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    notice that she's NOT dancing to Stay Together For The Kids. Divorced.
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    If you don't know at least one of the wives of the Blink dudes's numbers you're not a real fan imo. Tom unfollowed Jen on the 31st of September 2017 at around 5 pm. He stopped following Travis 13 of June 2018 at 9 pm. I doubt it's coincidental that he unfollowed Travis later at night than Jen. It could mean he was drunk or on drugs. I don't think Tom wants anything to do with either period! Speaking of, according to Jen's cycle, Tom unfollowed her two days before her next menstruation. Probably just a coincidence. On April 4 this year, Tom started following Gabriella AKA "Gabby" who Tom dated for two weeks his sophomore year in high school. On May 5th he liked one of her photos on instagram. I think it's obvious that Tom is having an affair with Gabby. There's no way nothing is going on between them. On September 11 2001 Tom and the Blink guys did some shots for the STFTK music video (probably tequila). This was before social media and tracking on phones so I'm not sure about Jen and Gabby's whereabouts at that day, so we can't rule out their involvement in the 9/11 attack. On September 11 this year Gabby posted an instagram selfie of herself smiling. I think this is a little hint at Tom. Subtle as he is Tom didn't like this post. Probably to not seem suspicious. I don't care much about their personal lives though, I mostly care about the music.
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    absolute cringebag. Imagine posting a video like that the fucking crank.
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    She’s fucking bat shit. No wonder Tom has lost the plot. It’s the kids I feel sorry for. Dad is chasing ufos and mum is a drunken mess. While mum is hammered in one room the kids are ironing their school uniform and doing their packed lunches. Fucking state of it
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    An Aerospace company lol. The last release was a $55 children's picture book about a naked buffoon.
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    I'm more unsure about who left who..... wtf was that? "dance like no ones watching.." but make sure everyone does by posting it on your instagram. gtfo!
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    Dark was Stockholm Syndrome and Obvious. Los Angeles and 6/8 are mid life crisis I have a wholesome family and a Labrador retriever dark.
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    My view on Tom's demos is that there are only a few that were originlly for blink, and not even in that shape. He surely developed the real demos to their final form. To me, at that time, it was really obvious that he was kind of making up that story: the whole "I was booking shows for blink", which is just stupid, and the whole "this was the bunch of songs I was working on for new blink record". First, I don't beleve he was booking anything; and second, what I said above, my feeling is that only a few ot those songs on "Demos..." were originally intended to be for blink. So I call it bullshit. As I call bullshit the main core of Tom's statements since, almost, a decade ago.
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    I'd argue this is more calculated and 'fake' than the 'filters' she is complaining about on social media. She is trying to portray herself in a way that shows her as carefree while commenting that she is carefree which if anything shows she is anything but. She is basically portraying an image/narrative of herself while complaining about others doing the same - it's essentially the same thing. Not sure if that made sense but whatever haha.
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    I don't know if this is shared by anyone else but despite the bridges and PLG I was excited to hear what would come next after DED. It was a great EP and it felt like more of a natural progression than Neighborhoods. I'm bummed that'll never happen. I doubt Mark is stopping a BCR reunion but I also don't want one. It won't be the same, part of BCRs charm was the simplistic and aggressive style Tom had adopted and those days are gone. BCR these days qould just sound like AvA lite and that shit would be ethan as fuck. I'm glad it isn't happening.
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    Anyone else still unsure if they are seperated yet.
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    Can just imagine it. Tom parking his car in the desert wearing his new jacket and the other shit he was wearing. Underneath the hat will be some tinfoil hat. Then a black car pulls up. Out comes the men in black agents with Mark Hoppus in between them. Mark asks Tom for updates about alien civilisation. Tom says big things are coming and asks Mark for the blink-182 financial updates, which are to support Tom's investigation into alien conspiracies. The finances are good after California hit number one in the charts. Tom is proud. He tells Mark he cannot return yet and needs Feldman to bring more money to blink-182 if they are to save the human race. Mark says it's not the same and that he misses Tom. But the survival of the human race is more important than the legacy of blink-182. Tom is doing everything he once claimed AVA were going to do. He's going to save the world. Only this time, Mark Hoppus is secretly involved. Blink-182 are going to save the world. Meanwhile Travis Barker is rocking the shit outta his drums in some recording studio in Los Angeles for some other rapper.
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    Feldmann included that line so that people would think Matt helped write the lyrics
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    Why did Blink never play this song live after 1999? It sounds amazing.
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    Pretty much this. Mark got dicked over by Tom in both breakups. In 2004, Tom didn't want to record/tour and wanted to spend more time with his family (his reasons). Mark wasn't willing to record separately and piece together an album over email (went on record stating this, then did it anyways with Neighborhoods) so the band went on indefinite hiatus. Skip ahead to 2015 and Tom is stubborn once again, preferring to tour ($$$) over record new albums (DED being the only exception). Tom spends more time working on AvA content. Mark and Travis make Tom sign a contract with a strict deadline to work on Blink, Tom doesn't comply with the contract, Tom bitches out and gets Rick DeVoe to talk to the band on his behalf stating "Tom is out." Pretty much the pattern is that Tom is stubborn and will only record when he feels like it, even if it means only recording 1 album and an EP in 6 years. Tom then turns into a pussy getting Rick to talk on his behalf and drags his feet on any productive negotiations or discussions with the band. Mark understandably got sick and tired of accommodating Tom and working around his schedule. Tom put himself first over the band, had ample time and opportunity to right his wrongs, but didn't. If I were Mark, I would have done the same thing. New Blink's music is definitely worse without Tom, though - so from the perspective of artistic integrity and developing their sound, it was absolutely a step backward.
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    Hadn't heard some of those in a long time.. He was/is the catchy riff master
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    Top evidence that she's single. From gothic man-woman to "fun and flirty milf who loves life and is frequently seen wearing bikinis" in just a few months.
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    I said I liked you, you cunt. Give me a shout out or like my post you ungrateful bastard.
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    Think about this: Oliver was the one who spent years railing against Tom. AND THEN he spent years bragging about how he was right about Tom all along. And now... he doesn't blame Tom at all. You can't make this stuff up lol