the bridge of it is fucking quality. Typical Mark bridge. Yet a lot of people on this board feel like it sounds like Centuries from Fall Out Boy. Outside of the melody, the song sounds nothing like that IMO. Completely different genres.

Even Mark has a completely different perception of his own songs to the point it makes me scratch my head and think "wtf?" haha.

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37 minutes ago, Nosferatu said:

It sounds exactly like a classic blink song

I will never get why people say Cynical sounds like old school blink 😐 It sounds like punk rock, like the generic kind of punk rock, ala NOFX, Pennywise etc. Blink always had a very distinctive sound, their own brand of punk rock that made them stand out from the rest; you could tell from the very start that they were "something else".


37 minutes ago, Nosferatu said:

They've never been as samey as Green Day

Agreed. Green Day is kind of like a one trick pony, blink has always experimented in some way with each release and that's why i love them so much :)

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16 hours ago, Kay said:

If it had a better chorus, it'd be basically perfect. The verses are easily superior to like 99% of new blinks stuff. 

Yeah it's almost a cool song... The intro gets it off to a horrible start and then it recovers and really starts grooving along in a nice way, but then the chorus hits and it's like


Truly one of the most grating moments in the Blink catalog for me. From the rhythm to the guitar tone to the melody, it sounds totally frankensteined in from a different song. The verses are legitimately very pretty and unique, it's a shame that they're wasted with that chorus and (especially) the bridge chorus when everything drops out. Bummer.

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I must have woeful taste haha. I thought Misery was a really decent post-Tom song, too. I rate a lot of the deluxe tunes.

I identified with it like a fat dork as I was going through a break-up at the time. I thought the bridge was interesting, living on the edge of OBLIVION. Mark has some clever lines/phrasing in the song too, 'burn the bridge, so I won't find my way home'.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Shit! It logged me out?! 

Well, i was commenting on the Dysentery Gary comparisons of Tom to Matt, and i couldnt recall seeing either! I then remembered the Enema Tour with Skiba, though probably...meh, ok, maybe i did see/hear. I can "hear" Skiba singing the "gotta lot a heartache" bit...

But Tom live? Hmm. I need to look into this ASAP! Cuz i can't recall... suppose it's on the MarkTomTravisShow...was it? 🤔

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