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    holy fuck I'm shaking. Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour. Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned how blink-182online was a place where we promote the band, post memes and talk about everything blink-182 and by that point I knew it was him. 120% fan girl, started shaking and he asked if I had a question for the band, no warning for this, and I froze. Mark starts busting up laughing and then said he appreciates Blink-182online and to keep doing what we were doing.... So if you wanna hear me fan-girling and freezing like a douche, tune in!
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    Alright boys, Album is coming out soon, we've got quite the battle ahead of us. We should probably start preparing now. We're going to need men to defend the meet and greets. We're going to need more men to defend the stale setlist. Skiba fucking up the intros and lyrics when using a teleprompter? You bet your ass we're going to need a lot of men to defend that too. We need to be very proactive with our damage control. Call people racists if you really need to. Attack Tom, defend Matt at all costs! Tom putting out a new album? Let's take a big steamy shit on that. @Ghent @JarJarBlinks @Ry-Bread
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    Well I’m from the U.K. and today I heard it playing in the men’s room of the Italian restaurant I was in. Although it could have just been the sound of the guy having a shit in the toilet next to me now that I think about it. Hard to tell.
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    I'm not the die hard blink fan I once was, I can take big breaks and don't need constant blink news and activity to satisfy me. I'd much rather have blink it in its real form for all it's flaws and Tom's shit than this new age watered down version where a lot of shit they are doing seems so forced.
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    Just listened to EotS all the way through for the first time in a long time, and damn, I love this album. This album definitely changed my life, and while it's never been my favorite blink-182 album I'll always be thankful for it.
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    20 years of being an obsessive blink fan culminated in talking to Mark and my mind/body couldn't handle it. Time to build a shrine.
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    Isn't having two Blink tribute bands a bit too much?
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    I’m guessing from the new ‘Toms Angels’ header at the top of this site Ghent hasn’t taken the result of the polls too well.
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    Mark definitely checks this site. Guess it’s time I admitted I’ve always preferred him to Tom. New blink is probably my favourite music in all honesty. Keep it up, Mark xx
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    I can get them started with a few talking points: "Matt isn't a bad as Tom was live" "The setlist is great, most people at the shows are casual fans and don't want deep cuts or new songs" "Of course you don't like this tour because Blink is touring with an African American" "40 year old's who aren't really fans anymore" "You are just a tombot" "Its way better than Rebel Girl" "But Feldmann saved this band" "Neighborhoods sucked though" "Of course the tickets aren't selling yet, the show is still 2 weeks away" "But its #16 on the alternative charts so......." "Blink is going in a new great direction. So organic and original" "Those are platinum tickets"
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    Well that’s it. It’s definite. UFOs are bullshit.
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    I'm very late but let me rant about this: Cheshire Cat is just amazing. I played it at work the other day and I wanted to cry. It's just like when you're at the gym and you think you've hit a wall but when any songs from that album come on, you get a second wind. Bad comparison? I know. But I'm tired and I'm struggling to come up with one that actually fits 👩‍🏫 And Dude Ranch is their best album. It put Blink onto the scene, brilliant punk rock, overdrived Drop D guitars, gritty riffs and hoarse vocals. I don't have problems with the production, even though we all know Jerry Finn was something else. Try to listen to any pop punk album from 1999 or 2001. And then play Enema and TOYPAJ. They still are so fresh and there is nothing stale about the sound that makes you think "oh these albums are so good but they definitely are a product of their time." And Untitled's forte is the fact that it really is one of those albums you can keep going back and listening to and every time you do, you find new things to love about it. Then you have albums from the early 2000s or albums released less than 10 years ago that haven't aged well at all, but Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch have aged so well. And all the albums they did with Finn too of course. This is very rare for a band, and this is also why we're still mad at California.
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    I totally read this out aloud as if I was a wrestler in the ring talking on the microphone.
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    The fact that i fell in love with them for their friendship, humour, Tom and Marks vocals, the catchy guitar riffs and none of those things exist anymore. They’re just another meh pop band now. They don’t stand out anymore and they bore the fucking life out of me but I’ll forever cling onto maybe Mark and Skiba writing a great album we all know they’re capable of
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    Are people really making the same mistake for the 1000 time of taking what Blink says in an interview serious? Time and time this band has said one thing in an interview only to have it be completely wrong or false or blow up in their face. Remember when Mark said he couldnt wait to play Rabbit Hole live for many years to come only to never play it live?
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    kansas cru here 4 u
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    And you guys would be wanking yourselves silly over it. Ry-Bread would reach into his bag of hidden meanings as to why it’s the deepest most sincere lyric of all time NQAT.
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    I love everyone here but sometimes I wonder if the cali lovers ever sit in their dm chat groups and come up with ways to cover and defend everything the band does/has done since Tom left so they will always have answers to those who complain. We know they ditched those songs just because they wanted to start from scratch with Feldy and see what was going to happen from there. But they definitely weren't bad songs, some of them probably weren't going anywhere but most of them must have been great. But we'll never know because we'll never get to hear them, so just relax.
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    Not to mention the horse vocals at the end of Boring!
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    Considering the fact that your posts at least appear to be parody, this even more exaggerated style is quite meta.
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    It's called contributing Blink related news/conversations to a Blink page. You should try it. I spent an hour watching this and summed it up nicely for those who don't have the time... you googled a meme just to be a prick.
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    I've only watched 3 minutes because I'm in work and can't watch the whole thing (I might later) but it's very weird to see Tom interview in a way where he doesn't look super tweaked. he looks relaxed and happy there, it's weird. also that woman is too normal looking and healthy, clearly she's also sleeping with him.
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    he’s got 10 years on you mate and he still looks younger.
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    Blink had a huge opportunity to make the Skiba era into something like the Sammy Hagar era of Van Halen - a massively successful second life for the band (albeit one me and many other longtime fans wouldn’t approve of). They could have out-run the Tom thing in a big way, against all odds. But instead they’re doing... a twenty year old album, half of which was written and performed by someone not in the band anymore. Awkward. This will make people instantly not give a shit about their new stuff. And then at the same time, who could possibly be excited about this lineup doing Enema outside of the blink reddit? These guys stepped on a rake. And the funniest part is, Tom could probably do it five or ten years from now, on more significant anniversaries. I can’t fathom how even the most ardent supporters of present-day blink could defend this.
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    Just listened to "Not Now" for the first time in ages. Absolute masterpiece.
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    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/tom-delonge-interview-ufo-footage-angels-airwaves-blink-182-843812/?fbclid=IwAR3aVcD-Qzv7HqD1JAQIeagYplz-K6yy-SFUS0MQZ48XwMoV-5C_7BIw60A a lot of interesting comments
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    That's a pretty bad ratio there bud. Love Is Dangerous is at 2,100 likes to 45 dislikes for reference. Bored to Death is 198k to 6.9k. freakin Sober is at 21k to 674 dislikes... They're slipping. This might actually be their worst, thanks for pointing that out.
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    Wrote over 50 and we got BIOMY 😂 fucking hell. How shit were the rest??
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    Just cause songs like KOTW, Parking Lot, Sober etc made the cut, doesn't mean that they're better than the ones that didn't make it. Man Overboard didn't make Enema, and it's better than most of the Enema songs. Not Now didn't make the smiley face album outside of UK, yet that's arguably one of the best blink songs ever. What Went Wrong was simply a bonus track out of 6 songs and they chose it for certain discs only, yet I find that better than anything off TOYPAJ. Hey I'm Sorry is superb until it gets ruined by the generic Feldman chorus of woahs. The verses and the pre-chorus alone together are the best things from California IMO. Feldman didn't even say they were bad songs. He simply said they just didn't sound like blink and that they sounded like +44 and Alkaline Trio, hence why they weren't put onto the album. Plus Feldman is all about selling records and a mash up of +44/Alkaline Trio isn't gonna do well on the radio or charts. Of course he'd convince blink to start from scratch. Also, Mark's judgement of songs is very questionable. Guy views California as the best blink album. Guy barely mentions +44 which IMO is his best work. Guy makes no mention of Kaleidoscope, which is one of the best blink songs ever.
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    I'd rather they completely stopped after DED than what they actually did. their legacy is already ruined, Tom coming back would just make it more entertaining.
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    oooooh "Skim-182" could be a good way to refer to this era
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    I prefer old Simple Creatures. Just feel in the past 2 months they’ve deviated so far from their roots. This must be how it felt for Davey going from being a huge fan in the beginning days of Buddha to then feeling like he’d lost his band with Untitled. It’s the exact same thing. I kid, of course. New songs decent. It’ll grow on me for sure.
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    colleen green, indie artist who did a cover of m+m's a while back, is doing a full-album cover of dude ranch! here's the deets https://burgerrecords.11spot.com/colleen-green-dude-ranch-by-blink-182-as-played-by-colleen-green.html
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    I can't wrap my head around why people are getting mad about this. Especially people who always want blink to play more deep cuts and non-singles. We're getting every non-single from Enema now! You guys already complain about Matt not having a place in this band and at the same time you don't want him to sing any old songs live. If he wasn't allowed to sing Tom parts he'd be even more pointless and you'd hate on him even more. Again, we're getting Don't Leave Me, Aliens Exist, Going Away to College, The Party Song, Mutt, Wendy Clear, and Anthem on this tour. That's a way better setlist than usual. That's cool.
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    Here to save the world:
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    Say what you want about rebel girl but at least you can tell Tom wrote the fuckin thing. Take the mark and matt vocals out of BIOMY and it could be anyone’s song.
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    Because it’s a piece of shit. Novelty has worn off now. It’s seriously shit.
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    Yikes. Next time you guys think I have a terrible opinion, remember this post.
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    wtf 😂 Sansa vaping? 😩 gone from a solid 7/10 to a 1/10
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    Alternate scene was better
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    that's a reference to a historical poster style which is quite famous. but the gradient is a bit lazy at only one color, and the type choices are not authentic. the original technology for printing such a gradient is called "split fountain" : https://www.printmag.com/featured/evolution-rainbow-roll/ the printer in los angeles who popularized the style in the 1960s through the 1980s was the colby poster printing co. : https://www.fastcompany.com/3024514/the-guerilla-graphics-of-colby-poster-printing-company http://www.mascontext.com/tag/colby-poster-printing-co/
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    The real travesty about this tour is that someone was paid actual money to design this:
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